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  1. I have one for sale.
  2. This would be nice but thing is car pricing is not the only issue and to fix it means an economy overhaul.
  3. I will never believe someone has a bad computer. Why? I'm yet to find someone in the community who has a worse PC than mine. I play in 30 fps and I complain about lag all the time yet I don't put myself in a position where I'm speeding like a madman and when things don't go my way I use some excuse to shrug it off. I have a rule of my own and it doesn't matter if desync played a huge part in it. The rule is that if I crash, I roleplay, no matter the circumstance. I'm extra careful when driving due to my lagging as well as knowing someone might be reckless and if I collide with them then it's my fault because I should've known better.
  4. ZR 350 As for what we have on the server, it's Pfiester Neon.
  5. I'm curious about a social experiment: have 2 items inside a property - one being some jewelry valued at 200k and the other one being an average pistol. Which one will be taken first?
  6. I'd love to see more local/federal agencies since only 2 major leo factions are not enough for 900 players, 20 scenes and 50 calls.
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