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  1. Can’t narrow it down to any one faction but black gang roleplay is in an infinitely better place than it was in January of this year and any recent time prior to that. Big ups everyone putting in work on that front.
  2. Easier said than done. As someone who lead a fictional gang/set faction this year, making up your own culture and history is not as easy as it sounds on paper. Six months in we were still figuring out significant parts of the culture that other IRL gangs/sets have readily available. I don't blame people for taking cultures/history that exists IRL to use ingame because it is just the easiest way to do things, most of the time when people make fictional gangs/sets they think it's an opportunity to ignore IRL politics and LA gang history that every other faction follows; so I'd rathe
  3. Lol what the fuck are you talking about
  4. Allow me to jump in here. Treating the crime rate as an epidemic is problematic because it’s something you should come to expect on a Grand Theft Auto roleplay server. Now you’ll retort with “Go play GTA ONLINE” to which I’d respond with; a roleplay game based on a game with a primary audience of people wanting to play a game where they can shoot and kill people is going to breed avenues of roleplay that will result in people shooting and killing each other. Treating it as an epidemic doesn’t solve a problem, it only makes it an even bigger problem. Your arguments regar
  5. Any one case of these is too many to the point it’s overplayed.
  6. Why are we making characters to be shipped with other characters? Also PTSD schizophrenic *you are alone* talk to themselves 24/7 imaginary dead homies gangbangers are the worst
  7. Spent a good 4-5 months roleplaying with this faction. This faction and DFGB @Crooks @JAVIER. @CrashL1fepaved the way for the standards of gang roleplay this year, we appreciate all the support over the past few months and everyone who roleplayed with us, especially @dna @Gazi @Izi @Quackhead @Kilroy @MrKickYoDoe . Cba to write a whole post so we’re good here, L&A.
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