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Found 14 results

  1. This thread will follow the character development of the character.
  2. this thread's gonna showcase anthony olivares' development anthony and his little sister jess
  3. * Anthony Narvaez was born in Los Santos, he was born in 2006, aging him fifteen years old now, Anthony was raised by mainly his father only, his mother was out of the picture as she was busy getting high and making money, not caring much about Anthony in general, she thought Anthony was a curse laid upon her by god as punishment for her habits. Anthony was raised around the Vespucci area, growing up in a neighborhood with much gang activity and violence he was taught early on by his father to stay away from it all, his father wanted was for him to go to school and study for a good and stable future so he wouldn't have to live down in areas like this and have a good and happy life in general. Anthony's father was employed at a shitty job at the docks, working hard for the most minimal pay, just enough to afford rent and buy food. As Anthony grew up, he was quick to realize that his father's plans weren't going to work as he wasn't the most smartest or brightest, he was doing bad at school, not paying attention much to the teachers and mostly clowning around, not getting the grades his father wanted him to get, it didn't take long for Anthony to be suspended from school, whilst being suspended Anthony was out on the street, chilling it up with the kids and people his father taught him to stay away from but he couldn't any longer, he began becoming involved with the people from the area and started doing other things to make money so he wouldn't feel like a total bum.
  4. This thread will follow the development of two cousins, Hugo Garza and John Romero.
  5. This thread will follow the lives of Alexandria Diaz-Tamarillo & Dominik Tamarillo
  6. * Born in the streets of Davis, Mateo Lozano was raised in Strawberry Avenue, Born into poverty, abuse, and instability. Mateo was mostly raised by his Mexican mother, his father having a big absence in his life. Being raised by a single parent whose primary focus was working in order to get some financial stability always gave Mateo the urge to find attention and approval elsewhere, always finding himself in trouble and absurd situations in order to get some sort of attention. Mateo Lozano attends Davis High, going to school daily, being asked to do so by his mother. He plays the ''clown'' role at school, acting up to teachers and pulling pranks, entertaining the other students with his own foolishness in a way to feel validated with the rest. After school times Mateo can be found hanging out with his friends or by himself on Strawberry Avenue, always finding new ways to make money. Due to Mateo's performance, he earned a nickname among his friends being called ''Joker'' because of his act and way of doing.
  7. Adriana Narvaez is a 15 year old girl born and raised within the Chamberlain area, born into poverty like most of the area, she's learnt to survive, attending Davis High, she knows some of the local youth from there, this will be her story and how she traverses the life in south los. Follow along to see her up bringing and eventual downfall.
  8. This thread will show the further development of Tomas Rivera.
  9. This thread will show the development of Jorge Jiménez
  10. DIEGO REYES circa 2021. Born into the back street projects of Magellan Avenue to Mexican American parents, Diego Reyes has always called Vespucci home. As a child Diego was quite bright and attentive, however this changed when his father left after an affair with a co-worker. His focus and general demeaner shifted after this traumatic event which left him without a male role model in his life. He was raised by single mother Maria, who in time, he would become very protective of. Maria, a nurse at Hope Health Medical Centre, always encouraged him to do well in school. However, from a young age, Diego showed signs of learning difficulties and issues with attention. This caused him to disconnect from his learning and subsequently perform poorly in his schooling. In 2017, mother Maria was involved in a violent car accident after working back-to-back overtime night shifts without proper rest. She fell asleep at the wheel and swerved into oncoming traffic where she was struck by another vehicle. Fortunately, the other party didn’t sustain major injuries, however Maria was left critically injured, and with long-lasting spinal nerve damage to her back, which to date causes her chronic pain. She also received a suspended sentence for dangerous driving and was put on a child services watch list for the wellbeing of Diego. Maria was prescribed Oxycodone medication to deal with her chronic pain. Fast forward 12 months and Maria had become addicted to the medication, abusing it on a daily basis. She was fired from Hope Health after being found stealing inventory to support her drug habit. She was later forced to take up welfare, and move out of her Magellan home with Diego as she was unable to make rent. The family of 2 then moved into the Vespucci Ghettotel, securing an ongoing room for cheap thanks to a personal friend in the complex’s management. Diego was forced to step up and provide for him and his mother. Maria received basic welfare cover for her and Diego each week, but much of this was used to support her Oxy addiction. Diego attempted to find after school work, however when that failed, began stealing from nearby convenience stores and scamming people on Vespucci beach with a friend from the neighbourhood. He then graduated to selling small amounts of marijuana and breaking into cars and personal property to scrape by. Today, Diego is a 16 year old hustler and aspiring street artist. He is enrolled in Vespucci High School, but has a poor attendance record – mostly only showing up for art classes and P.E. Diego spends the rest of his time running low level scams around the bayside area, and hustling for what little money he can to survive. Operating under the moniker DCYHPR, Diego also spends a large amount of time vandalizing local property with graffiti art. He uses the painting as a form of expression, and a creative outlet. It is his one true passion in life, and the only thing he has which brings him joy. Diego is ultra-protective of his mother, despite her now crippling addiction and general neglect for her child. He is determined to continue providing for them, irrespective of the means as she is all he has. He has a survivalist attitude, low attention span and can become aggressive if cornered, or made to feel insecure. He also has problems with authority, stemming from numerous police and child services encounters. Locals describe him as a delinquent with a silver tongue, a reference to his charisma and ability to smooth talk. He is also easily persuaded and often succumbs to peer pressure. This thread will follow the story of Diego Reyes.
