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Found 9 results

  1. FOUNDER, JAYMES HOPKINS Community Housing is a Los Santos based real estate company founded by Asian American immigrant, Jaymes Hopkins. Community Housing aims to provide a high standard of living for residents, while maintaining a standard of cheap and affordable rent. Founded by the help of four local investors in the property scene, Jaymes Hopkins has spent seven tireless months renovating old, rundown apartments, transforming his properties into clean, tidy housing spaces for residents. The company, as of now, has been handed over to a shareholder of the company who at this moment will remain anonymous! We thank Jaymes for his contributions to the founding of Community Housing. Jaymes Hopkins, a 21 year old Asian American Immigrant, swiftly flew to Los Santos over a year ago in an effort to escape family conflict. After his arrival, Jaymes observed many of the local companies in Los Santos, noting various flaws in their systems and their structures. Jaymes, with ambitions to create a better, more affordable housing standard for locals, founded Community Housing and whatever little money he earnt from his side job. After leaving his first apartment, and with the help of four other investors agreed to transform his previous quarters into a brand new living space, thus 'Community Housing' was founded. Jaymes has since retired from the business, stepping down and allowing for an anonymous shareholder to takeover the company. Currently Jaymes is working his previous job, living a happy and quiet life.
  2. Aiden "Devil" Milagros, 27 Years Old | Cambodian & Honduran Origin (TIMELINE: PREVIOUSLY BEFORE LOS SANTOS) Aiden Milagros was raised between Los Santos & Sacramento, due to Aiden's mother moving around constantly in his youth, Aiden didn't have a stable upbringing, Aiden's father was a known drug dealer in Sacramento until he was imprisoned, he's currently serving life. Aiden eventually ended up joining a street gang "Tiny Raskal Gang" one of the sets in Sacramento, which he viewed as role models since childhood. Aiden spent many of his teenage years in the county jail or on the streets acting a complete fool. (TIMELINE: LOS SANTOS-PRESENT) Aiden Milagros affiliated themselves with the "TINY RASKAL GANG", "PLVYBOYS" Clique, which was located in Vespucci. The clique died out due to many internal issues, and members dropping the affiliation all together. Aiden was sentenced to life in prison with the option to conditional release, later on he affiliated himself with the API in twin towers, before once more being released on parole. ((OOC))
  3. This thread will showcase the life and development of Miu Hisakawa, sworn Police Officer with the Los Santos Police Department.
  4. The following thread documents the life of Eric Chang, an ordinary officer that grew up in Little Seoul among the Asian community, and slowly made his way to his current job.
  5. Hello, Derrick Bo here, me and a couple colleagues are opening this charity for the Asian people of Los Santos We plan to remove the suffering of our people. We hope to do this by your financial support, 100% of the donations will go directly to the people. 20% of the donations will go to the savings of my Cantonese language classes, I'll be teaching this to the children of our community, so they cannot forget their home traditional language. If you donate you will be helping the the Asian community with your generosity. To donate, click on any of the payment options. If you cannot donate, please share this post around and get others to be aware. If you are in need of the charities services, please comment below with the form given. You can also comment if you have donated and want to be known. Name: Number: Amount Donated: (If you need help) Current Needs: If you have put your information down and your current needs, I'll be sure to call you and we can discuss anything if needed. (( /banktransfer Derrick Bo -Amount- ))
  6. “Life is so fragile and unpredictable, especially when you are in a gang or in a life of crime. It’s like playing poker; you think to yourself that you have a good hand. However, it is only when you reveal your hand do you sometimes discover to your horror that someone else’s hand is better.” -Risa, 16 years old, Davis- https://face.gta.world/Risa
