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Found 23 results

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION. This brief and straightforward instruction will guide you how to play an Asian-American member of an ethnically Asian street gang. Which all vary based on the Asian gang you're seeking to represent and other factors. 2. EXISTING ASIAN STREET-GANGS. Below is a list of some Asian-American street gangs, along with brief explanations/backgrounds/misc. To this day, all of the gangs listed below flourish and prosper on the west coast. - ASIAN BOYZ (ABZ/1226) Asian Boyz, sometimes known as ABZ, is a mostly Southeast Asian street gang that operates throughout the United States. The majority of sets, however, are located in California, with the most noteworthy being Long Beach, Van Nuys, Orange County, and Stockton. Members of this gang are affiliated with the Crip card and are notorious for a variety of crimes. Famous Asian rappers such as Stupid Young and MBNel have popularized the gang in recent years. Founded in the 1980s by Cambodian refugees as a deterrent to other Long Beach gangs such as Longos 13, Barrio Pobre 13, and others. Who committed attacks, robberies, and harassment against Cambodian refugees. Rivals include groups such as; Tiny Raskal Gang, Longos 13, Barrio Pobre 13, Bloods, Wah Ching (Formerly) Fictional GTA:W Rivals: Tiny Raskal Gang, Vespucci 13 (?) , CCB13 , Longos 13, Skinhead Gangs GTA:W Gang Threads: SEA ALLIANCE , Vespucci ABZ, SEASIDE ABZ, EASTY 1226 - TINY RASKAL GANG (TRG/TR/7126/EBK) TRG a/k/a Tiny Raskal Gang or Tiny Raskals, just like the Asian Boyz are a mostly Southeast Asian street gang that operates throughout the United States and certain cities along the Eastcoast/Midwest. Originated in the 1980s for the same reason and purpose of the Asian Boyz gang. However many members were originally ABZ and split due to internal conflicts in the 80s. There's still a generational beef between TRG and ABZ and shows no signs of stopping whatsoever. Rivals include groups such as; Asian Boyz, Longos 13, Barrio Pobre 13. Crips Fictional GTA:W Rivals: Asian Boyz/SEA, Longos 13, Crips, Bloods, Hoover Criminals, Filipino Santanas (Sureno), TRG (Internal) , Oriental Boyz GTA:W Gang Threads: Tiny Raskal Gang Vespucci , Tiny Raskal Gang , 1600 Tiny Raskals. - WAH CHING (WC/DUB-C/23) Unlike the other two gangs mentioned before. Wah Ching is a gang comprised primarily of Chinese-Americans. Gambling dens in San Francisco were established in the 1960s. Wah Ching Formed to safeguard Chinese-Americans in Chinatown and these Gambling dens, particularly in San Francisco later on in Los Angeles etc. Dub-C is involved in more organized crime, although select sub-sets operate as a unorganized street gang, but relatively few in this day and age owing to recent RICO indictments and overall law enforcement pressure. Wah Ching Had a very long feud with ABZ, although it appears to have died/squashed out owing to Wah Ching being money/business focused. Rival groups are; Asian Boyz (Formerly) Fictional GTA:W Rivals: (?) GTA:W Gang Threads: Decker Side, Hop Sing Tong , Broker Side Wah Ching , Oceanside Wah Ching , Highland Wah Ching , Palomino Wah Ching , - ASIAN BLOODS Asian Blood gangs are uncommon and frequently unheard of, Asian Bloods are occasionally mistaken with Wah Ching owing to both wearing red bandanas and being Asian. However, there are just a handful sets on the West Coast and one in Lowell, Massachusetts. Southeast Asian-Americans make up the majority of the gang population. Gang is popularized by rappers BounceBackMeek and Javn2900 from Stockton, California. Rival groups are; Asian Boyz, Crips. Fictional GTA:W Rivals: SEASIDE, SEA, ABZ. GTA:W Gang Threads: W/S 81 Oriental Boyz , Krazy Miller Boyz, W/S Gangster Bloods , - HMONG GANGS They were quite active in the 1990s and 2000s. However, it appears that the majority of them perished. Most Hmong gang members may be found in the various Asian street gangs mentioned above, such as ABZ and TRG, but the most well-known Hmong gang is 'MOD/Menace Of Destruction' or 'Asian Crips,' both are active in Northern California, Washington, Oregon etc. GTA:W Gang Threads: Menace Of Destruction - KOREAN, JAPANESE. MISC. CHINESE STREET GANGS (?) There isn't much information I can say off the top right now, however there are a few noteworthy gangs such as 'Asian Criminals,' 'Korea Town Gangsters,' 'Korean Pride,' '6th St W/S