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  1. April 23, 2022 | NEWS Elections are drawing ever closer around the corner and the Republican Party is fiercely campaigning, whilst the Democratic candidates have been relatively quiet and secluded, with some public attendance and social media presence. Today, hosted at Fantasy Event, a Republican Rally was sponsored by the candidate Scarlet Summers, with whom the city is dearly familiar with due to her devouted work in the Los Santos Fire Department. The motivation behind this event was to introduce all the candidates and provide the citizens with a better insight about the endeavors that the potential Senators will pursue and as well, granting them a chance to personally address concerns and questions in a cordial setting with a predisposing atmosphere. During the event, four candidates rose up the the platform to offer their introductions and beckon the support of the present audience. Namely, Scarlet Summers, Bob Williams, Adrian Rossi and Rudy Benson. Further in the article, you will find the written transcript of each candidate's speech. Scarlet Summers "The same thing that brought me in service to that fine department is the same inspiration that brought me forward as a candidate for Senate; the people." Bob Williams "Radical change is needed, not just wanted." Adrian Rossi "With a Republican senate, we can advance beyond measure." Rudy Benson "I have always been a proponent of our law enforcement State-wide, in sharp contrast to the Democratic Party." The Republican party hasn't been slacking and they continue to campaign with unmatched vigor, whilst the Democratic party has been in recluse and barely had any public attendance so far; with the exception of two candidates. Los Santos is yet to see the Democrats actively campaigning and fighting for a Democratic majority during the upcoming elections, like the Republican party has done so far and especially today. From the Democratic Party, an active participant during the campaign is Tucker Meier and a second candidate; Kaoru King Yagami, whom hasn't shown much activity, other than promoting his card. The political stage in Los Santos is vast and prone to changes, but can the Democratics recover from their absence after such a steadfast and staunch approach from the Republicans? Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on the matter! If you have a story or concern, get in touch at [email protected] ((@starcaller)) 1870 is a product of LSN > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  2. April 7, 2022 | NEWS Political parties have been known to be a pervasive part of Los Santos’ politics; Republican and Democratic. Entirely different entities, serving to bring benefits for the greater good in the long-term run through invariably different approaches. A simple difference not of purpose, but of political culture. The politics in San Andreas have always been a fragile matter. Quarrels have occurred many times and disagreements were known to flourish constantly between the two representative parties, each upholding their beliefs firmly. After a discussion with Senator Adrian Rossi, he openly stated that he’s hopeful to see bipartisanship in the upcoming session. Senator Rossi isn’t worried about the upcoming elections or the competition; not one bit. Instead, he’s hopeful and determined - he hopes for a Republican majority, unlike the last time. His words dictated that the Republicans performed exceptionally well during the second session, as their primary concern was the safety of the public; a success indeed, judging by the plethora of acts that were introduced with the purpose of creating a safer environment for the citizens. Senator Rossi the political perspective of the Republican party and his own, indulging in the resolution for their past session and what the citizens can expect in the future. For this interview, I’ll refer to myself as V.A. and A.R. for my guest, respectfully. Adrian Rossi - Source; FaceBrowser V.A: How do you think the Republican party performed up till now, since the last elections? A.R: I believe the Republican Party has performed exceptionally well in the second session. We were able to pass good legislation, especially toward public safety, which was my primary goal. We also managed to work very well with some Senators from the other party. So, our bipartisan efforts have been maintained. I think we've left a good impression on the people and they know that they can rely on us to hear their concerns and take action. V.A: Let's talk about the new candidates for the Republican party. I'm familiar with some of them, but what's your view on them? What do you hope to see in your future colleagues? A.R: Interesting point. Senator Benson, the party chairman, hasn't released an official list of candidates that have been approved. However, I did get to meet or talk to some of the candidates in general. One from the Democrats, and one from the Republicans. As a party executive, we're still a bit early in the application process, so we fully plan on further meetings to get to know where each candidate stands. However, those that I have met seem to be driven in their own respects. So I think we'll have a good turnout of candidates for this election. But, what I hope to see with my future colleagues are a few things. For one, professionalism. The job can