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  1. Rest in peace, brother

  2. I've been busy but I'll stick to my word above that I'd close it over this last weekend so @Makois the winner. Unless for some reason we cannot finalize the deal, this is closed.
  3. Current high bid: 2.7m I'll keep this up for a couple more days and close it this weekend.
  4. Interior (mapped by @Tiddy) Starting Bid: $1,000,000
  5. Buyout: $160,000 Not an auction, I'll consider any offer.
  6. No, not a fan of the [accent] before speaking. I've seen people note what their character sounds like in /attributes and that's good enough for me if it's something you can't portray in your speech alone. People should be /examine-ing everyone they encounter to RP with them properly.
  7. No, these would be abused far more than the PF/CCW firearms already are. Even a melee version would be abused heavily as it would, I assume, be a one hit stun.
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