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Found 18 results

  1. Rafael was born and raised in South Los, more specifically the Rancho neighborhood. From a young age Rafael was exposed to violence and drug use from his various family members, many of whom were initiated gang members of VR13. Rafael was very close specifically with his uncle, Carlos "Lefty" Méndez, a validated member of the Mexican Mafia. Rafael was groomed to join his family members in the Varrio Rancho Trece gang and when the time came, he did. After a string of RICO charges swept up the Rancho shotcaller Big Smiley Espinoza and rendered VR13 nearly defunct, Bestia, Silent, Lenta resumed the operations of the gang dodging charges themselves. Unfortunately Bestia and Lenta would not be able to escape the claws of law enforcement for long, both were sent to prison on unrelated charges. Bestia spent 15 years in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. More specifically at the high security facility at USP Victorville and then medium security USP Lompoc. He was released to a city and gang he barely recognized. The only familiar faces being Lenta, Snappy who had grown from the small 12 year old Rafael last knew and Demon, who was the de facto leader of S/S Varrio Rancho 13. Méndez began slowly consolidating his power and generally staying out of the internal Rancho politics, some of which spilled over to violence. Most of Rafael's attention at the time was focused on restoring his funds, which he has done. From the time of his release from the BOP until the present day, he's watched his varrio feel the full might of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department and seen the negative consequences of such police scrutiny. This is what led to the restructuring of S/S VR13, with Bestia at the head of the table. Under his leadership the gang's operations had become much more clandestine. Due to his connections in other cities such as San Diego, Las Vegas and even across the border in Tijuana, VR13 has been able to endure and thrive despite their conflicts with various rival gangs simultaneously. Under his leadership the gang has become much more organized, unified and militant. The petty childish infighting was put swiftly to an end and the gang has been focused heavily on narcotics sales. Rafael had taken a large step back from day to day operations of the gang and continues to exert influence through his lieutenants, the chief lieutenant being "Boxer" Pérez. Unfortunately the S/S VR13 street gang would be hit with another RICO indictment and subsequent federal investigation that cut the head from the snake of the organization and rendered the gang basically defunct. This was a major blow to Bestia's revenue stream and he was narrowly escaped a life sentence himself. However Rafael had his sights set on higher ambitions than leading the most hated gang in the city. Throughout his criminal career Rafael had the privilege of making the acquaintance of five Carnales (Made Mexican Mafia members) before being brought into the fold himself. It's common for a Sureno to go their entire gang career without even making the acquaintance of even one of the illusive Emeros. Because of this Bestia was tasked to take on certain responsibilities by the Carnales, in service of the Eme. Like his introduction to the gang life, he was shown the ropes of ''the life'' by his mentors Damian "Devil" Reyes and Eric "Scrappy" Suarez. He had made the key connections and interactions with other infamous Carnales such as Victor "Midget" Arroyo and James "Shady Dos" Gallegos during the time he spent locked up. When the time came, his name was put up for membership. In the Mexican Mafia a prospective member is brought in by 1 other carnal who is then called his Padrino. Due to Bestia's reputation, income earned and acts done in service to the Eme his vote was quickly accepted and supported by all of the Carnales who were running the show at the time. After a federal RICO indictment whisked off Devil, Scrappy and finally Big Midget to the ADX Florence Federal Super Max prison (the same facility that El Chapo, Larry Hoover and The Uni Bomber are housed at), Bestia stepped up to his seat at the mesa with other notorious Carnales such as Dominic "Devious" Ruelas and the late Santos "Cuatro" Ortega.
