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  1. Imo money are an ooc tool to define your character. Is it poor? Is it rich? etc. Just because it's possible to gain millions off of grinding that doesn't make a character rich. As for the economy itself, I'm not a fan.
  2. Can't wait for the drugs and blood update.
  3. congratz to everyone. @FearnRyou left us 😔
  4. * Helena Atkins struggles sleeping at night. She browses the internet on her phone, sometimes ending up on weird websites including some on the dark web. Helena finds about localcryptids.com and does some research on the boogeyman known as "The Bag Man". Username: iseeyou Comment: is this true!?
  5. Honestly, I love the 1.1. The current bugs can be fixed that's on our side, and only time will tell when rage devs will fix the ones on their side. But what it's currently possible with 1.1 and not 0.3.7 is probably what the community is waiting the most and that's the unlimited possibilities on customizing your character, and who knows features that we had no clue about. I see this as a step in the right direction imo. Not sure how many of us remember the old days when mapping wasn't a possibility, multi interior-ints custom ints were not possible, certain bugs causing crashes, sy
  6. Honestly, I think having a federal agency will benefit both the legal and illegal roleplayers. We evolved so much over the last 3 years as in we went from having only PD and FD with a little judicial side to having a full scale government with all the 3 branches: executive, legislative and judicial while also having PD, SD, FD, SFM as well as going in deep into politics with all kind of parties, voting system etc. I don't know how many of the players are aware that SFM (State Fire Marshals) exists and it's a 3rd LEO faction whose only purpose is to investigate arsons or literally anything fire
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