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  1. This is not what we discussed and this is not something I'm going to allow. I gave you a maximum of 100k as a stretch and followed up with 70-80 if you really care so much about in-game money. We had this discussion just 1 hour ago. Charleston Project is an area for people who genuinely want to roleplay around the area by occupying the properties there, it's not for profiting from sale after obtaining those properties. *Refer for the T&C; You can request a refund of MP ($65,000) + FP ($0) by method of a refund request for amount of $65,000. Property will be revoked by PM. Archived.
  2. Rest easy brother.

  3. The same suggestion was brought up last night in admin chat and is being discussed with the development team. I'm in support of this, just simplifies things a lot.
  4. Some of the points mentioned above are genuinely good and I for one will definitely try and consider them while handling situations going ahead. It's rare to see threads with actual suggestions rather than baseless criticism. I try to involve myself less in reports related to LEO RP, mainly due to my involvement in it, but these are good points to consider from a players perspective. We do definitely try our best at times to come to the most reasonable solution, but some situations are not meant to have a happy conclusion for everyone involved. That said, a lot of input to consider.
  5. Rohan.

    Lag issues

    Yup, you need at least 16GB or RAM to run this thing smoothly.
  6. I don't get the hate on this thread. There's nothing wrong with feeling emotions from story that's evolved over time. For me, it's same as my favourite character being killed in a TV series, I'd probably be bummed out. You're not being weird, you're just being a human.
  7. Rohan.

    Map changes

    Really like both of them.
  8. Jakeyyy: Really like the the shop. I usually visit for the morning coffee and it's always good. The ambience is great as well!
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