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Found 9 results

  1. * Born in the streets of Davis, Mateo Lozano was raised in Strawberry Avenue, Born into poverty, abuse, and instability. Mateo was mostly raised by his Mexican mother, his father having a big absence in his life. Being raised by a single parent whose primary focus was working in order to get some financial stability always gave Mateo the urge to find attention and approval elsewhere, always finding himself in trouble and absurd situations in order to get some sort of attention. Mateo Lozano attends Davis High, going to school daily, being asked to do so by his mother. He plays the
  2. Adriana Narvaez is a 15 year old girl born and raised within the Chamberlain area, born into poverty like most of the area, she's learnt to survive, attending Davis High, she knows some of the local youth from there, this will be her story and how she traverses the life in south los. Follow along to see her up bringing and eventual downfall.
  3. DIEGO REYES circa 2021. Born into the back street projects of Magellan Avenue to Mexican American parents, Diego Reyes has always called Vespucci home. As a child Diego was quite bright and attentive, however this changed when his father left after an affair with a co-worker. His focus and general demeaner shifted after this traumatic event which left him without a male role model in his life. He was raised by single mother Maria, who in time, he would become very protective of. Maria, a nurse at Hope Health Medical Centre, always encouraged him to do well in
  4. • Adriana Delgado was born in Davis, she was raised mostly around Strawberry till the age of twelve, from that point on, she and her family moved to El Burro Heights as that would be the cheaper and more effecient option for her family. Adriana grew up in a very toxic and abusive household, her mom, Luciana was always getting high off Heroin in order to sustain herself, being the addict that she is. Her father was only around in the weekends to oversee and take care of Adriana in a way, this being because her father had to work the entire week, doing hard labor. Once Adriana moved
  5. * Anthony Narvaez was born in Los Santos, he was born in 2006, aging him fifteen years old now, Anthony was raised by mainly his father only, his mother was out of the picture as she was busy getting high and making money, not caring much about Anthony in general, she thought Anthony was a curse laid upon her by god as punishment for her habits. Anthony was raised around the Vespucci area, growing up in a neighborhood with much gang activity and violence he was taught early on by his father to stay away from it all, his father wanted was for him to go to school and study for a good and stable
  6. ROSA TABARES Background Story Rosa Tabares is a 16 years old Hispanic who was born in pillbox medical center on the 14th of August, 2004. Rosa used to live with her parents in a small apartment at Vespucci, Los Santos where was near her Aunt's apartment. She used to face some issues in her life because of her parents, her mother was addicted to drugs and her father was always drunk. but that didn't affect her greatly, she decided to focus on her life instead as she always loved to study and make her way and dream in the future as she always dreamed of becoming
  7. Ricky "Badboy" Alvarez --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================== His narration on the diary should not be trusted as 100%. All images of the handwriting above would be Ricky's own [ICly] =========================================================================================================================== This thread will be reserved for Ricky Alvarez modeling portfolio and the development of his life struggles liv
  8. twenty fuckin' eight years.... Dad was a tough guy, real cowboy shit... Mom is mexican, mano; can you fuckin' fuckin' believe.. Put yourself in my shoes for a second. San Antonio/Texas, alright? Family life, life on the street. Hispanic gangs and san antonio biker gang have no peace, nor they will... What do you lool like to them? You know? Well, I know. You look like a goddamn snitch, a double sided, who knows, right. So, you end up hustling solo. Life is tough, for some people at least. Anyways I did alright for the few months, then ya'know... I made a lil name on the street which got
  9. Bartolome 'Chato' Garcia Origins Bartolome is a middle-aged man living in Chamberlain Hills. He is a Mexican American born in Los Santos, his great grandfather immigrated into Los Santos during the Mexican Revolution that forced Mexicans to immigrate between 1910 and 1919. Family He has no family currently alive and is a widower, he has no interests of re-marrying or having children. He tries to treat the community around him as family and is always caring. Affiliation Bartolome is affiliated with Tortilla Flats 13, he works under the Gunners clique and does medioc
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