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Found 12 results

  1. This thread showcases the life of one Vespucci local named Alvin Fowler. Alvin Fowler is one of the many representatives of White youth in the Vespucci area. Prone to getting involved with hard narcotics and violence at an early age, Alvin shoots his shot at trying to survive the vicious streets of gangland "Dogtown" and make a life for himself. A troubled home, an easy access to hardcore drugs and a neighborhood full of criminally motivated racist skinheads are what dictate how his life is going to go.
  2. 1803 Forum Drive Housing Projects "The gangs of South Central Los Santos claim the lives of many through the assimilation of the young mind; promising power, respect and money to those who embrace their empowering nature. The pressures of living in a crime-ridden neighbourhood are felt by everyone in the area, even those whose willpower outplays the influence carried by the majority of gang members growing up. Those who fall in line with local gangs identify with each other, though not much attention is given to the minority; the juvenile groups that are not content with putting their lives on the line for their local cabals. Children all across the globe idolize gang members and their criminal behaviours, but what about the others? The disconnected kids? The kids you know but don't really know? Give them a passing glance and you'd assume they were outcasts, but they truly are not much different to the easily influenced goons of gang-infested Urban America. " - Garland, J., 2017, "The Culture of Influence: Crime and Urban Disorder in Contemporary Society", University of Alderney Press. Origins - Summer 2022 and onwards... A select group of penniless teenagers in the 1803 Forum Drive Housing Projects exist outside of the localised gangs of Chamberlain Hills, holding no allegiance to neither here nor there. Their existence stems from a history of growing up in and/or around the 1803 Projects, right between the Murder Park Families (MPFB), Rollin 20's Neighbourhood Bloods (R20sNHB) and Harvard Park Brims (HPB). Correspondingly, their culture is one in the same; a heavily blood-affiliated city sprouts blood-affiliated bystanders. If not for the lack of gang insignia sprawled across their skin, any outsider would assume these teenagers are to some degree in league with their neighbouring sets. Be that as it may, their loyalties lie in the knowledge that none of them are interested in the rough life lived by some of their neighbourhood peers. Yet living in such a place treats just any person to the sights of murder, scrimmage and larceny. "Children all across the globe idolize gang members and their criminal behaviours, but what about the others? The disconnected kids? The kids you know but don't really know? " "Give them a passing glance and you'd assume they were outcasts, but they truly are not much different to the easily influenced goons of gang-infested Urban America." While not fully engulfed in the criminality of the area, these youngsters cause havoc in the form of wall-banging and net-banging. There is uncertainty on their ambition in the grand scene of gangland Los Santos, all that is clear is a group bonded through a shared attachment to the art of tagging, mischief and independence. OOC Information The aim of this group is to tell the stories of those in gangland Los Santos unaffiliated to any major set. This is an entirely fictional concept, though the culture we emulate is derivative of that of our neighbours, MPF and HPB. While this is not a gang, this group will undoubtedly cross paths with any number of gang characters, groups and factions and therefore will operate under the "gang roleplay" umbrella term. We are open to all types of character concepts that may offer these stories a more diverse production, though it is important to note that this group, in its foundation stage, is currently invite-only for the sake of preservation of roleplay quality and concept integrity. THIS MAY CHANGE IN THE FUTURE; CONTACT EffPee#5833 @EffPee or Banzy#4055 @MØNEY MØTIVATED for more information on Discord. Credit to @MØNEY MØTIVATED for the thread media.
