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  1. ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER CAR Within the San Andreas county jail and wider prison system, social segregation in regards to race is a prominent aspect of one’s stay within a facility like Twin Towers. Inmates are generally partitioned into groups according to race, such as the White Car, Sureno Car and Black Car. The Asian Pacific Islander Car, or simply the Other Car, makes up the inmate population in Twin Towers Correctional Facility who cannot be categorised as white, black or Hispanic. Namely, this Other Car is predominately made up of those of East Asian, Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Like its counterparts, the group follows jail politics and is considered to be tight-knit due to their minority status within TTCF; inmates affiliated with the API normally roll in pairs and follow rigid programming overseen by keyholders and figureheads. The Car is not an organisation in of itself, and consists of long-term inmates who originate from a number of different street gangs and criminal organisations. Unity is a strong component in the ethos of how the Car operates, and the need for each API inmate to have each other’s back is a necessity in an environment like County Jail. Accordingly, it possesses a more welcoming and clannish climate in comparison to its racial counterparts. That isn’t to say any weak links are tolerated; anyone who cannot get with the program is violently rejected. Additionally, power within the group is not held by a monolithic, dictatorial entity; the long-term and lifer inmates who comprise the nucleus of the API Car come from a wide variety of backgrounds. This includes but is not exclusive to Vietnamese, Polynesian, Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, and Japanese. These individuals may have grown up in different areas and affiliated with different street gangs or even be apart of a different socio-economic bracket, but the one thing that unites them in their tenacious bond is a prevailing mindset of community and self-reliance. While the Asian Pacific Islanders may comprise only a minority of the carceral population, they remain a force large enough to support themselves and act as a network for Asian cliques on the outside. OOC INFORMATION This faction aims to realistically portray the Asian Pacific Islander or Other Car within TTCF and the numerous individuals from different backgrounds who find themselves affiliated with it. We aim to maintain a high standard of high-quality and grounded roleplay, both on the outside and inside of county jail. The Other Car reserves the right to Character Kill anyone who associates themselves with the group in an in character capacity. Any questions or concerns can be directed to PKMN Trainer#4202 or wkdman#9199.
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