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  1. 450 peeps want 1.1 the way it is. I think that should mean something.
  2. I started off with 22yo a year ago and ended up with 33yo nowadays. 🤪 Aginception confirmed.
  3. Chat is lagging to me. Gameplay seems fine but typing in chat feels like 10 fps to me. I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact that running 1.1 affects my CPU more.
  4. I've reviewed the clips multiple times and I can see they ran after one person with the /intention/ of hitting them but instead hit other people that got in the way. That's a mistake on their end and should accept the IC consequences from the aftermath. As Moonsong previously mentioned, at the time, nothing was mentioned to be lag or a genuine mistake. The event itself is pretty old and I'm pretty sure they were aware of it. A decision was made and we'll stick by it. Excuses like lag, I'm bugged, desync are often used as excuses for a free out of jail card. I've witnessed this hap
  5. I am offering the $40k for the camper.
  6. I only played NFS on MTA, if that counts.🤣👍
  7. Blaine County is part of the metropolitan area Los Santos just like Orange County is for LA County. Although according to the gta 5 lore, Blaine County is a mix of multiple areas, in our lore I believe it stays the same(name kept as it is and considered an area of LS). Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Make fun of them IC or just ignore. If Facebrowser is bothering you that much and what people post, you have multiple options like not actually using it, blocking people you don't want to see, stick to friend only etc. I don't like faceapp or photoshopped faces into real persons either but 🤷‍♂️ It is what it is. Speaking of realism, look on Facebook or Instagram and you will be shocked to see how much fake stuff you'll see.
  9. Username: IamCringeMan Comment: This is very cringe. So cringe even the cringe is cringing from the cringe. I tell you truth now! Government always watching us and they brainwash!!! Sherifz are government pawns that were sent to protect G6 but their real mission was to teach those punks a lesson that no one fucks with G6!!! G6 is funded by government!!! Im telling you its all true believe my words!!! ITS ALL GOVS PLAN THEY CREATED THIS!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I'd say realism as I can't really stand fiction too much just because it's fun. I've seen how much "fun" can ruin the quality. Thing is we are roleplaying in a fiction supposed to be somewhat realistic by replacing the real Cali, LA. Truth is if you go on a 1:1 scale on realism, it's probably going to get boring pretty quick as life in general is not that wow and in fact it's pretty normal with a generic routine. However, if you combine the two concepts and apply them that's what in my opinion separates the good from the bad.
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