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  • Los Santos Golf Club's Brooks Koepka wins 2019 PGA Championship

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Found 11 results

  1. THIS THREAD WILL FOLLOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF Rafael "Reaper" Enriquez AND HIS BROTHER Fernando "ChuKKy" Enriquez.
  2. Brooklyn's birth wasn't planned, through that she was neglected even though the act to make her seem under parental supervision was there. Growing up most of her childhood in a poor household had her realise the real value of money way too early. She does her best to socialize in the streets and often finds herself commiting and looking up to the wrong role models. She had always been a perfectionist when it came to school, though changes in mentality due to inspiration coming from all the wrong places had her lately neglect it, and the fact that she's barely facing consequences lets her comfo
  3. • Adriana Delgado was born in Davis, she was raised mostly around Strawberry till the age of twelve, from that point on, she and her family moved to El Burro Heights as that would be the cheaper and more effecient option for her family. Adriana grew up in a very toxic and abusive household, her mom, Luciana was always getting high off Heroin in order to sustain herself, being the addict that she is. Her father was only around in the weekends to oversee and take care of Adriana in a way, this being because her father had to work the entire week, doing hard labor. Once Adriana moved
  4. * Anthony Narvaez was born in Los Santos, he was born in 2006, aging him fifteen years old now, Anthony was raised by mainly his father only, his mother was out of the picture as she was busy getting high and making money, not caring much about Anthony in general, she thought Anthony was a curse laid upon her by god as punishment for her habits. Anthony was raised around the Vespucci area, growing up in a neighborhood with much gang activity and violence he was taught early on by his father to stay away from it all, his father wanted was for him to go to school and study for a good and stable
  5. Most youth who become affiliated with street gangs lack supervision and support from their parents and peers, Sabrina and Jayce had similar childhoods where child maltreatment, economic deprivation, and their sense of hopelessness had them seek connection, trying to define a new sense of who they are. The heavily gang infested area they live in and their delinquent siblings and peers added to the lack of protective factors in their lives left them with the freedom to choose to withdraw from family and lose connectedness to school, causing them to have much higher risk of affiliating with the g
  6. Born to a low income family, Eric is the older of the Arellano siblings. As opposed to his sister, he's actually physically seen their father before his incarceration, two weeks before Eric's third birthday. Their mother couldn't handle the lonelines and began "dating" shortly after the incarceration. Eric had a difficult childhood. His mother worked two jobs and the rest of her spare time was usually occupied by her many relationships. The forced independence toughened him up and the constant desire to run from his home life made him reckless. The only sense of duty and responsability he has
  7. This is the story of Josephine Pineda, a sixteen year old drug addict from the Jamestown Projects.
  8. Carlos Molina Carlos Molina was born in Davis General Hospital on the 8th of August, 2006 to two Mexican immigrants, Carolina Pousa and Eddy Molina, who moved from Sinaloa, Mexico to avoid the cartel wars going on which dragged many innocent civilians into the conflict. They illegally crossed the border for the sake of giving their son a better life and settled into the bordering states major metropolitan city which is Los Santos which has a big Hispanic population especially in the Jamestown area of Rancho and have been living there ever since they moved which prompted him to also attend
  9. ShawnM


    Marcus Wakefield is a latino-afro affiliate within the PJBS Clique of Culver City Boys 13. Marcus started off as a good boy before quickly losing his ways with school and become associated with the neighborhood trouble makers. It wasn't soon before the heavy gang influence affected Marcus and led him into engaging in criminal activity. Wakefield was just fourteen when he was charged with Attempted Murder after a shooting involving a Hoover gang affiliate after a dispute. He was sentenced at Los Santos Judicial Court, serving five years, deduced to four for good behaviour. Wakefield
  10. Nancy "Poison" Rosales is a 15-year-old kid from Rancho at the Jamestown Projects. She lives with her grandmother, having been kicked out of her mother's apartment. She has a 12 year old brother named Thomas. She attends highschool in Davis. Currently, she is in jail pending trial.
  11. The Story Arturo Torres (born August 18th, 2004) is a 16 year old boy living in Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos. Arturo is affiliated with the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 gang and is commonly seen hanging around with the older gang members within the area. He has recently been seen selling narcotics from his bike around Chamberlain Hills. Arturo was born to a single-mother struggling to get by in the housing projects of Chamberlain Hill, during his adolescence he frequently witnessed his mother get high on heroin w
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