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  1. These are good references! I would have suggested the same, Soft White Underbelly provides A1 content. Thank you.
  2. Thank you! I do agree that human trafficking is horrific. Some girls do this by choice also, so there's that. Still doesn't make it morally correct but it happens.
  3. Where did I go wrong? Stayin with my grandma in Mission Row, hooping at BJ Smith Recreational Center, sleep overs wit the homies; it was all good. Except when my granny would have me cleaning the house to The Temptations on a early Saturday morning. I'm fifteen years old and I attend Roy Lowenstein Middle School. Next year, I'ma be at Davis High School playing varsity basketball as a freshman. You could say I'm THAT nice, I be crossing fools all the way up on my Allen Iverson - that's my favorite player. The reason he's my favorite player is because he doesn't care what people think, he'll show up to games breaking uniform codes. He stands up for what he believes in, you could say he's black and rebellious. "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once" I got this hustle man, I remember I would walk around South Central Los Santos and sell chocolate bars! When I tell you I made a killing, I made a killing. Was it 100 percent honest? Probably not.. I would go to Xero 24 or the Strawberry 24/7 and buy my candy bars for 60 dollars a bar. After I got my bars I would sell them for 80 dollars to the people that came up to the gas station in my hood saying it was "for a fundraiser for my school's basketball team"... Some people fucked wit it, some didn't but how else was I gonna get my BMX bike? My grandma didn't have it, she only got paid on the first of the month and most of that went to bills. My mama? She was somewhere smoking crack. When did shit start to go south? I started kicking it wit people from my section when I got suspended from school. I knew you was gonna ask why I got suspended... So I was in first period, and mind you, I never go to first period. But this girl was yappin about how my mamas a crack smoker and my dad wasn't in the picture. I grabbed some scissors and cut that girls pony tail off - they suspended me for two weeks and my grandma said, "Since you wanna be suspended, you ain't gonna be sittin around the house being lazy, eatin up all da food." For two weeks I had to leave the house in the morning and come home when the street lights hit. That was a mistake.... Man I was outside for real! I'm not making enough from that candy shit no more. I got my lil BMX bike and the niggas from my section still had whips, girls and money. I wanna get like them, so I started taking even more risks.. I got my ass beat by my granny and my mom for stealing that weed.. But it was worth it because I got me started in the game, I love the rush I get from selling weed and coke. I'm good at it too, maybe it was from watching my mom sell coke when I was younger, but it's like I had a knack for it. You know them white boys that watch they daddies be engineers, doctors and lawyers then one day they're put in position to do something similar? Shit maybe I was meant to sell coke until I make it to the NBA.. Till then I'mma play ball wit the 86 Davis Family Gangsta Bloods, red homies. To be continued...
  4. Pimpin & Prostitution I'm writing this guide because I've rarely seen this type of role play portrayed correctly. I just wanted to give my knowledge and "game" on the pimpin and hoein hustle. There are many different types of prostitution, so in turn, there's multiple styles to pimpin. In this guide, I'll define the terms and concepts and the mindsets of sex workers and pimps. After this guide you'll have a better understanding of the illegal American sex trade, lets get into it. Terms and Concepts Pimp - A man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return. A pimp could also be the protector of said hoe, they're who the hoe looks up to like a father figure and most hoes will do anything for their pimp. The pimp stimulates a hoes mind in order to manipulate them into walking the track or posting their self on the internet. Some pimps create an aura of a relationship in attempts to find new prospects for their stable, this is not to be confused with Boyfriend Pimpin as the pimp uses the "relationship" solely to add bitches to his pimpin. Boyfriend Pimp - Now these types of pimps are probably the most frowned upon in the illegal sex trade because some pimps have their hoes on a tight leash and they run their bitches like business with limited emotion involved. The boyfriend pimp fucks/loves on the hoe(s) while breaking them for their proceeds/earnings. Gorilla Pimp - This is the pimp that beats on their bitches in order to either get them to choose up, make them do what they want, and/or they get off on showing their dominance by inflicting pain on the insubordinate. This is not to be confused with the discipline of a hoe, because even the pimp with the most game sometimes will lay hands on a hoe that is acting out of line. The gorilla pimp uses this method throughout his pimpin', whether he's trying to get hoe to choose up and join his stable or if he's trying to turn a bitch out and introduce her to the sex trade. Violence is always the answer for the gorilla pimp. Break/Broke a bitch - This is the action of a pimp collecting money from one of their prostitutes. The term stems from making a bitch broke. Example, * Pimp pulls up on his group of prostitutes on the corner and starts to break each and every one of them. Serve The News - When a pimp takes another pimps prostitute, but still has enough respect to let the losing pimp know. This is common and some pimps chalk it up to the game, some don't. Hoe/Prostitute/Bitch - If you're reading this guide you probably got an idea on what this is but I'll give an even deeper explanation. In the sex trade, these are the individuals that work for a pimp. These are the individuals that either walk the track/blade, solicit on Facebrowser, or get posted in a motel room. The hoes main concern is to stay in compliance to a pimp out of fear and co-dependency. Bottom Bitch - This is the pimps best bitch, they are the ones that stay in compliance and always hit their quota. They'll walk the track rain, hail, sleet or snow to get their pimps dough. Hell, they'll walk the blade in a hand stand if their pimp told them to. These are the hoes