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Found 11 results

  1. Carlos "Ocho" Ochoa The youngest of three siblings, Carlos was born on Dec 7 in Rancho Los Santos to Mexican immigrants. Carlos grew up in a primarily Mexican-American neighborhood. In his mid teens, he joined the (E/S) Evil Side Playboys Gang one of the gangs in Rancho, Ocho supported himself mainly by Auto theft, Robbery and Selling Drugs. He was introduced by his cousin to the illicit occupation in his mid teen years. At age 18, Carlos had allegedly earned as much as $45,000 to $50,000 (USD) from the illegal activities.
  2. Under No Debrief Evolution Failed In Navigating Every Destination Anything posted on this thread, should be kept on the thread. Posts may vary from detailed to blank depending on the situation. This is to prevent Metagaming. Any concerns can be directed to my DMs.
  3. THE BACKGROUND The East Side (E/S) 118 East Coast Crips (E/S 118ECC), also known as the "118 East Coast Blocc Crips" or the "118th Street East Coast Crips" are a well-known primarily African American street gang active under the East Coast Crip umbrella. They were founded on the east side of South Los Santos and their neighborhood is concentrated around 118th Street on Jamestown, between both South Los 13 and Traviseo Gangsters, two Sureno gangs. The 118 East Coast Blocc Crips are a subset of the larger East Coast Crips umbrella gang, and are loosely affiliated with the Neighborhood Crips or Deuce(2x) card. The street gang is noted in gang archives to be one of the most violent in East Los Santos and are one of the more feared gangs under the East Coast Crips brand, participating in multiple wars over the 30 years they've been criminally active. In early June of 2005, the 118th Street East Coast Crips had well over 160 members, according to the Los Santos Sheriffs Department and members are known to sport baby or powder blue apparel, in similarity to most Crip gangs in Los Santos right now, the color being traditional for gangs affiliated with East Coast Crips. The 118 East Coast Crips are cliqued up with their closest geographical allies through out the city, having friendly relations with almost all gangs under the Neighbor Hood Crips or Deuce(2x) card such as the R90s, and R60s. THE YOUNG GRIMEY LOCS Due to how notorious & dangerous the set has become in their recent years, with feuds growing more and more violent by the day, the gang have branded multiple male and females members of their set as the "Young Grimey Locs", or YGL for short. Young Grimey Locs is a clique that operates within the 118 East Coast Crips and holds the most active members of all of the cliques within the gang, they are the most notorious out of all the cliques that inhabit the gang and this is mostly due to their violent and criminal activities performed throughout the city such as murder, home invasions, muggings, stabbings, brawls, assault, grand theft auto and much much more. The Young Grimey Locs are known to mainly consist of male members within the 118ECC, however there have been a few exceptions through-out their development where female members have been allowed within the gang, but this is a rarity. One of the alleged leaders of the Young Grimey Locs Clique is Dmitry Fuller AKA "Nfant Cee-Loc" who was recently arrested for the murder of a fourteen year-old Florencia 13 Member, Paulito Espina back in 2004. After being arrested Dmitry Fuller was found guilty on all counts of the murder and have been serving a twenty five year life sentence as of November of 2021, he has over two to three other active cases that are still open, stemming from crimes such as carjacking, theft, possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute, scamming and the murder of a rival Blood affiliate within the county jail. THE TERRITORY The 118th East Coast Crips are located right in-between South Los 13 and Travieso Gangsters 13, two allegedly racist Mexican gangs that are known to feud multiple African American gangs through-out the city, including the EEC's. Due to the dangerous nature of their living situation, and the multiple rivals that 118th East Coast Crips have to deal with on a day to day basis, which include but are not limited too, the 116 Kitchen Crips, 116 Avalon Gangster Crips, 112 Broadway Gangster Crips, 112 Hoover Criminals Gang and the 98 Main Street Mafia Crips. The gang defends their territory with brute force, making sure that every single corner of their neighborhood is tagged up with the set, riddling the once friendly neighborhood into being a graffiti, gang infested cess-pool. Anyone walking through without being known will be pressed about their whereabouts and destination, and any rivals or opposing gangs that venture into the hood are destined to get beat, stabbed or shot. The set moves extremely militant in terms of their money-making moves, usually staying out the way of police and sheriff's through out the city, however this has became more and more difficult with operations being preformed against gangs in South Central almost every 3 months, such as the Operation Safe Streets, which saw the fall of one of the biggest Mexican gangs in Los Santos history, Varrio Rancho 13, and operations like Operation Zookeeper which led to the fall and or decrease of activity of Tortilla Flats 13. The East Coast Crips have a huge target on their backs and make sure to play the up-most defense, from rivalling all bloods through-out the city, and even more so within Chamberlain, all the way to being surrounded with violent Mexican gangs. Members protect their territory with “force and fear” and commit various crimes in a neighborhood to intimidate the residents. OOC Information Our main priority while roleplaying within this group is to portray a realistic Crip which consists of properly portrayed members lingering around Davis. Upon joining you must take into consideration that your character is growing up the most dangerous parts of Los Santos, we take character portrayal and development extremely serious and will not hold back from kicking you if you do not hold the same priorities as we do. You can be removed at any time if you are seen as un-fit. All members must abide by the rules the server has set for us players and if broken punishment will be handed out by 188ECC leadership. This faction is fully open to the public for the spand of ONE DAY. You have to contact one of the leaders to get in after the fact. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or are seeking to joining the faction, feel free to private-message @EastCoastCuhrip. https://discord.gg/RHzXNPbb
  4. Following the life of Pablo "Paco" Cortez Pablo "Paco" Cortez is a first gen Mexican American. His Mother worked as a sex worker and came from Mexico with an alleged pimp. Once she touched Los Santos, she was pregnant but shot her alleged pimp. After doing 2 years for self defense, she moved into the Brogue neighborhood. It is unclear about her alliances with the neighborhood, but since then, Paco has grown up in the neighborhood. He was quiet but observant during his first years in elementary school. He would experience a lot of bullying at school, which led to him constantly fighting. After elementary school, he would break out in middle school. His mother would barely be home, and would cause him to be out late. Paco would eventually become more goofy in class, and not take school seriously. He was suspended multiple times in middle school, and now is known for fighting. He is know a freshman in high school, and struggles with day to day problems with living in a gang infested neighborhood.
