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  1. That’d still be 0.2s for 100% so it’s still pretty much instant if they do it as you’re saying.. Anyways, I’d even suggest that you should turn your engine off before fueling as in real life you have to turn your engine off aswell. It’s a small addition but makes it more immersive, this along with a timer is something I’d gladly have ingame.
  2. BelgLmfao

    Otis Orville

    Love the screens keep them coming
  3. I’m agree withdrawing/depositing cash adds rp!
  4. You can add headphones, chains, bracelets etc. for multiplayer skins with the accessories #1 option, backpacks and duffle bags only work on Michael, Trevor & Franklin ped skins as far as I know.
  5. Make it possible to change your outfits when you have your vehicle unlocked and trunk opened, just like you're able to in your house. Maybe have it so you got to put the outfits you want to have in your specific vehicle in by yourself, so not every single outfit you own is available inside of it. Also not make it possible for bikes since they don't have trunks or maybe just one outfit so you can change out of your biker clothes back to normal clothes, would be interesting for roleplay purposes and makes it so you don't have to equip a special outfit you want to rp later on with at a clothing store or in your house, making you drive a long distance with it when you intend to wear it for a special occasion or rp moment. This might've been suggested before but couldn't find it.
  6. Don't see why this shouldn't be added, only problem I see though is that 'not texting' part, pretty much every phone can do both, especially in this day and age.
  7. I support this, sure it's not /that/ expensive when you're getting those 5k newbie paychecks, but once those are up, you get 250$ every hour, so it takes you 2 hours to be able to buy an outfit, and you got to be definately sure you want it then, cause if you forgot something, it charged 500$ and you got to wait another 2 hours to be able to afford it. The price of clothing changes should be less than the 250$ you get every hour, so 150$ would be great indeed.
  8. The hotkey already exists on the server, it’s just that it’s the same key as the menu, which is ‘i’ so it’s not ideal if you want to open that menu to change i.e. the xmr, it opens/closes the car’s roof so another hotkey would be nice lr change menu from ‘i’ to ‘m’ like orcaninja said would be viable too.
  9. No clue how the doors work here on GTA V but if possible to code, would be a nice addition to have added that benefits alot.
  10. Either the one who picks it up first would be nice or depending on the faction, like FD, have some kind of dispatcher like OCD handle them but that’d be up to the faction themselves to choose this I guess, but definately have every member access to the calls
  11. It should keep your stock items or upgrades you've already bought in some kind of 'inventory' so it'd be free or cheaper than buying it again to pay for let's say the work needed to fit them again by an NPC's work. Also I agree, you should be able to choose a color when buying a new car, you don't just buy a black car newly from a dealership irl either, you set it up to your likings so I fully support this.
  12. The key to lower/raise the roof of convertibles is 'I' at the moment I believe, which can be pretty annoying as it always opens up the interaction menu aswell, so if you want to check something in said menu, it lowers/raises the roof. It's nothing too big but more or less a 'first world problem'. If possible I'd like to see the key to lower/raise it be changed to some other non conflicting key I believe the key to lower/raise the roof is the same for everyone, if not never mind this but I didn't alter any keys as far as I know so think it's server sided.
  13. I had this issue aswell, if you got any capital letter in your password, don’t use caps lock but try using shift instead else it doesn’t register the capital letter and just uses the basic low letter in your password which you don’t notice. Just use the same login you use for UCP.
  14. Looks good, good luck with it can’t wait for more screenies
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