Asian Criminals Gang,' 'Korean Boyz,' and 'Tokyo Boyz.' Most Korean and Japanese gangs in general do not engage in unorganized street crime and instead, just like Wah Ching, they deal with large/high-scale crimes or organized crimes in general. Rivals groups are: Other Korean/Japanese/Chinese Gangs. GTA:W Gang Threads: Seoul Park Boyz , Seoul Tigers, Seoul Family Gang 3. ROLEPLAYING AN ASIAN-AMERICAN STREET GANG MEMBER. To begin, there are several aspects that will influence how you roleplay an Asian-American street gang member. It primarily relies on the environment, just as Mexican-American and African-American street gangs. If you play an Asian-American in a neighborhood with a large concentration of African-American street gangs, you'll most likely speak the same terminology and look all designer'd up in your sagging set of fake purple, amiri designer jeans, and rolex chains. If you roleplay in a location with a strong Mexican-American street gang presence, you'll most likely be utilizing Chicano Lingo and saying 'Foo' about every other second, as well as wearing baggy 501's, pro clubs, and shakawear, among other things. To be honest, it's nothing special; the only difference between Asian gangs and other gangs is that Asian gangs may be more 'family-like' in certain aspects, carrying out certain rituals and traditions, being close knit, the fact that you can probably speak another language other than English, even if it's poorly spoken, harsher punishments then your typical DP/ 13 second beatdown. Note: Modern day culture is also a heavy influence. 4. ASIAN AMERICANS & PRISON In general, if you roleplay a gang member, regardless of color, you will end up in prison or dead; most likely prison. However, I've seen this multiple times when individuals are frightened to roleplay in prison as an Asian-American gang member due to a lack of prison politic understanding or simply not wanting to roleplay inside of TTCF at all. This is what will happen upon arrival at TTCF; - You'll be checked in by a Keyholder for one of the groups; Islanders or Asians. - If you have no bad charges (Sexual related crimes etc.) listed as a C.I (Informant) or former law enforcement you'll be welcomed in and told to follow a set of rules, which is actually light compared to other cars in prison. - You are now a 'Other' which is the 5th prison group besides Blacks, Whites, Mexicans (Surenos & Paisas) & Northern Mexicans (Nortenos) - You probably won't be allowed to carry your street beefs in prison, since Asians and Islanders are a very low number compared to other racial groups, you'll stick together and be united. - Do your time/program in TTCF and get out back to the streets, or put in work with 'The Other Car' and end up in AD-SEG 90% of the time for stabbing a 'J-CAT' (Google the term.) and regulating people in your own car. The Other Car consists of; Asians (East Asian, Southeast Asians, Middle Eastern/Arabs, Indians;, Native Americans, Blasians/Mixed) Islanders (Samoans, Hawaiian, Tokelau, American Samoa etc) basically anyone that's in an Asian dominated Gang or doesn't fit into Norteno, Sureno, Black & White. Other Car Thread; The Other Car API CONNECTION 5. ASIAN AMERICAN STREET GANG RAPPERS Nothing much to type here, but I just wanted to throw this in, give you an idea; it's not 100% accurate cause you know of course Rappers in general have an image to maintain. STUPID YOUNG [ABZ] MBNEL [MUDDY BOYZ] ABBLUE [ABZ] CHING YUNG / GLO IN CHINA - [WAH CHING] SHADOW DUB, DUB M, CYG NUKLS - [WAH CHING] BOUNCEBACKMEEK [Louis Park Bloods / Asian Bloods] JAVN2900 [Louis Park Bloods / Asian Bloods FRONTLINERICHIE [HMONG ASIAN CRIPS] CHINATOWN RUNNER [ASIAN BLOODS] HTOO RUE [ASIAN BLOODS/MYANMAR] PLVYBOYHOOK [TRG] MR EASTSIDE X C4 [TRG] VICKFOENICK [TRG] GLIZZY GREY [TRG] 6. END OF GUIDE. This guide was made to be straightforward and simple. It's not really that complex to roleplay an Asian Street Gang Member. However, if you have any questions. Then don't be afraid to ask and I'll quote you with a response. If you'd like anything added to guide or have certain stuff corrected, then send me a direct message @2Raskal. I'd also like to give my respect to those willing to roleplay an Asian-American on GTA:W that isn't a fantasy of some type of weird ass manga comic character or acting like a stereotypical 4-eyes glasses wearing nerd with a 'Fresh Off The Boat' accent. as the media has portrayed for countless years.
