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  1. Jakeyyy: Really like the the shop. I usually visit for the morning coffee and it's always good. The ambience is great as well!
  2. Please make a house request since they've opened up. Archived.
  3. There's some confusion around the topic of rape accusations but I believe they shouldn't be a thing because in my opinion the whole rule change around Rape RP was changed to get that concept out of the server due to how sensitive and uncomfortable it is to deal with. +1, this should definitely be clarified.
  4. Rohan.


    We're pretty much banning people with subpar English skills. I don't think we need such a complex system to counter this problem.
  5. This is turning into a piss contest, I'll lock it so we all can move on with our lives and not use discussions thread to complaint and rant about SWAT or gangbangers. If there are issues with portrayal of certain characters then take it to RPQM.
  6. I don't like LAPD enjoyers, sorry.
  7. Winning bid ($120,000) Please contact me via email so we can make arrangements.
  8. Selling a nice and cozy place in Sunshine Apartments, in the heart of Little Seoul. Photos (( Property Info )) Starting Bid : $105,000.
  9. Definitely the one after NGRP and SARP split. The SAMP server.
  10. Started playing there in 2010, good times. The server was pretty toxic, but we were all kids when we played there. It's always going to one of the most fun servers for me. Loved it and hated it.
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