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  1. MCB666

    drug dealing

    "They" don't put everyone in one category bro, personally I wouldn't rob my cliental even for large sums cause that's basically how my character maintains and eats, that's like basically forcing my character into a more fucked up situation on purpose.
  2. MCB666

    drug dealing

    I mean to be honest, selling drugs on Facebrowser ((Drug dealers don't really stand on corners anymore like a scene from the wire anymore, well it happens but most dealers nowadays will have an IG or a snapchat for flipping shit.)) works for me. Although it doesn't bring as much as profit and is chump change compared to working at a 24/7 unless your selling for an affordable price (like 100$) and the connect you buy from sells for cheap.
  3. + The fact they'll allow other non-california based groups but not a Nuestra Familia ((which literally is homegrown)). All I'm assuming is that maybe they'll allow Norteno* gangs maybe in the future (who knows when?) when Bolingbroke is open since it's a State Prison unlike the county jail.
  4. I doubt there'd be a solid northern gang to be honest, since most of the time people have no interest in roleplaying them + IFM Usually denies Norteno gangs and certain high ranking groups like Nuestra Familia. Although atm I think it'd be possible just to do drop out gangs since they usually have no structure but a good majority have that Northern/Norcal vibe to them and you can PC up in TTCF and possibly roleplay with other dropouts ((Although there isn't a PC Pod, and it's basically putting you in AD-SEG with actives.)), instead of sitting in GP with 30 actives surenos camping out your cell, trying to put in that "work" for the side they choose to represent. D.O gangs include Bulldogs, Northern Ryders, The 25ers, Nueva Flora, Independent Riders, Sucka Free Gangsters, Skrap Peelers, FTS, Dropout Squad, Down South, Mexican Outfit.
  5. "Have a nice day", passive-aggressive so much lol? I've read the post but honestly these threads bring nothing but "illegal" & "legal" rp forum battles.
  6. Lleva esto muy lejo, take this shit far.
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