  2. Grimskull


  3. The Tiny Rascals Gang also known as TRG, first started off as a group of Cambodians, in a need for a living after the Cambodian Civil War where many we're sent to the United States America as refugee's, many settled in the Vespucci Beach of Los Santos Sand Andreas where they still originate till this day, when first arrived they where hard of English and need of jobs having not been hired for the language gap, so as many others at the time in the 80's their where a lot of other large street gangs that would end up using the refugees as a form of money, such as attempting muggings and robbery's on them although already in deep poverty. They realized that they have had enough so they retaliated with their own mostly getting into fights in the school system. This put them into juvenile groups where they didn't think about their actions but intended on forming their own alliance between them-selves called the Tiny Rascals. As most other Cambodian refugees did at the time, they fully formed as a gang in the 1990's following the other juvenile youth groups. Multiple indictment's to the Tiny Rascals Gang, where formed under charges of murder, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, home invasion, drugs and weapons trafficking and the list continues upon all these chargers they began to get recognition in the Vespucci Beach area with even some members off other youth groups trading over to the Tiny Rascal's set, making them extremely active in the news, newspapers and media at the time, they would form multiple enemy's along with alliances, including pure hatred towards crip sets around the area and the color blue. The Rascals eventually found themselves in the big time, with them being surrounded all over the United States but shown most active in San Andreas Vespucci Beach, all younger members where shown in the area of the gang with them committing petty robberies such as not paying for food or eat and run from local LTD's or 24/7's, misdemeanor's in the work of sex, drunk driving, drug offences, resisting arrest and vandalism. Like many others at the time cliques began a rise and the introduction of flags and cloths where surroundings the whole Los Santos area, so they formed a cliques by name as Get Make Take Ckash (GMTKVSH), Top Rank Gang (TRG) that where formed of locals to the area, to get their stripes up in rank. They all consist of people wearing on grey jackets hoodies and bandana's who go by the same style. And how they formed and a subset consisting of females titled Lady's Rascal Gang (LRG) they are notices by their ruthless-ness and gang affiliation tattoo's on their body. All the cliques began to get very popular after many shootings that have took place and robberies, most claim that their wicked behavior began from the mental disease known as post traumatic stress disorder from the Cambodian Civil war, dragged down from their parents or them, themselves caught in the middle of fire or in the need to flee their own country made them crack.
  4. This thread showcases Hsiao's life during and after incarceration.
  5. Ji-Ok's and ID's The art of ID forgery Chasing the $$$ Upgrade #1 Upgrade #2 Hard work pays off $$$ "Always have an attitude of gratitude." -Sterling K. Brown
  6. This will follow the development of Thomas Choi a fourth generation chinese american with the passion of cars and violence.
