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  1. (( This thread is following the development of someone living in South Los Santos. Pablo Cortez )) Recent: Pablo Cortez was sent to jail and placed into a drug rehab program, spending 6 months away from South Los Santos. He has recently returned back to his home. Now he is battling his addiction. This will follow his development after this. Past: Short Backstory: Pablo "Paco" Cortez is a first gen Mexican American. His Mother worked as a sex worker and came from Mexico with an alleged pimp. Once she touched Los Santos, she was pregnant but shot her alleged pimp. After doing 2 years for self defense, she moved into the Brogue neighborhood. It is unclear about her alliances with the neighborhood, but since then, Paco has grown up in the neighborhood. He was quiet but observant during his first years in elementary school. He would experience a lot of bullying at school, which led to him constantly fighting. After elementary school, he would break out in middle school. His mother would barely be home, and would cause him to be out late. Paco would eventually become more goofy in class, and not take school seriously. He was suspended multiple times in middle school, and now is known for fighting. He is know a freshman in high school, and struggles with day to day problems with living in a gang infested neighborhood.
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