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  1. USERNAME: one_and_only_bkasher83 COMMENT: crimK yugcK nKiggasK lxve da nKeT 〽️K
  2. Lol, I don’t where you got this. I didn’t lie about it once OOCly I agreed with it. But I’m saying, ICly the only thing passed around was a 15 year old gunned down by 39 deputies, Like I said, no one came in this thread and complained about the cause leading up to this. No one even joined anything off the forums like you said, it was all ICly. FB, IG posters and Etc.
  3. Once again, you have this character mixed up with someone else. I don't know what Carbine Rifles you're talking about. The most I had in any of my apartments was two combats, and 60 pistol ammo.
  4. What? I'm confused, what do you want us to do? Roleplay having the property's as the characters? I can guarantee you most of the people that do gang RP and roleplay underage roleplay NPC'd parents owning properties / vehicles. What " high powered weaponry," Are you talking about?
  5. Hey, I was the person you're speaking about here. I would like to clear up some things you forgot to add on. Someone has the characters mother ICly, she was actually attended the last candle light we had. I don't run the character nor do I know the player OOCly. Anyways, I didn't write the FB post. I was told to do it as the player who has the character "Nadia Epps" ICly told me to post it. If you need evidence of the character being a actual character you can message me on discord. Aidan Epps' mother "Nadia Epps". You're contradicting your
  6. Had some good RP with most of the black gangs that popped out before I got banned. S/O to SD.
  7. epps family almost gone 😔
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