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  1. Invictus

    The O'Neill Mob

    "The constant feeling that you can't even trust your best friend is terrible. You are alone and death can come from anywhere. A person needs someone he can trust."
  2. As a side note, the clip posted above is awful to watch and it's not the kind of roleplay we want to promote in our community. Shooters have been identified and dealt with.
  3. I've been rping in the county for over an year. I've seen all kinds. Honestly, if you see something out of place you can always report it. I even do it myself. And I definitely recommend county rp. Sometimes it pains me that people think it's a place where only junkies, hobos, farmers with weird accent and very low wealth people reside.
  4. My experience was: > calls 911 on X Y Z situation that may not have any action - no response. > calls 911 literally 2 minutes later on a shootout - every single unit + helicopter gets there. kinda sus.
  5. Invictus

    The O'Neill Mob

    “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
  6. teach me how to map more than a lighter on the table for 5 hours
  7. That is true and correct. However, one successful case on a group can't make up for 10 unsuccessful ones, in the long run. Though, when there's a successful case, I'm sure every player regardless of the side is hyped on the development side, as well as looking forward for the outcome. On the other hand, the faction that is being investigated should enjoy being investigated, otherwise, it becomes unenjoyable for all the parties involved. The way I see it, all comes down to the mindset you have. RICO, imo, should be used as a last resort, and be monitored closely by FM. We have factions that in theory would represent an international threat (transnational organized crime) due to their nature, lore and history so it'd only make sense that a bigger entity/law is used to combat them (doesn't have to be RICO but it's a start). I've studied a bit on that one for my college when I bumped into a few interesting articles from DHS or DOJ. Now I know we don't have such structure to properly create a similar environment but that doesn't mean we can't have it on a smaller scale to fit our continuity and LEO factions that we currently have. RICO would allow to investigate someone just by being associated with a group, and having a similar pattern/behavior in a certain activity. A bunch of RICO offenses already happen on the server i.e money laundering, extortion etc. The goal shouldn't be to shut down factions, that's just a poor mindset. The goal should be providing a realistic and high quality investigation as a result of certain actions made by X Y Z individuals. (long term ofc)
  8. A big case on an organized crime group was voided once, and ever since, nobody is really touching OCGs anymore. Months of effort got voided. I've been wondering the same for a very long time but then I realized that there are a couple of reasons why.
  9. If my friends CK me I will shake their hands and thank them for ending my pain.
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