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  1. I don't normally dwell the cringe infested progressive and never ending bickering realms of the community forum, and I interact even less, but this post right here is the perfect summary of a call for help and support from the people who are actually trying to roleplay fun things and experience jobs and opportunities to do things they are interested in and enjoy rather than the blank stare of an "illegal roleplayer 1663826(M)" that rolls around in vehicles they cannot afford with guns even the police doesn't have access to, for ooc reasons, not that we cannot afford them. The wrong measures are being taken and there's an overwhelming amount of people who would like a realistic environment without the need of ooc involvement, with people who want to roleplay, rather than play a pubg text roleplay server. I'm no longer a city police officer and 2 days ago I got to re-experience it after 9 months of policing the county and getting pretty good roleplay with those that develop away from the hotspots of the server. The few hours we've been around the city have reminded me why I was burnt out with it and why I chose to work my ass off for a new LEA and help build it from the ground up than deal with the flaws of the server. I'm not saying they don't appear in the county too, but it's just... Too much. This post deserves to be heard and drastic measures to ensure roleplay quality and the amount of fucking mindless repetitive crime that indeed surpasses a warzone needs to be looked into and dealt with oocly since we're not allowed to do much ICly. That's what staff should be for. Not to tell us we can't have spikes among other basic tools and lean so heavily on the sides that want to rp and make the server enjoyable. Good initiative.
  2. No from me. It's absolutely awesome and gives a feel of realism.
  3. username: dood comment: cringy ass bullshit imagine seeing a cop or talking to a cop and shoving a camera in their face. i hope you get a camera shoved down your throat you antifa cunt
  4. do you ever just dig your own grave
  5. *using glorious proton vpn the user would be somewhere in netherlands* Username: three times Comment: cease
  6. it's less realistic for one police officer to come to the hood rather than 10 for the sole fact that it's the hood.
  7. tfw players get cked less than cops tbh. obviously no
  8. https://streamable.com/d36hq "pReVenTS meTAgAmE aND lsPD pWOergamING anD tArGeTTinG thE pOoR crImINAls" ?
  9. It's a headache to not know who's in the car ahead of you pulling stunts or about to DM you and between an eyesore and a headache I pick an eye-sore. My eyes are already sore anyway. Implement an ID system or some way to find out who's who. Things are gonna get abused now that you can't see 2 feet around you. Or keep it like it was since the only argument being "mg" isn't going to stand. If that stuff gets mg'd it's easier to deal with than not knowing -literally- anything.
  10. Maybe do it 3-5 times. Maybe add id's so people can do /id [number] and figure out who broke rules so they can be reported. It's almost as if having people sometimes abuse masks to get away from ic or ooc situations isn't bad enough. Maybe do [Unknown Person] if their car windows are tinted until you're close enough. Have a way to always tell who is who as this cannot be fully adapted to an ultra realistic level of "what your character would see". It's unrealistic at this point. It's just unfair for people that can't add mods, add-ons, scripts, record or take screenshots because they're playing on pixels. It's horrible. Absolutely horrible.
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