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  1. West Side Diablos 13 [DIA] Hit up. Who are they? The Diablos 13, better known as the Deadly Insane Assassins, who are mostly Mexican nationals or first generation Mexican-Americans, but also Hondurans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans. According to social media, and other valuable internet outlets their influence are continuing to grow rapidly, throughout the area of Los Santos. Based on the information from Law Enforcement investigation from the state of Los Santos, they’ve concluded that at most the Diablos 13 pose as a medium level threat, while having cliques all throughout Los Santos. The Diablos 13 operate mostly in the western, and southern parts of Los Santos. They have many cliques spread out throughout the western area of Vespucci. Currently, the threat is highest in the western and southern parts of Los Santos, which boosted with population due to the levels of immigrants. These sides of Los Santos, are heavily Hispanic populated and are under heavy Hispanic influence. In the northern, and other regions of Los Santos though, the threat level stays to a low. Affiliates and members of the Diablos 13 gang engage in a wide range of illegal and criminal activity. This criminal activity includes drug murder, robbery, home invasions, immigration offenses, kidnapping, carjackings/auto thefts, and vandalism. Members of the Diablos 13 faction are also known for being exceedingly violent. Old Quarrels; Diablo Feuds The Diablos 13 began as a multiple amounts of street tagging-crews, in the area of Los Santos, one of those former tagging-crew name's being the Los Sick Felons (LSF). Before combining under the Diablos 13, this clique had a major rivalry with the Playboys Gangster Crip (PBGC), a feud that lasted for a few years, before eventually dying down. This feud started over boundaries set, that both crews could not follow. A major face for the Los Sick Felons at the time, Javier Contreras was the reasoning for this, after a heavy argument with a huge face from the Playboys Gangsters Crip organization. Words were exchanged and after that, their quarrel began. On many accounts were beating, and even sometimes robbed by Playboys Gangster Crip members. Another deadly rivalry the Diablos found themself in, is the on-going conflict they got between themselves and the 18st gang. This is, like the conflict they got with the Playboy Gangster Crip's is yet another major conflict for Diablo 13. The war between the two Sureño sets was extremely bloody, especially as it was between two factions with thousands of members affiliated with them. It's not rumored on how exactly the beef was started though, but as the years of being in war with the 18st gang, the more vicious and violent the crimes got. Additionally, the Diablos 13 faction continued to have problems with other crip factions, which lead them to claiming the crip killer card, as a sign of disrespect, and hatred. Another card they claim is the 18 killer card, from their conflict / rivalry with the 18th street gang. The Diablo's day to day attire consists of Los Angeles Dodgers hats, Detroit tiger hats, and sometimes they could be seen with black flags tied around their neck. However, them wearing flags aren't a everyday thing, only sometimes. While in a vicious war with 18st, the crimes committed against them did not go unseen by Law Enforcement, and sooner or later they caught on. Files were built up against the Diablos 13 gang, and soon enough a few important members from the Diablos gang were swept off of the streets, and put behind bars. All of them facing 50 years, or more. With them, came also a bunch of firearms getting snatched up off their person, and confiscated as evidence. In recent news, 28 more people were picked up off of the streets, and placed behind bars. The people arrested are all said to have some sort of connect with the Diablos 13. This massive arrest was conducted after seventeen-months of criminal investigation conducted by OSS. As the years continue to flow, the Diablos 13 suffered a massive loss in affiliates, and many turf losses. This took place during 2016, as many members and popular faces in the set either ended up dead, in jail, or just ended up hanging up their gang-banging flag. For a while, it was like this for them. Up into 2020, is when the Diablo 13 started to finally recover from this drought of membership, and turf. They have a brand new, and younger generation located in Vespucci, Los Santos. This new generation is filled of mostly younger affiliates, they're just as harsh, and ruthless as their past generation. Some say they might be more violent then the past generation. Driving through the Vespucci area of Los Santos, you can see a bunch of Diablo 13 hit-ups, and a bunch of Diablo 13 graffiti blasted up on mostly every wall. Affiliates of the gang do this to mark their territory, and their turf claims. If done in another gang's turf however, that would be a show of disrespect. The W/S Diablos 13 has a presence in various many regions all over Los Santos, but strongest and most populated hold is in the Vespucci area of Los Santos, the conflict between them and 18st still rages on, even as they continue to pick up countless other rivalries.