  2. "Damn, they don't makem like this anymore." The purpose of this thread is to follow the life and times of Selena "Miel" Ventura. Selena is a 25 year old Mexican/American from South Central, South Rancho to be exact. She was raised by her single mother along side her older brother who is serving time for a possession charge. Selena's father was murdered while she was only ten years old which caused her to rebel at an early age. Eventually, she'd start getting into trouble along side her homegirls. Together, they would form a female clique under the S/S Rancheros 13 that would later be known as The Frontline Lokaz. Selena's role in the gang included (but not limited to): extortion, racketeering, and money laundering. However, she gained the nickname "Miel" because of her silver tongue, wittiness and beauty. She'd use the tools given to her to lure men into setups, briberies and blackmail. After running game from the ages of 16 to 19, Selena and her clique managed to make a name for themselves, but at a cost. Not too long after a major gang injunction placed on the Sureños of South Rancho, majority of Selena's friends were incarcerated for committing may acts of violence crimes, resulting in several long time prison sentences. The only reason Selena didn't meet the same fate is because she relocated in the summer of 2014 to Florida in hopes of ridding her mother of breast cancer at Florida's Hospital Cancer Institute. When Selena arrived back to her home state, she was met with a lot of heart break and familiar faces. She moved back into her mother's house in South Rancho where she eventually would link up with her long lost love interest, several younger female bangers that she used to mentor and her dog Tito who she swears is just a puppy but in actuality he is a beast of a K9. She found it hard to go back to her old ways of banging and has now decided to perhaps start a family with her boyfriend. Selena's life has changed dramatically from when she was just Miel from the block but as an older clique member once said, "You can take the bitch out the hood but the hood will always be in that bitch." -------------RETURN OF THE GOLDEN AGE------------- After spending nearly two years settling back into the Varrio, Selena finds herself faced with the difficult task of raising her child practically by herself. Turning back to the streets after dropping out of college seemed to be the only way Selena could ensure she'd be able to not only provide for her daughter but also save her sick mother's life. Whether it be ripping unsuspecting victims off or selling contraband, Ventura was willing and able to do just about anything to prove to herself that she could bare her own cross. To do so, she leaned on the people who never lead her astray, who never turned their backs on her in her time of need. She turned to her sisters, her true Familia, The Frontline Lokaz of Varrio Rancho Trece. Together, these band of high school drop outs, misfits, and ghetto fabulous version of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling pants" would look to work together to bring back the infamy as well as the pride that once coated the name "Frontline". With the return of their monarch Yvette "Lenta" Rocha, the united front of FL consisting of key members such as Camila "Garra" Delgado, Adriana "Barbie" Toledano, Selena "Miel" Ventura, Mireia "Timid" Chavarria, Tatiana "Rogue" Aparicio, and Josephine "Giggles" Pineda look to forever prosper and thrive. To Be Continued...
  3. Full Name: Patricio 'DASH' Jiménez Age: 15 Birthplace: Rancho, Los Santos Ethnicity: Mexican-American Personality: Ambitious, Selfish, Optimistic, Short Tempered Family & Relatives: Isabella Jiménez [Formerly Mejia] [Mother] Rodrigo Jiménez [Father] Valentina Jiménez [Sister] Their Story: Patricio, born August 30th, 2006 to Isabella and Rodrigo Jiménez. Growing up in the Jamestown Projects, life was never easy for Patricio’s family. His father, Rodrigo was serving a 15 year sentence for armed robbery and battery. It was up to his mother, who worked two jobs to provide for him and his older sister, leaving her to spend little to no time with the kids. Valentina would look out for her younger brother, Patricio, acting as a parent; assuring he’d have something to eat every night. Being not that far off in age the pair were relatively close until his sister met her now ‘boyfriend’ Victor who slowly manipulated her into the fast life. She’d move on to become a dancer, travelling cities and different clubs. Patricio soon found himself fending for himself, his sister left to live a life that his mother didn’t agree with. Patricio would spend most of his free time outside, playing basketball or riding around on his BMX but for the times he’d be in the house, he’d be writing rhymes to instrumentals he’d find on Youtube being influenced by some of his favorite artists. Using the small amount of money his mother would leave him every other day before going to work, Patricio would hit the corner store in attempt to shoplift more than he paid for, stealing mostly snacks and junk food; often times leading to him being chased out the store by the working clerk. As of recently, he'd find himself mixed with the wrong crowd as his life took an unexpected turn. Flaws: Patricio’s knowledge would lean more to the streets than the books. His ambitious attitude while being a good thing, would feed onto Patricio's selfishness. He’d act in the best interest for himself and the people he cares for most. Patricio would be short tempered when it came to disagreements he’d have with his peers, especially if someone were to bring up his sister and her street career, dancing. This thread will follow the story of Patricio Jimenez
