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  1. Prices are too high. Expecting strip clubs to pay 150k every 3 months is absurd. These clubs already barely make profit after all the costs that need to be paid (dancers salary, bar staff salary, security salary, manager salary). These prices will only further make the types of businesses that require minimal investment while making larger profit margins more sought after instead of roleplay businesses that barely break a profit. This is not even accounting for if the business is leased and requires a monthly payment as well. You will end up with players just doing spam openings to
  2. I started playing it again a couple months and got REALLY into it just like if it was actually 2007-2008 all over again. OSRS still has that getting lost feeling that other games for me just haven't been able to capture fully.
  3. Naeno

    Varrio Rancho 13

    Main thread updated with an updated look for the faction.
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