that recruit renegade hoes, squares, and even try to get bitches from under other pimps to choose up on their pimp. In the hoe stable, this is like getting promoted to the manager position after being on fries at McDonald's for 5 years, it's a big deal. Renegade Hoe - The hoe that's soliciting on internet or walking the track without a pimps guidance. To a pimp, this is the lowest form a prostitution because a pimps mindset is that no one could protect a hoe better than a pimp and all hoes need to pay a pimp.. When a hoe walks around without a pimp, they're more susceptible to be robbed, harassed, raped, or killed. Pimps in the west coast usually call these types of hoes, "fags", "fag bitches", or "renegades". Square - A square is a bitch that hasn't been turned out to prostitution yet, usually a innocent individual with no game or guidance due to their ignorance to the illegal sex industry. Trick/John - This is primary consumer of the services a prostitute offers. Even he's not paying for sex but he's paying for the company of a prostitute of some sort the label still applies. A trick/john is usually a married individual, a person with low-self esteem, and/or a person that doesn't want to put in the effort of courting an individual for their sexual needs. Choosing Fee - When a pimp has so much ism, an abundance of knowledge and game, they may charge hoes to join their stable. The saying, game is to be sold not told is said in the pimp community and it ties in to the concept of the choosing fee. For example, Sally wants to join Jared's stable. Jared is a well renowned pimp out of Sandy Shores with four hoes in his stable. Sally begs Jared to let her join his fleet of bitches because she is tired of fucking with her current pimp who is a gorilla pimp. Jared charges Sally $25,000 to join his stable. Track/Blade - A street or block radius where prostitution happens, some pimps swear by the track and some pimps prefer to post their girls online. The track can be a straight line, a long busy streets with an abundance of turn-offs and parking lots for pick ups. This where it can get dangerous for hoes because they don't normally have there pimps walking with them for obvious reasons. A lot can happen on the track such as, robberies, kidnappings, rape, or harassment by other pimps or tricks. The track can be used as discipline too, when an online hoe acts outta pocket and needs to be taught a lesson, pimps will sometimes make the hoe walk the track as a form of punishment. It's only punishment to higher class hoes because of the lower quality clients that are found on the track. In-Calls and Out-Calls - These are terms are popular in the online prostitution world. An In-Call means the hoe has a hotel/motel room and they're accepting tricks/johns to come over and pay for sex. An Out-Call means the hoe is willing to travel to a tricks place of residence or motel room to sell their body. Pimpin The definition of a pimp is subjective and can be properly portrayed in many different ways. A pimp character should have dedication to his hustle as a human trafficker and his main goal is to get a bitch to pay him his money on time essentially. Is your character a gorilla pimp that relies on domestic violence to assert dominance? If so, you should get Out of Character (OOC) consent before trying to force anybody to role play as your character's hoe because it could save you from getting banned. The forceful RP could be very immersive and traumatizing for certain individuals and it would be courteous to let the other party know if this is how you're trying RP with them. Moving on, most people think this is how pimps look in 2021, that is not the case. A pimp can look like anybody, he can look like the biggest square from Delaware but have five bitches in his stable. More common than not, pimps in the black community are flashy and wear a lot of designer and other cool stuff like that after they come up. It's up to the role player to come up with an image and run with it. Not everyone has to be a seasoned pimp from the 70s. Another thing, pimps hit the track all the time to look for renegades working without a pimp in hopes to turn them out or tax them. Rarely do pimps kill prostitutes for not choosing them unless they are gorilla pimps or boyfriend pimps with some crazy emotional attachment. I encourage anyone wanting to RP this to do some outside research and watch recent interviews on pimping to get a better understanding on the mindset of a pimp. Prostitution As the definition of a pimp is subjective, the prostitutes definition is subjective also and has a lot of wiggle room. A hoe can either walk the track for her pimp or be posted online, or a mixture of the two. The mindset of the prostitute can either be searching for a male role model for validation in herself due to them not having a father figure in her life. Maybe she watched her mom do it and she is just mirroring her mothers image. Another side would be the drug culture of the streets. A lot of hoes get started prostituting in order to feed there hard drug addiction. There's many routes you can take with a prostitute character that promotes character development. When a prostitute is in a stable with other hoes, they all compete for validation from a pimp. Some prostitutes don't have pimps and are walking the track or posting online without guidance or protection, these are renegades and they are believed to not last as long as the hoes who have pimps. The hoes can be seen on the track in outfits like this in order to catch potential dates. When they're working online, prostitutes post ads similar to this. After clicking her link, you would be able to gather that she is a renegade hoe from how she wrote, "100% Independent" and this could be a hot spot for pimps to try and recruit. With all the monetary gain that comes from sex work, it is illegal in Los Santos and should be treated as such. There is the risk of prostitutes going to jail if they accidentally turn a trick that happens to be law enforcement, then that falls on the pimp if the prostitute flips. There are a lot videos on You Tube about the perspective of a hoe and the trials and tribulations that come with the lifestyle. Thanks for reading and I hope y'all got something out of it. If you have any questions or need some resources send me a forum PM and ill send some materials.
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