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  1. Problem is, quite often the times that cause these rulings to be put in place were around the time there were only 1-3 LEO officers on MAX, which lead to most players getting away with things unpunished at a time the server was pretty dead. Bad mallrat characters were able to get away with shit roleplay with 0 actual consequence and even if they were seen by police it was all too easy to just evade and get away unpunished considering there are only 2-3 Officers online (With 0 air support.) Things like this can't just be solved icly as the server is pretty dead between restart and 2pm when most of these crimes take place. If such roleplay was allowed these hours would be even more dead than unusual which potentially means there may not even be a single Officer online, it would also be unrealistic to ask LEOs to log in at this time as a shift could be rather dead or stupid late in the night/ early morning when most LEO officers have jobs/university classes.
  2. I feel like the crime zone ruling has greatly improved roleplay for me as an illegal roleplayer, It has given me a chance to actually ROLEPLAY which is first and foremost what people should be doing, it has given me chances to roleplay in a public setting with a large variety of players as people feel comfortable rping socially in public settings, where in the past people would rarely be seen rping outside. As my character is a homeless drug addict I haven't had many chances to roleplay prior to this ruling as it is very rare for me to actually step foot into a business. Thanks to the ruling I have finally been able to rp the street rat I chose to play without having to worry about the only potential prospects to roleplay with being subpar 'characters' who only exist to sell drugs, rob and dm that have no sense of realism. I for one hope the restricted area ruling stays for the same reason bike robberies were banned, being that the lack of such rulings only encouraged terrible roleplay. As it is I hope these rulings stay for the foreseeable future, purely because it promotes criminal roleplay that isn't standard as there are plenty of illegal acts that aren't muggings/assaults/shootouts that can still take place in these spaces, such as car break ins or vandalism which may have actual realistic consequences. (Realistically you are much more likely to be seen commiting a crime near a bank or central area, especially one near a police station. Why would anyone rob someone realistically in such a high traffic area? And no a single article of a robbery happening in Rodeo drive isn't an argument for how realistic it is for 5+ robberies a day to take place on the in game equivalent, Portola Drive. There has only been one instance I have not agreed with such a ruling, as I once went to push someone off a bicycle in Legion Square and I didn't have the motivation or the energy to say that this wasn't a violation of the restricted crime area ruling as 1: I was not mugging them/ committing an obvious crime and 2: My character is an established illegal character who had been to TTcF in the past on criminal/felony charges. I am passionate about this ruling as I have such limited time to hop on the server and avoiding low quality roleplayers is my priority. I don't think of the 6-7 times I have been robbed in this server that I actually faced genuine, good roleplay from the robbers once. At least once with each and every one of these robberies there was some attempt to powergame/metagame from the robbers and it was clear they grew oocly upset when I was not armed with a gun. Sure if I was being robbed and was faced with good roleplay I'd be perfectly happy to rp the robbery but if I never have to see /me grabs the phone without finding it on my person again I'd be blessed.
  3. In regards to this there are multiple people who refuse to rp with factions out of personal choice, personally I have enjoyed my roleplay, especially illegal far more outside of factions, I feel like the roleplay has been more engaging and interesting for me than it ever was while I was factioned on older characters, I am able to avoid rp with bad roleplayers and am free to develop my character at my own pace. It's really down to someone's personal preference but I can definitely say that factions aren't for everyone as I would rarely find myself playing a factioned character for more than two weeks. As for script jobs? I definitely agree that grinding is lame... but also companies such as IMEX provide a lot of RP for their workers.
  4. Username: Claire Comment: What the fuck? So you are telling me SD had previously arrested the man who tried to kill me and then let me go? Meanwhile his accomplice torments me at least once a week... I know she's involved somehow- they'll both get theirs. Fucking disappointed in the justice system.