  7. Boulevard Boyz The Boulevard Boyz are a friend group that live in the Capital Boulevard, most of the group also came from attending Innocence High School, mainly Freshmen and Sophomores, also mainly Cambodian and African American Asian. The group prioritizes the drug game as a way to make their money, the expectation is them growing big of Crack Cocaine, Marijuana, Percocet, and any other drug item they can sell. Principles at Innocence High School se the tiny group as a gang due to the way they move in packs in the hallways, Principle Bishop says; "The group has broken numerous rules in the school, whenever we suspend some kids from the group, the other that aren't suspended, cause more trouble. I've seen crazy things happen here at Innocence High but this particular group causes stress for everyone here at Innocence High, there are people that actually want to learn here, just because of the school is in the middle of Innocence doesn't mean it's a horrible school. We just want a regular and comfortable learning experience but they bring thee things that happen out there to here.". The group tends to break countless of rules inside of Innocence High, 25% percent of members in the group have been expelled and enrolled to alternative schools. Drought Season The current state of South Central is horrible for any drug money. Overdoses within the city have raised tremendously, usually the busiest time for entrepreneurs is pay-day or when taxes hit. The lack of supplies is cut short, especially since a small group like Homicide Gang with no higher up's, just a group of teens doing their thing, they have no discipline within the group, they all just want the same thing. Money. Fast money was made for this group, risk taking is the route the group goes with. The group develops as they go, as long as they keep their connect happy, the group should be alright. Overdoses In order to identify the presence of fentanyl in patients who are experiencing a drug overdose, more readily available testing strips are being requested by Central emergency department doctors. They are also calling for a quick, coordinated response from city agencies and health care providers to help prevent overdoses and identify high potency, high risk drugs. To find fentanyl and fentanyl analogues in the drug supply, urine drug tests called fentanyl testing strips are employed. A newsletter with details, a recent cluster of 18 drug overdoses over a four-day period that were connected to "crack" cocaine laced with fentanyl and resulted in three fatalities. Since 2020, the death rate from cocaine use has increased in more than 30 states, with Liberty City leading the way. According to the State Health Access Data Assistance Center at the University of San Andreas, overdoses from crack and powder cocaine killed 14 of every 100,000 residents of all races in 2022 – seven times more than they did in 2020. The main product cannot be trusted out on the streets, others think it could be laced, other's don't. Only way to find out is if you try, and all Homicide Gang cares about is getting the cash into their hands. Aslong as the group has each other and money, the relationship stays close. Homicide Criminals The Homicide Criminals came about all over the death of a police officer. A member from the group were evading from the San Andreas Sheriff Department, as the member evaded from the LEO, he quickly made a turn behind the Carson Projects and jumped out of the car; sprinting into the complex. The LEO stepped out of his vehicle and ran not that far behind the individual, as he stepped into the complex. The LEO had bullets thrown at him from South and East of the complex. Two members keep the officer under fire, as he returned fire back he eventually fell to the ground and one of the teens finished the LEO off by a headshot. Not even thirty seconds later, another police officer pulls up and heads into the complex, the same thing happens to the police officer as both members are also hit with bullets. After committing 2 Capitol Murders, they quickly both split paths. One of the members takes the getaway vehicle to Del Perro, hiding it and torching the vehicle on fire. The Benefactor was burnt to the ground and no evidence was left from the scene. 187 Gang Two Boulevard Boyz members were shot at by a individual earlier in the day, the members ran into the same individual later in the morning on Brogue Avenue. Both of the members drive up and quickly jump out, firing shots at the individual. He drops in the middle of the road and one of the members sprint back to the getaway vehicle. As person #1 gets into the car, person #2 starts to get shots fired at him. Person #1 quickly turns on the car and speeds up the road towards person #2. A LEO continues to shoot at person #2 and person #1 makes their way back down the road. As person #1 comes down the road, the LEO starts to spark shots at the vehicle, person #2 fires at the LEO as person #1 takes the vehicle and rams the LEO. Person #1 quickly hops out of the vehicle with a Glock 19 and fires shots at the injured Law Enforcement while attempting to recover. After the performance, both members both flee the scene, running over the deceased body of the LEO.
