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  1. Askari Moore is prematurely put on to Murder Park Families for the Baby Rydas. He does his best to avert the event but ultimately cannot prevent it, he is branded 'MARLINk REDDBØY#1' and is one of the first generation affiliates of Baby Rydas.
  2. Askari is brought on work by his older cousin RonBrazy, only beknownst to himself that he is not genuinely ready for it. Later that week, Askari brings up the work with RonBrazy and others, this segues into a conversation about Askari's preferred method of earning money.
  3. Askari Moore is introduced to folks from the neighbourhood by his older cousin, Ronald "RonBrazy" Stokes. Primed to appear cut from the same cloth as the rest of them, he foolishly accepts an offer to put in work. It ultimately ends up happening without him.
  4. Askari 'MARLINk REDDBØY#1' Moore (Placeholder Image) Askari Moore is characterized by his profound desire to integrate himself into the narrative of his neighbourhood. Visibly he can be identified by his surprisingly short stature, standing at 5'5'' with double strand twists and a thin build. Audibly, you'll notice him from a mile away with his shrill voice, cracking whenever he gets too excited. Born into a family jammed up with gang affiliates, notably RonBrazy from Murder Park Families & OnSight from 74 Hoovers Criminals. Askari was guided into the gang life with ease, to the point some might say he is over-confident in his ability to control oneself in the ordinary stresses of the life. Despite this, he almost never takes himself seriously and is generally considered to be a non-factor. This doesn't stop him from yearning for the attention of the Murder Park Families big homies, going lengths only classified by crash dummy activities. His close family history is monotonous with a nuclear family facing similar pressures to most in the neighbourhood. Askari, deeply stimulated by the gang activity of his cousins and friends is pushing for his put on to Murder Park Families. Way before he expected anything to occur, Askari is met with a put-on as a result of tensions rising in South Central and his connection to RonBrazy, rather than the recognition of his devotion and stripes for the gang.
  5. I would much rather someone has an ambiguous description in their /attributes, as Bloodseeker suggests to prevent metagaming, than the more often than not misusage of /attributes where I find out a characters entire backstory. No change needed to be done to the /attributes system other than clarification for players with less common sense that think they’re supposed to tell us their characters story rather than what we can actually physically see.
  6. No. Long /me's are rarely ever worth the time took writing them. Short-to-mid /me's are fine, a nice adjective and a clear succinct representation of your emote is enough for everyone. On the topic, people need to stop writing emotes in past-tense, they need to stop writing their thoughts into emotes and they NEED to stop using curse words in emotes. It's poor etiquette and imo it means you're a worse roleplayer.
  7. It makes perfect sense. It’s much easier to cope OOCly with torture roleplay and if you can’t then you can just say no to that in an OOC medium. Having a random man stick his cock in you without your consent isn’t roleplay that anyone wants to do unless they have a rape fetish.
  8. There’s no double standards. As a whole, people playing GRAND THEFT AUTO V are capable of fake-murdering people as it’s a mechanic in almost every video game you can imagine. Name how many video games or roleplay games where you can witness/partake in rape scenes.
  9. Explain to me how you think - A gruesome horrific detailed rape scene - Shooting someone/murdering someone is the same thing. Sexualized torture is worse than normal torture.
  10. Read the rest you psychopath. If you can't comprehend the difference in roleplaying rape and roleplaying murder then you need to do some critical thinking.
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