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  1. Username: DirtDiver545 Comment: What kinda male Karen faggot wrote this article? Get a job dude, stop taking pics of blood on the ground to stir some narrative. Also, why does your company's name sound like New Sex?
  2. Ban underage characters. Y'all can't behave.
  3. I think it'd be better if we had some kind of system in place that'd alert PD/SD if someone mentions "shot", "gunshot", or anything related to fighting/gun violence. Because people keep calling FD but they say shit like "MY HOMIE'S BEEN SHOT, I NEED AN AMBALAMB AT DAVIS LTD", without alerting both departments, when a real dispatcher would absolutely notify PD/SD if any kind of violence's mentioned in a call. This sort of abuse is what delays response times.
  4. Self-explainatory. Since removing them from the server is out of the question, how about we (AS A COMMUNITY) have the option to remove the people wearing them from the IC realm? There's a potential for new RP, such as bounty hunting with cat ears used as trophies to claim rewards and such. Granted, we'll need a complete overhaul of the Penal Code to allow these individuals to be terminated with extreme prejudice. This is a serious discussion, please don't derail this or the admins will be forced to lock the thread.
  5. Crime's not only a matter of time, it's also a matter of location. LA's (yeah I know this is Los Santos and we're not roleplaying California, just take this as reference and if you quote me with the sole purpose of correcting this point I'll ignore you based on your inability to read) population density is 8449, taken from a 2019 census that also shows nearly four million people living in LA alone. If we're expected to believe that crime can happen in some areas that should realistically have surveillance and witnesses, then we might as well get rid of the concept of the safe zones altogether.
  6. They can't keep doing this. Outrageous.
  7. It's hard to achieve a good balance between standard 'civilian' roleplay and 'illegal' roleplay, when people hardly try to avoid conflict and always want to escalate situations. Everyone's a 6'8'' bodybuilder going to the club, doing a little coke or MDMA and carrying a switchblade/dusters/PF/stolen firearm. There's no actual 'legal' roleplay, because the nature of the setting somehow manages to attract characters into situations they'd realistically have nothing to do with.
  8. This is actually the best take I've seen on this site in three years.
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