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  1. boohoo, I will gatecrash anyway, what are you going to stop me with your toy water guns and chocolate cigars?
  2. Hey how about in the middle of the baltic sea, theres a nice little island I know. You might need a boat though.
  3. I strongly feel that (m) chars should be an applied for character, sadly as many others have said, a lot of (m) chars are extremely poorly roleplayed (Not all, but a good amount) While it would be great in an ideal world to have younger characters, for family RP ect it just doesn't fit and players probably can't be trusted to roleplay this properly, either roleplaying said character OR roleplaying WITH minor characters, things would just get weird. Sadly -1 This will never happen.
  4. Username: x0cindy0x comment: "additional programs should be introduced to better help and equip unwanted children, families seeking adoption, foster care and overall better family benefits for single mothers and low income families. " I agree entirely, if these MEN cared so much about CHILDREN then why not actually put forward more support for children living in poverty, struggling families, single mothers raising a child or children alone ect. Women carry a child for NINE months, (not to mention risks of post partum depression and stress and complications on the body). If a man/men wants a child, adopt, find a surrogate mother, become a step father, foster, which is what you already mentuioned, but then you turn around and what you are basicially saying is "I'm a man, I want to force you to have my child because I want to spread my seed." These pathetic little "exemptions" don't mean jack and are far to open for MANIPULATION and even more control of women. If this was truely about life then it would be focused on SUPPORT. All this is is sexist religious men trying to control womens bodies like its the 1900s. If you care so much about children then donate to charities, put your money where your mouth is. Support struggling mothers and children. Not to mention, women WILL still seek out abortions if they are so desperate and come to that conclusion and decision, probably finding illegal doctors who may do harmful procedures.
  5. Username: x0cindy0x Comment: I am absolutely appalled and disgusted at the politicians in this city, some I even know personally. Of all the issues in the city and this is what they focus on, especially the MEN. How dare MEN try to speak on what a woman should do with her body, at least the women I can respect for speaking opinions, but men do NOT have a say in what a WOMAN does with her body.
  6. I have seen time and again very poor escalation in a lot of situations, which then escalates further and creates IC problems from seemingly nothing or unjustified and unrealistic reasons. It would be great if the rules on poor escalation could have more detail and clarity, however it is a case by case basis but it really does happen time and time again. I even reported a party once for terrible escalation (Beating up my friend in a strip club for slowly pulling me away from some bikers who were flirting with me all of 5 minutes, resulting in him getting his head glassed in a strip club toilet, with numerous people seeing the guy dragged inside, his ribs kicked in by all of them and then both of us thrown out the club. For no reason other then the gang wanting to create an escalation out of nothing.) but the handling admin deemed it was fine. Of course there are always IC reasons for escalation to happen, the problem is a lot of players like to jump straight to violence/stabbing/shooting rather then verbal, in my opinion because its a GTA game and the "mechanics" of GTA sometimes lead to a few players wanting to punch/shoot others, or as you mentioned as a very rare example, steal a car.
  7. +1 I actually would like to see the LIMIT amount on personal CIMs lifted as well, I have the cancer donator from last year PLUS platinum, i should have access to at least 8, but I am limited to 6. I make a lot of use from CIMs, either helping put them down for other businesses, or using them for my own businesses. They are a very good way to add to RP.
  8. Going into a stripclub, being hit on by a biker gang for 5 minutes and then they proceeded to beat up my friend in the toilets because he talked to me while they flirted with me...after knowing my character for all of 5 minutes. He got glassed on his head, kicked in his ribs by 5 guys and then chucked out the building onto the street. Realism.
  9. I am totally addicted to ERP and its all I ever do and I only befriend people for ERP /s
  10. Username: oxCindyQuartzxo Comment: Great work, would highly recommend. 10/10
  11. Remove the recent "swearing filter" from Discord. It is entirely pointless. We are all (mostly) mature people and should not be made to feel like school children. We are on a server that has murder, SWEARING, death, drugs ect.. Let us say a few OOC "Fucks" and such if we so wish, so long as it is not toxic, which you don't even need to use swearwords to be toxic. Thanks. F🤬💣☠️!
  12. I'll be there in full catwoman cosplay 🙂
  13. Panda Points are real, doing an april fools joke a week in advance is a dumb idea and defeats the whole point of Aprils Fools day. It's a great idea, promoting wholesome rewards for RP and also a much needed alternative to the paywall. I find even the joke "real/fake" kind of stupid as well. If it is fake its literally the most dumbest prank ever, or the most wasted potential of a cool update feature. The prank is that "Panda points are fake" its an entire meta joke. PANDA POINTS ARE REAL.
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