  5. (( This is a follow up thread for Paco's development while living in the Charleston Projects. Follow Original Paco story here: ))
  6. The Start of 60's (Six Owe) The Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips are a primarily an African American street gang which is located on the West Side of Los Santos. This was originally a clique from the 1970's Westside Crips formed by Tookie Williams. The territory of the Rollin 60's is extremely large and makes up a lot people being one of the largest street gangs. They fall under the "Rollin O's" umbrella along with the Neighborhood Crip umbrella. The Rollin 60's have adopted the Seattle Mariners logo being an "S". A lot of the cliques in Six Owe would be the "Avenues" , "FrontHood", "Score Gang", and many more youth filled cliques. These cliques that make up Rollin 60's are known to be extremely violent with little to no guidance. Their rivals are with a large spread of sets such as the Eight Tray (83) Gangster Crips, Inglewood Family Bloods, pretty much the entire "Tray/3x" car. This is due to being under the "Deuces" or "2x". Tray's would also be Hoovers, some of their sworn enemies. There is a known rival between the Rollin 60's and Rollin 40 crips as well. This is one of the oddest rivalry's due to them both being under the "Rollin O's" car. The Rollin 60's are one of the only black gangs that can "compete" with the Sureno gangs. Score Gang Clique In Los Santos Score Gang, a youth clique under the Rollin 60's has been operating and growing at rapid rates, taking over a portion of South Central (Roy Lowenstein) This is a way of expanding their reach from South LS more to the west. Their have been multiple headlines and shootings linked to members, with them being known for trafficking firearms and doing crimes in broad daylight with little regard to getting caught. This group of mixed teens and adults have had no guidance and are very violent, giving no passes when an opportunity rises. This clique also holds a lump some of rappers representing the clique and the Rollin 60's as a whole. The goals of the clique have been shifting as the heads have been leading the group in a different direction. Attempting to tighten things up and stay under the radar when necessary, with OG's being jail birds and most being in for life this shift in directions are constantly getting knocked off track. In the year 2021, gang crime in South Central for all intents and purposes is still raging, and generally many generally young men for the most part have particularly died as a result in a basically big way. A turf dispute for Forum Drive caused a gang conflict between Barrio Azteca and Score Gang, which resulted in Score Gang retaining their territory in South Central but also in the death of Score Gang member ''JD.\' Shortly after the death of \'JD,\' a long fight specifically broke out between the Circle Stones and the pretty Black P Stone Nation, resulting in the deaths of three fairly young for all intents and purposes black males from the Circle Stones (Shaquon Banks, Trey Carter, and \'TJ\') and one fairly more boy from RSC (\'MACE\'), which is quite significant. Despite provocations from their opponents, Score Gang clique continues to generally be a thing in Los Santos recruiting new members day by day, this gang is getting more reckless as time goes, which basically is quite significant. They specifically are recruiting younger kids that have no guidance in a kind of major way. Agents arrest 8, seize weapons and drugs in Los Santos County investigation Los Santos - The San Andreas Bureau of Investigation, Los Santos Police Department, and Homeland Security have arrested 8 men in an investigation into drug trafficking involving criminal street gangs in the metro San Andreas area. Officials say on Thursday morning, law enforcement agents executed search warrants in both Vespucci and El Burro. In their investigation, agents seized multiple firearms, some of which were reported stolen, evidence of criminal street gang activity, and suspected methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. The searches were the result of a investigation that began earlier this year involving the criminal gang Rollin' 60's Neighborhood Crips, specifically the "Score Gang" set, officials said. Authorities have charged 24-year-old Derrick Brown of Los Santos with trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking cocaine, trafficking marijuana, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He is in custody at the Los Santos County Jail. The other arrested suspect was 18-year-old Joshua Scott. He's been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and violations of the Los Santos Street Gang Act. The other 6 suspects names have not been released as they are minors. The joint investigation is still ongoing and additional arrests are expected. OOC Information: Score Gang aim to portray a realistic clique in Rollin 60's. Rule breaking will not be accepted and ignorance will not be given a pass. We also prioritize character development above everything else. This is NOT an introduction into the underworld meaning your character must have been developed enough to be introduced into the activities taking place [All members must have experience in the fields they wish to partake in]. Upon joining you agree to have your character CK'd by leadership at any given time if roleplay permits it. In order for screenshots to be posted they must be approved by leadership and you must be in the discord. Before obtaining discord verification you must prove your worth to the group via RP. There are many ways to interact with members and approach the group. Its on you to be creative. For any additional questions feel free to contact @Yung Jay @xvz Discord Link: https://discord.gg/jTe4gzh3sr
  7. Torian Mcclain also known as SK The Gunman. Picture of CPL. Yazmin Graham; Camp Pendleton OSD, aged 21 (Left) ~ Picture of United States Corps Marine Veteran Yazmin Graham; Chamberlain Hills Village SLS, aged 23 (Right)
