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  1. @Bellui I'll offer $65,000. Contact me via Email.
  2. Name: TheInternetMan93 Comment: Soomer is awesome, she saved my life hella times dawg. Maybe this dumb lifeguard shouldn't do what she don't know.
  3. Considering that we've only be told about the system and not what's going to go behind the scenes to regulate, we should wait for the announcement from PM side of things.
  4. Criminals can opt to get out when a shitty situation goes down (prerequisite; they're smart and they care about their own life) Cops can't do the same, they have to do their job. They can't just see a shootout and decide to bail. They can't see someone being held at a gunpoint and decide to bail. Their interactions are already forced as it is, in some sense. You can't expect a CK if they go down against two criminals. I thought it was pretty obvious.
  5. I personally feel like this is such a non issue. Perhaps, you could get it removed IC and use the CCTV next time to catch the culprit if you're really that invested into this. Call public works and get their help to get this graffiti out.
  6. I already know I'm getting about zero roleplay or interaction from someone who wears mask all the time so I'm kinda indifferent to it, but it's very weird seeing them running around with masks 24/7. Like, please put more depth into your character.
  7. Players will end up buying what they want in-game. Money is really not a factor for anyone since it's pretty easy to make it. If someone actually cares about their character development, they'll stick to whatever vehicle that suits their character.
  8. Name: Lukee Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Comment: Loved the oxygen bar and IV drip, made me feel so relaxed.
  9. Honestly? This. I feel like having an admin give you a players name everytime you wanna use it is just gonna make the whole system a hassle. Admins aren't around all the time and catching them for issues like this can be difficult at times. Rather report someone if you think the information was metagamed.
  10. Only if the playerbase stopped being a bunch of crybabies, we'd have more admins motivated to take reports. Some of them are lazy as fuck for sure, but most of the times it's just players acting entitled and being petty. Threads like these are never going to work, most admins already do more work behind the scenes than you think and if your report about your car being flipped goes unnoticed it isn't the end of the world.
  11. I believe there was a script in development (looked like it almost finished) back in 2022, hopefully they can implement it soon. It was poggers. +1 for the idea tho, really needed for investigative rp which is really just dying
  12. As someone who's done his fair share of admin work on both the servers, I can tell you that the report system needs a big overhaul. I absolutely hate how players would write up 2000 word essays and reach out to admins via PM on forums to send their reply to the repor, it all adds up to burning out the admin and hating the reports. There have been times on SA when there were absolutely no reports to take, because everyone was active and motivated. The same is happening for the LC server. Everyone is motivated and trying to prove themselves. Comparing the two teams is not the best approach, but finding a better way, a newer system and removing the lazy people is the way to go. It's a mixed effort, we can't really pinpoint a single thing and say "here's the problem, fix it."
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