  3. Ronald 'RBeezy' Stokes Appearance: Ronald has a tall and skinny frame, built similar to NBA player Brandon Ingram. His hair is sported in a low bald fade. He has a slight gap between his front two teeth and his nose is crooked at a slight angle due to an altercation with rival Rollin 90's Neighborhood Crip gang members. He dons a facial tattoo which highlights his allegiance to the set. The letters F.R.G are tatted above his right eyebrow paying homage to his clique Forum Drive RydaGang Background: Charismatic and troublesome, Ronald was raised in a happy two parent household on the 1799 Forum Drive Housing Projects. Despite this, his entrance into world of gangbanging can easily be explained. Growing up, Ronald had multiple cousins and uncles that were of the lifestyle. His uncles Earl ' Tiny Stretch#4' Banks and Emmanuel 'Big Escalade#1' Williamson were both affiliated to Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods. Ronald also had a number of friends from Davis High affiliated to various blood sets such as HellBoy and Von Brazy from the Black P Stones and StandOut from the Harvard Park Brims. Ronald's early life would soon be turned upside down as his father Dexter Stokes who worked at the Autoholics garage was caught in the cross fire between rival gangs during a New Years Celebration at BJ Smith Recreational Park. The unfortunate circumstance of his mother having no assistance with the child rearing meant a happy and stable childhood was never an option. Despite her best efforts to support Ronald, Ronald found himself loitering around the recreational park with the neighboring blood sets with no intention to be put on himself. Schooling Ronald and his close friends from the 1799 Housing Projects attended a school with a large number of crip affiliates. M-Face, MadMaxx, CrashOut, Bambino and BroadDay were all tormented by rival Neighborhood Crip members who attended the school. This lead to many insults and disrespect being thrown at the groups direction. Despite the group not being put on and being more known around the neighborhood for their BMX and skate clique, the rival Neighborhood Crip members at the school would treat them as blood affiliates. At first, Ronald's coping method would be to cry in the school bathroom. However, he soon found out that this would cause more bullying and torture. Then came a turning point in the Davis Middle School cafeteria where the bullying became all too much for Ronald and his group of friends. Having balled up years of hate, he snapped at a classmate who disrespected his mother which resulted in Ronald getting expelled and for the first time in his young life he realised that the threat of violence was key in getting what he wanted; which was for the bullying to stop. The bullying did stop after this and it was a clear indication to Ronald and his group of friends that violence was the answer in gaining respect. However, after that pivotal event in his young life, he would leave a trail of violence everywhere he went. Blood Affiliation Age 16, Ronald would serve 6 months in Central Juvenile Hall following a brutal assault on a West Grove Hustler Crip member outside the Davis LTD. This was captured by shocked bystanders on their phones and Ronald achieved a degree of hood notoriety for this, garnering the nickname Ron Brazy from his homeboys and neighboring blood sets who acted as big homies to Ronald's clique. After his stint in Juvenile Hall, he would spend most of his time putting his hours in and resorting to squabbling at any sign of disrespect no matter how petty. Ronald's group of friends formed the MurdaParkRyda Gang which despite being a BMX clique to start with now served a different purpose, to protect members from the 1799 Housing Projects. However with the put on of gang members such as FKrooga who lived on 1803 Housing Projects and Tone who was from Crystal Heights. The clique referred to themselves as Murder Park Family Bloods highlighting the tight loyalty they have to each other and picking up the red flag after being heavily influenced by their neighboring sets. Present The combination of anger towards the loss of his father, the constant threat from Neighborhood Crip gangs and the vow he made to his clique to be a notorious set and to never be disrespected again has molded RonBrazy into a very troubled teenager. Now age 17, Ronald has been in and out of juvie, but still remains in high school albeit with a low attendance rate. Ronald resorts to drug deals to keep money and food on the table. Through the Murder Park Families, Ronald finds family and a place to call home. As of now, Ronald navigates the streets as the self proclaimed general of the Murder Park Families, pledging allegiance to his set. Rap Career After the announcement that he was expecting a newborn son. RonBrazy turned to Orlando 'Lando' West for an opportunity to be signed to his upcoming label Ski Mask Records. Lando and RonBrazy and history as Lando had signed now deceased local rapper ParkBoy Nell who was RonBrazy's little homie. Lando offered RonBrazy the opportunity to be signed to the label and Ronald released 'Welcome 2 Murda Park' which received critical acclaim from the streets when it dropped. It was played all over the blood neighborhoods of the Chamberlain. 'Murda Park Ryda Gang' the main clique of the Murder Park Family Blood Gang (2021) (left to right) Royce 'BambinØ Red' Weathers, Christopher 'M-FacKe' Hampton, Keyvonte 'MadMaxx' Maxwell, Frederick 'FKrØØga' Gordon, Ronald 'RØnBrazy' Stokes. Ronald 'RonBrazy' Stokes and Christopher 'M-Face' Hampton - Original Members of the Murder Park Families (top row) Taymor '136Shotz' Bradley, Davion "BroadDay" Bridges (middle row) Quadrees 'Reese' Brown, Dru "RedBull#1" Richardson, Keyvonte "MadMaxx" Maxwell, Christopher "M-Face" Hampton, India "Lady RedEyez" Banks (bottom row) Ronald "RonBrazy" Stokes.
