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  1. Pancho Villa - Barrio X3 ___Description of Tavio Castrillo___ Age range: 29 to 35 Hispanic. 5 foot 11. Around 165lbs. Brown eyes. Prison build. Huge Mustache. Heavy chicano accent. - [Tattoos] "BARRIOX3" - "SOUTHSIDE" & "XIII" on his neck "PANCHO VILLA" across his forehead. Large mural of Pancho Villa on his back. "SURENO" - "SurSide" - "BARRIO3CE" on his head. Many other tattoos and prison tattoos all over his body, gang, kanpol, aztec, sureno and chicano pride related. sur
  2. This will follow the already started development of Victor "Midget" Cambeiro.
  3. Gabriel Cortez was practically destined to be the next shotcaller; his father had been preparing him for it since he could walk. On his 13th birthday, he was put on and never relied on his name to do the work for him. He was having the time of his life, but everything came to an abrupt end. This thread will showcase the story of Gabriel Cortez, a shotcaller of S/S Playboys 13. During a bust on September 26th 2016, his father was arrested and charged with second-degree murder; during that bust, Gabriel attempted to assist his father in escaping and was sentenced to three years in prison. After his father was imprisoned, he made it clear that he wanted Gabriel to take over as soon as he is released. He also promised his father that no matter what happened in the future, he would protect his family. Everything remained calm for a while after Gabriel became the gang's shotcaller. His mother was died in a road accident one tragic night when she was hit by a drunk driver. Gabriel has been coping with tremendous rage issues after the accident, and his placa 'Lil Maniac' reflects this. Because their father was imprisoned, Gabriel and Ramon were responsible for all of their siblings. Ramon and Gabriel were always on top of things; they never missed a deadline and made sure their family ate well. Bobby was also active, as he was stationed alongside Ramiro on Brouge. Bobby was one of the gang's most active members until he was shot by cops one day. Gabriel was devastated to learn of Bobby's death, but he knew he had to keep his head in the game and concentrate on the gang. Gabriel was a fan of the lowrider movement as a kid, and his father had one in his garage, which Gabriel would occasionally walk into and just stare at. Gabriel would always accompany Hector to lowrider meets, and Gabriel would occasionally drive the automobiles they had there. Gabriel's father has subsequently given him an old lowrider, which he intends to restore and make seem as good as new.
  4. This thread will follow the life and development of Javier Martinez young Hispanic male born into the gang culture around him. Ultimately raising to the top of the food chain, becoming a second generation Mexican Mafia member.
  5. THE TORTILLA FLATS GANG (CVTF) Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats (CVTF), alternatively known as Southside Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats, is a predominately Hispanic street gang operating out of the Chamberlain Hills area. They claim the 1800 Block of Strawberry Avenue and Forum Drive as their territory, with different cliques hailing from each corner. Boasting a small and tight-knit membership, the Tortilla Flats gang has managed to stay afloat despite the various gang injunctions and periods of inactivity. Tortilla Flats publicly feuds with most South Los Santos gangs, often showing hostility towards the other Chamberlain Varrio hoods along with most African-American street gangs. Their roots of extreme violence and racism had started due to a massive rivalry against both Tree-Top and Fruit Town Piru; a gang war in which many Tortilla Flats gang members were either arrested or killed. Prior to the war with both African-American street gangs, Tortilla Flats had gotten along well with each set, however, after an incident in which a TF member had been killed by Fruit Town, the relationship between both gangs had become unfixable. Tortilla Flats had its glory days in the 90s, however, due to the increased feuds with most other sets in South Los Santos, the gang had been forced to reduce its public presence. With many older members either falling inactive or getting arrested, the gang had become dormant, subsequently resulting in them losing a large portion of their hood to the surrounding gangs. 18TH ST HOOVER LOCOS & 83 HOOVER CRIMINALS vs. CHAMBERLAIN VARRIO TORTILLA FLATS Once cordial with both the 18th St Hoover Locos clique and the 83 Hoover Criminals gang, the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang managed to coexist with the aforementioned gangs since their infancy, given that their members grew up and attended school together. However, there was an altercation that took place during a tense period. During an informal dispute, an affiliate of the 83 Hoover Criminals gang allegedly took to name-calling and labelled a freshly initiated member of the Tortilla Flats gang a ‘chomo’ in his tirade. This aforementioned Tortilla Flats gang member took offence to the insult and left. He returned not ten minutes later, with three more gang members at his side and confronted the 83 Hoover Criminals affiliate. Face-to-face, they exchanged words and the 83 Hoover Criminals affiliate allegedly stated he did not call him a chomo. After a short exchange, the affiliate of the 83 Hoover Criminals was said to have asked for a fight while walking away. With something to prove and in the presence of his peers, the Tortilla Flats gang member shot him five times in the back, killing him. It is