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Found 9 results

  1. Thread follows the lives of certain people living in San Andreas and their endeavors with Mexican Organized Crime as independent narcos. The thread should NOT be mistaken for a Cartel faction, instead it's just an independent group of primarily; Paisas, that are involved in the same network so to speak. As of currently speaking we're not a faction and don't currently aspire to be one, at the moment. Bare in mind you don't need to roleplay Mexican to get anywhere, there's tons of Caucasians, African-Americans and Asians involved with Mexican Organized Crime in real life. It's an American based network. The thread as is will basically the remain the same concept it has been since November-December of last year (2021).
  2. This thread will follow the development of Donovan Maldonado (R)
  3. Melina Josefina Barriga Almanza is a 36 year old Mexican National drug trafficker, originally from the city of Culiacán in Sinaloa. Melina had a relatively loving childhood whilst growing up from her parents, although her father and uncles being involved in the narcotics game eventually changed her. She went to the Technological University of Culiacán, in Sinaloa and graduated from there with a bachelor's degree. After graduating from the university with a bachelor's degree, her father decided to use her for white collar related crimes at first, where she was sent to San Andreas; primarily operating out of San Diego and Los Santos at the time on behalf of the AFO; although this would later see her split and become independent. During the early stages of Melina's involvement with the narco underworld, she ran point on laundering money for the AFO through the cryptocurrency exchange; often interacting with the Border Brothers 22 as they would often be used to push the AFO's product into the state of San Andreas, primarily San Diego and Los Santos as distribution hubs. Although a few years into her line of work, Melina had already gathered a small sized crew of financial operators to roll with her; often helping her run these activities. But as the years progressed, her temptation for more made her go the extra mile and she ended up outsourcing a drug connect for herself. By the age of 26, Melina would see herself as an independent drug trafficker with a small tight knit crew of individuals that often operated as a shadow group under the banner of other American based Organized Crime Groups (OCGs) and also ended up marrying with one of her father's people who split, and joined forces with Melina. Through the age of 26 to 28, Melina and her crew operated as independents without pledging full allegiance to any other major criminal organization, often travelling between Arizona and San Andreas for business and Baja California where she had permanently resided when not on business duties. Although by the time Melina was 28, herself and her husband had already filed for a divorce as their relationship and romance levels significantly dropped overtime with both of them rarely ever being home. Melina had found herself in Los Santos for a consistent 2 month period after some of her people and Alex Farizano had lost a lot of weight on a drug shipment coming in, this led to a down spiral within two months where Melina's operation became very janky and unreliable for a period of time, during this time period Melina and Alex had found themselves settling in with one of many Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) in the city known as La Coka Nostra at the time; linking up with individuals such as "Payday" Bana, "Corleone" Farese and "Vandal" Gutierrez, but towards the end of that two month period; La Coka Nostra had somewhat became defunct and went completely ghost, with some of their associates not even knowing what happened to each other. Due to this, Melina and her crew were once again considered independent drug traffickers and went back on a tit-for-tat hop, continuing to outsource connects to keep her narcotics business alive, which eventually worked out well in the end. Upon one of Melina's many trips back to Los Santos, her cousin; Marina Mendez now known by her marriage name; Marina Cardona, met up with Melina which resulted in Melina deciding to align herself to Marina and Lucas's network, bringing her crew of narco traffickers along for the ride. This resulted in Melina and her crew being no longer considered independent again, as Melina had decided to accept Marina's offer, becoming Marina's right hand. Eventually as time went on, Melina settled back into Los Santos again with her crew known as: La Empresa (The Enterprise). Individuals such as "El Diablo" Baro, "La Catrina" Escobedo, "El Nacho" Ruiz, "El Rafa" Reyes and "El Cabal" Cabal came to settle in with Melina in Los Santos. A few weeks after settling in, in Los Santos... Hernan Orozco a/k/a "El Oro" and Miro Cardenas a/k/a "Tank" had came out to San Andreas from Arizona after an internal feud gone wrong had happened; being long-standing business partners with Melina, they settled somewhere in the state of San Andreas and eventually aligned themselves under The Enterprise.
  4. Time is real, we can't rewind it... Out of everybody I met, who told the truth? Time did. - Common Anything posted on this thread, should be kept on the thread. Posts may vary from detailed to blank depending on the situation. This is to prevent Metagaming. Any concerns can be directed to my DMs. Thread will follow Sandra Coronel. Chapter 1: Page 1 - 8. Chapter 2: Page 8 - Present.