  8. This thread will show the character development of Marshal Victoriano.
  9. FOUNDER, JAYMES HOPKINS Community Housing is a Los Santos based real estate company founded by Asian American immigrant, Jaymes Hopkins. Community Housing aims to provide a high standard of living for residents, while maintaining a standard of cheap and affordable rent. Founded by the help of four local investors in the property scene, Jaymes Hopkins has spent seven tireless months renovating old, rundown apartments, transforming his properties into clean, tidy housing spaces for residents. The company, as of now, has been handed over to a shareholder of the company who at this moment will remain anonymous! We thank Jaymes for his contributions to the founding of Community Housing. Jaymes Hopkins, a 21 year old Asian American Immigrant, swiftly flew to Los Santos over a year ago in an effort to escape family conflict. After his arrival, Jaymes observed many of the local companies in Los Santos, noting various flaws in their systems and their structures. Jaymes, with ambitions to create a better, more affordable housing standard for locals, founded Community Housing and whatever little money he earnt from his side job. After leaving his first apartment, and with the help of four other investors agreed to transform his previous quarters into a brand new living space, thus 'Community Housing' was founded. Jaymes has since retired from the business, stepping down and allowing for an anonymous shareholder to takeover the company. Currently Jaymes is working his previous job, living a happy and quiet life.
  10. The Bamboo Union, Homeland Origins, 1950's-1960's. The Bamboo Union was formed in the 1950s by (mainland Chinese) children who wanted to protect themselves from threats by Hoklo children. The first members lived in the Bamboo Forest Road in Jung Ho City, Taipei County, of New Taipei City. Its first members were made up of mainland Chinese teens who joined together to secure a place in Taiwan after 1949. The mainland Chinese were regarded as an unwelcome minority that was rejected by Hoklo citizens following the end of the Chinese Civil War when the Nationalist Kuomintang (KMT) government led by Chiang Kai-shek fled to Taiwan. Although the NRC (National Republic of China) continued to hold claims on mainland China after 1949, the mainland was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and Taiwan was controlled by the KMT. The Bamboo Union criminal gang started with street-fighting to gain recognition in society. By the late 1960s, the aspirations of the Bamboo Union membership shifted from street-fighting to profiteering. The gang began making a name for itself through the extortion business taking from places such as shops, factories, and even certain government facilities, but the gang's treasury overflowed when thousands of well-paid American global leaders flocked to Taipei while on R&R from the Vietnam War. Chinese nightclub owners welcomed Bamboo Union members to their premises to banish rival gangs of ethnic Taiwanese trying to carve out a share of the lucrative trade in gambling, prostitution, and drugs. By this stage, the Bamboo Union was fast developing into a triad. Aiding the Kuomintang & Chen Chi-Li's Passing, Taiwan, 1980's-2007. By the time the 1980's struck, political chaos was starting to wreck through the streets of Taiwan, at the time members of the Bamboo Union were carrying out hits on certain political figures throughout the region, the most notable hits were done on Lin Yi-hsiung (a prominent opposition figure), Chen Wen-chen (a statistics professor at Carnegie Mellon University), Henry Liu (an opposition journalist) and Tung Kei-sen (an inmate at a prison), people were intimidated by the actions of the triad, even when their leader Chen Chi-Li ('King Duck') was convicted and tried for the murders of Henry Liu, he was still operating and running the triad from deep within the justice system. Eventually as time went by, things began to settle in Taiwan with the Kuomintang reaching political dominance because of Chen's aide, which had made him somewhat of a loved and hated figure amongst the eyes of the general public, around this time the Chung family had started to make more notoriety internally, even gaining them the respect of the current leader Chen, they were diehard nationalist thugs that pushed the families ideals to the best of their abilities, they were even directly involved in the pact with the "Iron Blood Patriots" which had resulted in the family gaining more overseas trade in things such as narcotics. They had remained loyal for many years to Chen Chi-Li, however by the time 2007 came, he had passed away of terminal cancer, amongst 10,000 attendee's (many being general members of the public, certain political figures, other shady