  2. This Character Story will be following the life of Carson Rodriguez, a young man from the Laguna Park area. Carson Rodriguez, a young delinquent from the Laguna Park area is known to be a bit of a kleptomaniac. His favorite target happens to be cars and stealing them has become his main source of income. After going to TTCF for Grand Theft Auto, Carson dropped out of high school despite having a 3.2 GPA with the potential to go on to college. He let the money get the best of him. He can be spotted in the Laguna Park area, usually with a few of his friends and a stolen car. Hope y'all enjoy where this story goes.
  3. Our focus is heavily on character development. Our commitment to realism necessitates this approach - we're striving for a depiction that goes beyond the surface-level cliches, presenting a layered representation of the lives connected to Tortilla Flats 13. If you are interested in joining the faction, send a message to @darksydoo @Compa
  4. This will follow the development of Justin Munoz aka Zero residing in Goma Street.
  5. ORGINS Los Malos 13 or The Bad Ones' is a Hispanic gang which is located on Brogue Avenue. The gang's origins date back to the early 2000s when the gang was just a tagging crew with a few members. In the 90s before and after the second World War, Brogue Avenue was a hotspot for immigration and became a melting pot for immigrants arriving in America. Several different ethnic groups had an influence on the culture of the area, including Jews, Hispanics, Irish, and African American immigrants. Today Brogue Avenue and the greater Davis is proximately Hispanic and African American. It is the home to several different Hispanic and Black gangs, Los Malos 13 being no different. Following the early 2000s the gang felt immense pressure from gangs close-by, particularly the varrios which wanted the small tagging crew to become apart of their gangs. Los Malos didn't feel welcomed by the gangs and instead decided to brand out and start their own gang following a conversation with several crew members. ALLIES AND ENEMIES Los Malos align themselves with the BK identity, which means that the gang has a strong dislike for all blood gangs. This comes natural with being a Sureno gang on Brogue Avenue. In the early days before falling out the gang was close with several Carson Crip gangs, which embedded the 'BK' ideology into the young members. This is something that Los Malos would continue to stay true to throughout the years, even to this day the Malos have heavy feuds with several blood gangs. Some of these include: V.S.O.P Alliance Bloodstone Villains Swan Bloods (All sets) Rollin 20 Outlaws Rollin 30 Bloodstone Piru BRIM ALLIANCE Harvard Park Brims Fruit Town Brims Van Ness Gangster Brims The Los Malos also feud with a handful of Crip sets, mainly the ones who align themselves with the Carson Crips. As mentioned before, the two (Malos & different Carson Crip) sets were in an alliance however sometime around the early 2010s this fell apart following rap beef between the two. It is unclear how exactly this was started but it is believed to have led to the death of a popular Carson Crip rapper which went by the name of 'C-Face'. The Malos still go at it with several of these hoods to this day. SOCIAL MEDIA NOTORIETY The Los Malos gang received a small amount of notoriety after a South Central rapper by the name of 'C-Face' was shot and killed near their territory. This was fueled after a Los Malos member took to social media to post a single emoji on his FaceBrowser story; a shushing emoji. This led to several conversations on social media such as the SanAneBanging Reddit which alleged that Los Malos had been involved in the shooting of the rapper. These allegations would prove to be true four years following when several members of the Los Malos gang were arrested by a joint-task force to crack down on gang violence. Among them was a member by the name of Chico who is believed to be the killer of the Carson Crip up and coming rapper 'C-Face'. This arrest one again ignited social media with many hating and calling for 'street justice' on the Los Malos gang. Cesar Parades, a 23-year-old member was arrested and found guilty of killing the underground rapper Teion Johnson, better known as 'C-Face'. Details were revealed by the prosecution at trial, it was discovered by a key witness that Cesar and Teion had a verbal dispute in which Cesar was heard shouting the following words in a provocative manner This Malos, fool!'. Afterward, several rounds were fired at Teion from a handgun, striking him several times. Parades was found guilty of the 2015 shooting and sentenced to two life sentences. He is currently serving his sentence at Ironwood State Prison in San Andreas. This started a bloody feud between the Los Malos and surrounding gangs, specifically the gangs under the Carson Crip card, as C-Face was considered a hood trophy of the Southside Carson Crips. This was spanned for several years and is a war that is still active even today and has resulted in several lives lost. Due to several bloody wars with several surroundings gangs, the Los Malos have lost several members to both law enforcement and to rival gangs, making the gang much weaker today than it was once was. In 2018 a significant shotcaller from the Los Malos was shot and killed by a Southside Carson Crip member
  6. This char story will be following the life of Darren "Damage" Rojas of the SOXLOS13 117'th st Baby Lokos Clika 117 Damage Darren Rojas, like many of the other young men and women from the Rancho area, is a hotheaded young man, plotting and scheming to make a quick buck. Originally his goals in life were to get a basketball scholarship to a decent college but things changed when he was shot three times and survived. He made a full recovery and went back to hooping but was shot seven more times, for a total of ten gun shot wounds in which he survived. The surgery was a success, Darren somehow some way made a full recovery but by then it was too late. He was already somewhat active in his neighborhood even though the "big homies" had urged him to pursue school and basketball. By this point he had nothing but his wits and his brothers on 117th street. He did a couple of bids with his childhood bestfriend, Symere "Panic" Martinez and by the time his second stint was over, he had been put on the same day he got out. He was no longer Darren Rojas. He was now Damage from SOXLOS13. This is his story.
