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Found 9 results

  1. This thread will follow the development of Luis Guadalupe, growing up in the Tortilla Flats territory.
  2. Hi guys. Welcome to our gallery which will be reserved for eMe roleplay. We mainly plan to venture inside the jail (TTCF) and bring our inmate characters to life. Have a good read.
  3. Del Perro Motel Schooling & Carlos' education Mateo & Carlos, the Loco brothers
  4. This Thread will follow the life of Sergio Diaz, growing up in Tortilla Flats territory.
  5. THIS THREAD WILL FOLLOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF Rafael "Reaper" Enriquez AND HIS BROTHER Fernando "ChuKKy" Enriquez.
  6. FLORENCIA 13 MALDITOS Like most Hispanic gangs, Florencia 13 can trace their history back to the 1940s following the first wave of Mexican immigrants, many of whom came to work on the San Pedro-Long Beach railroads as well as the aftermath of the Zoot Suit riots. Adopting “Florence” by the Paragons as a rallying cry, the early 1950s Florencia gang members were involved in petty crime and street fighting and often had issues with local Afircan-American groups and gangs. Modern day Florencia is a far cry from this, with aggressive gang-banging catapulting the gang to be one of the largest in LA. Sureños Movement (1967-) The Mexican Mafia (or la Eme) is at the top of Latino organised crime hierarchy in prison and in the streets in southern California and San Andreas. Formed in 1957 by Luis Flores and other members as a “gang of gangs” and as a means of protecting Hispanics from other prison gangs within the Californian prison system. By the 1960s, the Department of Corrections attempted to split up the gang, spreading it across the state. Florencia 13 and the Mexican Mafia (or La Eme) are irremovable. Top Florencia leaders joined the ranks of the Mexican Mafia upon its formation and sealed their allegiance through the adoption of “13” to the end of their name. Florencia 13 became, and remains so, the Mexican Mafia’s attack dog. Crack Era (1980s, 1990s) The rise of crack cocaine in the late 1980s fundamentally changed gang-banging. Drug-dealing became the major source of profit for most Los Santos gangs, and families devastated by drugs readily produced potential gang-members. The production and sale of crack cocaine became a major focus of Florencia 13 and played an important role in the gang’s rapid expansion ad absorbing and destroying several smaller Hispanic gangs in the area. The gang's taking advantage of the rapidly changing demographics of the area to populate numerous cliques, including Malditos. Malditos 13 (1981-1991) Malditos 13, formed in the early 1980s, was a Sureño small gang based in Brouge Avenue, Davis. The gang was heavily involved in the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s, focusing heavily on the sale of crack cocaine, marijuana and PCP. Following an altercation over a girlfriend during a house party on Jamestown street, Malditos and 76 East Coast Crip affiliates in 1989 got into a brawl, resulting in shots being exchanged. Martin ‘Sadboy’ Ayala (1970-1989) was killed in the exchange, resulting in a feud forming. Under colossal pressure from Crip members, Malditos voluntarily cliqued up with Florencia in 1991, following two years of one-sided bloody warfare. Race-based Violence (2000s) While views on the origin between the F13 and ECC feud vary, one popular belief is that after a Florencia 13 drug plug was robbed by East Coast Crip members, the F13 la Eme representative ordered the gang to wage war on all ECC sets. Regardless of belief, the war between the two gangs has killed dozens of people. Racial tensions stemmed from the bloody feud, and reached an all time high where there were several cases of F13 members gunning down unaffiliated people on the basis of being black. Operation Joker’s Wild enabled change in this attitude, with several older leaders getting arrested and younger leaders taking over. Despite this, several cliques with racist attitudes still exist. Operation Joker’s Wild (2007) Operation Joker’s Wild was an initiative instituted by the Los Santos High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force, the DEA, the ATF, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, LSPD, the IRS, the FBI and the Los Santos County Probation department in an effort to investigate the gang’s drug trafficking, extortion and racially based murders of African Americans. Following the investigation in 2007, 102 members of Florencia 13 were listed in indictments, leading to the biggest gang raid in American history at the time, with 96 of the 102 members being arrested. Charges ranged from drug trafficking to murder. While several years have passed since Operation Joker’s Wild, Florencia’s leadership has changed radically since then and Malditos has not fully recovered. Lacking a solid set of top-level leadership outside of jail, the younger generation has taken reigns. Increased aggression, risky low-level drug dealing and disregard for local police has landed a large amount of members behind bars. Modern Malditos (2007-) Like most young Florencia cliques, the racially motivated violence of the early 2000s soon dissipated and was replaced with realistic recruiting policy. While the neighborhoods that Florencia inhabits are largely Hispanic, African-American communities remained notable and so Florencia began to allow African-Americans into their sets more readily, a result of younger members taking up leadership reigns. The Florencia Malditos are a small, but active Florencia set that operate primarily out of Brouge Avenue in Davis, with some members living in surrounding areas. While they continue to sell drugs, soldering and gang-banging is at an all time focus with several members considering themselves “on the front lines'' in the war with other gangs. Like most other Florencia "front line" sets, expansion is a keen goal of the gang's leadership.
  7. Guest

    Varrio Dead End Harpys XIII

    This thread will show the development of the Dead End Harpys XIII gang which is a Sureno set that operates in the area of Grove Street. Something to be said, this thread development is nothing but a pre-thread, the faction's background story(Which is in development still), will be included once it's approved by the faction management team.
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