crooks), which had left the Chung family somewhat disheartened, however not totally defeated, because for their loyalty to the triad, they were plenty of newly found opportunities as a reward for their hard work and skills. Expanding into the States, Taiwan & America, 2007-2021. The Chung's had further pushed the ideals of a functioning Triad, making sure that the trade from Taiwan functioned properly, Kai Chung (the head of the family) had at this stage proposed the idea of setting up their family in the United States with ambitions of staking out more power for their triad, wherein the family were given a reasonable amount of NTD (New Taiwan Dollar) to immigrate into the United States. Around this time, everything was prepared, but Kai had unfortunately passed away a week before actually gaining a valid visa to enter America, driven and determined, both of his sons have taken on his little legacy, preparing for what America has to offer. OOC Clause
  11. Aiden "Devil" Milagros, 27 Years Old | Cambodian & Honduran Origin (TIMELINE: PREVIOUSLY BEFORE LOS SANTOS) Aiden Milagros was raised between Los Santos & Sacramento, due to Aiden's mother moving around constantly in his youth, Aiden didn't have a stable upbringing, Aiden's father was a known drug dealer in Sacramento until he was imprisoned, he's currently serving life. Aiden eventually ended up joining a street gang "Tiny Raskal Gang" one of the sets in Sacramento, which he viewed as role models since childhood. Aiden spent many of his teenage years in the county jail or on the streets acting a complete fool. (TIMELINE: LOS SANTOS-PRESENT) Aiden Milagros affiliated themselves with the "TINY RASKAL GANG", "PLVYBOYS" Clique, which was located in Vespucci. The clique died out due to many internal issues, and members dropping the affiliation all together. Aiden was sentenced to life in prison with the option to conditional release, later on he affiliated himself with the API in twin towers, before once more being released on parole. ((OOC))
  12. This thread will showcase the life and development of Miu Hisakawa, sworn Police Officer with the Los Santos Police Department.
  13. The Big Circle Gang trace their roots to the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, when the mass student-led paramilitary Red Guards were purged by the People’s Liberation Army. Many of them were subsequently sent to the provincial capital Guangzhou for ‘re-education’ or imprisonment in Southern China. Those who managed to escape, however, “turned their military prowess to crime,” according to Canadian court records; many initially fleeing to Hong Kong, and later to Canada and the United States in the eighties - Vancouver and Los Santos being two very popular destinations for members of the fledging criminal organisation. Differing from more traditional Chinese criminal units in its structure, being composed of loosely organised cells spread across the overseas diaspora, some began to adopt their own names and identity. The Los Santos cell, overseen by boss Chau Siu-ho, came to be christened as the Triple Eight Group. He would oversee its gradual yet clandestine growth, primarily dealing in the counterfeit and drug trafficking industry - especially the importation of fentanyl produced in Mainland China. It would later flow into neighbouring Vespucci and beyond during the initial wave of what was to become a statewide opioid epidemic. Business continued under the nose of local law enforcement well into the early-to-mid 2000s, however, the rapid rise to power of Tse Chi Lop in Vancouver was to prove pivotal. Establishing an alliance crossing traditional triad lines - including members of the Sun Yee On, 14K, Bamboo Union and his own Canadian faction - while also maintaining anonymity and living comfortably between Hong Kong and Macau. The Triple Eight Group were elevated into the newly formed Sam Gor syndicate although remained in quasi-independence through the remainder of the decade. The fruit of this new partnership was the migration of several Hong Kong and Taiwan based criminals to the United States, two of whom being 14K members Wu Yau and David Wu Tse - both born in New York for citizenship reasons, but raised in Kowloon. Their work with the local Sam Gor, and later a Fujianese human trafficking ring, would see them relocated again to Los Santos to assist with the snakehead’s San Andreas branch during a conflict with Korean organised crime. While there, they would meet Kevin Heoi, a mainlander who left Fuzhou at sixteen and worked abroad in Hong Kong and later the United States. The three spent several years serving underneath Meng Wuying - who they would later attempt to murder during a conflict between Eurasian, Serbian and Italian-American criminal organisations, which Meng had brought the human trafficking ring into. The