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Found 14 results

  1. HRH

    S/S Playboys 13

    The Southside Playboys The Southside Playboys 13 also known as the S/S PBS 13, or the Rabbit Gang are a predominantly Mexican-American street gang. Their territory strands from Davis Avenue to Roy Lowenstein with the heart of their hood being Brouge Avenue. Although the numbers aren’t as large they’ve established themselves in various areas of the East & West sides of Los Santos. The Southside Playboys 13 have earned a violent reputation due to an overwhelming influx of younger members even opening up to bringing in different races of members including the African American race. The street gang shows loyalty to the Mexican Mafia with the 13 behind their name, and they usually sport a Playboys Logo (A Rabbit). The Southside Playboys 13 were originally immigrants from Mexico and migrated to the streets of Los Santos and swarmed the streets in the 1970s being one of the oldest Latino street gangs in the history of them all. Gangs surrounding the area of the Playboys 13 street gang were the 38th Street Gang, Florencia 13, Primera Flats 13, and the 14th Street, gang. By the 1980s the street gang already had cliques and sets spread throughout Los Santos with them growing bigger and bigger in a different areas. There are multiple cliques from the Southside Playboys 13 clique with their most known and allegedly the first clique called the Baby Dukeros originally made by Santiago “Duke” Jimenez who was sixteen at the time. The clique recruited young teenagers who attended the Davis High School which was a way for the Playboys 13 street gang to expand. The Baby Dukeros are known to sport the Detroit Tigers logo and are the biggest clique in the Playboy gang. This started to lead on with other cliques being made but a noticeable female clique arrived on the scene. Gloria “Gata” Ramos a known member of S/S Playboys 13 made the Southside Rabbits or the Southside Conejas a group of what you could say doll-faced menaces. Gata grew her group of females to be very strong and keep their minds focused on the hood and that only is why there are so many members of the Playboys street gang that's related because of the family relations within the street gang due to this clique. The Southside Conejas can be identified on apps like Facebrowser with a Pink Rabbit possibly as their profile picture or somewhere in their post even tattoos. Gata eventually passed away from multiple gunshot wounds while hanging with female members of the Conejas she went out taking one of her opposers with her. The Baby Dukeros & The Southside Conejas are what you would consider the Original cliques of Playboys. The Tiny Malditos is one of the newest generational-based cliques made by Oscar “Osito” Navarro. Navarro had multiple members under him ready to die for the cause and all within it, he approached the known Shotcaller of the Playboys gang Gabriel “Lil Maniac” Cortez. He approached him in a respectful manner and took his time building his clique to be officially a part of the Playboys street gang with that in mind, they started to take over the schools and over Facebrowser. The Mainline Lowkeraz was made to branch off and separate some of the Conejas into a different group ran by Kenya “Krazy” Jimenez, they’re still building a name for themselves in Los Santos. Operation Rabbit Ears/Big Maniac’s Up-coming In the 1990s, the Los Santos Police Department started Operation Rabbit Ears on the Playboys street gang. During this time a young Hector Cortez was growing up in these streets still making a name for himself. Cortez looked up to Lefty a known Emero for The Mexican Mafia. Hector was taught almost everything by him including shooting his first firearm. Hector also was close with who people may know as Big Listo & Big Shady two members of the Playboys 13 street gang who were in their mid-teens at the time and involved themselves in deep street gang activity including killing multiple members of rival street gangs and became a Top member of the Baby Dukeros. During this time Hector got his long-time girlfriend pregnant with a child who would grow up to follow in his footsteps (Gabriel “Lil Maniac” Cortez”). Hector eventually earned his name Maniac by killing two officers while the LSPD was closing in on the Playboys & Mexican Mafia relations during a big deal going down involving massive weapons. Maniac attempted to save Lefty from being arrested by killing the two officers and fleeing immediately hoping Lefty would follow behind, but Lefty was eventually caught due to him being shot in his leg and collapsing to the ground where he was apprehended. Big Maniac built up his rankings expeditiously after this and became a Shotcaller during the mid-2000s. The Operation Rabbit Ears indictment eventually caught up to Big Maniac but he was released in 2015 from those charges, as he beat the case due to no one in the circle coming out to talk about his rankings and relations to the Playboys street gang. Hector continues to stay around the Playboys area and is there to help his son Lil Maniac run over the Playboys street gang and is his go-to person when needed. Heart Of The Hood Brouge Avenue is the most active spot of the Playboy street gang, there have been parties and what people know as hood-days in this area, where other sets come back. The Playboys have controlled the area since the 1970s and have been the predominant street gang in the area. There has been plenty of wars between the Playboys and other street gangs but they have never been a time where they’ve been pushed out of the area. When approaching their turf you can see various graffiti from the different cliques of the area, insignia like their Mexican Mafia relations on walls, and even bandanas tied to fences in the area. The street gang has experienced beef with street gangs like the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips, the Traviesos Gangster 13 street gang, and most of the Hoover Criminal sets but has still been strong and held together as such a big group in the Southside of Los Santos.