  7. Jamestown Street, notorious for housing the most vile, corrupt and undomesticated youth that could only be described as disenfranchised. Years of poverty, failed programs and a nightmarish white exodus had taken its toll on an already developing district of South Los, and without much done by the government to curtail crime, residents sought security in one another. Teens have worn a badge of delinquency under the guise of security, protection, extortion, drug dealing and violent, large-scale group crimes in the pursuit of cash and excess, all in the name of a better lifestyle. Systemized oppression, unwarranted deaths and archive deep police records of abuse, mistreatment and injustice paved the way for streets to erupt. People had enough, and the Zoot Suit Riots rekindled feelings of struggle and disorder, driving the locals of Jamestown, like many of the other surrounding districts of South Los to have their way as a revenge against the system. This paved the way for the youth to have a chance at making it out of the system, and with many celebrities and icons across Los Santos promoting this lifestyle, an uneasy and unhinged youth succumbed to the devil. The 38th Street gang is a longstanding criminal street gang in Los Santos, consisting primarily of individuals of Hispanic-American descent, with a history dating back to the 1920s. It holds one of the oldest legacies among street gangs in Los Santos due to its involvement in various illicit pursuits. The 38th Street gang operates under the influence and directives of the Mexican Mafia, and their members are known to be deeply entrenched in street politics involving the Black Hand. MILLITANT UPRISING ON 38ST Reputedly the oldest barrio in South Los, their expansion was rapid. The lifestyle attracted troubled youth all across the landscape, and the charm of crime and disorder appealed to many feeble minds. Militant expansion erupted, and many cliques began to form, with many of them disappearing almost instantaneously. This wave of expansion was referenced in the news on multiple occasion, and many anti-gang programs began to earn mainstream attention. A notorious clique on the come-up in South Los dominated the landscape, and cemented their name on every news agency within a thousand mile radius — the Pee Wee Gangsters (PWGS), notorious for dabbling with violent street crimes across the board and remaining militant against all blood factions. This set the stage for a plethora of notorious characters to rise up, most notably Edward Salamanca, otherwise known as Midget, who was responsible for the killing of at least nine different Pueblo Bishops Bloods affiliates and injuring over 13 others in a plethora of small-time killings. The killings were executed in the name of revenge, painting the picture for a vivid gang landscape where youth once blossomed and grew to steal the gift of life from others, all in the name of their gangs. The LSPD Gang Enforcement Team had a different say in the matter: a stop was imminent, and the launch of an operation couldn't wait a second longer. Calls were made, hands were shaken, and offices were ransacked—a complete gang package was in the works and the Judges were more than happy to sign on what they regarded as easy, indisputable warrants due to the poor economic backgrounds of the involved suspects. Warrants were plastered across every door, and the Special Weapons Team erased any words that hinted at denial from their vocabulary. Brutes knocked down doors, major heads were severed, and the serpent was disconnected with the remainder of their camaradas succumbing to death in one way or another. Success was the name of the game for the Gang Enforcement Detail, and