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  1. I'm trying to connect to the server, but I continuously get the same error: 'RAGE MP: Can't join server. Trying again...' I just moved into a new flat, could that be why? edit: resolved
  2. You and your homie ran a whole marathon
  3. appreciate the love y'all. we're in for the long haul
  4. 43 GANGSTER CRIP: The 43 Gangster Crips, otherwise known as the 'Four Trays' are a large and infamous African American street gang that reside in the east side of Los Santos. The Four Trays are the first Tray 3x family of Crip gangs and they claim one of the largest neighborhoods in LS. The Four Trays are mainly located on 43rd Street, which runs parallel to East Grove Street. The Four Trays are close allies with the 48 and 42 Gangster Crips, which together create the 'Four Pacc' family. The Four Trays share alliances with some Neighborhood Crip sets, as well as some Deuce 2x Crip sets, which sets them apart from the grain from other sets of the Tray 3x family. The Four Trays have a long list of rival gangs, and are known for being violent. They have been at war with the Rollin 40s Avalon Gangster Crips for over forty years, one of the longest feuds in the history of gangs in Los Santos. 43rd STREET: The East side 43 Gangster Crips are the first of two cliques within the overall 43 Gangster Crip set. 43rd Street makes up the centerpiece of the gang's activity. Surrounded by high density, low income housing, 43rd Street is a catalyst to the ongoing function of the Four Trays; where youth turn to crime in order to increase their income. The Four Trays are particularly renowned for their drug distribution and their efficiency in doing so. The Four Trays are very close knit, and despite the fact that they have a large number of associates, the number of official members within the gang is very low. This means that local residents and school-goers are often heavily involved in the gangs operations, without even being official members. The Four Trays run in small groups, often lead by a supplier who distributes contraband amongst a few trusted individuals. They then redistribute these assets to the public. Due to this, the gang has little to no set structure. Unlike other street gangs, the Four Trays leave order to the respect individuals have for one another, rather than having a set rank-tree. OOC INFORMATION: The 43GC RP around Covenant Drive, which we have renamed ICly to 43rd Street to better fit the aesthetic of our faction. If you wish to RP with us, simply approach us ingame. We gladly welcome new players and will help you to develop your RP. We have several faction rules that you must agree to upon joining our Discord server, as well as giving up CK permissions for your character through PM. All of this information will be presented to you upon being invited our Discord server. Our aim with this faction is to create a thriving community for people to RP in, which does not focus entirely on a gang, but rather the lives of unique individuals living within the neighborhood. We highly encourage a thorough process of character development, and we are able to provide assistance in this process where needed. If you wish to know any further information about the faction, do not hesitate to contact me on the forums or through Discord.
  5. I've already made a topic about this and had my mind changed somewhat. I think people are being pretty unrealistic in saying that everyone is going to have the maturity to RP their actual income like people do in LSRP, but maybe that will come in time. In a way, the more money that's in the server, the more money that people are willing to give away to those who are doing RP jobs that don't provide script items or whatever, so I can sort of see it both ways.
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