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  1. Gryphboi

    [4SALE] PCJ 600

    If it's still available, I'll take it for $27000.
  2. Y'all acting like a Vespucci Mexican gang didn't get block wiped with AKs over a FB post like a month ago. Illegal RPers are quick to point out that mallrats are gonna be around shooting everyone with their 'PF rifles' but you're doing the same shit in broad daylight over social media posts. Fix your rifle issues first and let legal RPers worry about their own.
  3. The idea of having bad roleplayers with terrible admin records going around shooting each other with rifles is terrifying. Wait, what's a 'Strawberry Avenue'?
  4. ((I don't recommend buying one. All the upgrades and visual mods for it are bugged atm.))
  5. How would your suggestion improve the server? (More RP for Taxi Drivers, for people who only have one car) That depends on each player and how they want to RP around their vehicles. We shouldn't FORCE everyone to endure some cooldown timer every time a vehicle requires maintenance just because taxi drivers need more RP or because some people don't want to RP a broken car properly. (Immersive RP for stuff like being stranded cause you got in a car accident) Pretty sure that already happens, and if people refuse to RP that? Report them. (More immersive RP for mechanics, having the car held at the garage for a longer amount of time) I've tried that many times in two years of mechanic RP and people legit get offended if you take longer than 30 minutes to paint a car. If you try to keep their car to RP around it, they start asking questions OOC and accuse you of criminal activities IC. Simply put: no, because people want everything done in an instant. (An actual realistic and immersive experience for people having to keep care of their cars.) I've been around both sides of the car scene in-game (legal and illegal) and two years later I can count the amount of people willing to do that with just one hand. If we force people to deal with these new 'systems' and we can't keep up with the demand? We'll start seeing an increase of shit-tier mechanic roleplayers and half-assed technical RP in general.
  6. Gryphboi

    [4SALE] Lynx

    Offering asking price for the Bati 801.
  7. Kind of petty, but when you use anims and your phone at the same time. It bothers me a lil bit that /phone, /p and /h break anims.
  8. No riced out shit. Email your offers to [email protected] ((DMs)).
  9. 1. Gonna assume you're trolling. 2. In case you're not: 3) Metagaming Providing in-character (IC) information to another player using out-of-character (OOC) means. Providing OOC information to another player using IC means. Using OOC means to find in-character information. Using OOC communication and/or information to influence anything in-character. You can use IC means to gather people at the beach. Asking people to join you at the beach for RP through Discord can and will influence any RP that might happen. Anything from a simple get-together to a kidnapping/shootout will inevitably result in an admin sit or jail time if it originates from an OOC platform (i.e Discord).
  10. You're coordinating IC actions through OOC channels. It's metagame. Didn't ask.
  11. Username: DirtDiver545 Comment: Y'all speaking the white man's tongue and acting black, but Nayeli's the one that's been 'assimilated'? Get a refund on that brain, homeboy.
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