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  1. I'd have to see where it's officially written that 100=10, maybe I have not kept myself very well updated. Nevertheless yes it is a game economy, and yes it doesn't match to real life. But in real life you got venezuela, united states, and zimbabwe. Realistically or most of the time we compare it to US. However for me and my niche of RP to use 100=10, it's really... Unreal. Since my character or my RP does not revolve around masks or buying small things like even guns. Of course 100=10 goes well with small things or really depends what you RP as... But doesn't go well with m
  2. You have. Hence these hobo characters don't tend to be a thing for long and if people claim they are a thing for long. Trust me tehy don't make it to a well established character. Anyway I've thought about three methods of choosing your life in GTAW. One being Hard: That means you get up to 100,000 on entry. However you do not get any paychecks after that (idk if they should get taxes) (With this option if you wish to play as a hobo you can try and charity all your money except for some like 1000 dollars to make your outfits and so on. Medium: You get your paycheck up to 200,000 an
  3. I mean this is true to some degree. However I've met multiple people which many would consider "mallrats" That came up to me for advice on making businesses. They were not allowed because of their history. So that is a big other reason why some people hoard money, not their ideas but what they get limited to.
  4. Greetings everyone, I was somewhat curious and I wanted to see how everyone RPs the economy in this server. Also the overall economy plays a huge role in my RP. Anyway, personally what I RP is what everyone has. As in PD earns what they earn, every civilian has their 800 hourly paycheck. My reason behind RPing this is because the government wants to populate the town but there’s such a home crime rate that no one would realistically live there unless incentivized by money, also another reason why PD and others earn so much. So... How do you RP it? Tbh this is very import
  5. Listen, I see constant complaining about this. And to be honest this server is fine. Better than any other server can possibly be. There are ways for people to make money and they will find their ways. This is not something you can stop because subconciously a human wants more and more, and you cant sort who comes into the server by evaluating what his future wants and needs are going to be when he gets really exposed to the whole environment. Edit: Of course you'll never have a desirable environment which satisfies everyone. It will never happen. But to be fair it's one of
  6. Yup, no clue why I never suggested something like this. But it's needed.
  7. As title states, remove the ability to give reactions/upvote in the courts section. By reactions I mean the thumbs up and points that are given to someone at the bottom right corner. Perhaps add a reaction to notify a party without having to PM or so on. Thats it.
  8. ((If you have any questions about this faction and you'd like to ask us directly feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/GWFghPgSCm . Remember, everything you see there is OOC; hierarchy, affilicates, names, and so on.))
  9. This has been removed recently so the website needs updating. The place where the casino area was will now be like another lounge to support different types of social activities.
  10. Yes I definitely agree with what's written above. I've seen it happening multiple times, and will keep on happening.
  11. There's not even an accounting principle in use in this city to report any financial statement from any company/ business/person. Now if you get people to do this. You'll be able to tax efficiently. However this is a very complex thing to do since not many people are familiar with accounting principles that are established to effectively distinguish inflows and outflows of a company/business/person. The hourly taxes are already in place and I think it should stay like that since they are already high. Avoiding those perhaps... There might be ways.
  12. RECRUITMENT & HIERARCHY We try to make our recruitment process as realistic as possible, thus imitating the recruitment process real world financial institutions practice. The ways of getting into the faction are the following: CAREERS Here INTERNSHIPS Here FCP HIERARCHY If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on forums!
  13. There are things to do but it's nothing serious. Also depends on what you join as. I wouldn't say it's something that willl consume your time entirely. Not at all.
  14. There's this actually. Though they're very subtle and quiet if you do in depth research you might be able to find them. And they've been kicking it strong since 2018. Therefor we can add the word consistent as well.
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