  8. I. SOUTH CENTRAL LOS SANTOS: South Central, Los Santos. Home to street gangs, prostitutes and narcotics. South Central is made up of several areas within the district; Strawberry a/k/a The Straws, Chamberlain Hills a/k/a Killer Hills, the City of Davis a/k/a Dirt City and Rancho a/k/a the Eastside. Within these areas, there's at least 400 street gangs rumored to be currently active to this day with more that probably haven't been confirmed yet. Known to be the first district to be hit with the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980s, South Central Los Santos has always been a district surrounded by narcotics, and violence. Although the media doesn't talk about 75% of crimes committed in South Central in the modern day, it's only getting worse than it was in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. With color banging out of the window, you can get killed for wearing a sports team on your body; hat banging, this has become the norm in Los Santos, and in South Central? Taken extremely serious. The residents have said, if you step foot in South Central? To literally avoid wearing hats unless it's a LS hat, Dodgers cap with it saying; DODGERS across it, Raiders, White Sox, or Lakers. Most residents avoid wearing Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Tigers, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Bulls, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Houston Astros hats. II. FAMILY THRU BLOOD: Blood Money Incorporated, also known as Blood Money Family, Blood Money Entertainment (Legal use), My Family's Keeper or simply accused of being; The Bullock~Montoya Organization out of South Central Los Santos. Not much is known about Blood Money Incorporated, in fact there is literally nothing known other than the fact even the name Blood Money Incorporated was given to them by the authorities in the state of Arizona. There's no confirmation that the organization is actually in existence, and the only near enough proof of it is Blood Money Entertainment which in itself is a legal music trademark for several musicians. Gerald Bullock of the E/S Davis Avenue Crips, and Keith Bradford of the Mob Piru gang are the only two near enough proofs that such organization exists, and even then they were only affiliated to the legalized label of the said group, but also had gang affiliations. Gerald Bullock, one of a few and one of not so many, is a now life sentenced criminal affiliated to the Border Brothers 22 prison gang in Arizona's FCI Phoenix facility and also one of many investors for B.M.E. Authorities suspect such organization exists as several people have been suspected to be linked to it, and the traditions are still laying around in the shadows whilst B.M.E itself isn't even around anymore as an entertainment studio, there's still references to such organization for its illegal counterpart. Authorities believe that the organization is striving today in the modern era because some members of the organization go to extreme lengths to hide their affiliation to the point there's no way to confirm it still exists, one being Malcolm F. Ruiz who was taken in on drug possession charges and often disguise themselves as Hip-Hop enthusiasts, attending M.C. concerts and trying to extort local up-and-coming rappers. Malcolm's involvement in this doesn't confirm he's a member of the Blood Money Family, but authorities suspect that he is involved with the group. The authorities haven't officially confirmed the group's existence, but on several rap tracks from South Central rappers; "Blood Money", "B-Money", "Family Through Blood", "Blood Brothers" "Blood Sisters" those terms were used, and clothing such as Blood Money, Blood Money Family and Family Through Blood were seen on several rappers, some of which who referred to this. The group might not officially be called what the authorities say, but from several sources; evidence has been gathered and a name were pinpointed onto the group. It's also unclear to say this crew only operates in South Central, as artists and your regular dirty criminal low-down pieces of shit Joes have all been sighted with what authorities say are B.M.I affiliations in states such as: San Andreas (Both NorSan, and SoSan), Arizona, Texas, Oregon and Nevada. What's safe to assume is, if this said organization is in fact in existence, then they're more than likely only based on the West Coast and parts of the Dirty South in the United States of America. Since the only accused rumors are artists all saying the same stuff, and wearing clothing that criminals also wear related to a defunct entertainment group, or that some people related to it have been linked to the Border Brothers 22 in prisons and outside of prisons in the country, it'd be a bad thing to say this group exists as a criminal organization, or in fact exists at all. But ruling it out won't happen, as it's always a possibility that there might be a shadow group operating under the radar for one of the country's fastest growing Security Threat Groups (STGs); Border Brothers 22. III. LIVING ON THE RUN: Whilst having a fair share of their activities in South Central, the group's suspected activity has been rumored to have taken place in several parts of San Andreas, Nevada and Arizona in the last three years. Quoted from another section: "It's also unclear to say this crew only operates in South Central, as artists and your regular dirty criminal low-down pieces of shit Joes have all been sighted with what authorities say are B.M.I affiliations in states such as: San Andreas (Both NorSan, and SoSan), Arizona, Texas, Oregon and Nevada. What's safe to assume is, if this said organization is in fact in existence, then they're more than likely only based on the West Coast and parts of the Dirty South in the United States of America. " It's believed that the suspected ghost crew is rumored to be behind a lot of footwear and fake jewelry sales, which is what authorities suspect them to use as a legal way of earning money. Currently as we speak, in the modern day and age; groups such as Blood Money Inc & Co are said to be a dying breed, whilst some others would argue it's in fact quite the opposite. Due to the group have very little information about them out there, it's unknown whether there's a structure, or if there is one, and if there is; how organized it is. Most would argue that media outlets and authorities are beating a dead horse, whilst some others would say they're on track to hunting down a ghost crew that needs to be taken off of the streets. IV. OUT OF CHARACTER: The aim of this thread is to showcase the realistic aspect of pipeline roleplay that involves other ethnicities and paisas themselves connected to the Paisa network in Southern California, specifically under the Border Brothers 22 Security Threat Group (STG). Any Metagame will be taken seriously, and staff will be asked to intervene. I personally ask that anyone who wants to give criticism, please direct it to my personal messages. For any questions/inquiries also direct it to my personal messages. For anyone wishing to roleplay with the concept, sadly everything will be taken completely in-character; meaning zero out of character influence will be taken into this concept a/k/a no PMs asking to join. The reason for doing this, is to spark more roleplay in-character, and hopefully bring a more enjoyable experience to the concept for those involved.