  4. OOC INFORMATION This project is based on the Baby Insane's (Insane Vespucci Crips). You can learn more about the gang through our series of screenshots or directly in the game. The main goal of Insane Vespucci Crips is to create a realistic atmosphere of a multicultural community that is often involved in gang activities. This faction's members aim to provide a community-driven environment with realism included in every scenario portrayed. If you need any help with the media you're going to be presenting for the faction, we're there to help you out. PM By sheff3x, and Troop for any assistance you might need about media and/or anything related to your roleplay with the faction. Subpar, as well as repetitive roleplay, is frowned upon and screenshots providing any of those will be removed. Members are obligated to exercise their roleplay capabilities and focus on their character development, and those who do so will have the privilege of getting their character inducted into the street gang, to be a part of our hierarchy if they decide to choose that route. However, recruitment's done strictly in character. Future faction members are asked to do research about the Baby Insane clique (Insane Vespucci Crip) coalition to learn about the faction itself and members in it, as well as how to approach us. Any faction-related queries(Including an Invite to the faction) or criticism should be directed to @sheff3x & @Troop via PMs. https://discord.gg/n2UrTESX (Temporary Invite) https://discord.gg/n2UrTESX (Temporary Invite)
  5. E/S Clover Gang was originally formed by a group of Sureno's that had formed a small reputation within the street of Brouge Avenue, after both Front Street Watts Crips and the 103 Hard Time Hustler Crips were totally wiped from the local region, upon their dissipation one of the remaining jumped in set members had decided to reform the set on Brouge Avenue with the help of the local community, the rifa formed together through their life experiences and ultimately ended out forming as a gang of Sureno youths. East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods are a predominately African-American street gang based in the Roy Lowstein region, Davis in a community known as the Low Bottoms. They have been active in that area since the early 1970s before the Blood identity was even forged. Prior to Black gang resurgence during the very early 1970s, there was a gang in the area called Pueblo Players that was active since the 1950s. Upon reaching out to one another, and establishing a deep bond, both the E/S Clover Gang and the East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods had decided to effectively merge both of their sets together, the Pueblo Bishop Bloods control Roy Lowstein Boulevard whilst Eastside Clover Gang hold control over Brouge Avenue, both sets are currently defunct and are ultimately working together side by side flying green and red rags with one another. -- OOC Information -- This faction will follow the development of both the E/S Clover Gang & the East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods, both sets currently operate on both Roy Lowstein Boulevard & Brouge Avenue, for anyone interested in learning more about the faction, you can find out more on our official discord https://discord.gg/4Scz2xTgKZ
  6. Truer

    into da VOID

    ((**18+ ERP WARNING**))
  7. Gangs on Carson Ave| Who are the Rollin' 20s and what are Bloods? Los Santos News started digging into past crimes of the Rollin' 20s in and around Carson Avenue. Here's what we found. Author: Los Santos News Published: 11:49 AM EDT February 22th, 2018 Updated: 5:17 PM EDT February 10th, 2018 A total of 46 suspected gang members from a multi-state gang called the Rollin' 20s were arrested in Los Santos Friday which leave many of us wondering, 'who are the Rollin' 20s?' Gang members affiliated with crime organizations such as the Rollin' 20s commit a wide variety of crimes ranging from murder, attempted murder, drug and gun trafficking, robbery, arson, witness intimidation, etc. Los Santos News started digging into past crimes of the Rollin' 20s in and around Carson Avenue within the last few years and found these: In August in Carson Avenue, Los Santos, a member of the "Rollin' 20s" Bloods was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing a top gang member to increase his status. A suspected member of the 'Bloods' gang, Jason Maclin, 33, was charged with the murder of a Westside Los Santos man in December 2016. A multi-month drug investigation known as "Operation Rolling Twenties" led to 11 arrests in South Los Santos in November 2016. Several Rollin' 20s members were connected to a hit on a witness in a case involving Jontrel Hudson, according to Los Santos Times-Union. In the press conference Friday, Los Santos Sheriff Mike Williams said the Rollin' 20s are a subset of the infamous national street gang, the 'Bloods'. To understand the Bloods, it's necessary to learn about the Crips and the violent decades-long rivalry between the two gangs. The Crips gang originated on high school campuses throughout the Los San area. In their early years of existence, the gang's main activities included "extortion of funds from non-gang members, theft, and assault," according to Stanford University. The Crips now consist of an estimated 30,000 to 55,000 members, according to National Crime Syndicate (NCS). Bloods are a street gang founded in Los Santos in 1972 in an effort to protect themselves from the many Crip gangs in the area. The brutal rivalry between the two has lasted since.