botched hit left Wuying in a coma with life-threatening injuries, and the plotters swiftly relocated out of Los Santos to plan their next moves in the ensuing civil war. Beforehand, the arrest of Tse Chi Lop was to send shockwaves throughout the Sam Gor Syndicate. Despite the organisation’s loose structure, they weren’t completely unscathed from eye of the law - A month after Chi Lop’s arrest in Amsterdam, Los Santos boss Siu-ho was detained in Brisbane. The resulting power struggle resulted in the flight or death of most of the group’s members, and the drying up of its fentanyl and wider smuggling operations. It would not be until the organisation was consolidated that the powers that be, further up the food chain, were to take an interest in Los Santos again. Following the conclusion of the Los Santos Mob War, the would-be plotters were approached with an offer to re-establish presence on the West Coast, where they were to be also accompanied by a Korean associate from Seoul, Ronald Ho. The organisation's plans to elevate themselves into the Sam Gor syndicate were cut short by the arrest of Heoi and Ho following law enforcement probes into drug trafficking; subsequently, in order to salvage what remained of its structure, Tse oversaw its reorganisation into Westside Asian Mafia. The new identity reflects the cell's shift towards more street-level and violent crime, while still maintaining elements of organised crime in its upper echelons and ties to drug trafficking organisations across the Golden Triangle. Members of the group are predominately male, of Southeast and East Asian descent, low-economic status and/or have prior affiliations with Asian street gangs. Insiders engage in a variety of criminal activities including murder, kidnapping, assault, theft and racketeering although the organisation's main source of money making is and remains the eight billion dollar drug trafficking network that pumps fentanyl, methaphetamine and oxycodone into Little Seoul and beyond. Limited affiliation with the Sam Gor syndicate is maintained through Westside Asian Mafia's leadership, and its associates who focus in more organised criminal activity. OOC INFORMATION This group aims to portray a realistic Asian drug trafficking organisation with a predominant focus on street presence. Recruitment is primarily aimed at poor and working class East and Southeast Asian characters who reside in the Little Seoul area; irrespective of generational status, nationality or citizenship. We prioritise character and group development and will be working our way up from the bottom; if you expect generic organised crime or gang roleplay, this isn’t the place for you. We reserve the right to character kill anyone who involves themselves with the organisation. Any queries can be directed to @beggar and @ziggy, who are popol vuh#9199 and ziggy#6335 respectively on Discord. You can also join our server: https://discord.gg/YkS4f3Hy5F
  14. The following thread documents the life of Eric Chang, an ordinary officer that grew up in Little Seoul among the Asian community, and slowly made his way to his current job.
  15. Hello, Derrick Bo here, me and a couple colleagues are opening this charity for the Asian people of Los Santos We plan to remove the suffering of our people. We hope to do this by your financial support, 100% of the donations will go directly to the people. 20% of the donations will go to the savings of my Cantonese language classes, I'll be teaching this to the children of our community, so they cannot forget their home traditional language. If you donate you will be helping the the Asian community with your generosity. To donate, click on any of the payment options. If you cannot donate, please share this post around and get others to be aware. If you are in need of the charities services, please comment below with the form given. You can also comment if you have donated and want to be known. Name: Number: Amount Donated: (If you need help) Current Needs: If you have put your information down and your current needs, I'll be sure to call you and we can discuss anything if needed. (( /banktransfer Derrick Bo -Amount- ))
  16. “Life is so fragile and unpredictable, especially when you are in a gang or in a life of crime. It’s like playing poker; you think to yourself that you have a good hand. However, it is only when you reveal your hand do you sometimes discover to your horror that someone else’s hand is better.” -Risa, 16 years old, Davis- https://face.gta.world/Risa