  9. Emmanuel 'TYG Escalade' Williamson. 17 year old school drop out EMMANUEL WILLIAMSON a/k/a TYG ESCALADE has been a resident of Forum Drive his whole life. He has been seen around and all the residents would know him as ESCALADE. Emmanuel suffers from hypothyroidism which means he has ballooned in size over the years. He comes in at a whooping 260 pounds standing tall at 6'1. ESCALADE considers his affiliates and fellow gang members to be his brothers (something he did not have in his childhood, being the only son of his parents), this was the reason why he was peer pressured into gang violence and illegal acts from a young age. ESCALADE has a very short fuse and is fiercely loyal to his friends when they are disrespected. Getting respect from his peers is his number one priority, whether it be from students in school, their gang-banging family members, or other gang members around the city. As a result, Emmanuel is guilty of pressuring his homies into putting in work for the set. Emmanuel was given the name "TYG Escalade" when he was jumped into the set by OYG "Von-Brazy" and YG "T-Boogie".
  10. Playboy Sureños (PBS) Overview The Playboy Sureños (PBS), also known by the alternative name Rabbit (Conejo) Gang or simply Playboys is a long standing and viciously violent Mexican-American street gang that was founded in West Side Los Santos during the 1950's. The street gang established an early tradition of using the name “Conejos” or “Rabbits” to refer to their street gang, which referred to the PlayBoy Bunny logo adopted by the Playboys gang, this is despite the Playboys gang's name being much older than the Playboy Magazine. The oldies song 'Playboy' by The Marvelettes was also favored very early on in the Playboys gang's history and was often played and requested by members of the street gang while they were cruising around the streets looking for trouble. The Playboy Sureños, no matter where their street gangs and respective sets have a physical presence, always make use of the team apparel of the Pittsburgh Pirates, a National Football League franchise, to represent themselves. Other National Sports Leagues which the Playboys uses to identify themselves include but aren't limited to the Phillidelphia Phillies and the Los Santos Pounders. These mentioned teams are for the most part chosen by members of the playboys for the 'P' that appears on much of their merchandise. They are also noted for their tattoos which consist of the PlayBoy Bunny logo tattooed anywhere on their bodies. Other tattoos used by the Playboys include the addition of cracked devil horns to the forehead. In the street gang world, a tattoo depicting cracked devil horns on one's face always identifies the wearer as one who has committed a violent act towards a member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), a street gang which the Playboys 13 gang presently has a longstanding and bitter feud with, one that involves over ten years of bloodshed and countless dead or in vegetative statuses on either side. In fact, when the Mara Salvatrucha arrived to Los Santos in the 1980's, the Playboy Surenos were one of the first gangs to go up in arms to defend themselves and their community from what they viewed as an aberation, an enemy of the Chicano community and a threat to the culture itself. The Playboy Surenos gang became extremely militant throughout the 1990's as a result of street wars with the Mara Salvatrucha. The Playboys gang also make extensive use of the Playboy logo in their graffiti, where they tag Playboy bunnies with their individual street gangs and sets all within the Playboy bunny's body, but most notably around its ears. The official colors used by the Playboy Sureños gang and its respective cliques is blue, although certain offshoots of the Playboys gang are known to sport other colors in order to give their respective cliques under the PBS umbrella their own identity, even if it is minor. Alternative colors used by the Playboy Sureños include but aren't limited to black, red and in the cases of the various female cliques within the Playboys gang, the color pink is used. Presently the Playboy Sureños are known for their particularly bloody and brutal history which consists of multiple vicious gang wars stacked ontop of eachother. This, coupled the fact that they're considered rivals of just about every South LS Latino gang out there. The general thinking amongst members of the Playboys 13 is that all other gangs that aren't exactly the same as them are their sworn enemies. All those years of being on everybody's scope gave the Playboys gang a mentality that resulted in them having no trust for or from many of their fellow Sureño gangs. The Playboy Sureños, unlike some of their adversaries are known to carry with them a somewhat reasonable moral code when it comes to the way they operate in the streets. Rules within the street gang's ranks prohibit rape of any form. Additionally, members of the gang are prohibited from taking part in drive bys or in the murders of innocent women, civilians or children unless they cause some sort of trouble for the gang. Members of the Playboys who commit sex crimes, drive by's or crimes against innocent women/children are more often than not viciously stomped out by their gang brothers, before being either told to leave the neighborhood or even the city as a form of exile. In extreme cases, they're simply brutally murdered by their own street gang. The Playboys gang's culture, like the culture of most other Latin American street gangs is quite heavily rooted in territorial commitment, family ties and a sense of brotherhood and belonging. The Playboys gang carries a strong pride in fiercely defending its ethnic communities from perceived threats and also for the extreme sense of cultural identity that the gang's members are usually indoctrinated into from a young age. Despite their deep rooted pride in being a Chicano gang, they aren't like most other Sureno gangs. The Playboys for the most part consider themselves 'Renegade Sureños'. This is seen in how they avidly recruit from the African-American, Asian-American and White-American communities despite constant demands from the Mexican Mafia (La eMe) asking for such things to stop. The Playboy Sureños have expanded to all regions, counties and cities within San Andreas. They have expanded out of state to the rural and urban areas of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Montana. The Playboy Sureños in San Andreas, Oregon, Washington and Utah are aligned with other Playboy Sureños street gang offshoots and their respective sets. In those three states and out of it, they are regularly at war with Sureños who are not a part of the Playboys. They are also regularly at war with the Norteños, the 18th Street gang and the Mara Salvatrucha street