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  1. Fugitive, purrs beautifully.
  2. Government shouldn't be a thing & serves minimal purpose. Or better yet. Government should be allowed to make changes without admin intervention.
  3. Main character syndrome, everyone wants to be that named dude/girl who everyone knows is a badass.
  4. I was told to hype this up
  5. People who roleplay "hotheads", we get it you wanna be the main character
  6. Good to see a step in the right direction, about time.
  7. Because (whilst a good thing, don't crucify me), this server caters to sensitive types, people who use RP as an escape aren't usually social butterflies outside of a PC screen, and once their feelings are hurt, or something doesn't go their own way, they spit their dummies out. Half the shit you see on the forums you would have been strung up and bullied relentlessly for on other communities, LSRP/RCRP etc, whilst it's a good thing this doesn't happen anymore, it's a factor to why.
  8. > - There's not enough LEO's online. wat
  9. Personally I feel this is a step in the right direction, really shows a good illegal FM involvement, I hope it goes through.
  10. Crush all their whips and enforce it, they'll soon figure it out
  11. Oaks.

    Map changes

    Already on it Chief 😄
  12. Oaks.


    A week would be good, usually people get bored after that.
  13. This. Now you've worded the thread in the way you meant it to be and not "I have feelings about it". Yeah, we've all CK'd friends or been CK'd by friends, but at the end of the day, we're friends. It's all in-character at the end of the day, and some people play the role to unfortunately come to an end of that character, but it shouldn't break friendships. And if it does? Wasn't a good friendship in the first place.
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