  5. Honestly, when it comes down to it I believe there should be more discretion when it comes down to felons applying for vehicle leases, what I don't like about the current system is that people with felonies (especially evasion charges) being denied and locked out from vehicle leases. As it is most people don't rp leasing the vehicle but rather owning it. In addition to this not everyone with an evasion charge has it because they are a street racer and decided to run from the police on a whim, in the case of myself I have an evasion charge because my character was on drugs and panicked when an officer flashed sirens at them, it wasn't to copbait or 'flex' my driving skills, but rather to roleplay what my character would do. Unfortunately over a thousand hours down the line this means my character cannot get a one time lease, or even a regular lease despite being on the straight and narrow for quite a bit of time. In addition to this I wish the 'one-time-lease' allowed for a little more leniency when it comes to roleplaying how one comes across this vehicle, as I have an idea involving conversion that would allow me to attain a vehicle in a way that makes sense, rather than importing it.
  6. Username: Claire Comment: With a username like that and a total misunderstanding of drugs you are probably just mad no one wants to buy your product.
  7. Username: Claire Comment: This happened, I have the scars to prove it. Heroin doesn't make you hallucinate- I know what I saw pretty clearly.
  8. Username: Elliebeth Comment: Got arrested there once because a cop 'smelt weed' on me.
  9. Los Santos is known throughout the world as the City of Angels, with Vinewood superstars taking centre stage in the World's gaze. The Divided States of America loves to promote this facade to the world, but those of us who live in the so called City of Angels know just how tough living in this city can be. I myself have become yet another victim of this city's malignant miasma. I have seen the corruption within, the vile natures bought about by this city. As shameful as it may be to admit it, i'm an addict having been an abuser of Opioids since I was 17 and have been unable... and unwilling to shake this filthy habit. I know it will kill me eventually but I do not wish to stop. In recent years I have manipulated, lied and cheated to stay alive, to get my next fix... I have used people freely, carelessly even. I held up a relationship for months on end... purely to make sure I could get my next fix, and when he ran out? I left him.. I stopped responding to his texts, avoided even going near him if I could help it. Even after all of that... the few friends I hold on to are just another means to finding my next fix... that is why ultimately I believe that this city is cruel and twisted. I have lived on the streets since I was 17, having been kicked out of home after I dropped out of high school and being completely unable to hold down a job I eventually was pushed into taking opiate painkillers as a coping mechanism, my pain dulled. It was only in recent times... that I realized just how twisted this city was-... with a dealer dead, leaving me with absolutely no plug to find my latest fix.. I struggled- begging people to sell me heroin, oxycodone, morphine... anything that scratch my itch... but no one would sell me the substance, they all expected me to put out, work for them... this is the tumor that explains why so many addicts are used as kamikaze pilots for criminals throughout Los Santos. In Downtown I was asked to honeypot potential targets for a handler to rob, in exchange for a gram or two thrown my way... in Hawick I was expected to scout for robberies, vehicle break-ins and even gather potential phone numbers of other criminals for a would-be lure. In South Central? Prostitution, Vespucci? I avoid Vespucci. Even when had money from begging it was never good enough for criminal elements... they'd ask 200 for a gram, I had 400... they wouldn't even sell me a single gram... I always got the same exact dialogue- you work for us. Despite the very little cash I did have on me... it was sadly never enough- hence why I entered a loveless relationship with a dealer purely to get my fix. Why did I do this to someone you may ask? Because.. the pull of opioids is stronger than any potential hesitancy I may have had prior to life on the street... the only thing that really matters to me is now getting dope sick. Unfortunately while these criminal elements go wild on the streets and spread these products the police aren't much better. They don't really care about going after dealers, they would rather search harmless drug users purely because they are half asleep in public. The amount of times I have been searched and held over the hood of a cruiser for this reason made me realize just how little the so called peacekeepers of this city really care. Los Santos isn't the city of Angels, it's the city of Fallen Angels... where good people fall and become twisted into something that you would no longer recognize. While many party in lavish clubs all night every night, there are those of us who struggle with addiction, poverty, blackmail, and extortion. We are real people, we exist and we struggle. I am Claire and I am a Fallen Angel. (( Comments are enabled )) Username: Comment:
  10. Username: Switch Comment: What the fuck, you're cracked dude.
  11. Oh Boy I bet this won't get archived.
  12. Offe r withdrawn for now.
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