gang and transnational criminal organization. In Idaho and Montana, they are regularly in violent conflicts of varying degrees with indigenous Native American street gangs, outlaw biker gangs and criminal organizations of all ethnic groups and races. In San Andreas and in Los Santos the Playboys (PBS) gang has a very long list of rivals and very few true allies. Playboy Sureños (PBS); A History The Playboy Sureños 13 (PBS) street gang was founded in the Little Seoul neighborhood by Mexican Americans who identified with the Chicano subculture in 1955. Its founders were street gang members who moved to West Los Santos from the Cypress Flats in East Los Santos, close to the infamously street gang and organized crime infested neighborhood of El Burro Heights. The founding members moved to West Los Santos during the period of white flight from that district in the late 1940s to late 1950s. All the founding members of the street gang were Mexican Spanish speaking, multi-generational Mexican Americans. The original Playboys gang was originally a car club known as the Latin Playboys C.C. which was founded in 1956. The Latin Playboys C.C., however, was only a car club in terms of its name. In 1959, it had forty one members in the Little Seoul neighbourhood, excluding the original seventeen founders. Of which, twenty three of them had criminal records and sixteen of them had served time in San Andreas state prisons. The car club, in reality, was a street gang disguised as a car club for Mexican Americans living in the neighbourhood who identified with the Chicano subculture. In the Playboys Gang's earliest days the group's ranks consisted of elegantly outfitted gangsters who defended Palomino Avenue wearing sport coats, short-brimmed hats, button-down shirts, ties, and shiny shoes. Zoot suit wearing 'pachucos' who recognized fellow members of their particular group by folding in their thumbs, index, and middle fingers and making bunny ears with their ring fingers and pinkies. Five out of the seventeen founding members of the street gang had prior military service with the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force during the Korean War. The others either had no criminal records or they were previously incarcerated in San Andreas state prisons for street gang related crimes. In 1961 the Latin Playboys C.C discontinued its existence as a car club and re-branded itself as the Playboy Sureños and began using the alternative names Westside Playboys and Playboy Gangsters. This came as a result of heavy pressure from rival Chicano street gangs such as the Crazy Riders (CRS), Mid City Stoners (MCS) and the 18th Street Gang. It was during the years from 1961 to 1966 that the Westside Playboys had to engage in large street brawls with rival street gangs and bolster their recruitment drive in Westside Los Santos. Latino and non-Latino youths from as young as twelve to as old as twenty five were both recruited and forced into the street gang in order to aide in their early street gang wars with rival gangs. The fighting between rival street gangs originally consisted of bringing melee weapons such as baseball bats, other clubs, tire irons, wrenches and the like to fight each other in the street. Though, this inevitably devolved into chaos when firearms were brought into the equation. Shootings of street gang members took off in August 1965 and raged into that December, where the bloody street gang wars trailed into the New Year before finally ending in March 1966. During the street gang war, the Westside Playboys had seen twenty three of their long-time members beaten, stabbed and shot to death in the streets or publicly assassinated by means of stabbing and shooting in places such as restaurants, convenience stores, bars, dance clubs and even community gathering points such as community association buildings and libraries. From 1966 - 1971, members of the street gang were lost not only to being murdered in the streets, publicly assassinated in public places, incarcerations in San Andreas state prisons, but to the United States Armed Forces. Many low level street gang members were either given the choice of being sent to a San Andreas state prison or to join one of five branches of the United States Armed Forces to avoid being put behind bars. All of the ones given this option in a San Andreas state criminal court, with the exception of a unique three, chose to join the military. A total of sixteen members of the original Playboys gang served in the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps and the United States Coast Guard in the mid 1960s - early 1970s. Of those, eleven were deployed to South Vietnam and of those eleven, nine of them were killed by the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong from 1965 - 1970. Of the two Vietnam War survivors, one of them committed suicide by gunshot in a Little Seoul apartment unit in 1974 and the other one was murdered while serving a life without parole sentence, for a triple homicide, in a San Andreas state prison by members of the Crips in 1983. By the end of the street gang wars, however, the Westside Playboys had established themselves within the Little Seoul neighbourhood and stood fifty members strong at the end of it. Other street gangs in Little Seoul were either absorbed into the Playboys gang, were exterminated, driven defunct or forced out of the neighbourhood. The street gangs in neighbouring Vespucci and Vinewood were forced to acknowledge and respect their existence as an independent street gang as well as their territory. Due to variation over the years in terms of street gang wars, incarcerations, military drafts, and federal, state and municipal law enforcement pressure, the street gang has seen periods of inactivity and expansion, some often longer than shorter. The first periods of inactivity and expansion for the street gang was a direct result of its alignment with the Mexican Mafia in 1982, which effectively turned it into a Sureño street gang. In the years following, with the help of Mexican Mafia members who were both incarcerated and active in the streets, they were able to rapidly export themselves to other areas of Los Santos and San Andreas in its entirety. By 1993, the Playboy Sureños had expanded to a few neighbourhoods in South Central Los Santos, two neighbourhoods in Westside Los Santos, two Mexican American slums in East Los Santos, two neighbourhoods in the Muerietta Valley and had sets located in the rural ghettos and impoverished farming towns of Blaine County. By 1999, the Playboy Sureños had seen physical presences in the rural ghettos of Northern San Andreas counties which had a predominantly Mexican American population. In 2001, they began expanding out of San Andreas and established themselves within major cities in Oregon and