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  1. I wasn't even involved, but I do browse reports from time to time and I was just shocked at that response. I guess it's time to start a robbery crew because "crime doesn't have a time or a place" and "limiting crimes because of reasons such as 'in broad daylight' or in public places only causes detriment to the roleplay". It wasn't even a one-off for the report, that was a blanket statement on the position of the server admins. This is a dangerous road to head down. We no longer live in a "city", we live in a bubble of 800 people that's now IC only. Guess if I murder someone in Legion Square at 9 in the morning when there's only 100 people online and no one sees it, I get away with it lol. I can't wait for people to use that response as an appeal to unrealistic crime now, since population all IC.
  2. There is 100% lol. The Lucky Fish Casino. Saw the advertisement for it tonight, preferring to hire "self-funded" dealers. It's ridiculous and a shitty way to portray a casino.
  3. @[email protected]@Bjö[email protected] Question on the legitimacy of this statement: "We do not roleplay that certain areas of the city are busier than they are in-character." Is this the official stance of the server? Are we really allowing robberies on a realistically busy pier in broad daylight now? I would please like an official clarification on the matter. From Adv's response, you're telling us when there are 800 people in-game, that's the population of the city and should be portrayed as such? This opens up a treasure trove of portrayal issues. This basically says that I can rob someone in the middle of Legion Square, no matter what time of day, and get away with it because IC'ly no one is around to stop it at that point in time. According to that post, nothing would be taken into consideration as to what it would be like realistically in the middle of Legion Square because "it's all IC". Serious? Might as well make it a cops and robbers server at that point because that's where it's going to go. It's going to throw portrayal out the window and give people a reason to blindly commit crime where it makes no sense because, "the population is IC and crime doesn't sleep". That would be ridiculous. Crime doesn't sleep, but neither does a city with multi-millions of people and a police force that operates 24/7, which we don't have here. It makes no sense to RP the city only as the IC server population. Everyone who is now reported with an unrealistic robbery will now have that to back them up. Cops and robbers, here we come. EDIT: See below for past examples.
  4. Cool suggestion on paper, but this will lead to people using unrealistic elements of these other games. I’d rather not cross into that territory, whether the game is “approved” or not. Just leaves too many things open to interpretation. We have a hard enough time with people who use Menyoo let alone another game entirely.
  5. The issue is that many people are hypocritical in their sense of character portrayal. People wouldn’t hesitate to complain if the server imposed harsher script downsides to drinking so people would RP it correctly. Then they say, “wahhh I should be free to RP that myself without a script, this isn’t an RPG”. Those same people turn around and don’t RP drunk consequences at all even when they should. It’s sad really.
  6. That’s fine but 99% of them don’t role play. They crash and then /b skip? It’s stupid. If you call that role play, you’re in the wrong place.
  7. Watch the stream. Rules were broken. They collided into barriers, the rocks and a motorcycle at high speeds, then started to back up towards where the motorcycle was hit. The guys that flew over the barriers start rolling back right away as if they didn’t just hit a metal barrier at 100+. People generalize because more often than not the consequences aren’t RP’d and they go straight to /b skip? If you honestly sit here and tell me otherwise, you’re full of shit. People who do it right good on you, but you’re in the minority.
  8. Lets be real. Not one of those people were RP’ing shit. They started backing up and trying to drive right after the collisions. Those kinds of accidents at that speed they would barely be conscious let alone trying to move their cars.
  9. I wish more people thought this way. I hate the idea of being one or the other. My characters have had friends that were on both sides of the spectrum. My characters do not generally commit entry level crime and tend to stick with more legal sided jobs, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to scoff at someone who does commit crime or call the police on someone who’s doing some drugs in the bathroom. It doesn’t mean my characters won’t do drugs with them in the bathroom lmao. It’s all very subjective. I hate pegging my characters to one side or the other. Just walk the line and consider that your character is a human, not a robot. They have lives outside of their hustle lol.
  10. Only after 40 hours of playtime. Can't really RP anything realistic from the get-go unless you're doing a zero to hero / rags to riches story. If I want to RP an already successful businessman/woman in my 40's-50's who would realistically already have money in the bank, I can't do that. I'm not talking about mommy and daddy's money successful, I mean properly portraying someone who's not just starting out in life in their 20's. Maybe that includes a semi-nice car, maybe it doesn't. Fact of the matter is the time at which the money is received is not the issue. It's the portrayal of the character after the fact. Time doesn't do anything but delay what people are planning on doing anyways once they've received that money either after 40 hours or grinding it out via other methods.
  11. Pretty genius idea actually. I feel that some people just stockpile the extra money so that they don't have to start a new character when they inevitably end their character's story with a name change and no assets. This leads to stockpiling rather than living in the moment with their character and spending their wealth to potentially facilitate further RP opportunities for themselves and for others. Playing devil's advocate here. I think that's part of the reason why some people advocate for the inclusion of starting money right away rather than having to grind for it. The grind mentality takes away from the player experience. Whether they get the starting cash right away or grind for it, people's tendencies will still be the same. If someone has destined themselves to be a mall rat, they're either going to do it right away or in 40 hours once they've grinded their starting paychecks. Delaying the cash doesn't usually change the outcome. People will live the story they want to live regardless of when the money is obtained. Quality control is what should be more important, instead of impeding one's abilities via IC cash restrictions.
  12. In before all the script grinders come in and complain that you're taking away their "roleplay" by locking it to approved businesses 😅 On serious note though, Totally agree. Any decently established business would not be caught dead buying alcohol from someone who makes a "home brew" without some sort of verification of making quality and safe products. If these products are not distilled correctly, there are elements in these distillation processes that can kill you or at the very least make your time on this Earth very unpleasant lol. Unfortunately we lack the elements in-game that would normally keep this from happening such as food + beverage inspectors & health inspectors so this has gone relatively untouched for way too long. It shouldn't stop us from striving towards a better foundation though. It makes no sense for Bob, Larry and Joe to brew inside their RV or inside their little warehouse and then have legal, established businesses blindly buy their product based on the lowest bidder. This just doesn't happen. You'd be risking your patrons and subjecting them to possible badly brewed/distilled products with harmful chemicals, additives or worse. On an OOC note, this area of RP has been sorely lacking and there are a few of us who are really passionate about making this more beneficial not only for brewers but also for private customers and business owners. In the interests of compromise, if there is to be an illegal brewer job, it should be locked behind an illegal supplier application or subject to IFM approval. The same as legal business owners who are locked behind applying for it through Property Management. That way this can be controlled and monitored for RP quality purposes, the same as every other business or supplier role. EDIT: I am not against home brewers. Home brewers exist IRL, but they still require state licensing in most cases through a beer and wine license. The idea here is to only be able to obtain access to the script through approval and justification of building a business/brand, rather than leaving it open season for anyone to do in the wrong way. Quality over quantity.
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