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  1. Username : noneofyafcinbiz Comment : orale foo! all these fucking pigs need to be shot dead! less pigs on the street is a good thing
  2. Have you tried updating your graphics drivers and/or actually uninstalling them from scratch and reinstalling. I had this issue a while back but instead of legion square it was a section in Vinewood hills.
  3. Username : cxc.sliccy Comment : fuck a fed foo, this beat go hard asl.
  4. ok samuel norman but thanks, appreciate the support 👍
  5. xdthe


    Culver City out here! Throw them Cs up.
  6. Try loading up GTAW and see if the folders pop up because client resources and other folders aren’t made until you connect to a server. If that doesn’t work maybe reinstall rageMP
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