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  1. lol. u can't rlly compare illegal rpers to cat ear people, nor can you tell people to stop commiting crimes.
  2. yeah but they don't get punished (leos), what's the point lmfao. it feels like im talking to a wall, ill stop talking to u before u make a report on me.
  3. u don't see me complaining every single time an LAPD larper ruins my RP, do u? if anything, LEO rpers (not sd) display the majority of the unimmersive roleplay on the server.
  4. u sound way too stressed over a game brother... have a smoke, it helps
  5. they got a helicopter a month ago over a 1v1 fight lmao
  6. sounds like u just got boomed ingame bro, take a breather and step outside for 30 mins
  7. that's your opinion. IFM's doing a great job. forum/staff report if u got an issue with the player or admin whoever handled the scene.
  8. the broad daylight argument was already addressed by IFM afaik
  9. killing a cop over IC reasons isn't dm buddy
  10. a demon... a real demon...
  11. Username: listo.wesx3 Comment: fuck farmers n1gga, free devious n flippem
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