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Found 8 results

  1. Rising from the Shadows: The Tale of the Magellan Organized Crime Group An Organized Crime Group's Ascent to Power and Dominance in Los Santos Los Santos, September 5, 2023 — In the seedy underworld of organized crime, one group's meteoric rise is rewriting the city's criminal landscape. The Amadeo Organized Crime Group, better known as the Magellan Organized Crime Group, has emerged as a formidable criminal organization based in West Los Santos, propelled by an insatiable ambition and an unrelenting hunger for power. The Magellan OCG is notorious for its involvement in a wide range of illegal activities, including loan sharking, contract killings, extortion, drug trafficking, illicit betting operations, and daring robberies. While the organization predominantly comprises Italian-Americans, it boldly transcends ethnic boundaries, welcoming non-Italian Americans into its ranks. This inclusive approach has allowed the Magellan Mob to become a diverse and potent force operating discreetly within the city's shadows. The Birth of a Criminal Empire In early 2021, the Magellan Crew sprang to life under the influence of Nathaniel Agro, who held the position of underboss within the Martorano Crime Family at that time. Comprising a group of ambitious young Italian-Americans, many of whom were college students actively involved in various sports, the crew's members shared a common upbringing in the Magellan Avenue neighborhood. The catalyst for their criminal endeavors came from Nathaniel Agro's nephew, Scott Amadeo. While leading seemingly normal lives as students during the day, these young men immersed themselves in a world of crime under Agro's guidance, engaging in activities such as vehicle theft, drug dealing, and armed robbery. By mid-2021, their notoriety had spread throughout West Los Santos, capturing the attention of Ralph Sciandra, a made man in the Martorano Crime Family. Sciandra was particularly drawn to Jeremy Sagona and soon enlisted Jeremy and two of his associates, Louis and Lucas, under his wing. Meanwhile, Scott Amadeo solidified his association with Nathaniel Agro. The First Bloodshed Only a few weeks after formalizing their ties, a violent clash erupted between the Martorano Crime Family and a rival faction. Ralph Sciandra issued a directive to the Magellan Avenue Crew to eliminate a fellow made man, marking their first contract killing. This deadly operation unfolded just outside Clinton Avenue Pawnshop, with Scott Amadeo executing the hit, his inaugural murder. The successful mission garnered the crew significant recognition within the family, although not everyone within their ranks held them in favor. One notable adversary was Anthony Trupiano, another made man in the Martorano Crime Family. Trupiano's involvement in the murder of Nathaniel Agro, Scott's uncle, fueled animosity within the Magellan Avenue Crew. Scott had been present on that fateful day when he dropped off his uncle at an arena in Rockford, unaware that it would be the last time they would see each other. Upon discovering the identities of his uncle's killers, Scott called for a crew meeting, and together they plotted their revenge. Retaliation Deferred Their plans for retribution were abruptly halted by the outbreak of a fierce war between the Martorano Crime Family and ETOC. The escalating violence left the streets littered with bodies, making it an unsafe environment for their vendetta. Consequently, the crew opted to go into hiding, distancing themselves from the conflict. Moreover, their loyalty toward the family had waned significantly following Nathaniel Agro's demise. The Rebirth of the Magellan Avenue Crew In the dimly lit streets of Vespucci Beach, the Magellan Avenue Crew was on the cusp of a rebirth. Scott Amadeo and Julian Galla, the two men who had once been part of the Philly Mob, had taken the reins of their destiny. No longer content with being mere foot soldiers in a larger criminal organization, they were determined to establish the Magellan Avenue Crew as an independent force to be reckoned with in Los Santos. The year was 2022, and the city was still reeling from the fallout of the war between the ETOC and Martorano. The Martorano Crime Family, once a powerhouse, had emerged victorious but at a tremendous cost. Their influence had dwindled, and they found themselves entangled in yet another conflict, this time with the formidable Chinese factions that were vying for control of the city's criminal underworld. A Strategic Move Scott and Julian saw an opportunity amidst the chaos. With the Martorano Crime Family weakened and stretched thin, they strategically positioned the Magellan Avenue Crew in Vespucci Beach, an area that had historically been outside the Philly Mob's territory. Adopting a low profile, they began to rebuild their network and influence, all while avoiding attracting the attention of their former allies, who had become adversaries. The city's criminal landscape was in flux. The once-mighty Philly Mob, now known as the Martorano Crime Family, was in decline. Rival families were also feeling the pressure. With the era of the two dominant crime families in Los Santos drawing to a close, an opening emerged for a new generation of mobsters, including the Magellan Avenue Crew and the emerging Masi Crew. Building the New Empire Scott and Julian knew that establishing their crew as a significant player in this new landscape required more than just ambition. They leveraged their experience gained during their years with the Philly Mob, understanding that power had to be earned and alliances carefully