said that he fled the city shortly after this killing, never to be seen again. This was the catalyst for a lengthy and bloody war between the 83 Hoover Criminals gang and the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang that claimed many lives. At first, the 18th St Hoover Locos remained impartial, given their Mexican heritage and the neutral nature between them and the Tortilla Flats gang, but that changed on the 26th of April, after Iker Garcia, 37, also known as Bandit, a beloved member of the Tortilla Flats gang, was shot dead. It is said that he was waiting outside a fellow gang member's home when a group of Hoovers drove past and shot him multiple times, hitting him three times in the face and five times in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 48 hours after Iker Garcia had away, Tortilla Flats affiliates took to the streets for hours, spurred on by revenge. The next day, a huddle of 18th St Hoover Locos were mere metres away from where Iker Garcia lost his life, and it is said that Andre Morales, 16, also known as Ghost from 18th St Hoover Locos was the one to speak when approached by two Tortilla Flats affiliates. A short exchange ensued and residents claim that Andre Morales posed no threat when the Tortilla Flats gang affiliates promptly shot him a grand total of six times in the chest before speeding off. It was at that point the 18th St Hoover Locos stepped into the war and fought side by side with the Hoovers. The war heavily favoured the Hoovers, given the limited number of active Tortilla Flats members. The feud claimed many lives from the 1800 block side of Chamberlain Hills, both gang affiliates and innocent civilians. However, when Andre Morales was murdered, it kicked off a spate of shootings that left five dead and three severely injured over the course of five weeks. It is said that the gangs took turns shooting at each other’s homes, much to the dismay of local residents. The police presence was at an all-time high at this point, a patrol car monitoring the streets every five minutes. The war had claimed many lives at this point, and so, leaders and influential figures from both sides got together and formally put an end to the feud, wanting to see progress beyond the murders. Despite this, the two parties still felt resentment towards one another, and while the killings from the war stopped, the scars remained. SOUTHSIDE BARRIO 13 vs. CHAMBERLAIN VARRIO TORTILLA FLATS At the beginning of the conception of Southside Barrio 13, the influential members and leaders of the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang were once allies of Southside Barrio 13, given that they were surrounded by African-American street gangs. The influential members of the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang were even allegedly supplying the neighbouring gang with drugs and weapons. Though the relationship was strong between the leaders, the same couldn’t be said for the younger members of the gangs. There was obvious tension between the two sets, despite coming from similar backgrounds. There’d be disputes constantly between the two, requiring older figureheads of the factions to mediate petty problems. One day, a Southside Barrio 13 member was loitering inside the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang’s street, resulting in being interrogated by a Tortilla Flats affiliate. The situation escalated and was escalated into a full scale argument, with a member of the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang being stabbed twice and spat on. He wasted no time telling his fellow gang affiliate about the situation. A meeting was set between the two leaders of the gangs, Iker “Bandit” Garcia, who at the time was one of the leaders of the Flats gang, and Solomon “Shark” Casilla, a leader of the Barrio 13 gang. The discussion at hand was at first calm, however, it eventually broke down into an argument over the facts of the situation. After an hour of sitting down and discussing, Iker “Bandit” Garcia laid out an ultimatum, forcing the Barrio 13 gang to make compromises. He gave them a deadline of agreement to which they had to follow, but the ultimatum was never followed. After a week or so a couple younger members of the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang retaliated for the stabbing that took place, they would start a series of shootouts between the two gangs, kicking off a war that lasted multiple weeks. Peace was never an answer to the conflict, many members were killed on both sides, with innocent lives being taken too. However, the fighting began to die down, given that Southside Barrio 13 gang had lost a greater amount of members in comparison to the Tortilla Flats side. In the end, the violence dwindled to a near halt, with Southside Barrio 13 eventually going defunct. MALOS Today, the gang is largely inactive, save for a few members that still loiter on the gang's grounds. Despite this, however, the Malos clique formed in place of the declining Midget Dukes, who are today largely defunct after several arrests made on prominent members. Without any major influence from veteran CVTF members, the Malos have developed a different approach to gangbanging. Unlike previous generations, the Malos function without structure or formal leadership. Its young members are purely motivated by money and preoccupied with maintaining a certain image. With virtually no guidance available to the clique’s young members, this new generation of Tortilleros has quickly earned for themselves a reputation for being wild and reckless with little to lose.