  4. JULIAN "HECTIC" ALONZO LEGAL NAME Julian Mateo Alonzo ETHNICITY Cuban-American BACKSTORY Julian grew up around drugs, his father was (No) good- Keeping him alive for his younger years; corruption and smuggling, his father did best. Making most his money in the drug business. Julian wasn't part of his fathers endeavors, and his father kept him out of the loop and in the dark, but Julian wasn't stupid, hiding when the police showed was a regular occurrence, and telling his friends that his father drove "Cargo Boats" for a living was the norm. His mother kept in the house mostly, only leaving for groceries or supplies, she was a well mannered lady around thirty five like his father. She had friends, though most of them were her husbands-friends wives, as Ricardo didn't allow her to speak to whom he didn't know. His life was simple, school, help around the house, don't speak about his father in public... That all changed around his ninth birthday. The day started normal, but ended in one fatality, and Julian and his mother becoming fugitives. Illegally immigrating into Los Santos, they seeked asylum in the lower class section of South LS, he's trying just to stay alive and keep his Mother safe, with his father being slain by police. He's haunted by the constant reminder of how he knows it might all end. He starts his story, here in Rancho. FOLLOW UP (JUNE 2021) Julian has found himself becoming heavily affiliated with the upcoming Varrio Rancho 13 clique Curbside Baby Winos, which is ran by Julian's brother figure Elijah "Tiny Temper" Munoz, who he met in summer school and re-connected with later on in the year, despite their age gap about two to three years, the duo gets together extremely well. Elijah Munoz is honestly a terrible influence and person to look up too, but Julian has found nobody else like him. Julian is more loyal to Munoz than anybody in the entire hood, as he provides a roof over his head when his parent's get angry with him. Julian is slowly becoming just as much of an addict as Munoz, and god knows what other traits he will pick up along the way, at only the age of 15, Julian Alonzo has become heavily educated on the culture and lifestyle his "older brother" lives in, and is becoming more intelligent on specific things to street crimes and how to do them, to fire arms and narcotics. KNOWN FLAWS Bad eyesight leads him to wear a heavy prescription, though he rarely does. His hard headed-ness keeps most people away from him, and his drug use in his early teen years has caught up with him, suffering withdraws and bad trips. Julian is a different kid on his "special medicine" but is still sociable like usual. TRIGGER WARNING: This thread is showing the life of a kid growing up in one of the most dangerous areas of Los Santos, this thread will include many sensitive scenes, topics and situations that could trigger people, viewer discretion is advised.
  5. This thread will follow the story of Tatiana 'Rogue' Aparicio. A surena affiliated with the Frontline Lokaz clique, Rancho Trece gang.
  6. Damien ''Danger'' Cabello Current Age: 18 Birthplace: Rancho, Los Santos Ethnicity: Hispanic / African American Personality Damien comes off as a very broken child, quiet around people he doesn't know or trust but he is always listening, and remembering everything he hears, He will sometimes use his charisma to get into people's heads for what he or the people around him might need, an extremely good negotiator and planner, he is a loyal kid to the ones who he cares for, respecting authority and the people who deserve it, but cruel and ruthless to those he dislikes. He hides all of his pain and emotion in a mental balloon, but when that balloon pops it can go south quickly, for better or worse, as for his traits he shows plenty of traits that could trace back to multiple illnesses such as narcissism, bipolar disorder, autism and more. Family: Valentina Cabello [Mother] [Status: Alive] Malik Summers [Father] [Status: Unknown] Chavela Cabello [Abuela] [Status: Unknown] Known Flaws: Damien can be a very cruel person, though he is quiet and respects his authorities, when he lets out the emotion he bottles in he can be hyper-active and make decisions that are not the best for him or the people around him, to add on...Damien is a very curious and manipulative person, liking to know as much as he can to feel a step ahead of people, and If