  2. Pancho Villa - Barrio X3 ------------------- ___Description of Tavio Castrillo___ Age range: 29 to 35 Hispanic. 5 foot 11. Around 165lbs. Brown eyes. Prison build. Huge Mustache. Heavy chicano accent. - [Tattoos] "BARRIOX3" - "SOUTHSIDE" & "XIII" on his neck "PANCHO VILLA" across his forehead. Large mural of Pancho Villa on his back. "SURENO" - "SurSide" - "BARRIO3CE" on his head. Many other tattoos and prison tattoos all over his body, gang, kanpol, aztec, sureno and chicano pride related. sur
  3. * Anthony Narvaez was born in Los Santos, he was born in 2006, aging him fifteen years old now, Anthony was raised by mainly his father only, his mother was out of the picture as she was busy getting high and making money, not caring much about Anthony in general, she thought Anthony was a curse laid upon her by god as punishment for her habits. Anthony was raised around the Vespucci area, growing up in a neighborhood with much gang activity and violence he was taught early on by his father to stay away from it all, his father wanted was for him to go to school and study for a good and stable future so he wouldn't have to live down in areas like this and have a good and happy life in general. Anthony's father was employed at a shitty job at the docks, working hard for the most minimal pay, just enough to afford rent and buy food. As Anthony grew up, he was quick to realize that his father's plans weren't going to work as he wasn't the most smartest or brightest, he was doing bad at school, not paying attention much to the teachers and mostly clowning around, not getting the grades his father wanted him to get, it didn't take long for Anthony to be suspended from school, whilst being suspended Anthony was out on the street, chilling it up with the kids and people his father taught him to stay away from but he couldn't any longer, he began becoming involved with the people from the area and started doing other things to make money so he wouldn't feel like a total bum.
  4. YOU PLAY, YOU PAY Daniel Parada Daniel Parada was born into a broken home, with his father incarcerated for 2x Second Degree murder, and his divorced mother addicted to heroin. At a young age, Daniel was forced into a parental role, taking care of his younger sister while his mother neglected them both. Daniel often looked to his father for guidance, frequenting visits at the Bolingbroke State Penitentiary. Whilst juggling between academics and family, Daniel found himself a sense of power within the controlling El Monte Flores gang, where he racked "Spider" as his placa due to his lanky legs. Over the next few years of Daniel's life, he made the set a priority over education, often bunking classes and eventually flunking out of high school in his last year. The income Daniel had received throughout his years within the set had given him enough money to move out of his mother's house and into his own, partly accompanied by his sister who had moved between homes often. On the night of 21 April 20XX, Daniel and a a homie of his had decided that the conditions were suitable for them to hit a lick on a random female, who had turned out to be an off-duty police officer. After flunking the robbery, the duo had took to running, sprinting through the alleys of Bridge Street, before turning a corner and into a cruiser. They were both shortly detained and later arrested, serving Daniel with 1x Armed Robbery, 1x Possession of an illegal firearm and 1x Resisting Arrest. During his stay at the Correctional Facility, Daniel had provided his camaradas with poorly-designed tattoos, created by a makeshift tattoo machine. Daniel was able to pursue his creative interests, while simultaneously making a profit via commissary. Not only did he focus on tattoos, he had also focused much of his attention on programming, increasing his muscle mass. Maya Parada Maya Parada, younger sister to Daniel, shared the same upbringing as her older brother. Her father being incarcerated and her mother would neglect the pair, choosing to feed her addiction rather than caring for her children. This would feed into Daniel ending up being her only parental figure, as he looked after her. Though, Maya was born and raised on Bridge Street. This would influence her drastically, despite her brother attempting to keep her away from the local gang as best as he could. She would be pushed by her older brother to focus on her academics, and stay away from the gang lifestyle, though her personal desires would be the opposite of what her brother wished. Looking up to him, she would pick up some of his creative side, though opting to display this talent through the use of a spray can rather than a tattoo needle. Taking great care in her artwork, she would practice designs at home, refining her craft.
