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  1. Property is no longer available. Notice to be issued once it is available.
  2. So that happened before I requested a voluntary step-down to Lieutenant - It was not an IA Report that was leaked, but FD-to-FD correspondence that was forwarded to someone in SD. That was reviewed by LFM and found to not be an issue as any identifying information was redacted. @lambchops
  3. Blasted by Nervous like a second after you posted that:
  4. From Nervous and posted publicly on the SD forums:
  5. APARTMENT FOR RENT 2240 OCEAN FRONT WALK - Floor 1, Room 1 1 BED, 1 BATH $10,000/WK (NEGOTIABLE, PAID MONTHLY). Beachfront apartment that is literally steps from the sand, recreation paths, and Del Perro Pier. Furnished and move-in ready. Pets OK. In-unit laundry. Parking lot behind building. No security deposit required. If interested, email [email protected] (( Forum PM ))
  6. Property is not available until late June.
  7. Edit: No longer the case. See my post like a page later.
  8. APARTMENT FOR RENT 3 LINDSAY CIRCUS - FLOOR 2, ROOM 5 1 BED, 1 BATH $8,000/WK (NEGOTIABLE, PAID MONTHLY). Immediately across the street from the Little Seoul LTD and the heart of the neighborhood. Furnished and move-in ready. Pets OK. In-unit laundry. Resident-only pool behind complex. No security deposit required. If interested, email [email protected] (( Forum PM ))
  9. On a serious note, should you encounter someone that is roleplaying to a seriously unrealistic degree and/or has an unrealistic character: If it's something urgent and immediate, /report in-game or file a forum report.
  10. Offering buyout. (( As it is a multi-int apartment, calculated at $526,474 using (3xMP)+FURNITURE. ))
  11. There are no plans to do this, and the odds of it happening are at 1%. Reference every other "But Bolingbroke!" thread that has ever existed for the reasons why.
  12. username: ghettobird69 comment: dude check the sheriff's shit again there's more
  13. Sorry for dealing with other matters outside of the game. As per my last PM to you, should you wish to contest the three month rejection, instructions to file an appeal were in your notice of denial. And to answer your question? Three months from the date of rejection. @Dan Alexander
  14. This has pretty much been what SD's had in policy for a while. Good to see it universal to further deter "let's look in backyards over davis for 30 minutes until CRIME HAPPENS."
  15. VAPID CARACARA Under 40 miles on the Odometer Bone stock and virtually off the lot NORMALLY $100,000 TO $120,000 ASKING $75K OR BEST OFFER
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