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  1. We indeed already have radical politics. No elections and who the leadership likes best gets senate roles. Waiting since August for the chance to run in a pretty much never-ending election preparation. Having spoken to LFM already I am aware a new system is coming but in GTA world that could mean the next equinox. The government right now is treated as a closed off faction when it is supposed to be the most public one.
  2. The entire server is full of OOC nepotism disguised as IC motive. Being friends OOCly with the right people is way more important then the Roleplay you might bring to them. In fact, because they don't know you then your roleplay will perhaps be taken in the wrong context pre-emptively without proper conversation and understanding. That plus "cut /b" culture makes it difficult to communicate and break into social circles. People say it's all IC when for many people it is clearly not. And that's a legal, illegal, and in-between thing.
  3. I like RP that involves my character ending up in a situation where he ends up in a type of group that makes sense to him. Diffenciating between gang rp and mob rp feels a lot like people RPing tropes from movies. A gang and a mob is a consequence of environment and the need for money. It's not like if someone was offered a billion dollars to go run a corporation in New York they're going to keep being a scummy mobster. Nothing wrong with making a character with the intent of being apart of such groups but the idea that the type of RP comes before the character sort of undermines the worth of the character itself. It's the type of thing that promotes people who have 2 weeks to 1 month characters. I always love when I see someone "fall into" crime out of circumstance. I think it's cool to see someone who lets say is African American and living in Davis and struggling to make money working at a LTD or something actually end up falling into it slowly versus like seeking it out actively. Maybe the character could end up being friends with a rich russian guy and be part of the russian mob instead? My 2 cents.
  4. Bradly Wilcock was one of my favorite Davis characters BEFORE I even knew who he was OOCly. One of my top ten rpers.
  5. This is a very interesting solution in my opinion. Just make it you can only fish at the pier in the city but if theirs a bunch of people you're screwed. That way people will disperse. Out of just basic proximity most people will go to the city one due to it being close. It polices itself. Agree this this as well.
  6. This is what I'm alluding to it affects you in more ways then people are realizing.
  7. More so, we should address the wild variety between punishment's handed down. 30 minute ajails versus warnings versus multiple day bans. They vary a lot by what admin picks it and the temperament. I don't know if theirs a solid set of rules for what punishment' to give over X. There is a bit too much variety in my opinion and if you get unlucky on a bad day with an admin who doesn't take no shit you might get a really rough punishment but if you get someone in a good mood he'll be like "hey man heres your warning man.". Should be more consistent because it builds resentment from people who get a blemish on their record over a trivial matter whilst people who do heinous things get away with it. There is something about your one moment of weakness after playing for like a whole day being taken against you because someone has a vendetta that's really annoying. But Joe Shmoe over here might go over to Davis and loot like 15 guns and maybe get an ajail for 30 minutes if he's caught and he doesn't care cause he's here to fuck around anyway. So I'm somewhat opposed to "being harsher" I say more so being harsher on those who do egregiously obvious things in bad faith and do them religiously over and over and have no concept of how to change. It's really not that hard NOT to break the rules. The occasional warning for something silly you did or the outburst you had cause you got too invested in a situation is okay, but if someone is having a history of 5 ajails over RUN DEM POCKETS FOO and p2w stuff it's just not cool imo. But truthfully I don't believe this is as much of an issue as is being made. Seen friends of been get permabanned after repeat offences. It's not like it doesn't happen these admins work their asses off with the spam of stuff that happens in game. I think their are good systems in place to an extent but there is room for improvement. There are admins that I've been smash the gavel hard like @Igloo who do permeant bans and lay the law down hard. They do happen and they are semi-frequent. But what I would add in retort to this is having even a warning on your account can affect a lot. It can affect you getting positions in factions, it can affect you getting a house, a property. The way it affects you is less seen in the immediate practical terms but more in the accumulative influence it has on how admins handle you and the things you are permitted to do. If you wish to do anything beyond just melting away in the Davis graveyard or going to clubs you will see refusals of many things. They literally ask for your UCP when you apply for a PF, when you apply for police etc. It does limit you and it does have an effect. It just so happens that a lot of the "usual suspects" really couldn't care. I have been saying recently and I will reiterate this RPQM as a concept has to be revved up a notch and more relevant in game. We need to address the plethora of really mediocre criminal RPers who gives the amazing ones a bad name. A lot of the punishments are on these people. It's not exactly blonde white female #21 at La Spada causing the problem (although sometimes!)
  8. This thread has made have a new lease on life. Thank you so much.
  9. Username: Police Chief Commander Sir Message: She was /clearly/ resisting and was trying to shoot the officer. She did the COVFEFE
  10. A ginormous problem and one in which I wholeheartedly agree.
  11. I don't know much about this group. I've hardly RPed with this group. But my impressions in their bar have been more then positive. It is indeed /unique/ and I appreciate that. I will keep an eye out for it.
  12. These people think killing is the only and first resort. There needs to be more RPQM against people who are repeatedly murdering and turning their character into war machines. Jail time isn't enough incentive in my opinion as players can rinse and repeat a bit too easily. But I agree with everything Seanny said. My friends quit detective for this distinct reason. It's a non stop repetitive cycle. We had a good thread about it a few days ago and many of the PD/SD voices their stress when asked why people are not acknowledging dead bodies. Maybe a counter on a UCP level how many "conflicts" someone has had ie times they killed someone, times they hit someone, times they fired weapon. Something RPQM could keep an eye on.
  13. I indeed heard someone talk to me about the same thing. They expected to be offered a deal but nothing. I have another friend who literally wanted to RP that and they basically told him no chance. He wanted to give up a whole operation and many people involved. We need more of that.
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