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Found 14 results

  1. Rubén Flores, commonly referred to as "Stomper" or by close friends, "Ruby", is a seventeen year old egotistical gangbanging teenager with strong sociopathic tendencies. Stemming from a broken household with an alcoholic father that can barely speak English, a mother that has long since departed from his life and a sister with generalized anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder, it was only natural that Flores would find a home elsewhere. Flores' new family has become SSVR13's Never Gave a Fuck clique, falling in with the group of dope-dealing, murderous gangbangers. His first ser
  2. Camila Delgado Camila Delgado is 17 years old, Rancho born and raised. Down for just about anything to prove her worth and get by. Currently she lives alone with her mother, has no brothers or sisters, and lost her father at the age of eight to gang disputes. Having a lack of it, family is important to Camila and she will do all she can to protect them. La familia no siempre es sangre. This thread will follow the ups and downs of her current prospects and general life.
  3. "Damn, they don't makem like this anymore." The purpose of this thread is to follow the life and times of Selena "Miel" Ventura. Selena is a 25 year old Mexican/American from South Central, South Rancho to be exact. She was raised by her single mother along side her older brother who is serving time for a possession charge. Selena's father was murdered while she was only ten years old which caused her to rebel at an early age. Eventually, she'd start getting into trouble along side her homegirls. Together, they would form a female clique under th
  4. BARBIE Adriana 'Barbie' Toledano is a 22 year old Mexican-American girl from Rancho. Born into poverty, abuse and unstability, she quickly developed her personality around male approval. Her baby face gave her the nickname Barbie since her early teens. After being kicked out by her tia due to Barbie's unwillingness to help pay the bills and do something else than fight on Instagram live with girls her age, she has to face the reality of being on the street with no one to care for her.
  5. Full Name: Arturo Salazar Age: 13. Birthplace: Vice City Flaws: Susceptible, colourblind, unreasonable Personality: Troublesome, joyful, hyperactive, jokster, cynical, trickster, unpredictable Family & Relatives: Mother- Patricia Salazar, Father Maximillia
  6. Edwin 'Havoc' Loera https://face.gta.world/yungmoneymaker Edwin Loera, an 18 years old teenager from Rancho. Loera was born and raised in Rancho, he grew up living among a generation of gangsters and creating his personality around them. The struggle for Edwin only just began when he lost his father and was only left with his mother to live in misery. He's the only child in the family and that makes it extra hard for him to keep up. His mother tried her best to keep Edwin away from this life, she was scared that her son will give in and wh
  7. Alcatraz Garcia, also more known as 'Flaka' or 'Bones', a nickname given to her by the local South Side Rancho XIII gang, was born in Los Santos, lived almost all of her childhood in the Jamestown area of Rancho, Davis. Her parents left her to her grandmother at the age of 11 where all she did is go to school and come back to spend the day doing nothing due to the poor living conditions that they were both living in. Barely any money to spare after the bills and whatever food they buy to not starve to death. Alcatraz had to mature very early on, understanding that she can't get everything she
  8. This thread is made & will be used to follow the development and story of my character Emilio "Scarface" Nunez. A teen, recently back out of the juvenile detention center, quickly facing severe and dramatic changes in his life, after his mother has finally reached a breaking point in their relationship. He's cast out into the streets, now trying to make ends meet by joining with local gang members in the flats area. Rancho 13
  9. ( Luis 'Big Smiley' Espinoza & Javier 'Silent' Cazalla ) Javier 'Silent' Cazalla is 36 year old S/S Rancheros 13 veterano who was just recently released from an extended prison sentence. This thread will focus on how Silent alongside his childhood friend, Luis 'Big Smiley' Espinoza, adjust to the new world they were released into.
  10. Nicholas Longines, known in his social group as RIVAL is a 15 year old tagbanger from South Central Los Santos. He is the half brother of Ramon Machado and is also has various relatives who gangbanged for local Rancho street gangs in decades past. Nicholas is the second youngest child i his family, at 15 years old & was born in late 2005. Nicholas Longines is multi-racial. His racial mix consists of Mexican-American on his mother's side, and Salvadoran-American on his father's side. Nicholas originally lived with his mother after she split up with Nicholas' father, his mother
  11. Mia Vasquez, nicknamed Pirata (Pirate in English) for her obsessive desire to commit the act of robbery, is a late teen hailing from Rancho. Indoctrinated to the point she values her gang more than anything in the world, this scummy female will happily relieve you of all your possessions, just so she can feel that rush...one more time. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We pillage, plunder, we rifle and loot. Stand up me hearties, yo ho. We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot. Stand up me hearties, yo ho.
  12. Ryan originally grew up in a very loving family, however the burden of having a child and being unable to support them full grew too much for his father. His father who was an immigrant to this country didn't have any qualifications and could only work menial jobs. Not being able to provide properly for his family, this resulted in the parents splitting and the father moving away. His mother gained full custody and Ryan stayed with her in Hawick the majority of the time. Completely shielded from gang life, he faced other issues in school. Due to his social awkwardness he was bullied through hi
  13. (Anthony Moreno, 17) Born into a family of Cuban & Mexican heritage, Tony is a native of Rancho projects in his mid teens. He's a student at the local Davis High School, a school attended by many young gang members from different neighborhoods of South Los Santos. His parents divorced when he was seven years old and Tony spends most of his time at his mother's apartment in the projects. Tony is highly inspired by art - street art in particular, the visual representation of the culture that surrounds him. He takes pride in his Latino roots. Tony has a knack for drawing, which he doe
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