in one of his moments, he can be extremely loud and disrespectful. Damien can rarely take something serious and usually finds himself in a frenzy of laughter. Backstory: Damien has been in Los Santos all of his life, more specifically Rancho all his life, his mother and father had him during their teenage years right before the two graduated high-school, technically, Damien was an accident, his mother had no regrets of having him, however, his father did. Damien's father hated him..so much that his entire mood changed as years went by, his father, Malik would constantly drink in the house and abuse young Damien and his mother, as years went by Damien grew more and more hatred in his body for Malik, never referring to him as his father, never even acknowledging his existence when he would get home from school, most of the days doing his homework before leaving the house the moment he was done, and if he wasn't in his room with the door locked, he was outside sleeping at a friends house. Damien was an outcast of his family, his mother's side of the family mainly disliking him due to his father and his actions, and due to that Damien was rarely accepted at the family events (birthday parties, Christmas parties, etc.) Being picked on by other family members, family friends, or party guests, he had convinced himself that his mother didn't care about him due to her avoiding to help him through his dark times and protecting himself from the verbal and physical he received from her family and boyfriend. Damien would eventually reach his pre-teen years where a mental health crisis was imminent, school counselors cracking down and helping children who would be going through things at home, but out of respect Damien would never talk about his problems, everyone in the school knew he had problems but he could fake a smile like no one else, he stood out and everyone noticed, though no one bothered him through his elementary years, the only issues he had in school persisted when he graduated to Middle School, which meant he had to go to a new school, where he was little to nothing besides to those in his grade level, as months went by in the new school he would be bullied and picked on by the older children because to them, he was an outsider...One day they caught him outside and beat him, robbing him of his books, phone, and anything else on him, and like most things Damien hid the pain from them, even though rage and anger fueled his body after the beating he accepted it and walked home covered in dirt and bruises, attempting to go to his room his father would yell at him, teasing him for the dirt and the beating, telling him he wasn't man enough and that was his father's biggest mistake, Damien would burst like a balloon full of emotion, emitting all of the rage and anger from the day, and his life, he knew his father was stronger than him mentally and physically but he didn't care, he grabbed the closest bottle and slammed it to his father's head from behind, using the very little strength he had to jam the glass into the back of his skull, as his father fell off the couch unconscious and onto the coffee table, the sound of the legs of the table cracking, the glass in the coffee table shattering his mother would rush out of the bathroom and all she saw was Damien standing over his father's body, beating him with the leg of the coffee table until he noticed her, setting the leg down as his mother shouted, screaming at him in pure rage as she saw Malik's unconscious body on the now blood stained carpet. Damien would storm out of the house and run away for multiple days with no intent to return, still attending school but never returning to the house, though he would have too eventually as word got to his school about his runaway and notified police, which dropped him back at his house where he returned to only his mother...who had informed Damien whilst in tears that Malik had left her and the city, she tried to sugar-coat it so Damien wouldn't feel the guilt, but he knew it was his fault, and because of his outbursts and actions, there would be no man in the house, so his mother got employed as a stripper, and officially kicking him out of the house out of rage and sadness, he went to where every troubled child goes, the streets. WARNING: This thread is showing the life of a kid growing up in one of the most dangerous areas of Los Santos, this thread will include many sensitive scenes, topics and situations that could trigger people, viewer discretion is advised. This new thread will continue the story of Damien Cabello, at 15.
  7. Camila DeCastro Camila Delgado is 17 (now 25) years old, Rancho born and raised. Down for just about anything to prove her worth and get by. Currently she lives alone with her mother, has no brothers or sisters, and lost her father at the age of eight to gang disputes. Having a lack of it, family is important to Camila and she will do all she can to protect them. La familia no siempre es sangre. This thread will follow the ups and downs of her current prospects and general life.