forged. They began to recruit new blood into their ranks, seeking individuals who shared their vision and determination. Jeremy Sagona, a scheming and resourceful member, joined them once again. Blake Diguglielmo, with his unwavering loyalty and strength, was another crucial addition. And as the crew expanded, Theodore Franza, now a genius in his own right, returned to their fold. The Phoenix Rises As 2022 unfolded, the Magellan Avenue Crew emerged from the ashes of their former selves, stronger and more determined than ever. They navigated the treacherous waters of Los Santos' criminal underworld, making strategic moves, forming alliances, and building their influence. The once-low-profile crew was now a resurgent phoenix, rising to claim their place in the ever-shifting power structure of the city. With Scott Amadeo and Julian Galla at the helm, the Magellan Avenue Crew was poised to become a dominant force in Los Santos, leaving their mark on the city's criminal history as the next generation of mobsters who refused to be overshadowed by their predecessors. The stage was set for a new era of organized crime, and the Magellan Avenue Crew was determined to seize it. Forging Alliances Recognizing the potential for collaboration, the Magellan Avenue Crew decided to join forces with the Masi Crew, known for its involvement in various illegal activities across the city. With limited manpower, the Magellan Avenue Crew operated under the Masi Crew's umbrella, biding their time until they could firmly establish themselves in Vespucci Beach. Their return drew the attention of old associates eager to reenter the criminal fold. However, their alliance with Masi Crew proved short-lived, marred by a violent altercation stemming from a rogue enforcer who stole money from the Magellan Avenue Crew, tarnishing their reputation and questioning their reliability. The incident eroded trust, prompting the Magellan Avenue Crew to sever ties with Masi Crew. In the wake of this decision, the Masi Crew disbanded, while the Magellan Avenue Crew continued to thrive and expand their influence. The Streets' Powerhouses These three lieutenants are the linchpins that hold the street-level operations of the Magellan Avenue Crew together. Their combined expertise and unwavering loyalty have solidified their reputation as the crew's powerhouse enforcers. Jeremy Sagona, known as "The Scholarly Enforcer," brings a unique blend of intellect and street smarts to the table. Hailing from a white-collar background, his ability to plan and execute intricate operations has earned him respect within the crew. Sagona's strategic thinking has played a pivotal role in expanding the crew's territory and influence. Blake Diguglielmo, affectionately referred to as "The Loyal Guardian," embodies unwavering loyalty and physical prowess. His imposing presence and relentless dedication to the crew make him a force to be reckoned with on the streets. Diguglielmo's role as an enforcer and protector ensures the crew's interests are safeguarded. Theodore Franza, known for his street-savvy insights, is an invaluable asset to the Magellan Avenue Crew. As "The Street Savvy Advisor," he maintains deep connections with various street-level gangs, providing the crew with critical intelligence and alliances that have proved instrumental in their operations. Together, Sagona, Diguglielmo, and Franza lead the street operating crews under the Magellan Avenue Crew's banner, effectively orchestrating their criminal enterprises across Los Santos. Their diverse backgrounds and complementary skills have transformed the crew into a dominant force to be reckoned with. A Criminal Empire Flourishes Months of unrelenting expansion and growth transformed the Magellan Avenue Crew into a fully-fledged organized crime group, operating not only in Vespucci Beach but throughout the entirety of Los Santos. Their influence extended to numerous legitimate establishments across the city, including nightclubs, pizzerias, and restaurants. To diversify their operations, they established Inferno, an investment firm that took ownership of various companies, ranging from Clean Sweep Solution to BudMex Construction and heavily infiltrated the nightlife of Los Santos. While some original members distanced themselves from street-level activities and embraced legitimate businesses, their influence remained palpable behind the scenes. The group's staggering growth led to the recruitment of new faces, including Zahair Williams (Glocco), leader of MTM, a crew responsible for street-level operations. Notably, Deion Vasquez and Anthony Locatello played instrumental roles in recruiting individuals from the streets, skillfully putting them to work for the organization. As the Magellan Organized Crime Group continues its relentless ascent to power and dominance, their story serves as a testament to the enduring ambition that propels them forward. In the clandestine world of Los Santos, this organized crime group is reshaping the criminal landscape, one calculated move at a time. The Birth of Inferno Investment Group In the heart of Los Santos, the Magellan Mob was a powerful force, known for its influence in the city's underground. Its enigmatic boss, Scott Amadeo, was a mastermind who saw potential beyond the traditional boundaries of organized crime. With Julian Galla by his side, the brains of the operation, they conceived a plan that would transform their illicit wealth into legitimate assets. In 2022, the Inferno Investment Group was born. This covert entity was a financial arm of the Magellan OCG, created to launder their criminal proceeds while simultaneously infiltrating the legitimate