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  1. Yes for both I believe, I'm not that much of an illegal RP'er so I don't really know about Davis Mall. As for the Mirror Park houses those would absolutely help even if a little bit regarding the lack of properties that the server is currently having.
  2. Selling my Sandking today, it has many upgrades including the Engine, transmission and a turbo installed as well - Miles are around 500 Only. Note: I will not be accepting offers from dealers or car-dealerships. Exterior and interior Pictures ((/vstats)) Starting Bid: $65,000 Buyout: $80,000 Format: Name: Phone Number: Email:
  3. I stand by this, if you wanna get rid of em drop me a PM for my routing
  4. o_o Wise words Learn from him kids
  5. Can I see some exterior pictures? I currently posses a Trailer in Sandy Shores if you are interested, money can be added on top.
  6. Looking to purchase a Sandking XL! Send me an email if you have one for sale.
  7. Would you do 135k? I can take it right now.
  8. Has been sold privately ((L&A))
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