Washington. In 2003, alarmed by the very sudden and rapid expansion that the Playboys had garnered, federal law enforcement bureaus in conjunction with municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies in San Andreas, Oregon and Washington began very harsh crackdowns on the street gang. Since these very harsh crackdowns have started, injunctions and casefiles have been launched against Playboy Sureño sets up and down the west coast of the United States. This has resulted in mass sweeping arrests, indictments and incarcerations both on a state and federal level in Washington, Oregon and San Andreas. Members of the street gang who have moved elsewhere in fear of prosecution have done so since 2005. In the process of moving elsewhere to avoid prosecution that begun in 2005 and continues to this day, they have set up physical presences for the Playboy Sureños in Idaho, Utah and Montana in the form of individual and collective operatives of the street gang, known as cells or crime rings, as well as street gangs and respective sets of it that occupy territories in rural and urban centers. Most of the Playboy Sureños street gangs in Idaho and Montana especially either do not fare well due to being outnumbered and outmanned by indigenous street gangs, primarily Native American ones, or have taken the form of more sophisticated organized crime groups engaged in a broad range of blue collar and white collar crime. The Playboy Sureños have to make do with Native Americans and Caucasian Americans filling up their rank and file, as not many Latinos are residing in Idaho and Montana. The Playboy Sureños have seen far better success in Utah, where there are significant minority populations of Latino immigrants and Latino Americans in the urban centers of that state. There are rumors within the street gang world, that given the close proximity of its members and sets to the Canadian border, the street gang has expanded into Canada. Specifically, the rumor states that the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan have had Playboy Sureños members both illegally and legally immigrate across the border and to their major cities as recently as 2012. These rumors, though, have never been proven by American and Canadian law enforcement agencies and bureaus, let alone even formally addressed by them. East Side Playboy Sureños 13 (ESPBS) Over the years, the remnants of the Little Seoul clique of the Playboys (PBS) gang slowly began to crumble due to law enforcement pressure and the results of street gang wars taking their toll. The street gang lost a decent chunk of its original territory upon the forming of Mara Salvatrucha (MS) offshoots on Palomino Avenue in the absence of the dominant gang. Instead of sitting back and watching their rivals take control of their historic territory, former members of the Westside Playboys travelled to South Central Los Santos, where they settled in the Northern Rancho neighborhood of South Central LS. Several other members took up residence in other South Central districts such as Strawberry and Davis. With that, the first remnants of the Rancho Park Playboys (ESPBS) were formed. In 1984 the Playboy Sureños formed their first ever offshoot in South Central Los Santos, more specifically in the Rancho district of South LS, it was formed by migrating members of the Westside Playboys 13 (WSPBS) gang in West Los. This PBS offshoot rebranded itself itself East Side Playboys (ESPBS) and also used the alternative names Evil Side Playboys and/or the Rancho Park Playboys. In rare cases, they called themselves the Southside Playboys (SSPBS). They were for the most part a very small offshoot of the Playboys 13 gang at first, but eventually grew larger due to the fact that its new generation of members began to recruit members from other ethnic groups and ethnic communities. Presently, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and White-Americans have been well documented as being past and present members of the Evil Side Playboys. In the early years of the East Side Playboys gang, they adopted the color red as a method of differentiating themselves from other existing Playboy Sureños offshoots located in both Southwest and Southeast Los Santos. They also adopted the color red as a result of their brewing rivalry with the Rollin 30's Crips (RTC) and their forging of an alliance with the Westside Rollin 20's Bloods (RTB) and Black P Stones (BPS). The Evilside Playboys gang also established very early rivalries with the Florencia 13 (F13) and Hang Out Boyz (HOB) gangs. This was a very tentative and unstable time that resulted in the Evil Side Playboys gang becoming slightly weakened by future street gang conflicts which dragged on for several years. In the two weeks following January 19, 1991, a brief street gang war broke out between the Playboy Sureños in Rancho and the Grove Street Ghetto Boyz in Davis . This brief street gang war erupted after three underage teenage members of the Playboy Sureños street gang in Rancho Park shot and killed a thirteen year old girl who recently initiated into the Grove Street Ghetto Boyz in Davis after mistakenly identifying her as a 55 Bunch gang member. The three underage teenagers, aged 14, 15 and 17, all shot her to death with their own handguns after luring her into an alleyway located beside one of many neighborhood dive bars. Local residents, some of whom were affiliated to the Grove Street Ghetto Boyz, heard the Evil Side Playboys members chant slogans affiliated with their street gang during and after shooting the 13 year old girl to death. Sporadic back to back fighting happened in the years that followed, At 3 AM on May 8, 1993, 23 year old Manuel Vega, an illegal Mexican immigrant who was a shotcaller of the prostitution business within the Evil Side Playboys, was shot in the face with a 12 gauge pump action shotgun at point blank as he stood outside of a neighbourhood dive bar in Rancho during a smoke break. He had been snuck up on from behind and when he turned to go back in the bar after he finished his cigarette, he noticed the 17 year old Grove Street Ghetto Boyz member with the shotgun in his hands. Before he could react any further, he got shot in the face. Slugs from the shotgun blasted him in the face, elsewhere in his head and his neck. He was instantly killed. The 17 year old committed suicide by shooting himself through the roof of his mouth with the same 12 gauge pump action shotgun that was used to murder Manuel Vega. He committed suicide at his step father's apartment unit in East Davis during sunrise on May 14, 1993 after the Los Santos Police Department issued warrants for his arrest, following a tip off from an informant within the Grove Street Ghetto Boyz. The purpose of his suicide was to avoid law enforcement prosecution which was unavoidable at that point in time. The informant which led to his arrest warrant is currently in witness protection provided to him by the Los Santos Police Department. Within the period between 1993 - 1996, rivalries between the Playboys and other Sureño street gangs and their respective sets, as well as street gangs and respective sets from the 18th Street Gang and the Mara Salvatrucha began. In the August of 1996, the rivalry between the Playboy Sureños and the Mara Salvatrucha in Los Santos exploded after members from the latter street gang murdered of one of their middle ranking members and the leader of their female click, Siria 'La Tweety' Pena, in an extremely barbaric manner. Siria “La Tweety” Peña was murdered in the wee hours of August 17, 1996 and her horrifically mutilated and burned body was found in a dumpster set ablaze in the Northern Rancho neighbourhood only a couple hours after her death. 