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  1. Pico Cardenas Park is host to the Segundo Village Swan Bloods, being a safe haven. Teenagers from all sides of Rancho tend to hang out at the park, mostly teens that affiliate themselves with SVSB or other blood gangs. The park is a known "crab killer" zone or "CK Bity" to the swans, no passes are given to enemies under any circumstances. During the night this park is considered a war zone, community members wouldn't recommend hanging out during the after-hours unless you're a familiar face. Most events are held at the park from birthdays to baby showers, hood days, etc. Name: Dasia Bell Alias(es): Lil Headache#2 Occupation/Status: Unemployed Swanlette DOB/AGE: 08/04/XXXX (17 years old) Reputable For: (2 Lines) • Constantly has money making ideas, wants to become some sort of entrepreneur. Sells homemade bracelets and necklaces in the neighborhood. • Known for being a chain smoker, often seen in somebody's car, smoking her night away. Has a high social media presence, constantly seen updating her story - talking about any relevant topic within the Village. Family members within the gang: • Tarnell 'G-Redd' Bell - Dasia's father serving a 15 year sentence in the Los Santos County Prison for homicide. • Damian 'Tip Toe' Bell - Older brother serving time for a home invasion he'd done a couple years prior to his arrest. Damian's arrest was a surprise to the whole neighborhood.
  2. Later on Instagram Live, disrespecting the enemies with BadAssToon and SV Twin
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