  8. Rubén Flores, commonly referred to as "Stomper" or by close friends, "Ruby/Rubén", is a eighteen year old egotistical gangbanging teenager with strong sociopathic tendencies. Stemming from a broken household with an alcoholic father that can barely speak English, a mother that has long since departed from his life and a sister with generalized anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder, it was only natural that Flores would find a home elsewhere. Flores' new family has become SSVR13's Never Gave a Fuck clique, falling in with the group of dope-dealing, murderous gangbangers. His first serious involvement in gang life consisted of his association with Joseph "Felon" Barela, Edward "Wicked" Ramos and Danielle "Traviesa" Pineda. The group of malcontent and lost teenagers initially simply conducted petty crimes, ranging from grand theft auto to your pretty standard run of the mill drug dealing. He eventually made a serious name for himself upon smuggling a phone into TTCF and delivering it to Hector "Demon" DeCastro. Time carried on however, and entering the new year, whilst Flores had made a name for himself, many of his old friends and associates were dead in a gutter or long gone. Joseph "Felon" Barela, Angela "Diabla" Olivares, Richard "Creature" Ramos all had their lives cut short due to gang violence. These two deaths that he had witnessed and partially been responsible for continued to haunt Flores for a long time. As things settled down and an injunction was issued, Flores now found himself put under the aforementioned Edward "Wicked" Ramos and after helping dispose of a body with her, found himself dating Tatiana "Rogue" Aparicio. He also soon became acquainted with Anthony "Rider" Ramirez and Aoi "Trickz/Ace/Rocket" Montoya, conducting various home invasions, acts of petty armed robbery and outright burglaries. Flores continues becoming more and more entrenched within the gang, before eventually being summoned for apparently having snitched to law enforcement. This turns out to be false however, as Flores get jumped into the gang by Edwin "Havoc" Loera, Daniel "Popeye" Fransisco and Jorge "Snappy" Laza. During the same night, Freddie "Maniak" Romero is also jumped into the gang before the newly jumped in members are told to depart. Flores celebrates a hollow victory, being the only non-deceased or non-imprisoned younger member of the gang at the time. The next month turned out to be the true test for Flores, as conflicts between various cliques within the gang arose. By the end of it, Jalen "Bandit" Massey, Carlos Molina, Cristian "Puppet" Ibarra, Esteban "Termite" Bustos have all of their lives cut short at an incredibly young age. The conflict did at least have some good, having grown closer with three other individuals in particular. Time, however, did its thing and Flores cut short the lives of individuals he didn't even know. Gang beef grew hotter in Southern South Central and Flores took his first life, gunning down a male his age around three in the morning. Karma is, unfortunately, a bitch. Following the incident, Flores attempts to de-engage himself from actively putting his neck on the line, instead opting to put Guillermo "Hulk" Escalada and Martin "Short" Aguilar under him. These events unfortunately did not lead to the desired outcome that Flores wanted. Only a few days later, Flores was detained while actively on the prowl for rival gang members to shoot. While temporarily held in Los Santos' own TTCF, Flores continued to get down to work, securing his comfort by any means possible. The charges pinned against him didn't stick, and the day of his release Flores got back to putting in work for the gang. Flores kept on putting work and slowly but surely ensured his position. First being delegated the responsibility of handling and collecting tax for his clique, and then being delegated the responsibility of acting as an enforcer of the clique. However, with the disappearance of Edward "Wicked" Ramos and Josephine "Giggles" Pineda, order in Flores' affiliated clique began to dissipate, with drastic measures often having to be taken to even secure order. For the next two weeks, what effectively surmounted to tensions between Flores and Anthony "Rider" Ramirez built, with Flores' only downtime spent on reminiscing about the past. Flores pressed on however, and began to secure a reputation as a authoritative figure among the gang and began running schemes more akin to white collar crime. And now, Flores finds himself conducting business with the highest most upper echelons of the gang on a near consistent basis. Either in the form as acting as what amounted to an errand boy for Hector "Demon" DeCastro or being a straight up hit man for Yvette "La Lenta/La Tweaker" Rocha.