get stressful, and it's understandable. But, at the same time, we need to keep a cool head and work things out the right way. Another thing that I would like to see is cooperation with one another. A party is stronger when they discuss important topics together and come to a solution, rather than just debating points in a committee or on the floor. I've also always stressed bipartisanship where possible, so that's something that I really hope and expect to see in the upcomin' session as well. V.A: The bipartisanship is of course, more beneficial in the long-term progression of the city's good and well-being. Although, I'm sure we can both agree that we've been witnessing partisanship, rather than bi on the city's political stage. There have been some memorable quarrels between both parties, undeniably-- but I'm also hoping to see more bipartisanship. A.R: Of course. You're less likely to see joint efforts on truly controversial bills. I think a compromise can be good as it can adopt good values from either end of the spectrum, and if the People are satisfied, then hopefully such legislation will last much longer. V.A: I'd say there's some considerable competition behind the curtains. How is that reflecting on you? A.R: Well, as an incumbent Senator with a list of accomplishments under my belt, as well as strong aspirations for the next session, I feel relatively safe and comfortable with my odds in retainin' a seat. So, I'm not too worried. I think a good portion of our Constituents supports me in my efforts. Havin' new faces can be a good thing, but I think experience is a strong factor for a candidate. V.A: Formidably confident, I'd say. Let's hope it's justified! V.A: Let's talk about the resolution -after- the elections. What is the Republican party looking to accomplish after the elections conclude? Of course, I'd like to hear your motivations too. A.R: Well, financially, the Republican Party wants to promote a healthy and strong society. We want to be able to provide support for those who need it without burdeninG the taxpayer too much. But, thankfully, I believe the finances of our State are in a good place. Otherwise, I think we just want to ensure that we are able to allow prosperity, growth, a good education -- which I can mention a thing or two about, and just general welfare. We need to promote a safer society. Which, by the way, I believe can only be done through efforts on both sides. You won't be able to fight crime effectively without participation on both ends. Though, about Education. As you may or may not know, our position of Superintendent of Education has been voided recently after Miss Calvani's resignation. A student from ULSA approached me after a lecture I gave and handed me a drawing depicting Davis High on fire due to the lack of guidance and support from the Superintendent. So, we took action and we called for an investigation of Miss Calvani. I guess the pressure was too much and she resigned before we could even begin. So, Education is super important, and I want to push a good nominee for such a position that will take the job seriously. I want to see an Education Code before the next election. V.A: Education is vital for the young citizens, truly-- and I'm sure they'll appreciate the effort solely put into their favor. But crime? I surmise that's a deeply rooted issue in our society, which I've worked on numerous times, and I personally think it all ties down to poverty. Would you agree? A.R: Well, crime really comes from a lot of different places. Poverty is one reason. However, I believe we also have some very bad role models. You know, gang and criminal leaders, they manipulate young individuals and entice them into a life of crime. So, while we as Representatives of the People have to figure out what we can do to fight and suppress this crime, we also need the People of this State to do their best as well. This issue has to be attacked from multiple different angles. That's why I say that we need both Democrats and Republicans to come together on this issue. It's teamwork. The government can do its best, but we need help from our Constituents as well. V.A: I agree-- but poverty, specifically, is the reason for the youth to assort to crimes. Easy fix of the trauma, I reckon. What do you reckon would be a sufficient method to tear this tangled issue apart? A.R: Well, as a former police Sergeant in the LSPD, what I say we should not do is defund our law enforcement agencies. They need the funds, manpower, and technology to ensure we keep combatting crime. There's no benefit in preventing them. Though, education is a starting point to fixing the problem, in my opinion. We need to start exposing our youth to the possibilities and the opportunities that they can have in their life which lead to financial success. I think a big problem is also a lack of education or the lack of a desire to obtain one. Being a role model to our youth is another measure we can take. We need our parents to ensure that they have a good grasp of their children and that they don't neglect them. We need to push our children in the right direction. Of course, this is specifically for our youth that might be enticed towards crime. And, well, the topic always arises about harsher punishments for criminals. As to that, I'm not sure. I know I've said it multiple times already, but this shouldn't be