there was nothing but horror and lost spirits of gang members roaming in South Los from this point onward. RESURRECTION Crime continued in South Los, only this time it was fewer in count, and it was far more aggressive. The population felt subjugated, and while there was a degree of relief, a lot of families continued to struggle as the many drug businesses led by big heads around the neighborhood were putting food on many plates, and with a lack of a consistent supply, poverty skyrocketed. Many of the youth felt as though they were suppressed by the government, and many others felt an innate desire to take back to the streets seeing as they've lost family members to rivaling gangs, or they've simply felt powerless being in a low-income household with no feelings of independence. Such feelings were unexpected, as there was no proper socioeconomic analysis of police operations and their outcome, and the streets had a different opinion. Many blood sets began flocking to South Los in droves to assassinate remnants of the Pee Wee Gangsters clique. This paved the way for major 38st Gang veterans to revive the Pee Wee Gangsters clique to reinforce their status in South Los and maintain yet another supply line for their camaradas. With the Black Hand's involvement, Pee Wee Gangsters was picked up once more, and with militant growth, they've managed to keep local blood cliques at bay to re-assert their positioning on the streets after a long hiatus which rendered them effectively defunct and no longer worthy of pursuit by the Gang Task Force networks. SEVERED TIES & INDEPENDENCE With multiple figures now on the rise within the PWGS clique, a shift in opinion amongst their affiliates began to be evident: the umbrella 38st Gang was severely lacking in their efforts to assist PWGS in rising up and maintaining a healthy cash flow due to endless disruptions and wars by neighboring sets, where PWGS found themselves to be severely lacking on multiple fronts: this paved the way for conversation between PWGS and their strongest ally and neighbor, Traviesos Gangsters 13, where PWGS were offered to pick up the Traviesos 13 card in favor of stronger business ventures and mutual interests, as they both share insignia, gang signs and enemies as a result of being closely connected neighbors since their emergence. This move, while initially expected to be unpopular, proved to be favorable in the eyes of many affiliates as they've noticed further support from the neighboring gang. This move meant that TGS's very own Making Enemies Rank (MER) clique, which is known to be strongly associated with PWGS as they both grew up on the same streets, was now replaced by the newly absorbed cliques on Jamestown: Pee Wee Gangsters and Tiny Wicked Diablas.
  8. Mittoka


    Also check out our faction: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/104674-del-perro-13/
  9. TAVIO CASTRILLO DE LA MAFIA MEXICANA ___Description of Tavio Castrillo___ Age range: 30 to 36 Hispanic. 5 foot 11. 165lbs. Big Mustache. Heavy chicano accent. - ___Tattoos description of Tavio Castrillo___ "BARRIOX3" - "SOUTHSIDE" & "XIII" on his neck. Large Sureno image on back. Right Chest: Mexican flag Eagle holding "M", and "MEXICANA" underneath. Left Chest: BLACK HAND "EME" written inside it. Left shoulder: "M" inside Aztec Shield - "MAFIA" down back of right arm. Many other tattoos all over his body Aztec - Sureno - Chicano - Kanpolero related. Some MEXICAN MAFIA and LA EME related.
  10. This thread will follow the life and development of Javier Martinez young Hispanic male born into the gang culture around him. Ultimately raising to the top of the food chain, becoming a second generation Mexican Mafia member.