  9. Edwin 'Havoc' Loera https://face.gta.world/yungmoneymaker Edwin Loera, an 18 years old teenager from Rancho. Loera was born and raised in Rancho, he grew up living among a generation of gangsters and creating his personality around them. The struggle for Edwin only just began when he lost his father and was only left with his mother to live in misery. He's the only child in the family and that makes it extra hard for him to keep up. His mother tried her best to keep Edwin away from this life, she was scared that her son will give in and what seems to be a fun play outside with friends could turn into something bigger but she knew she can't have her eyes on him all the time, since he was hiding from her as well. Edwin has always had that attitude of a troublemake, even in school he'd usually get suspended, his grades would be low, he admired graffitis and due to that he used to do small ones on the walls at school, he'd fight other kids usually and bully. School really didn't made much difference for Loera, since he believed he doesn't need it. From an early age he's had a passion for drawing, he'd sketch things up, make graffiti, even tattoos. However, as of recent, since he started hanging out with locals from Rancho, Edwin's mindset has been heavily influenced not only by locals and gang members but also from the old school Chicano raps he's been listening to. He became more focused on money and it has become his priority. As he sought an option to get out of this misery, help his mother out so she doesn't have to worry about bills anymore and in generally buy himself the designer clothes and cool vehicles he's seen on music videos, he decided to get deeper into the streets. Edwin began with small amounts of weed that he in fact struggled to get rid of in his first days but with the help of Kelly 'Huero' Miller, a local of Rancho back then who helped Edwin out, he made his first sale. What he earned wasn't much but it was something. He took tips from Huero, since both of them were on the same wave - paper chasing. Loera quickly created an account in FaceBrowser, where he used a fake identity to freely offer his products to the community on the website. Not long after, he made his second sale, his dedication was growing bigger. Jacob 'Osito' Dominguez, a member of the SSVR13 gang noticed Loera's dedication and quickly offered him to become a part of the newly formed clique "Project Diablos". Edwin didn't give it a second thought, he knew if he makes it in, he will be making money in no time, so he accepted the offer. Osito's words towards Edwin motivated him even more, he felt proud of his own dedication after receiving more work from Osito. Unfortunately enough, when Loera looked out for Osito again the next day, he found out the guy who only just gave a him a headstart was dead. Osito was shot and killed by rival gang members the same night. The fact this was real didn't really make Edwin back off, he definitely felt like he's lost a family member but that only motivated him to prove himself, in the name of Osito. From this day on, Project Diablos was never the same. The members of the clique were all over the place, not having the any guidance. Soon after, Project Diablos died out, it really died with Osito. It was hard for its members to move on, but eventually they all did. For a few days, Edwin was struggling once again financially, he had no work to do and that didn't look quite well, considering he was unknown around the hood and nobody really noticed him, since he became somewhat a loner. In reality, he didn't really want to part himself from the rest, it was just the pressure that he has literally nothing and his life is just going to shit at this point, with his mother constantly shouting at him additionally. However, those dark days didn't last long. Fortunately enough, Hector 'Demon' DeCastro, another member of the gang offered Edwin to get down with the newly formed clique "Never Gave a Fuck" or shortly "NGF" and Edwin was quick to take the opportunity. He soon after started his hustle again and this time was cashing out with bigger amounts. The tips and tricks picked from Kelly 'Huero' Miller and some created by himself really worked out well. Edwin made his first tattoos on his 18th birthday, he in fact changed his style, driven by the money. Loera never really wasted his time with unnecessary things around, his only intentions were to keep a low profile, which he was doing perfectly fine, earn money and guide new faces around the hood, other teenagers who are also struggling like him. He even managed to pull Mireia Chavarria - a girl who's got bullied by the female's clique, into NGF, he'd teach us everything he knew about the hustle and how the things around the hood go. Fast forward into this, Edwin's effort to become known around the hood and earn some respect on the streets has paid off. He got initiated into the gang, going through 13 seconds of hell. That was the day in which Edwin 'Havoc' Loera signed up for a life sentence or death, in the name of the gang - South Side Varrio Rancho 13 and his clique - Never Gave a Fuck.
  10. Full Name: Arturo Salazar Age: 13. Birthplace: Vice City Flaws: Susceptible, colourblind, unreasonable Personality: Troublesome, joyful, hyperactive, jokster, cynical, trickster, unpredictable Family & Relatives: Mother- Patricia Salazar, Father Maximilliano Salazar - incarcerated for numerous felony charges. Their Story: Arturo, born to a horrible roll model and an alchoholic mother in Vice City, two years after his birth his parents had to move to San Andreas to take advantage of the Welfare and free health care act. Arturo's upbringing was pretty decent at first although not perfect it soon shifted to accustom the average South Central residence, Maximilliano was sent upstate for felony charges. Patricia began an excessive habit of drinking, making Arturo uncomfortable so he began to annoy someone else other than his mom, this time in the streets of the Varrio.--------------------?--------------------------------?-----------------?
