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  1. Definitely the one after NGRP and SARP split. The SAMP server.
  2. Started playing there in 2010, good times. The server was pretty toxic, but we were all kids when we played there. It's always going to one of the most fun servers for me. Loved it and hated it.
  3. You see, mechanic roleplay involves player to player trade. It's one of the biggest sources of income in the server. It wouldn't be justified if the thing was just NPCed and people were allowed to get modifications without any roleplay. The garage would still earn money and make profit while nobody essentially worked for it.
  4. $200,000. Please reach back to me via email if you're interested in selling the property.
  5. In most scenarios where the record is extensive and the act is quite heinous, the player is permanently banned until they appeal and it's talked out there. Let's say someone logged to avoid an arrest and doesn't usually check on forums? Do you really think we should just perma ban them instead of a ajail? Ajail would give them a chance to learn from their mistake and would act as a deterrent for future. Like Wuhtah mentioned, our first goal is to teach. I'm of the belief that if someone can be saved, then I will save them. If someone cannot be, then they won't be. We don't wanna dish out permanent bans so easily that they lose their worth completely.
  6. @Adv My favorite person in the staff team.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to get rid of my room at Jamestown Street. Looking for a reasonable offer and I'll be more than happy to sell you the property. Specifications : 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom and a Hall with attached Kitchen. Really nice if you're living alone. Pictures (( Property Info ))
  8. I'm gonna be honest here. I judge people based on their character portrayal and not long /me's. Nobody cares or reads those 250 character /me's, they're nowhere an indicator of how good of a roleplayer you are. The overall interaction with the character is what I base my concept of a "good roleplayer" on.
  9. Some insight from the breakins I've handled. Most of the times I call? There's no response or very late response. You might say it's due to timezone, but I pretty much have played in all timezones and have attended breakins in all of them. The peak timezone has PD busy with way more serious calls so breakins get swept under the rug usually, due to lack of units. I can attest to that as a PD member as well. The main reason behind using the concerned citizen name is that people know that it's an admin so they shouldn't involve the concerned citizen in any rp or use their statement or anything in court, which only helps the case of criminal. If we start using random name, it only leaves the LEO's wondering how a person that does not exist on the dabatabase called the police.
  10. I'm not a fan of how currently the crime is being committed. The whole concept of Concerned Citizen is to keep things like break-in on a check. We can't just allow a person to break into a house and scope it around for hours without any consequences, that's not how it works. There needs to be some balance. Also, the concept of Concerned Citizen is mainly used when the robbers are not exactly being smart about stuff, i.e. breaking into mansions, breaking into highly populated area, breaking in using dumb methods (like smashing windows and stuff). The system is in place for a very good reason why it needs to be removed. People might argue that it goes against the ruling made by IFM, but concept of Concerned Citizen is not lightly used, as far as I know it's only used in one scenario and that is break-ins. People talk about balance, but if everything goes unchecked then there's no balance.
  11. Yes, please. Add Sanchez to the server. We currently have sanchez2 which is uglier looking. It's a simple addition!
  12. Just like every other thread, this thread has derailed into a shit posting competition aswell.
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