  11. Florencia 13 is a gang with roots in South Central Los Santos dating back to the 1940s in the Florence-Firestone District, originally formed to protect it's own people from surrounding and much larger black gangs who used to target Mexican-American residents living in the area, now sports over 2,000 members with cliques all around South Central Los Santos, West Los Santos and multiple other counties. The gang got its name from the Spanish pronunciation of Florence, the main street the runs through a majority of the gangs turf and also the name of the song by the Paragon's that members often called in to radio stations to play to let people know Florencia members were posted up. Florencia adopted the 13 in the 1960s after gangs in Southern Los Santos began pledging their allegiance to the Mexican Mafia in growing numbers, the gang's main motives quickly shifted and saw them gradually grow in to one of the largest Sureno gangs in Los Santos. War With The East Coast Crips A beef that started over members of ECC running off on a drug deal turned in to a two decade long war between the two gangs that saw countless bodies dropped in the streets of Los Santos. After Arturo Castellanos, a shotcaller from Florencia, sent out a message that members or Florencia were to cleanse the area of the neighboring East Coast Crips, chaos embroiled South Central with bodies from both sides dropping weekly at certain points in the war, which came to an end in 2020 after shotcallers from both gangs brought their people together to call a truce. Operation Joker’s Wild A large investigation was underwent during the early 2000's, looking in to the gangs reputation of drug trafficking, extortion and racially motivated murders targeting gang affiliated and innocent black people in the area which resulted in 102 members of the gang being listed in indictments in 2007. 96 were eventually taken in to custody and as of 2009, 94 of those were charged with crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder, the rest having either been convicted, plead guilty, fled the country or even died during the investigation. Present Day Modern Day Enemies Florencia's main rival until recently was the East Coast Crips however they've maintained several other beefs along the years, mainly with Playboys 13, 38 Street Gang and 18th Street, the gang had tension with a lot of Watt's varrios in the 1950's, however most of those gangs have now formed in to other gangs or have gone defunct but they continue to maintain their beef with newer sets, their most known being with the Grape Street Crips who didn't take a liking to Florencia trying to push in to the area and claim turf. Numbers within the gang continue to rise to the present day, currently being one of the 3 largest Mexican gangs in South Central Los Santos. Florencia 13 has undergone several gang injunctions over the years but due to how big the area their turf actually covers, the gang continues to function and recruit the youth in the area, often preying on those from rough upbringings or people in search of acceptance who are willing to do anything to fit in, knowing the area they grew up in puts a huge target on their backs. The infamous Charleston projects are home to the 85th Street Locos and the Gangster Lokas, two cliques whose numbers and structure have been shaken up by joint police efforts to curb gang violence. As of 2023, both Davis cliques are rumored to be led by veteran gang bangers from within different institutions of the San Andreas justice system. Some reports claim only reckless young teenagers and adults remain. OOC INFORMATION The goal of our faction is to portray a realistic depiction of the Florencia X3 gang in the Charleston Projects area; the main focus is deeply developing our characters and providing roleplay within the South Central area . We aim to run the faction transparently for every member with as little OOC involvement as possible. Every aspiring member must write a detailed character story and understand our concept prior to joining. If you’d like to join the faction or have any questions on your mind, feel free to PM .drillz on discord. The faction is currently open join the discord at https://discord.gg/HsjwqErjJD
  12. The crew members under Tavio Castrillo - EME carnal.
  13. Salvador "Joker" Espinar, a teenage gang member of a street gang called Florencia 13. Salvador "Joker" Espinar is a 15 year old kid born and raised in Davis around the Charleston Projects. Growing up, Salvador had a very rough lifestyle and his financial state wasn't good. His mom would work 2 jobs just to put food on the table and Salvador usually had to rely on eating regular snacks and ramen noodles every time his mom couldn't afford some real food. His mom has no real help around the house considering she doesn't have a husband anymore and he is no where to be found. Salvador was always bullied at school because of his atrocious clothing that was from the thrift store. He often felt really sad but as it kept happening he learned to not care about what people say anymore. As Salvador got into his teenage years, he started to hangout with some people in his neighborhood hoping to find a loyal friendship. He started to get comfortable with some of the people around his neighborhood because they accepted him and showed him loyalty. Most of the people were going through the same thing as Salvador anyways and they also dealt with terrible financial situations. Some of the people in Salvador's neighborhood were gang members apart of the street gang "Florencia 13." It is a Mexican street gang and Salvador realized that once he seen his neighborhood covered in gang-related tagging's. Salvador was introduced into the gang life by some of his friends who were already included in it. He started to sell hard drugs on the streets and he'd also scam people for money. He started to get HOOKED to this life and he was seeing how much money he made from this. He started to help his mom out more and he'd lie to her saying he found a real job somewhere... Salvador was also defending his territory by fighting off enemies that would troop down to his neighborhood. After a couple of months being around the street gang, he later got his put-on which means that he is an official member of the street gang. He was jumped by 3 males while another male counted to 13 as Salvador was getting beat up. After the beating, Salvador was congratulated and given the nickname "Joker" which was probably given to him because a lot of people would laugh at some of the crazy things he'd say. He was also apart of one of the newer cliques called "85th Tiny Hustlers" which was dedicated to doing schemes related to earning money, specifically drug dealing.
