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  1. Add a chance to overdose and die, not sure why drugs boost HP. They all have detrimental health implications.
  2. Hi all, Myself and many others have noticed an unreasonable increase of violence on the server involving guns and so on. Is anyone else noticing this? For example, yesterday we had a multitude of shootings which resulted in many, many local residents of the city dead including 10 LEOs in one particular scene. Sometimes I'm confused with what the server wishes to portray. Is this acceptable for everyone? Is this just an isolated day of violent play? Please discuss in a cordial manner - hopefully deeper insight from Administrator feedback will shed some light on some solutions to extreme violence in this supposedly modern city. Thanks!
  3. reason for entering the hood?
  4. I understand where this rule suggestion comes from but it’s just not enforceable or reasonable with the current restrictions. I think admins could focus their efforts on other core issues and major rule breaks instead of targeting the 1-2/700 people online who fly around in the helicopter. Internal regulation can have the same effect on the concerns described by many here, and should be prioritized over arbitrary rule enforcement.
  5. Good day, in recent discussions of balance which improves the experience of every player in the community, please consider the following: Detailed Description (3) second delay when entering/exiting any interior. Relevant Commands/Items Simple timer upon pressing Y or /enter How will it benefit the server? Unfortunately this game mechanic provides an unfair advantage to those running from assailants or more commonly Law Enforcement. Most situations where criminals are being chased into an interior end up in a loss due to the lightning quick entry. As a result, this produces an unfair advantage for the person whom entered the interior first. This would apply to all players entering and exiting, being consistent with real life times of approaching the door, entering, and closing it (thus removing line of sight). please discuss, thank you. I feel like this would be a great change for balance in the current server dynamic.
  6. So it’s abundantly clear that this an issue for the server right now. The only people that can really fix this is the administration team and hopefully this topic serves as a petition of some sort. I feel that rule breakers need to be held more accountable. For example, my last report was made because my character’s apartment safe was looted without roleplay (admin verified, took 8 weapons which some were used in Davis mass shootings). It took 2 weeks for the forum report to be resolved and the reported party simply ghosted. They ended up with a simple warning on the forum which they most definitely did not read. To me it was painfully obvious that the character was a throw away for some dishonest players and was a bit disappointed that the admin team didn’t look into it further. Additionally, it took from November 10 - December 3 for the refund request to be approved. In total, this particular issue was reported on October 24 and finally refunded in game on December 4th. 40 days. This is just one of many similar qualms I’ve had and as a result my motivation to report people is minimal. The standards here need to be tightened up a bit and ultimately lead by the server leadership for any real effect. This behaviour just perpetuates what we see in game today and is detrimental to the quality, fair and overall genuine players of the community.
  7. Easy way to bring this into perspective is by imagining LEO or FD disconnecting mid arrest or mid injury treatment for the sake of leaving. Same thing. I don’t agree with how lenient some situations are handled and it’s really a waste of time to report people even if you hand the evidence on a silver platter. it’s the culture atm which needs a bit of a refresh. Who wants to spend upwards to an hour for a disposition of 15 minutes time out or a warning..
  8. Hello recently had a situation where an evading BMX suspect wanted for shooting people was apprehended after they slammed into a cruiser, subsequently falling off. as per their immediate complaint, and admin clarification - any intentional use of a vehicle to dismount the suspect on a BMX is deathmatching. Please add clarification to VDM in hot pursuit scenarios with motorbikes / bicycles.
  9. I dig some catalytic converter theft. Very immersive. here’s an idea, be able to convert stolen goods/metal into components for businesses. Basically a new type of “fence” that can support shady business at a discounted rate. I also think different techniques should be added at some point. Most cars on the road today are push to start and can’t be stolen from the traditional ram a screwdriver approach, or by messing with the ignition wiring. Professional car thieves have a device that catches the specific car fob signal when the victim uses it, and is replicated immediately into a clone or by the device itself. A common technique is to “scan” near the front door of homes for a signal as that’s where people usually store their keys. Food for thought.
  10. A year ago today the Davis LTD was always deep with people RPIng around it. Would people want to see it come back? Why or why not?
  11. This just makes more sense, and is actually relatable to the real economy.
  12. Perhaps the role play would be more enjoyable if there was less violence in the server. Gun shot wounds, heavy back log of outstanding calls, random bodies every ten minutes - there’s just too much violence for first responder factions to handle. I like medical role play but I think most legal factions are just desensitized at this point so the effort and enjoyment is hit and miss.
  13. It would be good to balance this with some form of ability to obstruct or remove a license plate. Maybe even switch them? Hmm
  14. Ran into some poorly portrayed gang with maxed out torrences and were also armed to the teeth at a tea shop (?). I really enjoy some aspects of having a tweaker / street character but man it’s hard to get immersed when your char gets executed in the middle of nowhere for $40 (yes actually $40 script wise).
  15. I think the root of the problem is poor portrayal and a lack of social awareness. I would like to see some enforcement server rule sided about violence, escalation, and murder. LEO factions simply cannot keep up with the volume of violent crime and is really left to pick and choose where the effort is spent investigating.
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