  8. I am making this topic to start a discussion as it seems everyone isn't on the same page regarding melee fighting in-game. As you're quite aware, there's two types of melee fighting: script and RP. The former involves spamming LMB and manipulating desync in order to down your opponent and in my experience is widespread, with small weapons being asspulled (legitimately, as per the rules) and used to run up on foes. /mes are used but the knocking out is done scriptwise. The latter involves quite obviously /me and /do with time given to react and is used to create a scene rather than lay your opponents flat-out. In my personal experience, I have RPed fighting among friends and faction where I know they won't aim to drop me, but in the vast majority of situations against other players I have been on the giving and receiving end of the LMB spam attack and have had no complaints until now. I had a situation with @Chey and another player last night which prompted me to start this discussion as I believe everyone is not on the same page, which they really should be in order for a fair environment to flourish. I argued that script fighting is a valid route since it's scripted as a weapon just like a gun is - and that running away in itself is a roleplay reaction, and that literally everybody I've encountered engages in it judging from experiences derived from both my criminal character and gangster alt. Especially on my gangster alt where in Davis, Rancho, people frequently run up on you with ye olde spam! Chey argued that I should report whenever script fighting occurs in that sense as it's powergame. However, Chey's standard is visibly not in line with what I've predominantly encountered across the server. I had in fact never heard a complaint about it up until that moment which suggests to me the SAMP-imported behavior of scriptfighting - as opposed to fully RPing it out with zero scriptfighting as I used to on OwlGaming MTA - is somehow wrong etiquette which I share with the majority of the players I've encountered. Chey simply voided the situation on account of me knocking the other out via scriptfighting. I will attach the video here for reference to the type of fight that went down. No punishments were dished out. https://streamable.com/hoojlq Keep in mind that this situation is strictly for reference and the discussion is a general one. A few ideas to kickstart: Does the status quo of scriptfighting or perhaps other players' play to win mentalities necessitate scriptfighting as a legitimate means of attacking and defending from other players? It seems you're in a disadvantage if you get rushed on and don't attack defensively out of RP ideology. With regard to powergaming, "It is not allowed to force actions upon another player" - does the rushing of others with scripted weapons fall under this as the weapons are indeed scripted and they've even implemented a /helpup command and allowed the asspulling of melee weapons? The reason you don't have to /me pulling guns out is because the situation erupts too fast for you to realistically type out a /me to draw in comparison to the fraction of a second it would take you to draw said weapon, hence the exemption. Does the inclusion of melee weapons in this list imply that knives, knuckledusters are to be, or can be, used in a scriptwise manner? Is a 1v1, 2v1, different from say a group brawl in terms of rules? Should there be regulations to state this, for example the requirement of both parties agree OOCly in 1v1/2v1 to script fight in case one prefers RPly being beaten up? Is scriptfighting a legitimate attack or blatant PG? As I initially stated, I just want the community to share their own experiences with melee fighting and perhaps come to mutual agreement on proper etiquette as to me it's blatantly obvious that hasn't been established. According to Chey, scriptfighting, in its current widespread, is against the rules. However, the majority of you can see that this supposed rule is not enforced whatsoever. Discuss.
