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  2. Hello. LSSD leader here, illegal roleplayer & block bleeder. I’m glad to see this being discussed between the legal & illegal communities, as well as LFM & I’m looking forward to see it expanded upon & streamlined. I don’t think it’s directly aimed at the BOTD but rather how recruitment drives in legal factions are handled. Though we were informed at first that it was a mandate not to hold applicants accountable for their tendencies to showcase "p2w" behavior during the screening/exam stages which for the LSSD’s case somewhat contradicts the faction’s mission and the core values it perpetuates regarding p2w mentality. It would probably have disagreeable ramifications on how the illegal community interacts and views my faction but then it’s a case by case thing at the end of the day. I’m personally wishy-washy about it and don’t know how other faction leaders feel but I have full trust in Sharvit & his LFM team and I’m sure we can reach compromise soon. COMSTATS
  3. Damico—Gasparyan bridge is still built solid EXTREMELY ACKNOWLEDGED V/R
  4. You put respect on Velasquez’s name, he’s got his button (2 stars) while the two of you were still in diapers. The button popped and killed someone.
  5. Gratte pas l’amitié… man, on sait pas vraiment qui t’es…
  6. Made me cry… Ser Ese The Roleplay Morning wielder of the ancestral Deagle Dawn…
  7. Travie & Brink is a fearsome combo, reminds me of the 2017 Lime Town Piru days
  8. “Some contracts are writ in ink, and some in blood. I say no more.”
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