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  1. Business Name: Club Fire & Ice Full Name: Phyre Solakian Phone Number: 31799 (( Discord: ArchAngel#8878 ))
  2. Is this a standalone or a house?
  3. Withdrawn. After seeing the outside and there being two other apartments into the same building, this isn't what I am looking for as far as a house.
  4. @Bunji Is this a 2 floor house? Or standalone apartment type?
  5. Hiring bartenders for weekly shifts on Wednesday from 9pm-11pm | Pay is $5,000 an hour plus you keep tips Contact Phyre at 31799 today to schedule an interview.
  7. Name - Phyre Number - 31799 Commnet - Offering buyout OR trade Cinquemila for it
  8. CLUB FIRE & ICE - BURN IT DOWN PARTY W/ DOUX ((Massive shoutout to the love shown by LSFD Lifeguards tonight coming out rocking all red outfits and providing a bunch of RP. Thanks for a third opening packed with people. Sorry for lack of screenshots on this one.))
  10. The Corporation Grows With discussions taking place among many of the business associates around Lucien and Phyre. It was only a matter of time before everyone's eyes began to look toward growth and how to better help the community, they were a part of. Lucien's dream always being something bigger and more resourcefulness for the entirety of the community, it was brought up in discussion with Phyre. Her eyes were already set on stabilizing their community and business partners, so they never had to rely on anyone else again. Along with this providing more members of the city itself, stable jobs and income for survivability. With the business connections Lucien had and the knowledge Phyre has from school and overseas business, discussions began to take place. Euro Corporation would begin to spread it's ideology amongst it's associates and see who would be willing to take the leap under one umbrella corporation. Quickly it seemed everyone was invested. Gentlemen's clubs, bars, distributors, lounges, spas, clubs... everyone wanted in. A shared pool of resources, supplies, and clients all showing dollar signs in everyone's eyes. They all asked the same thing during each meeting -- how much of cut do you want? The answer always the same from Phyre with Lucien agreeing, nothing. We wanted nothing but networking from these companies and to support our every growing community. Our dream of having a self reliant system in place that made sure all of our employees had plenty of work and opportunities to reach their own dreams. This blossomed the motto of - If you can dream it, we can help build it and grow it. We wanted nothing from these other business and in return, we introduced all the business owners and employees we knew to the each other, creating a vast network of intricate flow. Under Lucien and Phyre alone sat Euro Den, Euro Construction, Club Fire & Ice, and a new bar opening near Mirror Park. Under their associates and partners sat a spa, two gentlemen's clubs, a distributor for tobacco and alcohol, an adult boutique, a non-profit employment agency for immigrants, and an upcoming security firm strictly for private sector. Between all the businesses and employee rosters, there was plenty of work to be done for them all. Now the real work began for Phyre, putting her degrees and experience to work. Creating the logo, business cards, stock sheets, order forms, and creating departments within the company to delegate work loads throughout. Things were in motion with a lot of moving parts, only time would tell if their vision would be a success
  11. Sold! ((Can be locked and archived))
  12. Looking to sell a Kamacho - Aftermarket Performance Swap - Aftermarket Security System - Insured - Less than 100miles SMS 31799 or email me. ((Leave a comment below with your contact details and offer.))
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