  7. 소심 해치 Vincent Han (Han Young-Jae) was born and spent a better part of his life in Liberty City to a Conservative Korean family. He was influenced to Western culture while retaining traditional values, most likely a factor of his upbringing in Koreatown. Vincent's family was a large one, brothers and sisters plentiful to their parents. The Korean boy spent a majority of his early childhood with his family, sweeping the floors of his fathers "dojo" or advertising it around the neighborhood with flyers and word of mouth. When he wasn't working, he was studying and focusing on schoolwork, becoming a highly successful academic. His youth was far from bad, but it wasn't ideal. He wasn't given the freedoms his older siblings got, which is to be expected. Despite the large family, they lived a stable life in the lower-middle class bracket, never having enough money for anything that wasn't considered essential. His parents, Han Myung-Dae and Chung-Ae, met in Koreatown when Chung-Ae was attending her futures husbands martial art class, fascinated with his enlightened aura and knowledge of chakra. She was a stalwart practitioner of Myung-Dae's teachings, and grew very close to him, eventually marrying him and running the dojo alongside him. Myung-Dae was a charismatic man with attractive features, his silver tongue helping him in his teachings of chakra. It was a sham, but those who attended his classes believed every bit of it, his reputation a mixed bag of skilled martial artist to talent-less hack. The pair had ten children, seven boys and three girls. Vincent was the fifth male brought into the world, born during the middle of April in the year 2001. Growing up, Vincent was a bright and shy child, his personality one of kindness and sincerity. He wasn't particularly interesting, never doing anything notable in his childhood to garner a positive or negative standing with the community. He was a middle-child, along with his closest sibling, Han Dae-Jung, or the Americanized version, Kevin. As the middle siblings, they always had a natural connection, which blossomed as they aged. When adolescence struck the naturally shy Vincent, his demeanor and personality shifted with it. He developed severe social anxiety which is a major factor in his plight of being unable to talk with women. He's unrealistically obsessed with the thoughts of others, and he fears his outcast nature is a product of him being a Lesser-Han, to say the least. He had friends, plenty of ruffians and street types from Koreatown, but girls never gave him a chance, and it plunged Vincent into a hole of doubt and awkwardness. The once bright and inventive Vincent was given the undoing of his lifetime by a close friend from the neighborhood, Dong-Sun, the item in question regarded as the gateway of evil... Marijuana. Vincent indulged in the plant, spending less and less time in the studying halls and more time on the corners of Koreatown with his clique, enjoying his time with his friends getting high without a care in the world. He was tired of being in the lower-class, striving for something greater, something higher in the social and economic ladder. He never had many friends, but those he did have influenced him greatly, their likes becoming his likes. He had a infatuation with street-wear and music, especially unorthodox hip-hop and Korean rap. He listened to everything from the classics like Wu-Tang Clan and Tupac, but thoroughly enjoyed the new-age rap music from groups like MF DOOM, Shakewell, and artists similar to $uicideBoy$. He never dared to step foot into any criminal activity, despite many chances given to him by his friends in dealing drugs on the street corners. His lack of sheep mentality earned him the title of "timid" or scared, cowardice being used as a put-down for his honest heart and mind. Like all good things, this eventually came to the end, the consequence being his fathers stern decision in grounding him until he finished his senior year, which he did with a high GPA, despite his lack of drive to attend school. Vincent resented his father for his decision, and became vocal about it in one argument, the end result Vincent's current situation, homelessness. He was booted to the same streets that gave him joy, and with the little money he had, he made a phone-call to his brother who spent his days on the sunny beaches of Los Santos. After a bit of pleading and promising, he was given the chance for a fresh life, a new start. His brother, Kevin Han, paid for the ticket in advance and within two weeks Vincent stepped off the economy-class plane, eyes squinted at the bright sun, the weather almost foreign. It seemed like a fever dream, the scenery and people giving Vincent a different outlook on life. He took a deep breath and prepared to start his new life in the city of dreams, Los Santos. Unfortunately for Vincent, he didn't realize that the city was far from a dream, the inner workings and streets a desolate, dark place littered with the broken dreams of countless people, alongside those dreams the decaying corpses of those with pride.
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