  14. The Wicked Brown Suspects 13 also known by the acronym WBSX3 is a street gang composed of predominantly Hispanic-American and Salvadorian-American affiliates. WBSX3 is a Los Santos based street gang that operates in the Northern area of Los Santos, specifically, Clinton Avenue and has been since its creation during the early 1990s. The faction’s birthing traces back all the way to early 1992 in a tagging crew called "Brown Pride Boys". The crew was first founded in the area to protect newer fleets of Hispanic-Immigrants from pretty much everything in Los Santos, such as poverty, discrimination, and limited opportunities for jobs and living situations. After fleeing from Mexico and El Salvador to Los Santos, many of them, without having any family over in the area, nor any idea on where to go results in them being lost, having to stay in dangerous areas which also includes section-8 housing and homeless shelters. After about ten-years is when the WBSX3 gang begin to have problems with other existing street gangs located in Los Santos for example gangs such as, 83 Gangster Crip, Eighteenth Street and even Tug Town Bloods. Their most notable issues though, is between WBSX3 and most African-American Gangs. The feud between the gangs, started all the way in the late 1990’s, over petty tagging disputes and arguments in the gang turfs. During the late 1990's they began to affiliate themselves with the Mexican Mafia where they would adopt the name, Wicked Brown Suspects 13 / WBSX3. During this transitioning period is where they picked up heat with the local Eighteenth Street gang over turf control and product being moved in the area. Both gangs felt as if their turfs were being impeded on which led to a deadly shooting of a Eighteenth Street gang member. After this, arrests were made which conducted over eight affiliated WBSX3 members, causing the decline in their gang activity. Although the gang has a affiliation the Mexican Mafia. The gang has beefed other Sureño factions such as Eighteenth Street, Clanton 14, and White Fence 13. Although they had beefs with Sureño gangs, they would have more focus on their African-American rivals. They mainly beefed the Crip Card and the Blood Card, claiming Bk and Ck in their tags and social media. This gang would believe heavily in their gang heritage, so members would be seen walking around in brown Cortes shoes and black flags hanged around their neck to claim the EBK status they had. The beefs between WBSX3, Crip, and Blood gangs in Los Santos still reigns heavily to this day, with many violent encounters happening daily in North Vinewood.
  15. Capoh

    Tiny Lokos

    This thread will showcase the clique "Tiny Lokos (TLS)" be developed by a very small group of loosely affiliated young Hispanics in the area of South Los. With most of their activities being money-motivated, and having the main hustle of trafficking drugs throughout the Davis/Rancho area.
  16. This thread will follow the development and lifestyle of Eduardo Mendoza who was born into a cruel environment. Growing up in El Burro Heights and eventually pursuing the path of the crime through the shadows of his late father.
  17. this thread will follow the life of cody torres, better known as creeper. he's a teenager from magellan ave.
  18. | v | v | v This thread will follow the development and parasitic lifestyle of Julian "Raskal" Cerezo, a Filipino-American gang member that exhibits psychopathic tendencies with a substance abuse problem and a propensity towards financially motivated criminal behavior.
  19. This thread will follow the development of the clique "Loked Up Raskals". LOKED UP RASKALS 10 years ago in 2013, Kevin "Venom" Villa and Richard "Rambo" Hernandez formed the clique Loked Up Raskals. Richard and Kevin were both locked up for 10 years after an incident with the two individuals, they ended up taking a charge for murdering a law enforcement officer in broad day light on Innocence Boulevard, thus allowing the clique Loked Up Raskals to fall apart and eventually become defunct. "Loked Up Raskals" eventually formed once again due to two reasons, the decline of the "Time 4 Krime" clique after several arrests and murders on the prominent members in the "T4K" clique and the older influential members of the clique being released from the penitentiary. Unlike previous generations and cliques, the Loked Up Raskals function with a very organized structure, they also have a sense of formal leadership. This being Kevin "Venom" Villa and Richard "Rambo" Hernandez.