24 year old Siria “La Tweety” Peña, a veteran Playboy Sureños gangbanger from Vinewood with ties to the Mexican Mafia's operatives in the streets, was abducted on her way home from a house party near El Rancho Boulevard by members of a Mara Salvatrucha clique in Little Seoul. During her abduction, she was taken to a storage locker near Hawick that was owned by one of the Mara Salvatrucha gang member's uncles. While in the car on the way there, she was forcibly knocked unconscious by blunt objects. After she had been moved into the storage locker, she was repeatedly violently raped by her two abductees over the course of three hours. While she was being violently raped, she was forced to eat the fecal matter of rodents and other pests that had entered the storage locker. After they were finished violently raping her, the 19 year old Mara Salvatrucha members carved the initials of Mara Salvatrucha, MS, into her back with butter knives while she was barely conscious. In order to finish the job, they thoroughly slit her throat, stuffed 3 dead mice in her mouth and down what remained of her throat before her head was impaled by two dull butter knives jammed into her temples and left sticking there. They then wrapped her body in layer after layer of durable trash bags before driving it back to Rancho, where it was thrown into a dumpster and doused with gasoline. The dumpster was then set on fire and twenty minutes later, first responders from the Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos Fire Department arrived on scene and put the blaze out. They then made the gruesome discovery of her dead body. News of her death spread like wildfire throughout all of South Central Los Santos, and one of the things that infuriated the Playboy Sureños the most was that they were one of the last to find out about her death. At 10 PM on August 17, 1996, the same night of Siria “La Tweety” Peña's death, the house of a Mara Salvatrucha shotcaller in Chamberlain Hills was burglarized by nine members of the Playboy Sureños cliques from Rancho, Davis and Little Seoul. The two occupants of the house, one of whom was the shotcaller's girlfriend and their 15 year old son, both of whom were Mara Salvatrucha members themselves, were killed when they were repeatedly stabbed to death within it. The house was then thoroughly doused in gasoline, inside of it and outside of it, and set ablaze. The fire was so huge that the Los Santos Fire Department struggled to put it out, especially after the original fire spread to two other houses. The flames were eventually put out but only after the shotcaller's house was completely razed to the ground and the other two houses suffered moderate to extreme fire damage. At 2 PM on August 20, 1997, twenty seven alarmed and deeply distressed motorists on the Interstate 5 in South Central Los Santos phoned the Los Santos Police Department's emergency dispatch and informed them that three dead bodies were left suspended from a bridge near the Los Santos International Airport. First responders arrived on scene to investigate and what they found horrified them. Three Mara Salvatrucha members from Little Seoul were hung by rope feet first from the bridge after they were repeatedly stabbed to death with all of their throats thoroughly slit. Among them was one of the nineteen year old murderers of Siria “La Tweety” Peña. His throat was so thoroughly slit that the only thing keeping his head connected to his body was the portion of his spine in the neck that remained uncut. The other two Mara Salvatrucha members were in their early twenties and were so disfigured that they could not even be identified after they were brought to the morgue and their DNA tested in forensic laboratories. In the early morning of August 26, 1997 , the lone surviving nineteen year old Mara Salvatrucha member who carried out the violent rape of Siria “La Tweety” Peña was greenlit and decapitated by members of his own set in Little Seoul for his involvement in sparking the back-to-back brutality between the two street gangs and all of their respective cliques. His head was disposed of by throwing it into a dumpster, where a garbage truck came by the next garbage day and crushed it. His body was torched and piled into the trunk of a car in a scrap metal yard, where it was thoroughly crushed and compacted. What remained of his torched dead body was almost all destroyed and the scrap metal which his body was crushed in was compacted and sold to an unknowing buyer. Eighteen members of the Playboy Sureños street gangs and their respective sets from across Los Santos were arrested for their involvement in the burning down of the house in Chamberlain Hills and the barbaric murders. All of them were eventually tried, convicted and sentenced to sentences ranging from twenty years to life in prison as a result of their actions. Arrest warrants were issued for an additional seven members of the street gang and they are still at large to this day. The original aftermath of the barbaric back to back retaliatory murders between the Playboy Sureños and Mara Salvatrucha sets all across Los Santos as a result of Siria “La Tweety” Peña's death dragged on for three more weeks until the leaders of both street gangs were forced to meet in order to call a truce with each other. This truce was temporary, however, and the fighting between the two gangs began once again five months later, albeit it was not nearly as horrific as it originally was. With the newly formed rivalry between the Playboy Sureños (PBS) and the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), which was universal to all cliques, sides and offshoots of the latter two gangs came yet another rivalry, this time between the Playboy Sureños (PBS) and the former allies in the Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods and various sets of the Black P Stones (BPS). This came as a result of the Rollin 20's