a controversial topic. This should be a topic to which we /want/ to find a solution to, and we do so in the interest of a safer State, a smarter state. V.A: Is there anything else you'd like to add before we conclude? A.R: Well. If there's one thing I always try to encourage is our Constituents to reach out to us. I'm always happy to email or even meet in person to discuss important topics or to just hear out concerns. This is a given, but some people fail to forget that we also don't know everything. Sometimes, just relaying a concern is important because it can kick-start research on a problem, and eventually, because of that concern, change can happen. A.R: Shoutout to the Republicans and to Senators Diana Jones and Joseph Hall from the Democratic Party as well! Lovely people. Adrian Rossi, uncensored. He expressed his concerns and hopes for the future; he and the Republican party wish to battle the crime scene, inspire the youth, sustain and improve education, and minimize homelessness. The scene is vast and all the links to it are of utmost significance; crimes, education, poverty, and inspiration among the young people. He said it himself, the crime scene will likely never come to a complete halt. The canvas of crimes in Los Santos is a machine with multiple cores. With a vigilant approach, cores may be expunged one by one; but it’s a continuous and never-ending effort, as the missing cores will be quickly replaced. But the possibilities of limiting it severely are real and certainly reachable through conjoined and mutual efforts; Rossi believes that funding the departments responsible for enacting the laws on criminals is a rational approach. It is something to look forward to. If you have a story or concern, get in touch at [email protected] ((@starcaller)) 1870 is a product of LSN > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  3. ‘Peaceful’ protest takes a violent turn - chaos unfolds in Davis with gunfire BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Los Santos, SA - On the 2th of December 2021, the ‘STAND AGAINST SD’ took place on the streets of South Los Santos. The march started at Chamberlain hills and finished at the SD in Davis. This event was prognosed to be violent and chaotic, and local homes and businesses were forewarned to barricade their properties and remain indoors during the protest and rightfully so. Dozens of people attended the protest and the streets were cramped by people that wanted to bring justice for Chamberlain Hills after operation “Zookeeper” dismantled two violent local gangs and was deemed a success. Source; LSNN – The March Many people showed up to support the cause behind the protest – some intended to maintain the peaceful claims advertised in the posters, although some didn’t. Gunshots were fired prior to the protestants’ arrival at the Davis Station and the scene got violent and hectic once they arrived at their final destination. Chaos unfolded immediately. The majority of the protestants were frantically screaming and shouting at the deputies lined up barricade the bunker and even fire was opened. That marks the beginning of one of the most chaotic nights Los Santos has ever experienced. The video’s audio is completely overtaken by the Boombox’s replaying announcement. Only the voice echoing from it and the muffled gunshots can be heard. The video is taken from Valeria’s perspective. The video’s audio is completely overtaken by the Boombox’s replaying announcement. Only the voice echoing from it and the muffled gunshots can be heard. The video is taken from Valeria’s perspective and her person constantly ducks up and down to avoid fire. The video’s audio is completely overtaken by the Boombox’s replaying announcement. Only the voice echoing from it and the muffled gunshots can be heard. The video is taken from Valeria’s perspective and her person constantly ducks up and down to avoid fire. The protestant got violent – or at least a particular few of them that likely came to the event with the very intentions to cause chaos. Fire was opened and the barricading deputies had to retaliate. The streets got bloody and fighting among the protestants unfolded. The video’s audio is completely overtaken by the Boombox’s replaying announcement. Only the voice echoing from it and the muffled gunshots can be heard. The video is taken from Valeria’s perspective. After the sound alarm is released, the camera drops and depicts the people on the roof covering their ears. The video’s audio is completely overtaken by the Boombox’s replaying announcement. Only the voice echoing from it and the muffled gunshots can be heard. The video is taken from Valeria’s perspective The video’s audio is completely overtaken by the Boombox’s replaying announcement. Only the voice echoing from it and the muffled gunshots can be heard. The video is taken from Valeria’s perspective and her person constantly ducks up and down to avoid fire. The video depicts cars and citizens destroying the public property around the station, specifically the park. A man behind the camera rants about it. The video depicts several people trying to breach into the SD’s courtyard by climbing the laws. Warning shots were fired at them. As Undersheriff Naomi Takada mentioned earlier in her short interview with us, those who opened fire are likely tied to the imprisoned gang members from Operation “Zookeeper”. There is no official information on the matter yet. The SD has faced no losses during this protest, told us Undersheriff Naomi Takada, but several civilians were gravely injured during the violent spectacle. “Most of us came here with the intention to peacefully protest, not to open fire on the deputies or damage public property. They aren’t in the wrong for firing back and defending themselves from the more violent people that stepped up. Some of the people that got fired at really overstepped the boundaries. At one point, the people attending the protest started fighting each other, or trying to defend themselves from someone attacking them. This wasn’t peaceful, this was animalistic and wrong. One of the worst nights in history, for sure.” - A statement given to LSNN from an anonymous attendant of the protest, voicing their frustration. Source: The Internet and LSNN > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  4. STAND AGAINST THE SD? Undersheriff Naomi Takada comments on the expected protest BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Los Santos, SA - On the 30th of December 2021, LSPD concluded operation “Zookeeper” with 15 arrests. The events were conducted by Operation Safe Streets Bureau and the Special Enforcement Bureau. The murder of 10 deputies followed during the holiday season. This was speculated to be one of the deadliest weeks for the department. On the 2nd of January 2022, posters began to spread online that advertised a peaceful protest rally that seeks to bring justice to Chamberlain Hills. Hours before the protest beins and the streets become crowded, Undersheriff Naomi Takada spoke exclusively to LSNN and voiced her opinion and thoughts on the matter. For this short interview, I will refer to myself as V.A. and N.T. for Naomi Takada, respectfully. V.A: Do you think the advertised protest that seeks to rally 'justice' for the imprisoned will be peaceful? N.T: No ma’am. We've got quite good intelligence from our gang unit, the Operation Safe Streets Bureau. It all points towards a violent protest, perhaps even riot-like conditions. V.A: I assume preparations have been made for the circumstances that will follow. What is the expected outcome tonight? Not with a hopeful overlook, but with a realistic perception of the circumstances. N.T: We've fully prepared ourselves for the worst, and we'll be ready to put down the worst. V.A: Would you say this protest is prolonging operation "Zookeeper", in theory? N.T: I would not say so, no. It seems that the local population has mounted this protest in answer to our previous operations. But this isn't targeted enforcement, we are not looking to pull people off the streets. All we're aiming to do is keep the neighborhood safe. Keep people’s homes, stores and property intact. V.A: Do you believe that this protest is the product of the arrested gang members' links? N.T: It does seem like bad actors who wish to incite violence are involved, yes. V.T: How is the crime scene in Chamberlain Hills and overall, Davis, looking after the recent operation? Have things been quiet or the opposite? N.T: It's too early to say. You can't draw conclusions on climate change judging by one week's weather. This is very similar. To conclude this short-lived interview, Undersheriff Naomi Takada petitioned citizens to stay safe and stay indoors when things go violent – “I just wish to implore everyone to stay safe and stay indoors when things get violent. Don't go out seeking violence, there are more civil ways to do these things.” Said Undersheriff Naomi Takada. The “STAND AGAINST THE SD” protest will begin tonight, two hours before midnight, at approximately 22:00h, taking the first step in Chamberlain Hills and finishing at the Davis Station. We hope that the scene remains peaceful and conflict-free as the advertisement promises. Updates on the matter will follow. Like Undersheriff Naomi Takada, LSNN petitions citizens to remain safe and hide indoors if violence takes place. Stay safe out there! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  5. Min Seo-Hee speaks up: Fake news are everywhere. BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Los Santos, SA - On December 29th, LSNN reached out to the Commodore and CEO of Seo-Hee Min’s Maritime company for statements, regarding the recent accusations and derogatory remarks sent her way after bringing attention to a teenager trespassing and harming her company’s property. Seo-Hee Min is a woman that has been labeled as a communist, bully, harasser, and similar tags that are intended to otherwise denigrate her reputation. Min Seo-Hee comes from South Korea, where citizens naturally live in constant fear of northern communist invasion and she is in fact, a capitalist. Min-Seo-Hee confirmed that no media other than LSNN reached out for a statement regarding the matters and her comments under the original articles were deleted and moderated. Freedom of speech in the twenty-first century. Source; Min Seo-Hee's FaceBrowser To delve into the saga and explain Min Seo-hee’s standpoint, we’ll look at the very start where negative attention was brought to her. A fellow media outpost, namely Los Santos Post, published an article that claims she forgoes charity and pays to slander G-6 publicly on her FaceBrowser platform. Source; FaceBrowser “Gruppe Sechs approach us multiple