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Found 13 results

  1. This thread will follow the life and development of Javier Martinez young Hispanic male born into the gang culture around him. Ultimately raising to the top of the food chain, becoming a second generation Mexican Mafia member.
  2. This thread will follow the development of Luis Guadalupe, growing up in the Tortilla Flats territory.
  3. THE LIFE OF EZRA HERRERA Ezra Herrera was born into a stable family, with both parents working reasonable jobs and both a brother and sister, two years older and two years younger than Ezra respectively. Ezra always saw the positive side to life, blocking all life’s cons out as a way for him to feel happier. He would always be seen smiling and making jokes inside and outside of school, making him a good person to generally be around. Ezra was always a diligent student, arriving to class on time and always completing assignments. He was heavily involved in sports, playing both basketball and football (soccer), while maintaining straight A’s in most classes. He was on a route to success, which was often reassured by his parents’ constant support of him. On Ezra’s eleventh birthday, his family planned a surprise party for him as a reward for his hard work in school. His father, accompanied by both of Ezra’s siblings drove out to the local bakery to buy a cake for him, however on their way back from the bakery, an 18-wheeler collided with their car, throwing it into a nearby lamp-post. Ezra, who was in school at the time, was picked up by his mother, and was rushed to the ER where the rest of their family was. Ezra and his mother waited at the hospital for hours, only to be told that his siblings passed away during surgery, with his father in a coma. His father, who’s currently in the coma, serves as a constant reminder of Ezra’s vulnerabilities, whilst his siblings remind him of whatever family he had in the past. Ezra slumped into depression over the next year of his life, often flunking school and staying away from home for weeks on end. He dragged himself into a horrible friend group, with most friends affiliated to various varrios around Chamberlain. Ezra currently suffers from depression, however he tries his best to mask it with a positive attitude when in public. He has pursued a career in social media, whilst thinking that the money he could receive from it would benefit his family, with his mother’s addiction to heroin and his father’s current state. The thought of both family and power within the controlling Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats gang has a very appealing effect on Ezra’s mentality, subsequently Ezra has affiliated himself with the gang, and is often seen with several Tortilla Flats gang members. Ezra (left) standing beside a Tortilla Flats gang member (right).
  4. This Thread will follow the life of Sergio Diaz, growing up in Tortilla Flats territory.
  5. DISCLAIMER: This character thread is meant to follow the life of a female gang member on the southside of Los Santos. * Screens may include the implication of sexual activity and explore sensitive topics. *
  6. Lumidee Serrano is a 16 year-old girl living in Los Santos with a heroin-addicted mother. While on the south side one night, she meets a boy her age who is a member of the Tortilla Flats XIII gang. As a close friendship between the two develops, Lumidee eventually makes the decision to run away from home and stay with Arturo Torres in Chamberlain Hills. This thread reveals the course of Lumidee Serrano's life following her move to Chamberlain.
  7. Santiago "Shot-Gun" Salomón was born in August 5th, 1995 in the unforgiving streets of Chamberlain Heights. Born into a life with no father, just a mother who barely had two dimes to rub together Santiago grew up poor. He fell into the same category as other youngsters his age, poor with no father figure. This lead him to connect with other youngsters his age and eventually lead him to fall under the wrong foot-steps and found himself in the gang in the local area "Tortilla Flats Trece". He was only ten years old when he joined the gang "Midget Dukes". He was known for his impulses for violence and blasting off on people like a shotgun if he felt he was disrespected. Shot-Gun soon found himself garnering respect from other homies in the varrio notably Jose "Swifty" Villalobos, and Marco "Maniac" Embry and a-few others. Whenever he put in work for his people to seek retribution he was always seen grasping hold of a shotgun instead of something easier to conceal such as a handgun. Hence he garnered the name "Shot-Gun" for that reason. People in the neighborhood partly feared getting on Shot-Gun's nerves, he has slit personality disorder. The year was 2012 when Shot-Gun turned seventeen. Local law agencies soon pulled over Shot-Gun for drinking and driving without a license in his mothers boomer. He was taken into custody and sent to Twin Towers Correctional Facility (TTCF) were he served three years then was transferred into High Desert County State Prison (HCSP) were he spent time on a level three yard he was twenty years old at this time. He soon became cellies with an inmate named "Loner" at this time he was another person who made a name for himself in the same hood who was friends with Shot-gun he wasn't much older than Shot-Gun maybe by 3ish years. Him and Loner were pretty tight cell-mates. "Loner" had an altercation with some black inmates a-few days prior and tensions were running high in the prison between the Southerners and the Blacks. The blacks soon began to plan out a hit on "Loner" knowing full-well that a massive racial riot would occur because of it. Shot-Gun had his ears out, and learnt about the blacks intentions. He told his cellie "Loner" that the blacks were planning on stabbing him up then word got out to other Southerners and a riot took-place. Shot-Gun might've saved "Loner" from entering a body bag that night. "Loner" soon found himself getting released nearly a decade earlier than Shot-Gun and soon made a-huge name for himself on the streets who grew to become dominant, and extremely powerful and influential. Shot-Gun on the other hand, he found himself getting released not too long ago on November 10th, 2020 after serving eight years. (This is the backstory, and won't be edited further upon, the screen shots will elaborate on the story and evolve.)
  8. Ciri 'Kujo' Carranza is an 18 year old gangmember of the notorious Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 gang. Recently being released from incarceration, Kujo has returned back to his home. Kujo is an aspiring rapper however is constantly at conflict between his gang-life and rap career, often having to choose between the latter. This thread will follow the progression of Kujo.
  9. Bartolome 'Chato' Garcia Origins Bartolome is a middle-aged man living in Chamberlain Hills. He is a Mexican American born in Los Santos, his great grandfather immigrated into Los Santos during the Mexican Revolution that forced Mexicans to immigrate between 1910 and 1919. Family He has no family currently alive and is a widower, he has no interests of re-marrying or having children. He tries to treat the community around him as family and is always caring. Affiliation Bartolome is affiliated with Tortilla Flats 13, he works under the Gunners clique and does mediocre business. He isn't into petty crime but instead orders his little homies to do things for him.
  10. ╚»★«╝ ╚»★«╝ FELICIA MARGARIDA A.K.A: Blue Height: 5'5'' Weight: 121 lbs LETICIA MARGARIDA A.K.A: Leti Height: 5'6'' Weight: 126 lbs --------------x-------------- ╚»★«╝ ╚»★«╝
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