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  1. Offering $10,000 for the Asterope
  2. This made sense because it went to different cities. Why on Earth would there be a freight train with passenger carriages in the streets of Los Angeles. This isn’t Eastern Europe
  3. Need this bike gone ASAP. No time or money to keep it running. Starting: $5,000 Buyout: $25,000 Pictures below. ((OOC INFO: ))
  4. and split the group of like 20 active inmates? makes sense If this goes through, add SNY
  5. that's on the losers who want to pay for pixels lol
  6. uhh... dude. it's 18+ game, dude. ban erp, strip clubs, any form of nudity, and activity that isn't suitable for under 18 while you're at it
  7. Good RP is what is expected of people, in fact, users who display sub-par RP should be handed a permanent ban.
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