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  1. Definitely supported. Also add the ability to see when your contacts are online for those that don't add everyone they RP with on discord, would make things easier. But considering that our characters don't stop living when we're offline, it doesn't make sense why you wouldn't be able to respond to SMS's whenever you can instead of some limited time and be able to text people to organize things. It's really quality of life update and I don't see it requiring much. Only thing that will need to be restricted is to disallow usage of discord SMS bot while you're ingame to avoid potential abuse.
  2. So I been experimenting a bit, I found that if you open the rockstar launcher before, toggle off the hibernate (if enabled) and then back on, it will hibernate the launcher when you start ragemp. But its very tempermental and seems to ignore the setting after a while, so in other words, have to toggle that hibernate option before every time i want to play gtaw which is simply ridiculous, and even then, my fps still doesn't appear to be as good as it was before.
  3. One of the first things I tried... Did not work. Launcher still stays running open.
  4. Anyone has any potential solutions for this issue? It's quite annoying not being able to play and having to wait if ragemp will ever fix it.
  5. All drivers have been updated. Also made no difference.
  6. So since the rockstar launcher has updated, it has completely tanked my fps to the point that it's unplayable. I used to have 60-80fps, now I get 30fps and around 15-25fps while driving which really isn't okay in any shape or form. I have been asking around for any kind of solutions but I cannot find a solution whatsoever. All I know it's caused by the Rockstar launcher running open (which it never did before) which in terms eats my CPU and therefore limiting my performance. If I close the launcher through the task manager, my fps goes back to what it should be, but then it relaunches and my fps tanks again. I have tried reinstalling RageMP which did nothing, closed overlays, everything I could figure out, still no change. My last hope to find a solution is here, but I'm starting to think that the only solution that I may have is until RageMP devs push out a fix which I don't know if they will. So if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. And before anyone says upgrade X, no, that's not a possibility, nor should I be forced to do that because of bad updates. Every other game I play, works perfectly fine.
  7. Offering $310,000. ((Can you provide purchase date as well please?))
  8. Albany V-STR SOLD Engine and supercharger has been modified and tuned to accomplish more power from the V8. Braking system has been upgraded. Aftermarket exhaust installed for better sound. Suspension stiffened slightly for increased handling. Security upgrades with top of the line alarm technology and anti theft tracking. Custom license plate that comes with the car - "PANTHER". Only 571 miles. Additional pictures: (( ))
  9. Marty

    Speed Bumps

    Then you lose them, try to get their plate or something to identify them and arrest them later. Just because you have sirens on, doesn't mean that everyone hears them, from RP sense, they could have music blasting or simply not paying attention. From OOC perspective, people could be blasting music or not have headset/speakers on or not paying attention. Look at any videos of IRL LEO's responding to anything and you'll always see them considerably slowing down for intersections to make sure to clear them. I guarantee it if you get in a crash without following appropriate procedures, you'll be at fault. Honestly speaking, you're showcasing very serious case of play to win mentality, whichever faction you are part of, they should reconsider letting you stay in it. The simple fact is you are not supposed to throw proper LEO portrayal (such as clearing intersections, not choosing to chase someone 120mph through LS Downtown, etc) out of the window just to catch someone or to get to a shooting first just so you can get to go pew pew. Part of roleplay is also losing, I hope you can learn that. Also only thing you'll achieve is getting into a crash and putting your faction under a bad image.
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