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  1. Become more the norm these days and it generally acceptable all over. People are only limited to one /cim and until the graffiti script comes in to play, this way is much better for setting the tone and structure of the area around. Whilst I can see the MG argument from an Admins perspective, I've noticed a considerable amount of people actually roleplaying in the area more when these /cims are present, more notably from the LSSD and some civilian sides too which is a bonus in itself.
  2. Oaks.

    ArmA 3

    I play a custom one on the Server Browser, Mike Force Friends, it's usually 50/64 too, so it's a good amount of people + really food performance, I'm always above 45 fps on that server.
  3. Oaks.

    ArmA 3

    Got 2k hours myself, playing a lot of Mike Force recently. SOG DLC is one of the best for the series.
  4. No thanks, doesn't fit the vibe of the server at all.
  5. Updated my Windows and now using the memory cleaner. Seems to be stuttering but not to a stop and not as often, so I'll take that for now. I appreciate all the help.
  6. CPU Usage is about 55-60 usually, never goes higher, which is the case for most games it appears, unless it's super intense like early access games.
  7. Daft that I've gotta use an external tool, but thanks Liq, I'll give this a whirl.
  8. Feel like could be a bit more steps before I do that.
  9. Variates, all fine for about 40 mins and then drops to about 5-10, then back up to 20-30 again.
  10. Hey guys, since 1.1 I've been getting 0fps stutters for a little bit, which isn't ideal especially during driving. My GTA is on a SSD, Graphics are down semi-medium/high, I've tried RAM dumping, RAM clearing/cleaning with various tools/task schedulers and I'm still getting it. I've tried disabling shadowplay, any overlay software and even barebones it with just GTA playing and nothing open, still the same issue. In terms of mods, I used to have a lot of graphics mods & now I don't use any for fear of increasing the chances of this annoying bug. My specs are: 1070, i7-7700k, 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, 500GB SSD & a 2TB HDD which GTA isn't housed on. It's just GTA that has this problem, any other games are fine, I've been managing to play A3 recently with 0 stutters and thats iconic for poor performance. I'm losing my fucking mind and it's driving me to the point of not wanting to play, please help a homie out.
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