white-collar world of Los Santos. They understood that power wasn't just about muscle; it was about control, influence, and diversification. The Nightclub Empire Scott and Julian saw an opportunity in the city's booming nightlife. Under the cover of the Inferno Investment Group, they began acquiring and investing in nightclubs across Los Santos. With charismatic front men and connections within the city's entertainment scene, they turned these establishments into lucrative hot spots. The Inferno Investment Group's nightclubs became the talk of the town, attracting celebrities, high-profile clientele, and an endless stream of patrons eager to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. These establishments not only generated substantial legitimate income but also provided the perfect cover for money laundering, allowing the Magellan Mob's illicit wealth to flow seamlessly into the legitimate economy. Expanding the Portfolio As the nightclub empire flourished, the Inferno Investment Group didn't stop there. They diversified their portfolio, investing in companies like Clean Sweep Solutions, a reputable cleaning and maintenance service, and BudMex Construction, a prominent player in the city's construction industry. These seemingly unrelated businesses provided a veneer of legitimacy while secretly serving the Mob's interests. Clean Sweep Solutions was instrumental in erasing any traces of criminal activity, ensuring that the Mob's dealings remained hidden from prying eyes. BudMex Construction, on the other hand, helped launder money through construction projects, transforming illegal funds into assets that were above suspicion. The Legacy Takes Shape The years rolled on, and the Inferno Investment Group's influence in Los Santos grew. Their control over the city's nightlife, coupled with their legitimate businesses, gave them a stronghold that extended far beyond their criminal roots. Scott and Julian, the masterminds behind the operation, were careful never to draw attention to themselves, working diligently behind the scenes to build their legacy. As the Inferno Investment Group's web of influence continued to expand, the Magellan Mob's power grew in tandem. The city's underworld was increasingly intertwined with the legitimate world, and the line between the two became ever more blurred. The legacy of the Inferno Investment Group was solidified as a testament to the Mob's ability to infiltrate, adapt, and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of Los Santos.
  2. OOC: Hey! We are aiming to portray a tagging/graffiti crew from La Mesa, located around Popular Street, with the "main block" being the 1325 Popular Street Apartments aswell as the surrounding area. This thread will follow the life and development of the group as a whole as well as it's individual members. We are always looking for new "members" and people who want to get involved with the collective. We encourage creativity and a laid back playing experience. We are just here to have fun and everyone is welcome, no strings attached. If you are interested in the concept just PM me or MyNameIsCian on the forums for the discord link.
  3. 64th Street Hustlaz (64SH) 64th Street Hustlaz (Also known as Capital Risktakers; 64th Capital Riskers) is an umbrella term for the gang - turned DTO - containing numerous, youthful, sub-cliques who reside within the 64th Street Capital Boulevard complex, on Capital Boulevard. The group beholds many like-minded, criminal individuals, and some of the younger affiliates still attend the local High School on Davis Avenue. The group consists of many Latin/Afro-American males, between the ages 13-25. While the group lacks experience of ‘gangbanging’, they have still been able to surface upon local news articles for being able to distribute quantities of drugs; such as Cannabis, Heroin, and Codeine, and other forms of contraband. Individuals from the group have varying backgrounds, however, the common objective they all share is to thrive within their community, and hustle to the top of the respective food chain, by any means possible. The group consists of travelling outcasts, similar to gypsies, which only strings the teenagers closer together through loyalty and respect. Some of the individuals have become known in the local area for producing music independently, and being in contact with rappers within the Los Santos Community. Operations: The 64th Street Hustlaz have many means of gaining money, which include selling small quantities of illicit substances to the addicts who flood the streets of South-Central. The group also contains many talented individuals, who are motivated to earn money legally, they do this by producing beats on various softwares, and selling them for use. The group are known to be armed and dangerous, and most certainly not a force to be reckoned with. Members from the gang have gained attention in the local news recently, for allegedly being involved in a shooting in the Rancho area, where two victims were announced deceased, and one remains in critical care. Although 64th Street Hustlaz are not a tagging crew, they often cover their territorial areas in graffiti, as a way to assert power/dominance over potential rivals who may have intentions to supply and gang-bang in the area. Some of the phrases tagged up by the group include the following: ‘64 RISK TAKERZ’, ‘64TH STREET HUSTLAZ’, ‘RISKY HUSTLAZ’, and more. In February of 2023, a 17 year-old african-american male - Melvin Wright - was stabbed 9 times in the chest and neck. This was following an altercation with many affiliates of the gang, in which Wright tried to jump Sonny "Nino" Torres, and