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  1. Can we get a 1 in the chat for Peter Conti's murder on live TV?
  2. Username: thickbluline11 Comment: where can we report the fact that 40% of cops commit domestic abuse?
  3. Sold. ((Archive this. Thank you Tickle for listening. I'll release your family.))
  4. Details: One bedroom One bathroom Living room and kitchen with plenty of room for guests Amazing view of the city Comes with room for an office Laundry room $370000 - Not looking for anything lower or trades. ((Quick OOC note: some of the items displayed are not in the pictures IC, such as jewelry, stacks of cash, etc.)) https://imgur.com/a/N0z1HGq ((/pinfo))
  5. Username: dannyketch1111 Comment: Didn't ask.
  6. Thank you for trying to paint cars with a paint brush and a bucket.
  7. QuantV + Reshade on a 3060Ti, i7 10700k, 16GB RAM and no SSD. Game's at a nice 70-ish with no drops, but some trees GLOW when I turn QuantV's DOF on. I might've fucked up on that end tho, it's probably not the server. If you're having issues with NVE just yeet it, that mod is hot garbage.
  8. I think it's fine. It helps that it's not 90% of the server, but in a city of millions it shouldn't be far fetched or unrealistic to see a couple dozen high-end sports cars and people wearing Cuban chains while they go buy some groceries. A hundred rich characters going around doing all of that is pretty average by today's standards. We get maybe 800-1000 characters each day in-game, but again: the county's populated by millions. What you see as a 'majority' in our playerbase is, in fact, a minority IC. Don't let your OOC knowledge of what the playerbase is like cloud your IC views of the city, otherwise it's all one big Hot Wheels race track with cat-eared lesbian DJs and people settling social media disputes with gunfights.
  9. I think that men shouldn't be allowed to write female characters.
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