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  2. MY WICKED WEST SOUJIAS CUZZ, C-RIDING, BULLETS FLYING! SAD TO SEE THIS GO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GCzPeuPSAs&ab_channel=SilentHxA
  3. I'd say, all characters should be atleast 15-16 years old.
  4. Username: WhOopFiliPiNoRUDA Comment: wHKooPgANg , fuCK applesK, shoelacesK, monkeyshitK, meatloafK, trampsK, trashcansK, fuCk barlems,dirties, skrap yards, napps, clocks, maggots, fish heads, pizza hutsK. fuCk suckas, racistmessicanK racistceroteK w/w wicked west A-gang s/o tha rL whoopsters, damu's. (( IP Address leaks back to a apartment complex in Vespucci.)) ((Also, this post wasn't made by the site author whatsoever.)) b8OU8anCTa9fvRMJ.mp4
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