  6. CHAPTER l - Los Santos The movement started with gathering intel about the current organizations operating within Los Santos and establish proper pipe-lines. They quickly built a two-way road with all the organizations they affiliated with, providing & receiving product and firearms. In matter of weeks their name was already spread among the city and the few powerful organizations/figures. With this they built great friendships apart from the business branch. Rita fell in love with Jack Morgan that turned out to be the GDMC President whilst Juan in the other hand fell in love with a simple city girl that was also involved in the movement, Lexis Miller. Layla, Craig, Jim, Elena, Nathan, Marchetti, Jose, Mariah, Micaela, Starlynn, Araceli, Carlos, Francis, Gustavo, Weley, names that won't be forgotten as they were heavily present around Juan and Adelita. This ring rode far together and built what they called 'La Familia' - The Family EPISODES Russian Pipe-line It's all business Is she a snitch, or? Ecstasy drop-off We've got all you need We could scratch that Operation Clean Gangland There's work for everyone Loose ends There goes another shipment Loose ends .2 There's trouble Don't touch what's mine They needed a shake Loose ends .3 It's all about business I won't let you walk naked A small package to the county It's just casual They grow so fast ( sister marriage proposal ) Be my friend and I will be yours Automatics pipe-line There are more from where these came from I've got you some more work Ask and I'll figure it out Don't shit where you eat There's enough for everyone Don't fuck with the wrong people Manage my money It's never too much UZI New pipe-lines The parking-lot Is Jackie dead? CHAPTER ll - Sandy Shores After the death & arrest of most of his associates, Juan drove himself up to the county to find his own way and yet establish proper pipe-lines with Mexico and the other organizations they affiliated with. He quickly got up to his feet, smuggling drugs and firearms in large quantities. He gathered intel about the organizations operating in the county, proposing mutual business, which put him in a high-layer once they started to operate together. Juan quickly turned into one of the most important figures. EPISODES We should move Tasty shipment Border Brothers I have got a piece for you too You want it, you have it Get rid of used material Big men need big guns It should be a two-way road or I'm not taking it I am where the money is Fund a war -> Big profit Racism Hillside Xlll Connection I am out and back in business Protection? We protect our own It's two-way Big guns -> Big prizes City folks and their ego One call away from the Hills Distribution Hopout One more time in Pipe-lines 24/7 24/7 Hit City folks & Business They're chasing after them Hundred bullets, six vagos & one AK47 Yellow Jack & the flames Have it your way More rounds Fourteen bodies are not worth to keep Business is all we've got What was taken was to be returned The ring - The alliance Ripping the horizon Grove line Hills and the pump It's all about money & friendship PRESENT Juan currently lives in Sandy Shores, accompanied by Megan. The duo make a living with the money they make with weaponry&drug sales and their legal fronts. The figures that make part of his new ring are unknown and his operation embraces both Los Santos and County-side. FIGURES Nickname: Lazy Origin: Guerrero, México DOB: 17-APR-1993 Height: 5'9 Weight: 180 lbs Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Forest Green From Guerrero, he was another poor teenager living in a small town called Guerrero; mother a housewife and father a store clerk. Due to the family's struggle to make a proper living, Juan and his two little brothers found their way out through a local cell that was operating under several important figures within the crime-world. Receiving an average amount of an equivalent in Mexican pesos of $125 USD per week, they became scouts. Emilio and Roberto (Juan brothers) lost their lives in a deal that went wrong. A shooting between the local police and the cell sparked and left dead and injured people behind. Juan climbed the ladder, turning himself into a cold-blood sicario whilst his hate for the police grew after his brothers death. He was driven in hate, despair,loneliness. Juan later took over the local cell after Elviro's arrest, landing in as 'Jefe de plaza'. Due to the way he was driven after his brothers death, he had to let the past go and trail into a new path, therefore he was sent to an EPR momevent in Guerrero. During the EPR he met Adelita Gallardo, who turned to be his best match whilst operating under the guerrilla guides. They bonded pretty well together, complementing each other. As soon as he was done with the EPR, he was sent back to the local cell with the promise to be sent elsewhere and grow his own operation along with Adelita. Nickname: Meg Origin: Sheffield, England DOB: 10-SEP-1994 Height: 5'8 Weight: 130 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Baby Blue After choosing to involve herself in the various semi-organized gangs surrounding her home town, Megan soon learned that, unlike others, her motivation for crime was fueled by adrenaline and her appetite for danger and violence over a need to support a family or fight for a cause. Her family would be considered millionaires by the individuals she spent her time with and because of that her trust was never truly gained by any of her peers. Her allegiance was never set in stone and she soon found that as many people did not trust her, she found it hard to trust those she spent so many hours with. With no siblings to speak of she had only one individual she truly bonded with, one she could trust and eventually develop deeper feelings for. Together they moved from neighborhood to neighborhood, quickly building a name for themselves as unaligned individuals, asking few questions so long as their time was compensated. Eventually however, their reputation began to become that of two un-loyal backstabbers who'd quickly turn on those they work along side if enough money were to change hands and a setup was organized behind their unaware backs. A setup that would bring about the death of two out of three involved. Atop an abandoned silo, her closest friend stabbed and shot in front of her eyes. Without a question or doubt in her mind, she planted a knife in the individual's back before withdrawing it and shoving him over the edge of the tower to his death. With no time to grieve, she did her best to conceal the ordeal before planning her flight to America to escape the life she'd grown up in. Moving swiftly to Blaine County to escape the bustling city of Los Santos, she soon realized that no matter how hard she tried she could never escape the life of crime that she had been raised by.
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