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Found 7 results

  1. This thread will follow the character development and life of Wallace Hobbs.
  2. (( This is a follow up thread for Paco's development while living in the Charleston Projects. Follow Original Paco story here: ))
  4. THE LIFE OF EZRA HERRERA Ezra Herrera was born into a stable family, with both parents working reasonable jobs and both a brother and sister, two years older and two years younger than Ezra respectively. Ezra always saw the positive side to life, blocking all life’s cons out as a way for him to feel happier. He would always be seen smiling and making jokes inside and outside of school, making him a good person to generally be around. Ezra was always a diligent student, arriving to class on time and always completing assignments. He was heavily involved in sports, playing both basketball and football (soccer), while maintaining straight A’s in most classes. He was on a route to success, which was often reassured by his parents’ constant support of him. On Ezra’s eleventh birthday, his family planned a surprise party for him as a reward for his hard work in school. His father, accompanied by both of Ezra’s siblings drove out to the local bakery to buy a cake for him, however on their way back from the bakery, an 18-wheeler collided with their car, throwing it into a nearby lamp-post. Ezra, who was in school at the time, was picked up by his mother, and was rushed to the ER where the rest of their family was. Ezra and his mother waited at the hospital for hours, only to be told that his siblings passed away during surgery, with his father in a coma. His father, who’s currently in the coma, serves as a constant reminder of Ezra’s vulnerabilities, whilst his siblings remind him of whatever family he had in the past. Ezra slumped into depression over the next year of his life, often flunking school and staying away from home for weeks on end. He dragged himself into a horrible friend group, with most friends affiliated to various varrios around Chamberlain. Ezra currently suffers from depression, however he tries his best to mask it with a positive attitude when in public. He has pursued a career in social media, whilst thinking that the money he could receive from it would benefit his family, with his mother’s addiction to heroin and his father’s current state. The thought of both family and power within the controlling Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang has a very appealing effect on Ezra’s mentality, subsequently Ezra has affiliated himself with the gang, and is often seen with several Tortilla Flats gang members. Ezra (left) standing beside a Tortilla Flats gang member (right).
  5. Emmanuel 'TYG Escalade' Williamson. 17 year old school drop out EMMANUEL WILLIAMSON a/k/a TYG ESCALADE has been a resident of Forum Drive his whole life. He has been seen around and all the residents would know him as ESCALADE. Emmanuel suffers from hypothyroidism which means he has ballooned in size over the years. He comes in at a whooping 260 pounds standing tall at 6'1. ESCALADE considers his affiliates and fellow gang members to be his brothers (something he did not have in his childhood, being the only son of his parents), this was the reason why he was peer pressured into gang violence and illegal acts from a young age. ESCALADE has a very short fuse and is fiercely loyal to his friends when they are disrespected. Getting respect from his peers is his number one priority, whether it be from students in school, their gang-banging family members, or other gang members around the city. As a result, Emmanuel is guilty of pressuring his homies into putting in work for the set. Emmanuel was given the name "TYG Escalade" when he was jumped into the set by OYG "Von-Brazy" and YG "T-Boogie".
  6. This thread is made & will be used to follow the development and story of my character Emilio "Scarface" Nunez. A teen, recently back out of the juvenile detention center, quickly facing severe and dramatic changes in his life, after his mother has finally reached a breaking point in their relationship. He's cast out into the streets, now trying to make ends meet by joining with local gang members in the flats area. Rancho 13
  7. Clique History: According to aforementioned information, the gang's structure was changed along with the cliques of the set. The South Side Carson Crip gang has always had 2 cliques within it known as the 5100 Dirty Davis Crips (1985 - 2003) on Brouge Avenue and the 5500 Tiny Bully Crips (1985 - 2002) on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. 5500 Low Life Mafia / Roy Bullies The 5500 block clique of the gang went defunct up until 2012 when Darnell Brim & Delmar "Ducc Low" Wallace decided to bring it back with a fresh name, the 5500 Low Life Mafia Crips (still under Davis Crip car). The clique 5500 Low Life Mafia was formed by: - Darnell "Big Brim" Brim - Delmar "Ducc Locc" Wallace - Lamarcus "Crazy Lane" Wilkins (SSIP) - Wendell "Baby Xplosive#5" Henley Delmar "Ducc Loc" Wallace - OG 5500 member, was apart of 55 Bully Avenues / 55 Roy Bullies as one of the last members, later formed 55 Low Life Mafia after prison release. Roland “Mafia Frogg” Webb - OG 5500 member, was apart of the 55 Bully Avenues / 55 Roy Bullies as one of the last members, later formed 55 Low Life Mafia with Delmar “Ducc Low” Wallace. Downfall of the 55LLM clique, circa 2020. 1: Javaris “S Face” Stewart, a very influential 55LLM figure, is on the run for the murder of 3 LSPD police officers. Himself, Carson “Five Time” Polk, and Keenon “S Maniac” Love all were involved in the slaying of the law enforcement officers. 2: Zariyah “S Sane” Stewart, another prominent frontline 55LLM member, was caught & killed in a drive-by shooting by members of Kelly Park Crips, she was a key member of the 55 clique, and this sparked multiple shootings over the span of a weekend, resulting in deaths from both sides. 3: Joseph “Bkad Time” Gilbert, another influencer from the 55LLM clique was shot & killed by LSPD in the midst of leaving his house. Joseph was another innocent death cause by the LSPD, and members of SSCC came together/ marched for the unjustified death of Joseph Gilbert. (5500 Slang) Bully Crip / Roy Bully Crip / Roy Bully Mafia / 55 Mafia / 55 Bully Crip / 55 Low Bully Crip / 55 Low Life Bullies / 55 Bully Blocc - alternative names for the 55 Bully Loc clique Bully Locsta / Bully Oso - a member of the 55 Low Life Mafia / 55 Roy Bullies Davis Bully Loc Crip / Carson Bully Loc Crip / Carson Mafia Bullies / Low Life Carson Crip / Davis Bully Crips / Carson Bully Crips - South Side Carson Crip name mixed /w 5500 Bullies in shorter form. On South Bully Loc / On 55 / On Bully Blocc / On Bully Mafia / On double L-M / On Low Life Bullies / Double L-BC Crip / On Bully Gang - swearing on the 55 Mafia clique (This slang is not often used by the younger generations of the gang but the message is still alive when one says so) Young Bull - a young recruit to the clique Carson Bull - a known fighter of the clique Mafioso - any member of the 55LLM Low Life Oso - a known robber in the clique Bully Oso - a known shooter / killer in the clique. Javaris “S Face” Stewart, Zariyah “S Sane” Stewart, H55D Day, circa 2020. Javaris “S Face” Stewart on the left, Roland “Frogg” Webb in the middle, Kaeja “Five Extraz” Crawley on the far right, H55D Day, circa 2020. Clique Information: I’d like to give @Balifornia credits for making all the information above. With that being said, we aren’t aiming to make this a faction. We’d just like to continue our daily RP, and showcase the RP after the gang going defunct. Anybody is allowed to RP with us as long as you are in Carson, that is where we mainly will be at. To all the admins, we are “NOT” a faction. Feel free to PM myself @Trap-Money Scooby @Swaii.Capolat, or @Crooks for a discord invite.
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