  6. Development of the A Character Name: Angel Varela Origin: Mexican-American Occupation: Davis High Family: N/A Story: Angel Varela is a 15-year-old male from Davis Avenue South Los Santos, San Andreas. Like every other Mexican American man who was born and raised in inner-city Los Santos, he had a rough upcoming as a kid. With a mother with two jobs, and an absent father who left him once he was conceived, Angel had no father figure in his life, and quite frankly he had to be his own father figure. Growing up off of Davis Avenue there was no doubt that Angel would fall victim to the streets. Though Angel was tied up in the streets, he still attended school and eventually graduated from South LS High at the age of 15. Not interested in any post-secondary education, Angel continues his dedication and dependency on the streets to make money for himself. As time passed, Angel is moved out of the spotlight of being the only child, not knowing how to handle this change, he becomes a growing reckless hazard, which causes him to eventually be put out of his mother's home. Today, Angel crashes on a couch every night that sits in government housing in the area of Brogue Avenue quiet, content, and to himself. Current Faction
  7. In the early 1990s, KAM, or "Krazy Ass Mexicans," did the unheard-of in El Burro Heights. "They started out as a simple tagging crew that nobody thought anything about," Mr. Torres said, slowing the S.U.V. down a notch. "But right where we are now, two old established gangs, Fudge Lane Travieosos and Vicky's Town, tried to pressure the crew to join their gangs. But the nondescript group fought back. Amazingly, KAM eventually pushed out both steadfast gangs, taking over the whole neighborhood-~-something El Burro Heights had never experienced before." Today, they are one of the most aggressive gangs on the Eastside of Los Santos. The violence never really died down. KAM has had to continually defend its turf from older gangs like Big Hazard, State Street and Gage Maravilla, but the Krazy Ass Mexicans held their ground. "They're surrounded by enemies, but they maintain their territory. And they have a huge territory. The big guys didn't anticipate they'd fight back. But that's what they did. They were--and still are--well-structured and smart," said Mr. Torres, sitting back behind the wheel.
  8. This thread will follow the development of Julissa "Misfit" Espinoza.
  9. Isaac "SLEAZY" Armenta Isaac Armenta was born in Los Santos (Vespucci) on December 9th 2003. Although he isn't originally from South Davis (Chamberlain Hills), he spent a lot of time as a kid in the complexes and eventually ended up going to Davis High School due to him being kicked out of most schools in the district. He is loosely affiliated with multiple gangs, main one being Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats X3. Due to the upcoming Malos Clique dominating the territory as past cliques end up turning defunct, he still actively represents Malos Chicos (YG Generation 13-20) and Midget Dukes (OG Generation 25-30+). Growing up he would spent a lot of his time at his grandmothers home which was located in Strawberry Ave/Carson Ave, he could be seen getting into fights after school and tagging walls with amateur graffiti. He is known among the hood as a regular jail-bird, he is often in-and-out of West-Lake and Los Santos County Juvenile Hall.
  10. LUIS 'BIG SMILEY' ESPINOZA The following thread's purpose it follow the development of Luis Espinoza, a Los Santos native. 1975, Luis Espinoza is born into an immigrant family, in the city of Los Santos. His parents, both immigrants from Michoacán in search for a better life, due to the severe levels of poverty and the state of Mexico in general. During that era, there was a huge influx of Mexican immigrants, and it helped form the state into what it is today. However, there was also a huge influx of crime, not only by Mexicans, but all ethnic groups. It was an important period of time, when gangs were establishing, becoming more powerful and setting the stones for generations to come. It was a big period for The Mexican Mafia, in 1971 the first hit outside of prison walls took place, changing the game. There were also various schemes taking place such as The Mexican Mafia & LACF collaborating together to infiltrate legal operations. Luis Espinoza was raised in poverty, alongside his parents and brother Rodrigo Espinoza. He found comfort in the local gang and created friends within it, he didn't see it as a gang, they were just local kids, just like him, living in the same neighbourhood. Issue is, people think that gang members are like an alien form. Luis' brother was younger, and Luis wasn't able to play with him like the kids in the varrio, so he played with the other kids. He was never inside, his Mother would claim. The local gang undertook various illicit activities, such as drug dealing, extortion, prostitution and whatever else could line their pockets. Luis became close with a fellow barrio kid, called Gonzalo 'Joker' Garcia.Joker was the one all the big homies liked, the ones they'd have kicking it with them whilst they were sipping pistos on their porches or playing dice. He was the kid. The South Side Tokers had taken control over the barrio after the fall of Varrio Grape & their allied Crip neighbours. By the age of 16/17, Joker took it upon himself, with the help of numerous homeboys, to form the South Side Rancheros, an attempt by a new generation to take over the area and control it. Problems arose, with Joker and his associates successful, there was now competition, and the original Tokers set was still around. The two groups, whom were once one, now had hot sand under their feet, and conflicts soon followed. The new generation, South Side Rancheros, soon rose to victory, leaving the Tokers defunct, with members at the wrong end of a gun, in prison, or even changing set and joining the Rancheros. Time went on, Ranchers introduced a new era of crime and brought peaceful crime to their neighbourhood, and a new type of gang activity to the area. They were hit with multiple injunctions, and with huge efforts against is, many face members of the set ended up dead, or locked up. Luis was one of them, he was sent to Bolingbroke and served a hefty sentence alongside people such as Fernando 'Spider' Perez & so on. Fortunately for Joker, he avoided prison and did the dash, after most of his loyal homeboys were killed and pinched. Inside, Luis would find himself programming with La Eme, also known as The Mexican Mafia. It wasn't long before Joker himself winded up in Bolingbroke and became a good friend of 'Chato'. Joker's name was put forward and he was eventually recognized as an Emero after proving himself to the cause & putting in work. It was a big thing to the homeboys, one of their own was now an official within La Eme, who knows where it could take them and their ventures. Joker and Chato were eventually released, however Luis remained inside. Whilst serving his time, he became addicted to heroin and had many problems regarding it, including debt & so forth. Luckily the debts were paid off, and Luis didn't get into bad standing with his own. He was subject to a self-proclaimed rehab, and spent years trying to get himself clean, of course he relapsed numerous times, but eventually, after being sent to segregation due to violence, he was soon clean & stuck to it. Come 2020, Luis was released from Bolingbroke and returned to his family home, but it wouldn't be the same, his Mother had passed away during his incarceration after becoming a severe alcoholic, along with drug addiction. His father had moved on twenty years prior, and had given Luis a half brother. The story continues, Luis now free as a veterano, who knows where the story will end.
  11. Plata o Plomo = Silver or Lead?
  12. South Side Barrio 13 Barriox13, Barrio13 (B13 in short) is a sureño street gang in South Los Santos. It was established in the early 1970s near Carson Avenue and Strawberry Avenue in South Los Santos. The South Side Barrio 13 gang was first created mainly for the protection of its members. The gang is divided into West Side Barriox13 and East Side Barriox13 gang, with all of its members loyal to the Barriox13 gang. The gang is loyal to the Mexican Mafia (or La Eme). Throughout the years, it has been targeted by the Los Santos Sheriff's Department and the Los Santos D.A. department with a Gang injunctions. The most recent gang injunction was in 2009. In the last 10 years, Sheriffs department have shot and killed multiple known Barriox13 gang members and have managed to find multiple firearms and different kinds of narcotics on them. In recent years, members of the gang have been targeted throughout all of Los Santos by rival gangs. Barriox13's youngsters are known to commit violent and brutal crimes, which is why Homicide detectives are still on the hunt for two men believed to be affiliated with the gang. These two are connected to recent vicious acts around the Chamberlain area of the city. As of early 2021, two other members of the gang have been murdered by what is believed to be an inside fight. The Barriox13 gang is especially known for their drug trafficking, arms trafficking and homicides. Besides having a history of many criminal acts, the gang is also believed to be involved in human trafficking. To this day, the gang's main source of income remains the drug trafficking. The gang's main source of income is from the illegal sale of heroin, crystal meth, cocaine, marijuana, gambling & ecstasy. Barrio 13 gang-members are well known for trafficking in illegal narcotics, along with other crimes like battery to murder, as well as robbery, burglary, carjacking, witness intimidation, kidnapping, weapons trafficking, identity theft, racketeering, drug and weapons-related charges & money laundering. OOC Information S/S Barrio 13 is loosely based on the real life counterpart, the Barriox13 gang. The group attempts to portray a realistic gang culture, with some liberties being taken in order to promote our original ideas. The laws of sureño gangs will still be followed by the group at all times. Everyone who is interested in roleplaying with us can do so by approaching us in character, around the Tahitian Flats and Casa Cristina in Strawberry. The group will focus on providing realistic roleplay to the server, as well as to everyone who interacts with us. All members are expected to follow all server and community rules at all times. The group leadership reserves the right to Character Kill (CK) any individual within the gang, or attempting to join the gang. The reasoning will always have to be a very good one, so no Character Kills will occur over petty issues. They are considered to be a last resort and will rarely be used. If you have any questions about interacting with the faction, feel free to PM: @Armolis @Banks @Evolution