  17. 소심 해치 Vincent Han (Han Young-Jae) was born and spent a better part of his life in Liberty City to a Conservative Korean family. He was influenced to Western culture while retaining traditional values, most likely a factor of his upbringing in Koreatown. Vincent's family was a large one, brothers and sisters plentiful to their parents. The Korean boy spent a majority of his early childhood with his family, sweeping the floors of his fathers "dojo" or advertising it around the neighborhood with flyers and word of mouth. When he wasn't working, he was studying and focusing on schoolwork, becoming a highly successful academic. His youth was far from bad, but it wasn't ideal. He wasn't given the freedoms his older siblings got, which is to be expected. Despite the large family, they lived a stable life in the lower-middle class bracket, never having enough money for anything that wasn't considered essential. His parents, Han Myung-Dae and Chung-Ae, met in Koreatown when Chung-Ae was attending her futures husbands martial art class, fascinated with his enlightened aura and knowledge of chakra. She was a stalwart practitioner of Myung-Dae's teachings, and grew very close to him, eventually marrying him and running the dojo alongside him. Myung-Dae was a charismatic man with attractive features, his silver tongue helping him in his teachings of chakra. It was a sham, but those who attended his classes believed every bit of it, his reputation a mixed bag of skilled martial artist to talent-less hack. The pair had ten children, seven boys and three girls. Vincent was the fifth male brought into the world, born during the middle of April in the year 2001. Growing up, Vincent was a bright and shy child, his personality one of kindness and sincerity. He wasn't particularly interesting, never doing anything notable in his childhood to garner a positive or negative standing with the community. He was a middle-child, along with his closest sibling, Han Dae-Jung, or the Americanized version, Kevin. As the middle siblings, they always had a natural connection, which blossomed as they aged. When adolescence struck the naturally shy Vincent, his demeanor and personality shifted with it. He developed severe social anxiety which is a major factor in his plight of being unable to talk with women. He's unrealistically obsessed with the thoughts of others, and he fears his outcast nature is a product of him being a Lesser-Han, to say the least. He had friends, plenty of ruffians and street types from Koreatown, but girls never gave him a chance, and it plunged Vincent into a hole of doubt and awkwardness. The once bright and inventive Vincent was given the undoing of his lifetime by a close friend from the neighborhood, Dong-Sun, the item in question regarded as the gateway of evil... Marijuana. Vincent indulged in the plant, spending less and less time in the studying halls and more time on the corners of Koreatown with his clique, enjoying his time with his friends getting high without a care in the world. He was tired of being in the lower-class, striving for something greater, something higher in the social and economic ladder. He never had many friends, but those he did have influenced him greatly, their likes becoming his likes. He had a infatuation with street-wear and music, especially unorthodox hip-hop and Korean rap. He listened to everything from the classics like Wu-Tang Clan and Tupac, but thoroughly enjoyed the new-age rap music from groups like MF DOOM, Shakewell, and artists similar to $uicideBoy$. He never dared to step foot into any criminal activity, despite many chances given to him by his friends in dealing drugs on the street corners. His lack of sheep mentality earned him the title of "timid" or scared, cowardice being used as a put-down for his honest heart and mind. Like all good things, this eventually came to the end, the consequence being his fathers stern decision in grounding him until he finished his senior year, which he did with a high GPA, despite his lack of drive to attend school. Vincent resented his father for his decision, and became vocal about it in one argument, the end result Vincent's current situation, homelessness. He was booted to the same streets that gave him joy, and with the little money he had, he made a phone-call to his brother who spent his days on the sunny beaches of Los Santos. After a bit of pleading and promising, he was given the chance for a fresh life, a new start. His brother, Kevin Han, paid for the ticket in advance and within two weeks Vincent stepped off the economy-class plane, eyes squinted at the bright sun, the weather almost foreign. It seemed like a fever dream, the scenery and people giving Vincent a different outlook on life. He took a deep breath and prepared to start his new life in the city of dreams, Los Santos. Unfortunately for Vincent, he didn't realize that the city was far from a dream, the inner workings and streets a desolate, dark place littered with the broken dreams of countless people, alongside those dreams the decaying corpses of those with pride.
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