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  1. Julian Cerezo and Darren Roja, shoutout to those boys.
  2. Can I come check the property out? If able, my number is 1191.
  3. Hey, if able, can you provide more pictures of the interior?
  4. I know you said rent, but are you looking to sell? Willing to spend 350k or more.
  5. Not at this time.
  6. Full Name: Isaiah Santana Bid: No longer interested (( thank you for the ooc notice )) Phone Number: 1191 Email Address: [email protected]
  7. Well I cked myself over this last night because I was tired of getting pked over simple traffic stops for tinted windows, resisting charges, or vehicle registration... It's whatever though, it's always going to be the argument of " I just killed someone and figured you knew about it " tbh 99% of the murders committed go unnoticed so before you whip out that scorpion and gun us down, think about the long term punishments.
  8. Short description: Bring genuine connections back to Mirror Park. Detailed description: Not sure if this is even suppose to go here so if it's not, Can I please get it moved? I currently live in Mirror Park, specifically Nikola Place and the activity in the area is just not there. I'm always rping outside doing garden work, work to my vehicle, jogging outside in the neighborhood and I only come across people who want to rob me. And even on Nikola Place itself, I hope this isn't making it look like a rant but living here feels like I'm living on a ghost street. I never /ever/ see people outside or anything. Every now and then, and I mean maybe once a month, I see a car parked in the driveway at one of the residents. I just want it to be active again since Utopia Gardens is coming soon and not people buying to just hold the house. Commands to add: Unsure TBA Items to add: Possibly a timer on people? Making them need to rp icly to keep the house for several hours? How would your suggestion improve the server? This would not only benefit me but everyone around the area, I'm tired of living on a ghost street. People being active in the area with people who want to RP around it and not hold them would create fun interactions and fun rp for all. It's just a thought. Additional information: N/A
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