attempted to rob his bike. This resulted in the death of Wright, after Torres' younger associates caught Wright on his way home from school. After Torres arrived, a heated verbal altercation escalated quickly, and the group of Torres' associates stabbed Wright to death, shortly before fleeing the scene. The group was never caught for the killing, and the case was closed unsolved. Krazy Kase Openers: Krazy Kase Openers (KKO; pronounced Kay-Kay-Owe), is the main sub-clique within 64SH, it was formed by Sonny "Nino" Torres, when the street gang started to develop and expand after a period of high financial benefit, and become known as more of a DTO in the city. All of the known affiliates of the clique are known to be armed and dangerous. Affiliates of 64SH are only initiated into KKO after months of proving themselves trustworthy to the higher-ups within the gang through means such as tagging, selling small quantities of illicit drugs, and providing a service to the gang itself. The group has amassed unwanted attention from local authorities, due to them conducting criminal activities, including; manufacturing contraband, and distributing drugs on a large scale, and many of the affiliates are known to the police after many interactions. (Commonly seen wearing merchandise of Baltimore Oriales; "O's" standing for "Openers"). History: While the group has only been active for the previous few years, they have been able to establish sources of income (both legally and illegally) without attracting masses of rival attention, keeping neutral relations with a lot of the surrounding gangs in the Davis and other regions. Place of residence: The crew currently resides within the Capital Boulevard Complex, on 64th street. This area is known for gang violence, and lower-class properties: (Capital Boulevard Complex) The Capital Boulevard Complex is often referred to as 'The Capital' by affiliates of the street gang. Insignia: Many members of the gang are seen wearing fitted hats, associated with the Major League Baseball team named the Colorado Rockies. The meaning behind this relates to the gang also being affiliated with the name ‘Capital Risk Takers’ (CR). OOC Info: This is a realistic depiction of Hispanic-American and Afro-American characters, We will not be roleplaying old-time 90's gangsters/cholos. Instead, a modern adaptation of the street crime industry, including more modern generations of gangsters, inspired by older ones. Our goal is to provide a slightly different approach into the modern crime industry, role-playing individuals who are unwanted at home, and exiled to live with other family members/friends at a local complex, which may vary due to the conditions, where we also explore how lives in the hood may differ. If you wish to join you are able to approach us IN-CHARACTER, there is the ability to approach us OUT-OF-CHARACTER as well through OOC planning. You are able to contact any of the original members to help get you started. I would be delighted to answer any queries OOCly via discord este#7236 or my PM! @realsteele @madsr1255 Thread still subject to minor changes!
  4. OOC: Hey! We are trying to portray a tagging/graffiti crew from La Mesa, located around Popular Street, with the "main block" being the 1325 Popular Street Apartments aswell as the surrounding area. This thread will follow the life and development of the group as a whole as well as it's individual members. While this is not supposed to be a "faction", we are always looking for new "members" and people who want to get involved with the collective. We encourage creativity and a laid back playing experience. You don't wanna commit to an official or unofficial faction? Not a lot of time to be active? No problem. We are just here to have fun and everyone is welcome, no strings attached. If you are interested in the concept just PM me or MyNameIsCian on the forums for the discord link.
  5. The Holy Association "There is no community where everyone is rich; neither is there a community where everyone is poor (Jerusalem Talmud, Gitten 3:7)." The Jewish immigrants who settled in the USA came in waves throughout the Modern Era. Countries like Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and Russia came over along with their Jewish beliefs. Even in the 19th century, the U.S. Census recorded eight Jews living in Los Santos in 1850 after San Andreas admitted to the Union. Their signification contributions include arts and culture, science, education, architecture and politics. After a Jewish man was elected first councilman in 1850, the first informal Sabbath services was conducted by a lay rabbi in 1854. From here they strengthened as some focused on organizations to keep afloat. Different Jewish people came together to found organizations which developed the Murrieta Heights and assisted in the creation of Universities in San Andreas. Though there wasn't a specific distinct Jewish neighborhood, roughly 2500 Jews lived "downtown" in the 20th century. It is described people in 1910 even donning the street "Jewish Street" and the area to its south. Smaller groups however lived in the University, Westlake, and wholesale areas. Despite that, these areas seen a steadily decline between 1900 and 1926. That didn't stop the increase as Jews, as 2500 grew to 65,000 in the mid-1920s. As Jewish immigrants and their families came in significant numbers around the 1920's, seen Murrieta Heights home to the largest Jewish community at the time. Acts like the Immigration Act of 1924 attempted to suppress the rapidness as the population of Jews in Los Santos continued to increased. Throughout this time Jews played a hand in creating or