  11. Alcatraz Garcia, also more known as 'Flaka' or 'Bones', a nickname given to her by the local South Side Rancho XIII gang, was born in Los Santos, lived almost all of her childhood in the Jamestown area of Rancho, Davis. Her parents left her to her grandmother at the age of 11 where all she did is go to school and come back to spend the day doing nothing due to the poor living conditions that they were both living in. Barely any money to spare after the bills and whatever food they buy to not starve to death. Alcatraz had to mature very early on, understanding that she can't get everything she wanted and instead just saving up whatever money she can, even little pennies stuck inbetween the couches that were lost and forgotten. Her parents didn't support her nor her grandmother financially at all, infact, she was left behind so her parents can sell their apartment and escape up to Sandy where the cost of living was cheaper and they didn't have to spend money on the girl. There was no struggle to fight child protective services as Alcatraz herself enjoyed staying with her grandmother. Having been forced to mature early on, Alcatraz got to understand what money really means, what actions mean, and their consequences. Originally, the shy and frail girl started hanging around the hood at the age of 15 where she was introduced to the person that will eventually flip her life upside down, and that's The Tweaker, Lenta. Yvette, the godmother of the Frontline Lokaz and it's founder is the single reason Alcatraz is the way she is now. She took her under her wing, had her be her little helper throughout the years to come, and Alcatraz's loyalty lies completely with Yvette. Wherever Yvette points, Alcatraz goes without questioning it. She first met Lenta outside the second day she started hanging around the locals and gang members. A 15 year old kid with alot of time on her hand and the will to do anything for money to try and help her grandmother. Lenta quickly abused that. However, there were two others that heavily impacted her life. Barbie has had a massive effect on Alcatraz's life and career infact. She helped her get started in tattooing, albeit the fact that Alcatraz accidently snitched on her and Maria earlier that week when she first came around. Barbie always encouraged Alcatraz and wanted her to persuit her dream of becoming a tattoo artist, and thus, she bought her the first ever tattoo kit that Alcatraz owned, right off the internet, and that's how she started to get in tattooing. This is a favor that Alcatraz never forgot, and even later on in her life, she helped an aspiring young tattoo artist the same way Barbie helped her. Luciana on the other hand or more known as 'Frost is Alcatraz's best friend and used to be her backbone. Alcatraz simply couldn't shit without Lucy and vise versa, they both needed eachother growing up. Alcatraz had seen Lucy kill, and this was one of the main reasons that Alcatraz seeked to be her firend - she wanted someone capable of handling themselves and due to her -Now nonexistant- paranoia back then, she wanted someone to hide behind, but instead they both grew to be best friends, a ride till the end type of deal. However, not all good things last. In later years, Lucy was locked up, and came out a tired woman, unable to do her duties as a gang member anymore, both of them grew out of the street life, and Alcatraz, in the time when Luciana was in prison, got used to being alone. And the rest of the story is for you to find out...
  12. This thread is made & will be used to follow the development and story of my character Emilio "Scarface" Nunez. A teen, recently back out of the juvenile detention center, quickly facing severe and dramatic changes in his life, after his mother has finally reached a breaking point in their relationship. He's cast out into the streets, now trying to make ends meet by joining with local gang members in the flats area. Rancho 13
  13. Nicholas Longines, known in his social group as RIVAL is a 15 year old tagbanger from South Central Los Santos. He is the half brother of Ramon Machado and is also has various relatives who gangbanged for local Rancho street gangs in decades past. Nicholas is the second youngest child i his family, at 15 years old & was born in late 2005. Nicholas Longines is multi-racial. His racial mix consists of Mexican-American on his mother's side, and Salvadoran-American on his father's side. Nicholas originally lived with his mother after she split up with Nicholas' father, his mother. Ali Longines moved her son out of Rancho in an effort to shield him from the drug and gang violence that takes place in her home neighbourhood. The mother and son found themselves drifting between homeless shelters across South Central and the Downtown core of Los Santos. This was a time in which Nicholas' was carelessly allowed to walk the streets, despite then only being a young child. When Nicholas was 8 years old his mother died from a heroin overdose in an alleyway close to a charitable food bank which can still be found in Downtown Los Santos. After his mother's passing, Nicholas didn't go to CPS nor did anybody know where he had been. He simply wandered the streets for months on end, living off of whatever scraps he could find for