  13. This will follow the life of Maria Ocampo. A El Paso native who has moved to Rancho a gang invested area. Maria Ocampo was born July 28th, 2005 in El Paso County Hospital. She was born to Miguel and Luna Ocampo. During her young age, her family was pretty normal.Living in El Paso she use to go to the neighborhood playground to play. It was her daily fun. Being yelled at by her mother from the apartment door to stop, made her feel like she couldn't be free spirited and have fun. At the age of five, Maria gained a brother. At the point of her life, things began to go down hill. Her father lost her job in the factory in El Paso, this made them move houses down to the poverty area in El Paso into a flat. Making it easier for her parents to make money and pay rent. Maria began to become a cold indiviual due to the way life was around the low poverty area. Gangs, fights, shootings were everywhere in her life. This made her father become something he prided himself never to become. A junkie. After a couple years, her mother had enough and decided to move them to San Andreas. Maria took this hard but decided it was the best. The family moved to the Rancho projects to create a new life together. Who knows what will bring Maria's life as she goes into her teenage years. Flaws: - Hot head - Because she lost alot of trust from her father, she rarely trusts older men. - Reckless and uncareful. - Easily influenced.
  14. Roberto Molina's Mugshot circa. 2003 Name: Roberto Molina Aliases: Greedy, Little Greedy, Silent Age: 35 Affiliation: Florencia 13, Malos Clique Charges: 1st Degree Murder (1x)
  15. This thread will follow the development of Enrique Vargas.
  16. This thread follows the story of Ethan Fernandez a troubled Rancho Teenager. Trigger warning and all that stuff. (credits to ZaE for the menyoo picture)
  17. The story of Joseph "Sneaky" Grajeda Joseph Grajeda wasn't the type of kid for gangbanging. When he was younger, he focused more on education rather than most other children within El Burro. He had his future planned out before himself, wishing to go into a BA once he finished school, however his plans were cut short after the death of his father, the man who supplied his entire household financially. Joseph was forced to move-in with his grand-parents with his mother and brother, who barely managed to pay for Joseph's education. He fell into a period of depression, bunking classes in order to hang out with James Lara, who was one of his best friends at the time. James was a horrible influence on Joseph, involving them both with the local Vista Locos gang, which had been run under Hector "Dozer" Lara, James' older brother. The duo immediately began skipping weeks of school at a time, practically living at the trap house. In grade 8, Joseph completely failed his semester, pushing him back a year, however at this point, Joseph's only interests were the gang. He influenced his brother into joining the gang, leaving their mother and grandparents' care. The duo eventually got put onto the Vista Locos 13 gang, Joseph due to his ability to easily evade the local police department (which racked him his placa as Sneaky) and his brother due to his fighting skills. The duo slumped further into the gang lifestyle as they climbed higher up the gang's structure. Joseph, who at 18 years old, was given complete responsibility of the gang by Hector "Dozer" Lara, who had constantly been a father figure for Joseph.
  18. Isaiah's upbringing was similar to most of his friends, his father had little to do with him for most of his life, spending most of his time at home with his struggling mother who worked multiple jobs to keep the lights on in their home. Therefore, he was left to do whatever he wished from a young age. Most of his friends, began hanging around the local gang of his neighbourhood; Vista Locos 13. He would soon follow suit, and start making himself known to the OGs of the gang and ending up becoming a well known tag artist in the El Burro Heights area.. He was jumped into the clique, Dozer Lokos around the age of thirteen. School has always been a struggle for Isaiah, rarely spending any of his time there. Usually getting into fights, when he does attend. His mother would try to get him to attend when she was not at work, but the pair would rarely see each other due to Isaiah rarely going home, when she is able to be there due to work. His motives lie elsewhere. He now finds himself sixteen, and put on to the set. Most of the older members of the gang are currently incarcerated, leaving the remaining few to step up. Isaiah, being one of them. This thread will follow the story of Isaiah 'Goblin' Jimenez, a young gangbanger from Amarillo Vista, El Burro Heights.
  19. This thread will show the development of Miguel Ríos, a 16 year old living in Chamberlain Hills.
  20. This thread will show the development of Alejandro Contreras, a 15 year old living in Chamberlain Hills.
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