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  1. (( To fall for this scam, simply comment below with **Name fell for this phishing scam.** )) ((Once clicking the link, it appears to bring you to an online purchase screen, with an odd URL.)) ((Upon entering the information, the page throws an error which states: "ERROR: 404 Not Found. Retrying Webpage." The page would then redirect you to the LS Mobile official website.)) ((If you fell for the phishing scam, gradually small amounts would be transferred out of your account to an account with the comment "GoFundMe-EndangeredKoalas")) ((For ease of access, please transfer $1,500 to routing number 010001875))
  2. You can't hang Angel's first stick-up robbery.
  3. First run in with gang unit Won't be the last.
  4. This will follow the story of Ángel Garcia, a local around Vinewood. The story will follow his path into a gang lifestyle and the struggles he will face. (Present day Angel Garcia) Ángel Garcia (16) was born and raised in the impoverished and crime-ridden area of Vinewood. Raised in a community plagued by violence and limited opportunities, Angel's life takes an unexpected turn as he enters into gang-life with the 18th Street Gang alongside his cousin Heberto Rosas (15). Born into a humble family, Ángel's childhood was marred by the stark realities of his surroundings. His parents worked tirelessly to make ends meet, often struggling to provide basic necessities. As a young boy, Ángel witnessed the hardships endured by his family, including the constant battle against poverty, limited opportunities, and the pervasive presence of crime that permeates his community. It wasn't long before Ángel got in with the wrong crowd growing up in school. Hardship and crime was the only thing in life he was used to and before long, he got in with the Kids Gone Mad sub-clique within the 18th Street Gang. Tagging walls and getting into fights with other rival gangs, only time will tell how this story goes.
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