times, sometimes only a day apart, to try and sell their services to us. It was constantly a different person as well. One of these guards was mister Flanery, who holds a senior position in the company. After the fifth time of declining their services, I posted a public post calling them out on the harassment and hoped that it makes them stop. It did help, I haven't seen Gruppe Sechs here again.” Commented Min Seo-Hee. Min Seo-Hee used her own, personal funds to sponsor the aforementioned post on her page on FaceBrowser that in practice, publicly urges G-6 to cease. She is harshly criticized for spending money on such matters, rather than donating them to charity as the public ‘demands’. Her actions are criticized, deemed pointless, and a waste of funds that could face better usage. Although, following that logic, should everyone be publicly shamed for not donating to charity, but choosing to spend their funds on different matters, other than charity? Boosted posts are abundant on FaceBrowser. Source; FaceBrowser The two posts earn Min Seo-Hee the reputation of a sexist, targeter of minorities, and a bully. The teenager in question has harmed the property of Min Seo-Hee’s Maritime company. He is the reason that the company nowadays has an operating CCTV security system, said the Commodore. “That teenager is the reason we got fencing and CCTV at our parking lot. He trespassed on our property, tried intimidating our staff and visitors, damaged my personal vehicle, provoked security, and illegally boarded my Tug, which is currently at maintenance in the port. Children should be protected. But when the child says ''fuck you granny'' right in your face and makes gang signs with his hands, the gloves come off and authorities should talk with the child. That’s the moment I called 911. The police were called twice, and they’re still looking for this young man.” Commented Min Seo-Hee, regarding the matter that centered around her targeting minorities and children for simply “standing” in her property. Further on, the Commodore was showered with disdain and hatred online after she created a poll to assist her with the name of a new yacht among her fleet. Only female names were enlisted in the aforementioned poll and the name of Desmond Brown was quick to surface above the waters. Source; FaceBrowser Min Seo-Hee was very passionate when addressing this specific topic and told us of her intentions of suing the media outlet ‘Los Santos Post’, as well as revealing to us why the name Desmond Brown wasn’t originally included as a naming option in the depicted poll. “The recent publication of the Los Santos Post that involves Desmond Brown is pure slander, and I won’t stand for this noble man's name to be abused to slander my business. So I took legal action and filed a civil petition at the superior court. For libel mostly, but I also included that the Los Santos Post abandoned their ethical journalism obligations, and desacralized a dead person's name. What saddens me the most is how people with ill intentions take any opportunity they get to slander a business, even lie to get their way. So, originally, the contest was simple. A ship, per centuries-old tradition, is named after females. Some exceptions apply, correct. I decided to follow that tradition, and collect female names of people in this state that have made significant contributions. Names like Shaw, Malloway, and Okumura were among those. The fact that no winner was announced was simple; there are plans for a second yacht, custom made, to be named after Desmond Brown. And it fills me with emotions to know how these people ''sh*t'' all over that and forced me to make this public before it was ready. At the end of the day, it’s always up to the reader, and I urge, especially in these times of fake news, to always check sources.” Said Min Seo-Hee. Source; FaceBrowser As of most recent, an opinion piece was published online, targeting Min Seo-Hee. The piece harshly criticizes the Commodore for sharing a photo of a masked man riding a jet ski, which belongs to her company, whilst brandishing his weapon, earning her the title “bully”, solely because of that. She wishes to protect what she’s passionate about and is crucified by anonymous writers on the internet. Defending an anonymous man promoting heinous behavior that is brandishing a weapon whilst riding a jet ski seems reason enough to earn her the aforementioned titles, only because she publicly posted a photo of it and calling him out; a reason why the company is enlisting a blacklist policy. A controversial webbing of opinions; she is put on blast for exposing young, misacting teenagers, and exposing people promoting deplorable behavior. Opinion pieces and slander differ severely. What this woman is enduring is slander. Without facts, evidence, and vast knowledge on the matter, the opinion article is outright defamation and libel. Min Seo-Hee hasn’t taken any legal actions against the author, although, she told us she appreciates a good satire. LSNN confirms that she jet ski in the picture belongs to Seo-Hee Min's Maritime company. Further on, we’ll be addressing the allegations that Min Seo-Hee’s company’s boats are faulty and unsafe. During the visit and after inspection, the Commodore explained the procedures and maintenance their fleet undergoes daily before rental. A singular incident was confirmed, one that