developing many Los Santos business and cultural institutions, including the real estate and fashion, and entertainment industries. The Jewish Community as a whole were tight knit, even dedicating a synagogue to a Sephardic Jew who opened the first supermarket in America in 1927. The first Sephardic synagogue in Los Santos was dedicated in 1932. As time went Jews even participated in protest in 1945 in regards to treatment of the Jews in Germany. This led to the Los Santos Jewish Community Council being incorporated in 1936. By 1940, the Jews had the seventh largest population of all cities in the United States. As World War II came to a end, almost 300,000 Jews lived in Los Santos by 1950. This number only grew as more immigrants came over along with Soviet Jews in 1989. The mafias in Israel rose in the 1990's, as they fought over control of gambling and drug rackets for the following decades to follow. With car bombs, grenades, and shoulder-fired missiles hits across five continents, they are among the most vicious and sophisticated worldwide. At a certain point in history, they controlled 80% of the global ecstasy trade partnered with street gangs in LS in order to distribute. As crime families like the Abutbuls, Rosenteins, Alperons, and Abergils even placed hits on cops, judges, and politicians. Despite the recklessness of the Israeli Crime Families, they also managed to establish a global network of gambling and drugs across America, Asia, and Europe. The Abergils' mob syndicate was considered one of the world's top 40 drug importers in the US. With the need of finding distribution, the Abergils' reached out to an upstart Latino street gang known as the Vineland Boyz. With the Vineland Boyz' feuding with the Mexican Mafia, access to Israeli's product brought a new market of drugs on the radar. Owning manufacturing labs in places like Israel, Belgian, and Morocco; The Abergils produced ecstasy pills, cocaine, and hashish. There only problem at the time was distribution. As the 2000's approached, Israeli Crime Families like the Abergils' ventured out to Los Santos. At the time, the Vineland Boyz was sick of being man handled by La Eme, and the Abergils' needed protection and distribution in LS. Just after they agreed on a deal, the feds eventually caught on as the product flooded the market. In July of 2002, there was a drug bust involving three groups with some Israeli players and bodyguards in attendance. Though the Abergil Crime Family was able to follow through, inner turmoil and heat led to their demise. In 2003, the Vineland Boyz ended up shooting a police officer, which led to them being put on the radar. By 2005, 13,00 Law Enforcement Officers participated in a huge sweep to shut them down. The Abergil Crime Family was in and out of prison, as the main players are behind bars up to date. The Holy Association is a tight-knit group of mainly Israeli descent from all walks of life scattered around Los Santos, Vespucci Canals mainly. The group stems from a hard-working background as most affiliates are used to poverty at some point in their life. Growing up, seasoned affiliates of the group experienced organized crime around their communities whether it be in Los Santos or the Holy Land. Those who participated got involved in a number illicit activities such as money laundering, racketeering, extortion, gambling and such. At a time OCG's from Israel were funneling millions of narcotics, mainly being ecstasy pills as it flooded the United States in the 2000's, members of the Holy Association participated in the distribution as well. Despite ties being cut as the years went on, the Association managed to co-exist. With big plans in the future, The Holy Association seeks expansion from a tight-knit group into an organized crime group.
  6. 91st Street Ryders: 91st Street Ryders is a relatively small group located on Jamestown Street, the group is comprised of small-time trappers and taggers, ranging from early teens to very early twenties. Having been created by a group of local kids as a form of unity after a string of robberies and attacks in their neighborhood as a result of the predatory gang culture that infests South Central. Despite being created in an attempt to protect themselves from gang aggression in South Central, 91st Street Ryders have all the makings of being an actual gang. It's believed that some members of this group have ties to the organized criminal entities that plague the streets of Los Santos. Some of the members within this group can be seen sporting both the Toronto Blue Jays and Huston Rockets, signifying Jamestown Street and their link to the Rancho area as a whole. This group is relatively young and mostly partake in criminal mischief, robbery, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and in some cases murder. OOC Information: As this is a relatively new concept, this thread will be constantly updated to depict in character events as they transpire within the group. Even though the 91st Street Ryders is a fictional concept, we strive to portray a realistic depiction of a section on the south side that will be starting as a group of young trappers and taggers. Every member of this faction prioritizes character development and faction development over anything. All content that's posted on this thread will showcase said character development that pertains to the faction. The 91st Street Ryder's leadership retains the right to character kill anybody aspiring to be involved with this faction. If you are interested in joining and need guidance when it comes to portraying your character, feel free to contact @Dustyboi with any questions or concerns.
