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  1. Armolis

    Barrio 13

    South Side Barrio 13 Barriox13, Barrio13 (B13 in short) is a sureño street gang in South Los Santos. It was established in the early 1970s near Carson Avenue and Strawberry Avenue in South Los Santos. The South Side Barrio 13 gang was first created mainly for the protection of its members. The gang is divided into West Side Barriox13 and East Side Barriox13 gang, with all of its members loyal to the Barriox13 gang. The gang is loyal to the Mexican Mafia (or La Eme). Throughout the years, it has been targeted by the Los Santos Sheriff's Department and the Los
  2. This thread will follow the life of Matthew "Giant" Cazalla and Luciana "Dolly" Cazalla.
  3. This thread and its contents will follow the content of Cristian "Panic" Saavedra, a Hispanic fifteen year old Varrio King Kobras Rifa XIII member. Cristian has been actively gangbanging since the age of twelve, with him coming from a broken household. He's lived solely with his big sister since the age of eight.
  4. This thread follows the life of Angel Murillo and his upbringing around the El Monte Flores gang.
  5. This thread will show the development of Alejandro Contreras, a 15 year old living in Chamberlain Hills.
  6. This thread will show the development of Miguel Ríos, a 16 year old living in Chamberlain Hills.
  7. SALUDOS Y RESPETO Victor Mosquera, commonly known under his placa "Pelon" was raised within the infamous neighborhood of Chamberlain Hills, partly-controlled by the violent Tortilla Flats Gang. During his early years in the gang, Victor was involved in various illicit activities, primarily armed robberies and car-jackings. He'd often steal car radios and whatever valuables he could scrummage from the vehicles within Chamberlain, which was at the time, primarily surrounded by various black gangs. At age 14, Victor was sent to a Juvenile Correctional Facility where he'd
  8. LUIS 'BIG SMILEY' ESPINOZA The following thread's purpose it follow the development of Luis Espinoza, a Los Santos native. 1975, Luis Espinoza is born into an immigrant family, in the city of Los Santos. His parents, both immigrants from Michoacán in search for a better life, due to the severe levels of poverty and the state of Mexico in general. During that era, there was a huge influx of Mexican immigrants, and it helped form the state into what it is today. However, there was also a huge influx of crime, not only by Mexicans, but all ethnic groups. It was an important perio
  9. N O T H I N G male from jamestown, rancho 14 years old
  10. Edwin "Trouble" Barajas was born on January 22nd, 1985 at the Central Los Santos Medical Center. Growing up, Edwin was met with serious complications as his parents were never there for him emotionally and his environment spoke for itself. The territory that marked his housing complex was ran by the Infamous Florencia Trece 76ST Malos Clique. He was there to witness the large spree of Murders during the mid 1990's where murder, drug trafficking, and gang activity was rampant in the surrounding County's of Los Santos. It didn't take long for Edwin to adopt to the gang culture and as young as fi
  11. Born to a low income family, Eric is the older of the Arellano siblings. As opposed to his sister, he's actually physically seen their father before his incarceration, two weeks before Eric's third birthday. Their mother couldn't handle the lonelines and began "dating" shortly after the incarceration. Eric had a difficult childhood. His mother worked two jobs and the rest of her spare time was usually occupied by her many relationships. The forced independence toughened him up and the constant desire to run from his home life made him reckless. The only sense of duty and responsability he has
  12. Eastside Playboys 13 Overview The Eastside Playboys 13, also known as the Conejos or rabbit gang is an excessively vicious primarily but not exclusively Mexican-American street gang that established in the late 1975s on the Eastern side of Southern Los Santos, Jamestown Street to Roy Lowenstein Boulevard and to 35th Street. The Playboys were originally formed as a non violent car club called the "Southern Califas Latin Playboys Car Club", although disregarding their positive reputation in recent years. The majority of members from the Playboys share the same common hatred towards other lo
  13. This thread will follow the life of Archie "Crazy" Navarro, a Eastside Playboys 13 gang member.
  14. First, I would like to mention that this is not my guide, this guide was originally made by Liam (@Large Hazard) and with his permission, it is being converted and used for GTA: W, small changes have been made and might occur down the line. The Sureño Car In jail/prison, a 'car’ is any selection of inmates who group together for the purposes of socialization, protection, and often a criminal enterprise. The prison system on GTA: W is heavily based on the California system, which is perhaps the most segregated system in the United States. Inmates in this system self-segr
  15. Martin Joaquin Ríos Hidalgo (born on August 15th, 1971) is a Mexican-American whom once served as a Sergeant within the U.S. Army and a outlaw motorcyclist who belongs to the nomadic club known as Verdugos MC. Martin's life began in the neighborhood of El Burro, located in the eastern region of Los Santos, San Andreas. He was the only child of his father Joaquin and mother Rosa María, who immigrated from Mexico in their early twenties to seek a better life in America. Being an only child, Martin found it difficult to form the social skills typically developed through interactions with other c
  16. ShawnM


    Marcus Wakefield is a latino-afro affiliate within the PJBS Clique of Culver City Boys 13. Marcus started off as a good boy before quickly losing his ways with school and become associated with the neighborhood trouble makers. It wasn't soon before the heavy gang influence affected Marcus and led him into engaging in criminal activity. Wakefield was just fourteen when he was charged with Attempted Murder after a shooting involving a Hoover gang affiliate after a dispute. He was sentenced at Los Santos Judicial Court, serving five years, deduced to four for good behaviour. Wakefield
  17. Ciri 'Kujo' Carranza is an 18 year old gangmember of the notorious Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 gang. Recently being released from incarceration, Kujo has returned back to his home. Kujo is an aspiring rapper however is constantly at conflict between his gang-life and rap career, often having to choose between the latter. This thread will follow the progression of Kujo.
  18. Leo 'Knockout' Valdez was born on July 26th, 2006 to Eric 'Creeper' Valdez and his wife Marie Valdez. Eric Valdez, Leo's father is serving a life sentence for capital murder. Leo resides in El Burro Heights, on Fudge Lane with his now single mother and little brother, Frank Valdez. Leo is known for his outspoken demeanor and confident personality. He is frequently joking around and is known to be naturally loud. He's often seen alongside his homies from Backstreet. Due to his personality and his affinity to fight, his friends gave him the moniker of 'Knockout'. Leo has a close family bond and
  19. The Story Arturo Torres (born August 18th, 2004) is a 16 year old boy living in Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos. Arturo is affiliated with the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 gang and is commonly seen hanging around with the older gang members within the area. He has recently been seen selling narcotics from his bike around Chamberlain Hills. Arturo was born to a single-mother struggling to get by in the housing projects of Chamberlain Hill, during his adolescence he frequently witnessed his mother get high on heroin w
  20. This thread will follow Anthony, a 19 year old shotcaller with the Del Perro 13 gang, a small street gang in Vespucci beach.
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