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  1. i did spend a large majority of my time playing here as a LEO in SD and a short amount of time in PD. shooting scenes were never particularly boring if u had other people who showed a genuine interest in roleplaying the scenes, especially on scenes of gang shootings. if u find them boring, ur obviously going into it with the wrong mentality and not roleplaying them to their fullest (e.g., interviewing witnesses, interacting heavily with other agencies such as fire and coroner, involving other units such as homicide detectives and gang officers). i think a number of PD members ruin things for the rest of their faction by forcing an 'us vs. them' mentality, constantly trying to call out the illegal scene in nearly every single thread on here that even slightly concerns illegal rp. i know my own opinion of PD gets dragged down further and further each time and i find myself wanting less interactions with them in game when i consider the mentality of some its members. i can only assume these names help make up the numbers in the people who also help spoil illegal rp scenes by stalking hoods 24/7 and being able to pounce on any brawl/shooting situation within seconds.
  2. my point being that this is a game where not everything can be 100% accurate and mirror real life like some second life shit. everybody comes onto this game to have fun and portray a character in whatever scene they prefer to play within, but certain names like to try to minimize much of what the illegal scene does because it somehow spoils their enjoyability for whatever petty reasons. at the end of the day, no cop's roleplay or progression is being spoiled because they have to respond to a shooting. an illegal faction and its members' roleplay and progression is hindered when a police SWAT team is ready around the corner from every gang neighborhood just in time to wipe out everybody who tried to do a birdshot drive by in a heavily roleplayed gang conflict, pk'ing them and preventing them from ever being able to interact with the conflict again. but u get over it and move on with your day.
  3. Good edit: Heard banzy’s here. Bad
  4. Username: OHMY480 Comment: The food at Tongan Crips is valid 👍
  5. Appreciate everyone who joined us, kicked it with us, etc. Been by far the most fun I've had with roleplay for a long time. Onto the next project. B)
  6. Following the death of Morzae "Slicc" Watkins, Killshot and Lady Vicious go to Bishop's to destress. They instead catch up with DeAndre Watkins, who Slicc had been working with on a grow operation. Killshot and Lady Vicious end up inheriting responsibility over the grow in place of Slicc.
  7. Out of Character Our faction is based heavily on the real life counterpart: Palmer Blocc Compton Crips. While Palmer Street does not exist in game, we portray the Almond Blocc Soldiers clique. This is due to the fact that the geography of the area we are setting up in is accurate to the real life geography of Almond Blocc Soldiers' (see here). We aim to capitalize on the unique opportunity of having a setting that is very comparable to our real life counterpart in order to create a highly immersive environment. We encourage anybody to come and join our Discord server. We have information there for anybody who is interested in joining our faction or roleplaying in the area with us, along with a number of guides. The larger long-term goal is to have a neighborhood that feels like one that is dominated by a street gang, with various residents in the area as well who may not necessarily be aligned with the gang (i.e., local business owners). Any questions can either by forwarded to @Theory (Theory#4466) or asked in the #questions channel of our Discord server. Character permission kills should be forwarded to Theory on the forum.
  8. Entirely reworked the thread.
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