  5. Brooklyn's birth wasn't planned, through that she was neglected even though the act to make her seem under parental supervision was there. Growing up most of her childhood in a poor household had her realise the real value of money way too early. She does her best to socialize in the streets and often finds herself commiting and looking up to the wrong role models. She had always been a perfectionist when it came to school, though changes in mentality due to inspiration coming from all the wrong places had her lately neglect it, and the fact that she's barely facing consequences lets her comfortably do so.
  6. THIS THREAD WILL FOLLOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF Rafael "Reaper" Enriquez AND HIS BROTHER Fernando "ChuKKy" Enriquez.
  7. • Adriana Delgado was born in Davis, she was raised mostly around Strawberry till the age of twelve, from that point on, she and her family moved to El Burro Heights as that would be the cheaper and more effecient option for her family. Adriana grew up in a very toxic and abusive household, her mom, Luciana was always getting high off Heroin in order to sustain herself, being the addict that she is. Her father was only around in the weekends to oversee and take care of Adriana in a way, this being because her father had to work the entire week, doing hard labor. Once Adriana moved to El Burro Heights with her family, things began going the wrong way for Adriana as she came in contact with the locals of Hillside, getting more in contact with the ''bad influences'' that scatter over the area there, her grades dropped down heavily as she became rebellious, getting beaten up more at home by every phone call the school gave to Adriana's parents. She began going outside as she wasn't able to control her anger and emotions whilst being inside the house with her mom, having thoughts of killing her mom daily, she'd go out and hang around other people, chilling about in El Burro Heights, trying to distract herself.
  8. Most youth who become affiliated with street gangs lack supervision and support from their parents and peers, Sabrina and Jayce had similar childhoods where child maltreatment, economic deprivation, and their sense of hopelessness had them seek connection, trying to define a new sense of who they are. The heavily gang infested area they live in and their delinquent siblings and peers added to the lack of protective factors in their lives left them with the freedom to choose to withdraw from family and lose connectedness to school, causing them to have much higher risk of affiliating with the gang. Clear signs like changes in attitude, music taste, appearance and unexplained money recently only got more obvious, yet they were never monitored, blinding them from seeing how rough the consequences could get and leading them into believing that they're headed the right way. They were both failed by their parents, their grandparents did their best, leave the rest to the C-riders.
  9. Born to a low income family, Eric is the older of the Arellano siblings. As opposed to his sister, he's actually physically seen their father before his incarceration, two weeks before Eric's third birthday. Their mother couldn't handle the lonelines and began "dating" shortly after the incarceration. Eric had a difficult childhood. His mother worked two jobs and the rest of her spare time was usually occupied by her many relationships. The forced independence toughened him up and the constant desire to run from his home life made him reckless. The only sense of duty and responsability he has is in respect to his younger sister, Sabrina.