  9. Short description: In game when you are roleplaying a gang member, you want different ways to represent your gang. There's many ways of doing it like social media, wall banging, gang signs, your hood call (ex. bloods say suwoo or relli) etc. The server already has social media like Facebrowser. As a reputable & consistent gang/hood roleplayer, I'd like for a visual aid of these in-game gangs' representation. Detailed description: The Police: As a member of the LSPD that regularly patrols the South Central-Davis-Watts areas, it's highly likely that you can identify what gangs are in those areas. It enhances your roleplay a bit when your police character can identify gang signs and graffiti. It'd be awesome to throw up a tag at the Davis Mega Mall and to pass by 10 minutes later seeing the gang unit taking pictures and investigating exactly who that gang is. As for gang signs, it'd be dope to have an experienced gang unit cop confronting youngsters from the aforementioned areas for throwing up gang signs and possibly taking them to jail for it (situations vary). Gangs: Right now in the gang community, it's growing and prospering with in-game factions like South Side Carson Crip, South Central Hoover Criminals, Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crip, Rollin 90 Neighborhood Crip, Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13, Hillside 13, Culver City, Bridge Street etc. It'd be nice for each in-game gang to push the boundaries of a rival hood and hit up at their enemies turf. I'm sure that all of the gangs named are partaking in realism. Los Santos, San Andreas is based on Los Angeles, California and most of the gangs I've named are probably looking to mirror that inspiration just for gangs. So why not? Everyone that knows about LA/SoCal Bloods/Crips/Sureno gangs knows that graffiti is apart of the culture. Gangs signs are also poignant, they provide a major part in gang life as members of a gang use these to represent their gang/disrespect other gangs. It's pretty much the same as tagging just with your fingers. How gang signs and tags can work in game?: For gang signs it could be done like how we have the attributes system, you type in the command and input what gang sign your character throws up when you do /gsign or what tag your character sprays on the wall as well as a color when you do /gtag. Like for example, it'd go something like this: /gang (to bring up UI with chat box just like /attributes [Top Box = Graffiti] [Bottom Box = Gang Sign]) /gsign (pops up as an /ame and in-game chat as a /me without the * at the beginning) [Also plays the gang sign animation for a quick moment] /gtag (an instance of /createscene with a 24 hour time limit so people can get on later in the day and roleplay around it without the ((Player Name)). It can look something like this: Character Age -> Graffiti / Character Desc. -> Gang Sign How it can be controlled/Cons?: [-] Trolls that abuse these commands can be reported with ajails/bans [-] Place a limit of 3-5 tags a day so players don't abuse the script all over the place. [-] Depending on the size of the tag, have the letters pop up slowly one by one (anywhere from 3 seconds to 25 seconds) [-] Require actual roleplay during tagging sequence [2-4 letters pops up each roleplay line {depending on size of tag} / if interrupted then whatever is sprayed remains] Commands to add: /gsign (automatic /ame and /me) | /gang (attributes UI) | /gtag (automatic /createscene without the ((name)) or Arial font tags on wall) Items to add: Gang sign animations from single player and Spraycans ($1,000) from the local 24/7 stores How would your suggestion improve the server? The tagging could help roleplay in general around the hood, it's classic gangbanger tradition that could bring roleplay not only to gangs but to LSPD's gang unit, it could help them better identify what gangs are in what area and who is beefing with who. The tagging can also help put Faction Management on notice as to what unofficial gangs are starting up and are active in-game. The gang sign command can be a great addition to gang roleplay to create an authentic visual look to the gang/hood roleplay scene. Additional information: N/A
  10. G-Funk


    « Previous Post | Home | Next Post » « | » The inside stories of some of Los Santos' most notorious street gangs, including graphical content, graffiti, police files, interviews, and everything else. Take a look at how mobsters, gangbangers, smugglers, bikers and anybody else lives and survives in the outlaw streets of Los Santos. Email us! If you've any pictures or information please message us on: »[email protected] ((FORUM PM ME))
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