  7. As a counter to the rigid tradition permeating through the illegal world, The Windfall Connection’s hope is to set aside differences and focus on the one thing that is diluted by held prejudices: making money. Men and women of all races and backgrounds are accepted here, as long as they embody the lifestyle. Due to the founders being based out of New Chinatown, Mission Row, the Connection takes on Chinese paraphernalia. It is not a gang, nor is it wholly or majorly criminal. There is a balance between the legal and illegal, creating a mutual partnership. Business owners work hand-in-hand with those more steeped in the illegal world, letting them run themselves as siloed, autonomous groups. The business owners cover illegal expenses and fund criminal projects for these groups, and in turn, these groups dedicate their ruthless individuals to protecting the business sites that they are allowed to base their operations out of. Windfall Wealth (偏财) is an unexpected form of income. It’s a fitting way to describe those who take advantage of the system. This, along with the connected nature of the legal and illegal campaigns, is how the Connection finds its name. Chinese artists have long used five bats to represent the five blessings: health, long life, prosperity, love of virtue, and a tranquil, natural death. The bats often are bright red—the color of joy—but the Windfall does not find solace in embodying happiness. Our mark is instead a jet black. The Chinese word for black is "hei," which stands for bad luck, irregularity, and illegality. We take on the very last interpretation of the word, reminding ourselves of how we're viewed by the world at large. The five bats encircle a stylized caligraph known as the prosperity symbol. Among the Five Gods of Wealth within Chinese mythology, Zhong Kui stands as the Windfall God of Wealth, and as such, he is idolized by The Windfall Connection. He is a vanquisher of ghosts and a fighter of demons, but to fight is not always to kill. The practice of The Windfall Connection is to unify groups that would otherwise be without structure and without home, and so we look to the painting of Zhong Kui where the demon bows to him, for he realizes his life and his prosperity is greater when working alongside Zhong Kui. Zhong Kui is oft affiliated with the Five Bats of Prosperity, and this too is why the mark of The Windfall Connection was chosen. While steeped in Chinese mythology and ancestral knowledge, The Windfall Connection is modernized and corporate-esque in architecture and hierarchy. Leaders of the autonomous groups sit beside the heads of business, not beneath them, creating an unnamed council of proven men and women that seek to maintain their lifestyles and build the community that cultivated their own ascension. Discourse and cooperation are the glue, and anyone who chooses to neglect these basic principles will be replaced by the greater whole. Fly with us, or be cut down and replaced by another with larger, healthier wings. Founded on Chinese teachings within New Chinatown, Mission Row in Los Santos, San Andreas, The Windfall Connection will always prioritize those in need within the the community. To join us and to embody our ideology is to set upon the goal of uplifting one's self to a new lifestyle, but that does not mean only those born of Chinese blood, or Asian blood, are accepted. Diligence, intellect, skill, and amiability will take you far. NOTE: These ranks will not be used, or referenced, IC. They are simply meant to represent OOC development and how the characters in game organize their work and advancement up to the council. Intrigued 好奇 — Curious about The Windfall Connection, but have yet to be involved or have yet to involve themselves in the lifestyle. They've had discussions about unsavory work but have yet to run with something to completion. Vetted 审查 — Have expanded upon their curiosity and have been given minor tasks or busy work by a Connected, Winged, or Champion. They are still in the process of being tested, to see how they carry themselves and how successful they can be when provided minimal information or direction. Associated 联系 — Have stood out among their Vetted peers by proving their ability to take initiative and carry out their minor tasks without any setbacks tied to their own shortcomings. They are not yet Connected, but are privileged with a higher level of trust, and thus are given more meaningful, lucrative, and dangerous work. Connected 连接的 — Having proven themselves and carried out Associate level work to the satisfaction of those on the council, they have been uplifted and now officially belong to the Connection. They answer directly to a Winged or Champion; work is delegated down through them to the Associated and Vetted. They are the utmost trusted of the Windfall outside the council and are given work that requires a delicate hand, a thoughtful mind, and a keen eye. Winged 有翼的 — Finding your wings is no easy endeavor, for it is a test of skill, loyalty, resolve, and leadership. They have proven time and time again that not only can they drive their own success in the illegal realm, but the success of others beneath them, securing themselves a seat on the council. They often lead their own criminal groups, or are the next in line to lead a group once numbers permit. To be named a Winged is no mistake, but once someone grows their wings, they are expected to keep them in flight. Should they falter and refuse to let another find their wings, others among the council will make that decision for them. Champion 状元 — Bearing the original Zhuangyuan title of Zhong Kui, Champions are beacons of capital and governors of legal affairs among the Windfall, having earned their place on the council. They are self-sufficient, funding the projects and schemes of the Winged, and in turn, are provided protection and able hands from the Winged and their subordinates. This isn't to say that they never dabble in the illegal side of the coin, but their movements are cautious and obscured. Should a Champion's wealth wane, it is a show of their ineptitude and inability to contribute to the Windfall and the community as a whole. In this scenario, if they do not willingly step down, the council is entrusted to make that decision for