  10. This is the story of Josephine Pineda, a sixteen year old drug addict from the Jamestown Projects.
  11. Carlos Molina Carlos Molina was born in Davis General Hospital on the 8th of August, 2006 to two Mexican immigrants, Carolina Pousa and Eddy Molina, who moved from Sinaloa, Mexico to avoid the cartel wars going on which dragged many innocent civilians into the conflict. They illegally crossed the border for the sake of giving their son a better life and settled into the bordering states major metropolitan city which is Los Santos which has a big Hispanic population especially in the Jamestown area of Rancho and have been living there ever since they moved which prompted him to also attend the local Davis Middle School , his parents work grueling 9-5 jobs under green cards obtained after a certain amount of years living in the United States to meet ends meet with his father being a local carpenter and his mother a full time nurse working several shifts over week as well as his father working for several clients caused for them both to be largely absent in the household accept whether it be in the afternoons or picking up Carlos despite all this the family still held a pretty close bond as most Hispanic households in Mexico and other Latino countries do which stood out like a sore thumb in Rancho as most families were broken or affected by gang violence. Carlos was no stranger to this harsh reality he would mostly see it out by his window at night hearing random gunshots and loud sirens shortly afterwards, from the drugged out homeless man walking through the middle lot barely able to stand straight to the group of gangsters hanging out by the cantina with a bottle of 40oz beer on one hand and a bag of weed in the other he saw it every day walking to school but he always maintained a somewhat optimistic view of it largely due to his young age the reality of his area had not set in yet as he knew it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but from an early age his parents taught him what do to and who to stay away from, going as far to put him in school after programs at Davis Middle School largely taking a liking to baseball and soccer where he currently plays for the schools team. This kept him away most of the time but as the shifts got longer Carlos now goes outside with his bike and rides around to seek any way of passing the time in his empty and dull home. He also does other activities like play FIFA 15 on his old XBOX 360 and watch TV which he very much enjoys, overall Carlos is a decently normal kid with interest and passions which he looks to share with by maintaining a very outgoing and friendly personality like any other children his age but not in the same environment. This thread will follow the development and day to day life of Carlos Molina.
  12. ShawnM


    Marcus Wakefield is a latino-afro affiliate within the PJBS Clique of Culver City Boys 13. Marcus started off as a good boy before quickly losing his ways with school and become associated with the neighborhood trouble makers. It wasn't soon before the heavy gang influence affected Marcus and led him into engaging in criminal activity. Wakefield was just fourteen when he was charged with Attempted Murder after a shooting involving a Hoover gang affiliate after a dispute. He was sentenced at Los Santos Judicial Court, serving five years, deduced to four for good behaviour. Wakefield is struggling to adapt to life out the pen after spending key years of his childhood locked up inside Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Marcus Wakefield circa 2020 on the right with a fellow CCB13 affiliate.
  13. Nancy "Poison" Rosales is a 15-year-old kid from Rancho at the Jamestown Projects. She lives with her grandmother, having been kicked out of her mother's apartment. She has a 12 year old brother named Thomas. She attends highschool in Davis. Currently, she is in jail pending trial.
  14. The Story Arturo Torres (born August 18th, 2004) is a 16 year old boy living in Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos. Arturo is affiliated with the Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 gang and is commonly seen hanging around with the older gang members within the area. He has recently been seen selling narcotics from his bike around Chamberlain Hills. Arturo was born to a single-mother struggling to get by in the housing projects of Chamberlain Hill, during his adolescence he frequently witnessed his mother get high on heroin which has been a trend in his family as his father died of an overdose also. As time passed, and Arturo grew older - he began hanging out on the block more and more with people who were in a similar situation as himself. In the streets was where Arturo learned what it was to be a man. Despite his difficult upbringing, Arturo was always an excelling student at school. His grades were good, however his behaviour was an increasing issue and Arturo was suspended many times from school prompting his mother to go to the school and argue for his return as swiftly as possible. Arturo has a very outspoken demeanour and is quite timid at times where he feels threatened. Arturo also is quite talkative, known for joking around with people. Due to his open nature, Arturo is easy to befriend and is a loyal individual to his friends. Arturo also appreciates the value of his culture and the overall cause for their race and aspires to be a loyal Sureno soldier. He is completely indoctrinated by the gang culture around him and is constantly willing to prove himself. This has been seen recently where he has immediately undertook any task appointed to him by his big homies. Arturo also abuses narcotics such as PCP and marijuana to cope with trauma caused by his day-to-day life. Arturo is often seen writing lyrics on his phone for his new music, aspiring to be a rap artist in a bid to make it big and represent his hood and gang on a larger scale. This thread will proceed to highlight his development.
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