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  1. Theory


    Short description: Add an /adfilter command that only displays adverts to a player with the word specified in their filter. Detailed description: Currently, there's only two options for advertisements in-game: you either have them off if you don't want your chat to be spammed with green text for stuff you're probably not interested in, or you have the advertisements on because there's something specific you might be looking out for. It would be great if we could have a command that will allow us to only see advertisements that contain a specific word that you'd like to see, such as "4SALE
  2. Already sold. This can be L&A'd.
  3. Yours for 125k. Contact me on 446600.
  4. Will allow 10 more minutes as that would mark 3 hours from the time of my post above. If nobody else bids, it's yours.
  5. Will be yours if I receive no bid in the next 3 hours.
  6. Lampadati Komoda Registered & Insured Major engine tuning Minor security improvements Low mileage SB: $115,000 BO: $140,000
  7. Theory

    Gun Pull Animation

    Nothing "RPG-tier" about having a holster, but it should obviously be restricted to PD, SD, security, etc. The anim is sick and definitely offers a fair chance to players who have guns drawn at them, rather than just seeing a pistol magically appear before their eyes. If something like this is added, it might be worth looking at introducing something similar for SMG's and rifles.
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