them. Illegal activity we are attempting to portray and cultivate are crimes typically expected of, but not limited to, Asian Organized Crime. These include the production and sales of narcotics, car theft, automobile exportation, chop shop operations, crimes involving electronics, money laundering, illegal gambling, lottery scams, skimming, and possibly prostitution. The Windfall Connection does commit violent crimes such as robbery and murder, but on a much more seldom basis as to keep the organization's true nature under wraps. Since we are attempting to portray a secret society in West Coast America in the 2020s, a lot of violent crime will be well thought out and properly weighted for its worth. Asian Organized Crime Groups focus on generating money undisturbed. Violent crime, especially in a city like Los Santos, will garner unwarranted attention, even more so with the various other Asian groups in the city. Law Enforcement has proven they'll use a broad stroke to crackdown on all Asian criminals in Los Santos and the disruption of other groups' cash flow is something the Connection wants to avoid at all costs. The Windfall Connection is meant to be a story heavy group that focuses on characterization, human behavior, and emotional development. Your writing in game should reflect your character as a human being, first and foremost, who happens to be a criminal or head of business. The opposite circumstance should not be practiced — a criminal or business owner whose characterization comes second. If your primary focus is shooting or robotically working deals while barely interacting with the group IC, this is not the group for you. There should always be a balance and our roleplayers should try their best to give their character realistic depth. Those who belong to this group should try their very best to separate OOC and IC interactions. Narrative drives all, and as a show of good faith, I am personally embodying this ideal by making it clear up front that OOC management of the group is a responsibility kept completely separate from IC dealings. If my own character falls from grace through roleplay, I will not allow OOC privileges to provide me an unfair advantage. I will still help with upkeep for the group, or hand off the responsibilities to someone I know will handle them properly. I value story above all else and when it is skewed by OOC scenarios, the enjoyment of the entire experience is diluted. I want to try and avoid that at all costs, and I hope everyone who is interested in this group joins me in trying to uphold that ideal. If this group ever becomes an official faction, CK rights will not be carried out like other factions. Winged 有翼的 will have full autonomy to acquire CK rights for those that belong to their particular group / cell. However, no CK rights will be held across groups and no Champion 状元 or Winged 有翼的 will hold CK rights over another. This enforces the council mentality and breeds trust and respect among our members from the very start. Lastly, we personally do not tolerate any kind of disrespect, bullying, or toxicity to any of our members. We want this to be a friendly, open-minded community that focuses on writing and having fun. We do not care where you stand IC; if your OOC behavior is appalling, you will be removed from this community and the council will decide on a way to move the narrative forward without you in the most realistic and seamless way possible.
  8. WHAT IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE? Under international and U.S. law, individuals can be prosecuted for membership in criminal enterprises. But what do we mean by “criminal enterprise”? The FBI defines a criminal enterprise as “a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy, or comparable structure, engaged in significant criminal activity.” Typically, we think of drug cartels, racketeering enterprises, or even the Gestapo. But what about corporations? They have shown themselves to be capable of egregious and criminal behavior: insidiously evading regulations or instigating and carrying out violent acts. Corporations should likewise be eligible to be labelled as criminal enterprises, as they are groups of individuals with an identified hierarchy that can engage in significant criminal activity. Corporate directors and officials could thus then be found guilty for the corporation’s bad acts much more easily, which I find appropriate. Both international law and U.S. domestic law provide for criminal liability for membership in a criminal enterprise. Simply being a member in such a group is enough to warrant prosecution, without further evidence that a specific individual committed any other crime. Domestically, membership in an enterprise that participates in racketeering activity is penalized under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Internationally, at the Nuremberg trials, the Gestapo was declared a criminal enterprise and all members were automatically penalized. Similarly, in the ICTR, a defendant can be found guilty for the acts of others under the theory of extended joint liability for a joint criminal enterprise. What would it take for a corporation to be deemed a “criminal enterprise”? ORGANIZED STREET GROUPS (OSGs) Today in the United States of America, there are many different “Organized Street Groups” that exist throughout the country. What exactly is an Organized Street Group? An Organized Street Group can be very commonly mistaken with Organized Criminal Groups as both are deeply involved in organized crime, except the difference is Organized Street Groups tend to be more influential on a local street level whilst Organized Crime Groups tend to be more influential on a more national or statewide level. Many people involved in Organized Street Groups tend to come from poorer parts of a city where the Organized Street Group operates in, an example being if EXAMPLE OSG had influence in South Central Los Santos, then someone from South Central would most likely end up with EXAMPLE OSG if they dig their hands into organized crime, instead of EXAMPLE OCG which might be more statewide oriented than city oriented. Many of today’s Organized Street Groups have ties with street gangs from the cities they operate in, such as the Crips, Bloods, Sureños, Norteños, etc. There’s