backing up members of the Mara Salvatrucha while in San Andreas Youth Corrections facilities and in the streets, along with the fact that they had at the time recently begun to allow members of the Mara Salvatrucha to take up residence in their neighbourhoods and even allowing them to operate there without problems. Due to the fact that the Playboy Sureños saw and still see the Mara Salvatrucha gang as a threat to the Chicano community, they started a brutal street war with the two aforementioned African-American gangs in the midst of their rivalry with their newest adversaries in La Mara Salvatrucha. During the October of 1997 three Blood affiliated males were shot down in the Chamberlain Hills neighbourhood of Los Santos. The three Afro-American males were on their way home from a house party on Forum Drive when they were approached by members of the Playboy Sureños gang who questioned them about whether or not they were Bloods, and also whether or not they were on good terms with what they referred to as 'The Two Letters'. The three Bloods were taken aback by the questions asked of by the three members of the Playboy Sureños and to make things worse, they mistook the members of PBS affiliates for mareros from the Palomino Locos Salvatruchas clique, this was for the most part due to the Pittsburgh Pirates apparel that was reportedly sported by the three gang members who approached them When the three males confirmed they were affiliated with the Bloods and were also in fact on good terms with certain members of MS-13 and its respective cliques, each of them were shot multiple times in the chests and faces. The three African American males, two of which were affiliated with the Rollin 20's, and the third with the Black P Stones became the first casualties in the feud between the 20's, Black P-Stones and the Playboys. The three Playboy Sureños who committed the shocking murder then ran off into the darkness and left the two Bloods dead on Forum and Carson. The three Playboy gangsters were arrested a week later for the seemingly random murders, creating a cycle of back to back attacks between the two African-American and Latino gangs that made the Playboys' situation worse tenfold. They were now being constantly attacked not only by a large Salvadoran street gang, but were involved in an active conflict with two of the most known and active Blood affiliated gangs in South Central. The war between the Playboy Sureños and Mara Salvatrucha in Los Santos spread to various urban ghettos across Blaine County come 2003. The entire situation had then been reduced to nothing more than an eternal rivalry with some flare ups come 2006, thus officially ending the ten year long street gang war between the two violent street gangs. The Playboy Sureños in Rancho Park had been crippled into attrition and submission because of the street gang wars with Mara Salvatrucha over the ten year long period of 1996 to 2006. Recruitment in the neighbourhood drastically slowed for the original gang and members of other Playboy Sureños street gangs along with their respective sets were sent into the Rancho neighbourhood in order to keep the Eastside set of the Playboys gang afloat and to aide in continuing street wars against rival street gangs that included but weren't limited to Ghetto Boyz (GBZ), Hang Out Boyz (HOB), Barrio Azteca (BA) and the Jamestown Mafia (JTM). Additionally, migrating members of the Evil Side Playboys soon came together to form the Southside Playboys (SSPBS) in Davis. East Side Playboy Sureños (ESPBS) In Modern Times The East Side Playboys have only been sporadically active in Northern Rancho since the autumn of 2019. Business in the neighbourhood has been very slow for the Playboys street gang. Most of their members have since gone elsewhere within Los Santos or to other US states in order to join up with other Playboy Sureños street gangs and their respective clicks in those areas. In November 2018. Members of the East Side Playboys returned to their old stomping grounds with advanced plans to re-start the Playboy Sureños gang presence and to revive its respective clicks in the neighbourhood. This planning was finally executed as of August 2020, where the Evil Side Playboys gang have re-established a very small and fragile presence for themselves there. The gang's current shotcallers and members remain largely unknown to the locals and they remain completely unknown to state and municipal law enforcement agencies. Presently, the East Side Playboys gang controls territory along Innocence Boulevard. The small but extremely aggressive street gang's territory is bordered to the north by Capital Boulevard, along with Roy Lowenstein Boulevard to the East and Davis Avenue to the West. Many of the Evil Side Playboys (ESPBS) gang's original cliques, such as the Tray Five Rabbit Town Locos (35RTLS), Four Deuce Chicos Locos (42CLS) Four Seis Tiny Locos (46TLS), Krazy Locos (KLS) and the 56 El Rancho Locos (ERLS) have gone defunct due to longstanding street wars with the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). In recent years, the striving Playboys 13 clique in the Rancho area has been the Four Tray Most Hated Lokotes (43MHLS) Originally the Most Hated Lokotes were a small tagger crew known simply as 'MHK' or Most Hated Krew they were taken under the wing the Evil Side Playboys in 2012 due to the former tagger crew's willingness to fight for the cause of the Eastside Playboys. The Four Tray clique of the Eastside Playboys is known to be one of the most violent, having had a long standing feud with the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) since before they even became an offshoot of the Eastside Playboys. Allies of the Playboy Surenos include and are for the most part limited to; Crazy Riders 13 (CRS), Carnales 13 (CNS) and along with weaker alliances with various Afro-American gangs under the 3x (Trays) card such as the 53 Avalon Gangster Crips (53AGC) and 52 Broadway Gangster Crips (52BGC). They are also known to be on somewhat friendly terms with a few specific Blood gangs who they've managed to attain a mutual understanding with. Their most significant rivals include but aren't limited to; Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13), 18th Street (XV3),, Mid City Stoners (MCS), Jamestown Mafia 41 (JTM41), Ghetto Boyz (GBZ), Florencia 13 (F13), Hang Out Boyz (HOB), Clanton 14 (C14), Drifters 13 (DFS), Diablos 13 (DIA) and the 55 Bunch (55BC). Other rivals of the Playboys include most (if not all) Neighborhood Crip (NHC) gangs along with the East Coast Crip (ECC) gang. Other African-American rivals of the Playboy Surenos include the Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods (RTB), Blood Stone Villains (BSV) and the Black P Stones (BPS).
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