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  1. I don't agree with you, dude. Your point is nowhere to be seen. If you have some character development aside weird sexual stuff? You're cool to exploit your kinks on a game, but if that's the only thing you do? Nah, you're just weird then. LOL. Either ban ERP for good or keep this a 13 year old ERP cage.
  2. It's a great place for people who are not sexually active in real life after all, so keep them. It'll bring more players if nothing. Not like every other character doesn't have naked menyoos with horse dicks and anime boobs.
  3. Zorbe


    Main ingredient: Toxicity The best and the worst FPS I've ever played.
  4. I'm not saying that criminal characters can not be considered unique. I'm saying that these we have today are not unique or portrayed well.
  5. Trust me that I can. And to make it clear, I'm not pointing at everyone who's roleplaying illegal characters, but at the most of them who can't do it good. And how? It's simple. Neither cat ear people nor those illegal characters have a story. They go do dyke stuff and that's about it - the momma I'm a criminal guys? Sell drugs, DM, then sell drugs again. It's losing the point of RP and starts being more RPG, like we're playing on an FiveM voice RP server. Most of these illegal roleplayers roleplay only when they have to. Most of them meet up ICly and don't RP shit but just write in IC chat, then cut it off by troll in /b or gossip about other factions. Most of them log in just to make a screenshot for faction's thread, like most of cops log in just to go on duty then log off. Most of all these people can't stay completely IC. Truth is, there was always only a handful of people who do stuff right in roleplay, the others are here just to be what they can't be in real life, and it'll be that way forever. We either work with that and create RP out of it or we don't play at all, because I really don't think management can do something about any of these issues. It's the community, not the management of this server. Gotta run now because I can smell illegal roleplayers coming here to quote my stuff with zero worth arguments acting like gangsters on forums of a video game. Safe!
  6. LMAO, most of illegal roleplayers here are not much better than the cat ear people. It's not just the huge crime rate that's the problem, but the bad portrayal of it as well.
  7. I remember people playing illegal characters who developed their first hits and similar stuff, but emotions and thoughts and how what they do applies on them as a human being. And that's the illegal RP I respect. Realistic, human, with a story. Now it's as you say, tough, hard all the time. T-800 stuff.
  8. I get you're being sarcastic but trust me that I do know people who are capable of making a meaningful roleplay out of feeding the birds with bread crumbs - as an example you gave. I remember roleplaying cookouts at which some words, glances and stuff happened that changed relationships of certain characters. It's about small things that your imagination can bring up for you and your writing. It doesn't have to be some crazy action movie story for it to be fun.
  9. You do know CoD:Warzone is free to play, right?
  10. Yeah, I agree. Maybe cutting down on the number of illegal factions would help, because right now? There's too many that are very poorly roleplayed, and only a few that are solid. Just look at how much Motorcycle Clubs are there right now for an example, they're all 1%, and it's not needed at all. And this is what you see in most of illegal faction threads that should show their roleplay:
  11. Your character should be the main character for you, which doesn't mean every main character is John Wick.
  12. Civilians already are an extremely rare sight. Even civilian characters we have now are not so much "legal" or "civilian" since they really like to mingle with criminals and get dragged into illegal activities all the time. People call those stories of their 'civilian' characters unique, poetic, whatever, but it's really the same thing everyone does. Talking from my POV. I came back to the server maybe a month ago, I've tried to start up a civilian character, and because I didn't want him to mingle with illegal characters or characters involved with illegals, I had almost zero RP. Roleplayed with two persons, NPC'd the rest, and it got boring really quickly. Though I'm not really into the current illegal scene and all the deathmatch roleplay they have going on, I just went on another LOA. But anyways I bet some people are even forced to stop playing civilians and go have their new tough guy characters. You can't even go to Vespucci beach anymore which was before one of the main civilian RP locations, because if you go there? You'll get robbed in 5 minutes max. Sad but true.
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