rumoredly more than 2,500 Organized Street Groups operating throughout the entire continent of Northern America, consisting of the United States of America and Canada. Organized Street Groups are known to have hands involved in everything from: Drug Trafficking, Firearms Trafficking, Fraud, Human Trafficking, Scams, Money Laundering, Contracted Killings, Contracted Kidnappings and Auto Theft. The list goes on and on, as there’s really no official stamped crime marker on Organized Street Groups; considering each OSG is different than the next OSG, and not all of them operate the same way. OSGs IN LOS SANTOS In Los Santos County, there is rumored to be only a few Organized Street Groups that operate in the area; the number being assumed to be between five to six, although not many of these Organized Street Groups are dominating the playground. This is true for most, although there has been a group of individuals who are operating out of South Central predominantly who’re assumed to be mostly Latin-American persons that operate around a more multi-ethnic group. There hasn’t exactly been a named given for the group, but the aliases Lucky and Onsight have often been passed through the grapevine on a local level; dating years back a group known as Get Busy Gang had dominated the organized crime scene on the West Side of South-Central Los Santos, with the names Lucky and Onsight being tied to the leadership of GBG back in the day. The group itself in the modern-day is assumed to have Lucky and Onsight somewhere upon its upper echelon, although no evidence has surfaced to prove this yet. Another name that has popped up is the “Cardona” surname through the grapevine, but not much evidence exists to support the accusations thrown around that are attached to the surname. It has been suggested before that the group known to operate around South-Central might in fact be this specific one, who are rumored to have ties to the San Andrean chapter of the Mexican Mafia, and out of state Paisanos in places such as Arizona and Nevada. Evidence must still come to light that this is in fact a thing, as at the moment it’s nothing but an internet conspiracy theory behind keyboard warriors typing at home. But some people speculate that the priorly known Get Busy Gang has evolved into something much bigger than they were ever expected to be, with rumors of them having ties in Imports & Exports companies and local businesses with lots of influence such as construction firms and restaurant franchises. This would make the theory of such a network existing all that more spine crawling, as it would mean they have their hands legally involved in stuff and aren’t just a bunch of 2-bit gangsters that would’ve hopped off the porch to flip dime bags. THE CARDONA NETWORK San Andreas, a western U.S. state, stretches from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly 900 miles. Its terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Venturas Mountains, Central Valley farmland and the Grand Senora Desert. The city of Los Santos is the seat of the Vinewood entertainment industry. Hilly San Fierro is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and cable cars. Underneath all of this though, there is a dark and gritty driven criminal underworld that lays its head within the San Andrean peninsula; with major organized criminal factions based out of San Fierro, Los Santos, San Diego and other hubs in the state it makes for a rather competitive market for criminal groups if they’re in the same market. Although the city of Los Santos; which is described to have once upon a time been the home foundation for street gangs, has always had an organized crime scene behind it that played into the cards of street related politics; involving the Conti Crime Family, Eurasian Organized Criminal circle, the Aryan Brotherhood, San Andrean Mexican Mafia, Black Guerilla Family, Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (MDTOs), and more. But in more recent years, the typical ethical organizational criminal structure that we knew it to once be, has slightly changed overtime where multi-ethnic groups have become more mainstream on the West Coast of the United States of America. Although most of these multi-ethnic groups must still pay homage to their designated patriarch, meaning that some of these multi-ethnic groups on the street might actually be paying protection money to dominant Prison Organizations like the Aryan Brotherhood or Mexican Mafia for protection of their members once they hit the mainline. The reason for this being, no matter how powerful an organized criminal group may be, if you control the prisons, you hypothetically control the state, which is the reason the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafia have in fact held a powerhouse over San Andreas for decades. One of these supposedly multi-ethnic organized criminal enterprises are often associated with the “CARDONA” surname, there has never been sufficient evidence to link the surname to any criminal network in the state of San Andreas to this day, but rumors and accusations have been thrown around like wildfire. It has been said though that there’s currently three criminal groups that have been identified that seem to operate side-by-side as if they’re under the same umbrella organization: GET BUSY GANG (GBG), NO LIMIT & LA EMPRESA (THE ENTERPRISE). OOC INFORMATION Even though the Cardona Connection is a fictional concept, we strive to portray a realistic depiction of a street level organized crime group that will be starting from the ground up. Every member of this faction prioritizes character development and faction development over anything. All content that's posted on this thread will showcase said character development that pertains to the faction and help detail the factions in character development from 0 to 100. The Cardona Connection's leadership retains the right to character kill anybody aspiring to be involved with this faction. If you are interested in joining and need guidance when it comes to portraying your character, feel free to contact @TyJ & @CryptoBeauty with any questions or concerns. THREAD WRITTEN & DEVELOPED WITH THE HELP OF: @CryptoBeauty & @Morrigan
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