  11. • Adriana Delgado was born in Davis, she was raised mostly around Strawberry till the age of twelve, from that point on, she and her family moved to El Burro Heights as that would be the cheaper and more effecient option for her family. Adriana grew up in a very toxic and abusive household, her mom, Luciana was always getting high off Heroin in order to sustain herself, being the addict that she is. Her father was only around in the weekends to oversee and take care of Adriana in a way, this being because her father had to work the entire week, doing hard labor. Once Adriana moved to El Burro Heights with her family, things began going the wrong way for Adriana as she came in contact with the locals of Hillside, getting more in contact with the ''bad influences'' that scatter over the area there, her grades dropped down heavily as she became rebellious, getting beaten up more at home by every phone call the school gave to Adriana's parents. She began going outside as she wasn't able to control her anger and emotions whilst being inside the house with her mom, having thoughts of killing her mom daily, she'd go out and hang around other people, chilling about in El Burro Heights, trying to distract herself.
  12. ROSA TABARES Background Story Rosa Tabares is a 16 years old Hispanic who was born in pillbox medical center on the 14th of August, 2004. Rosa used to live with her parents in a small apartment at Vespucci, Los Santos where was near her Aunt's apartment. She used to face some issues in her life because of her parents, her mother was addicted to drugs and her father was always drunk. but that didn't affect her greatly, she decided to focus on her life instead as she always loved to study and make her way and dream in the future as she always dreamed of becoming in a big position in Los Santos Rosa's Dream began to deteriorate slowly because her parents had no enough money to keep her in school but they used to buy alcoholic drinks and drugs to satisfy their desires only And this made the girl hate them and go into depression. She decided to not go to school anymore and to not even hang out with her friends but staying in her room and cry. Rosa's Parents Death Scene At the age of 10 Rosa's parents tried to change Rosa's mood and take her out for a trip around the city she was vehemently refusing that but she accepted in the end and decided to go for a trip around Los Santos. They started the journey in the morning and went to more than one place just to make her happy and they finally succeed to make her happy but this was not the cause of a change of destiny as Rosa's father was driving while he's drunk and that caused a terrible accident, none of them survived except Rosa with some bruises and scratches over her body Rosa went to the hospital for around 6 months to get treated, after that she didn't leave any choice to the police but to go to her aunt and live with her.
  13. twenty fuckin' eight years.... Dad was a tough guy, real cowboy shit... Mom is mexican, mano; can you fuckin' fuckin' believe.. Put yourself in my shoes for a second. San Antonio/Texas, alright? Family life, life on the street. Hispanic gangs and san antonio biker gang have no peace, nor they will... What do you lool like to them? You know? Well, I know. You look like a goddamn snitch, a double sided, who knows, right. So, you end up hustling solo. Life is tough, for some people at least. Anyways I did alright for the few months, then ya'know... I made a lil name on the street which gotten me through troublling with the local gangs. Got into some fight, did some time, I got hurt, ya'know how it goes.I bought myself a ticket to los santos airport the day I'm released. Am I gonna end up in even more trouble? Who knows..
  14. Bartolome 'Chato' Garcia Origins Bartolome is a middle-aged man living in Chamberlain Hills. He is a Mexican American born in Los Santos, his great grandfather immigrated into Los Santos during the Mexican Revolution that forced Mexicans to immigrate between 1910 and 1919. Family He has no family currently alive and is a widower, he has no interests of re-marrying or having children. He tries to treat the community around him as family and is always caring. Affiliation Bartolome is affiliated with Tortilla Flats 13, he works under the Gunners clique and does mediocre business. He isn't into petty crime but instead orders his little homies to do things for him.
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