  20. Florencia allegedly started near Florence and Atlantic and at one old point back in time they’ve actually said to have claimed the whole stretch of Forum Drive. Florencia 13, also known as the South Side Florence 13 or F13, is an infamous Hispanic Sureno street gang, with cliques spread throughout Los Santos County of San Andreas. They originated after World War II, during the late 1940s. Florence Avenue street was later renamed to Forum Drive in the 70s due to rising tensions between the local gang and a near East Coast Crip clique. The name Florence is pronounced Florencia in Spanish, and that's where the gang got its name from. This resulted in the gang adopting a 50's "doo-woop" song, "Florence" by The Paragons. The song was often requested by the gang members to let everybody know that Florencia members were posted up. The gang was first formed in the 40s as a neighborhood patrol to protect the Hispanic demographic against the much larger African-American street gangs at the time. Florencia ended up taking the "13" around the 1960s, which to public knowledge corresponds to the letter "M", which publicly announced their affiliation to the Mexican Mafia, over the years, many of the members of Mexican Mafia that ended up getting arrested over street wars were recruited into the ranks of the eMe due to earning their reputation for their ruthleness while fighting against multiple black gangs by themselves, in no time, they turned into one of most loyal and most important soldier for the prison organization. Florencia cliques are located ALL OVER in South Los Santos in a vast area patrolled by the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department. As is the case with most Chicano street gangs, each individual clique possesses unique geographical boundaries that physically separate one territory from another. A breakdown of each Florencia clique reveals an indicator about its name origination, not only that, each one of them as their own way to dress up and act, the ones closer to South Central are known to this day rock blue bandanas and stay more old schools than the ones closer to blood sets, per example, cliques like Malos have adopted blood culture into their daily way of dressing and nowdays we see alot of them hanging red cloth around their necks and sport red Falcon's gear, not only that, but those were the cliques that front lined against the blood war that happened between Florencia 13 and East Coast Crips that took many lifes during the twenty year span that it lasted. And add onto that the clique me & some friends are forming is a set which formed after 2k21 after many of the Florencia members moving out of SC and situating themselves in Pillbox Hill away from the south central gang scene which obviously brought this specific clique along. After the 1990s, a sizable number of families started leaving South Central in search of places like Pillbox Hill and Mission Row. Although though residents refer to the region as Pillbox Hill, it appeared to have everything a family needed in the early 2000s, but that was only the case for a brief period of time. Unfortunately, these actions had a significant negative impact on the already failing economy in the area. Drugs started to be more common, and a lot more users started to appear on the streets after the collapse of Fleeca's mother company in 2008. Many businesses in the Pillbox Hill area were forced to close down or fire 80% of their staff just to stay afloat. The sureno gang known as Florencia 13 wanted a piece of this market that was up for grabs on the lower half of Power Street. Soon after the Florencia 13 members in South Central made touch with their family who had relocated to Pillbox Hill, the 25th was created. A group of people known as Wicked Vandals 13 was formed in the decade of the 2010s, and the group wasted no time in establishing itself in Chinatown and Pillbox Hill. robbing anyone who had the temerity to challenge them. Being in close proximity to Chinatown and Korea Town the group found themselves in the midst of the largest drug pandemic. Having the reach to get knock-off pain meds from the Chinese and Koreans the gang quickly rose in their notority as pill-demons for the local club goers, and the junkies alike. They haven't had any competition for the market around their area, but that was soon to change. A small group of Eastern Europeans began moving into their areas dealing to their usual buyers, but the real problem was the price. Halfing the current price on opiads in the area caused a lot of drama in the small very populated area, and drama soon insued. David Batista, a young man, was discovered in a dumpster behind the now-named Trauma Factory on February 10, 2017. The 15-year-body old's was discovered with numerous stab wounds to his chest and cash placed in his mouth. This just served to incite the WV to act more violently toward the neighborhood's Eastern European residents, particularly those who resided in their own apartment building. They used family terror to get the drug dealers to come out of hiding, and it was effective Kristijan Markovic was killed by a single bullet to the dome on the doorstep of his grandparents household. A gang member by the name of Casper Dominguez got in touch with the person he believed was in control of the "newly arrived Eastern European dealers" as a result of the indictment at the Markovic residence. The two met in the now-defunct John's poolhall, which was located in an alleyway on lower Power Street, and they reached an agreement. Casper agreed that the Eastern European gang would provide the Wicked Vandals with their medication in exchange for assistance dealing with some of their other competitors. The year is now 2023, and the WV13 is now finding itself once again going back to street level dealing, and making the life of other locals of Chinatown into a living hell. Robberies, and petty theft has been on the rise ever since the summer of 2022 due to these so called 'gang members' focusing on minor offences which would cause them to be back out on the streets quicker.
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