himself. However, it wasn't long before Nicholas found himself in Rancho. This is where he was found sleeping behind a dumpster in the Jamestown Projects by his half-brother. From then on Nicholas moved in with Ramon and their father in South Rancho. While living in the aforementioned impoverished neighbourhood, not only did they have miserable lives within their childhood homes, but they were additionally subjugated to witnessing everyday street crimes of a violent & sexual nature which were directly connected to various white, black and Latino street gangs. Their miserable home lives, compounded by being practically raised in some of the worst neighbourhoods of Los Santos, has led both of them to experience a very large degree of emotional detachment, along with cynical, pessimistic and nihilistic mentalities from very young ages. Shortly after they entered junior high schools together, during the onset of their teenage years, they began playing sports at their schools for the very first time while simultaneously getting involved with petty crimes in the streets. Nicholas's first arrest without charge came at the age of 13. If the boys weren't bullying other kids within their attended schools, or if they weren't occupied with team sports after school, they were active petty crooks in the streets who loitered in public places, severely vandalized private property, shoplifted valuables from stores & supermarkets along with robbed people with knives and replica handguns. Nicholas and his older half-brother, Ramon, have virtually been left to fend for themselves, by their family, in the worst off neighbourhoods in all of Los Santos. The two of them aren't even in their 20s yet, but are forced to lie, cheat, rob and steal in order to make a living for themselves; in order to survive in the streets. Exposed to drugs, money and murder from extremely young ages, they have partaken in various crimes, petty and severe, that include: theft, robbery, armed robbery, burglary, grand theft auto and hard drug sales. In order to maximize their monetary earnings through living a life of crime, Ramon dropped out of school at the age of 16 and Nicholas has since been expelled from the Davis Centennial High School at the age of 15. Ramon has made no effort to get a GED and Nicholas has no plans of going back to high school. Both boys will continue to do what they've always known in order to survive in the streets, even if it costs them their long-term freedom and potentially their lives as they know them to be.
  14. Mia Vasquez, nicknamed Pirata (Pirate in English) for her obsessive desire to commit the act of robbery, is a late teen hailing from Rancho. Indoctrinated to the point she values her gang more than anything in the world, this scummy female will happily relieve you of all your possessions, just so she can feel that rush...one more time. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We pillage, plunder, we rifle and loot. Stand up me hearties, yo ho. We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot. Stand up me hearties, yo ho.
  15. Ryan originally grew up in a very loving family, however the burden of having a child and being unable to support them full grew too much for his father. His father who was an immigrant to this country didn't have any qualifications and could only work menial jobs. Not being able to provide properly for his family, this resulted in the parents splitting and the father moving away. His mother gained full custody and Ryan stayed with her in Hawick the majority of the time. Completely shielded from gang life, he faced other issues in school. Due to his social awkwardness he was bullied through his school years, only causing Ryan to become timid and afraid of everyone around him. The constant bullying mounted upon Ryan and he lashed out at home, ruining every relationship his mother tried to get in as well as succumbing to his addictive personality and over-indulged which of course only led to more bullying. He constantly skipped school to stay at home and play video games, generally becoming a nerdy shut in. After flunking high school and continuing to ruin any sort of chance his mother had at a relationship, enough was enough. She sent Ryan to go live with his father hoping that father could whip him into shape figuratively and literally. This thread follows the journey of a socially awkward and overweight teen into a dark downwards spiral of drugs, money and gangs.
  16. (Anthony Moreno, 17) Born into a family of Cuban & Mexican heritage, Tony is a native of Rancho projects in his mid teens. He's a student at the local Davis High School, a school attended by many young gang members from different neighborhoods of South Los Santos. His parents divorced when he was seven years old and Tony spends most of his time at his mother's apartment in the projects. Tony is highly inspired by art - street art in particular, the visual representation of the culture that surrounds him. He takes pride in his Latino roots. Tony has a knack for drawing, which he does so in his free time. This thread focuses on life, shenanigans and travels of Rancho youth Tony Moreno. Some of the events showcased in this topic will follow a nonlinear narrative.
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