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  1. Bigger doesn't mean better quality. A lot of factions are dog-shit because they're too big and not moderated well enough.
  2. We have this exact problem in Paleto and Sandy and honestly? Fuck these people. Give it to RP'ers who want to RP there. Not some random weirdo who wants to asset-whore.
  3. As someone who works down a Port IRL, has been down a container pier almost his entire life. There is never a time that there aren't workers down there. The container pier is a 24/7 job and should be taken into consideration when making it a crime-free zone. Whilst there are multiple entry points, those are almost always laid with security and workers. These ports all have big chain-link gates on them. I can go down the Port in my city and take pictures for anyone who really wants to see, regardless. Like when there's no cops in MRS. It should be role-played that Government-hired security are manning the tolls, are at the gates (The security trailers are right there!) Fully support this suggestion as not only a Port Worker irl, but also one IC. (However, I do SUPPORT Organized Crime and Blue-Collar crime. Not just random "I feel like robbery" rp.)
  4. Make a height limit too for children. If I see one more six foot five fifteen year old I'm gonna start dm'ing.
  5. Thanks for the shoutout MJ. The Paleto Bay project is indeed ambitious, but that's what makes it fun for us. 🙂
  6. > Be deep wid da homies in the set yhoard. > Ayo cuh, we should buys us a speed boat on crip. > *Jimmy and the four 6'5" fifteen year olds from South Central proceed to buy a speed-boat.* > Ayo dis a sick idea on foenem. > Rob fishermen for their fish. > Ayo we boolin', calls us da 69 lokoz pirate crips.
  7. great idea, interesting RP idea. When FalloutWorld comes out you can be Mad-dog.
  8. Three Million. Thanks for coming out everyone. ((In all honesty, it'd be nice if you sold this to someone who's actually a Paleto local))
  9. i miss you and noah pls come back soon ❤️
  10. moulton


    I have an offer, contact at 6915 ((PM me on discord at RJ#6889 to organize a time for me to get on))
  11. moulton

    Habbo RP

    Was there when mobspace began by Lou. Was there when we had a privatized RP and "Blick" was the reigning gun manufacturer. Great times, made some of my (still) best friends there. Funnily enough, campaigned to have russian rp brought back in with @Misuraca. I think he was 12-13 at the time LOL
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