was publicly mentioned, although the story around it was ornated more than reality. “Our ships are inspected daily. Never did I find holes. We had one incident where a customer accidentally beached the ship, which caused our own internal incident response team to tow it back to La Puerta without further incidents. The incident, after investigation, turned out to be a human error by the customer. But hey, accidents happen and no one got hurt. That’s what matters. Seemed like the power of the boat was a little underestimated by her!” Concluded the Commodore. After a thorough investigation with evidence and facts provided by Min Seo-Hee and our sources, we can confirm that this woman is a target of unjustified harassment and false, misleading content around her name that seeks to defame and harm the prestige of her company's reputation, along with her own one. Seo-Hee Min’s Maritime continues to fully operate and is accessible for anyone. Min Seo-Hee thanked LSNN for bringing attention to the matter and gave us one last statement. “The first thing a reader should ask themselves at such an article; why isn't the accused asked for comment? Fake news is everywhere nowadays, and we have the courts to deal with it. But we have readers to fact-check the sources of what they read. I can simply vouch we stand for professionalism and quality service.” > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. Blood Donor Day: a successful initiative by the LSFD BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Los Santos, SA - On 11th December 2021, LSFD hosted the Blood Donor Day at Sandy Shores, Fire Station 4 - the event was sponsored by State Senator Adrian Rossi. The donated blood will be distributed to the local Sandy Shores hospital and Pillbox Hill Medical Center. The lines in front of the registration desks were long and had a constant flow of newcoming attendants, although the staff overlooking the event handled the donors with exceptional haste and professionalism. After filling up a form that gave vital information about their health state and whether they're eligible to donate blood, the attendants were directed inside the camp where the donation process was handled by the staff. LSFD had provided measures to assist those who felt light-headed after the procedure. In the light of the event, members of Los Santos' departmens came along to support the cause, along with members of the Government and The Senate. The attendance was constantly spiking up, as Elise Reyna, FD's Public Information Officer stated in a brief interview. She took the opportunity to sincerely thank all the attendants for showing up, with the premise that many lives have been saved today, along with encouraging people to become full-time donors. Public Information Officer, FD, Elise Reyna; Source - FB "The event was hosted as a way of generating interest to the public for gathering as much blood as possible, in as little time as possible. All the blood will be donated to the local hospital here in Sandy Shores, as well as down to PHMC. We've counted the attendance, so far, 150+ people. We're attempting to generate more interest for donators to register as full-time donors in an attempt to also get people to become regular donors every six months. I'd like to use this chance to thank everyone for attending, many lives were saved today and many more will be saved in the future." Commented Elise Reyna. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  7. Interview with State Senator Gabriella Beltran BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Los Santos, SA - On 24th November 2021, Valeria Andreeva conducted an interview with State Senator Gabriella Beltran. This is the written version of the interview which was held on air, in the LSNN studio. Valeria Andreeva and Gabriella Beltran in the LSNN studio Valeria Andreeva: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. You're watching an exclusive interview with Senator Gabriella Beltran, representative of District 26 and a member of the Republican Caucus. Senator Beltran, good to have you here with us tonight! Please, introduce yourself to our audience. Gabriella Beltran: Thank you Miss. Andreeva, as you said I am Gabriella Beltran Republican Senator of District 26. I am a Los Santos native and just a down-to-earth person, really. I am very social and I love interacting in the community in any way that I can. Valeria Andreeva: As expected of a Senator. Before we proceed with the pressing matters, our audience would like to know a little more about you. Our sources tell us you are quite young, yes? What is the motivation behind the decision to become such an important figure within politics? Gabriella Beltran: I am one of the younger Senators to hold a chair. I didn't start out life saying I am going to be an important person. I was attending school for criminal Law and Policy, looking to become a prosecutor. I was introduced to the Senate a while back and quickly took an interest in the political aspect of government. I have always wanted to make a difference, I feel like taking this step in my career will allow me to do so on a larger volume. Valeria Andreeva: Let's talk politics. Senator Beltran, can you share your thoughts about the recent bill about the marriage act and the circumstances around it? Gabriella Beltran: I assure you are speaking about the recent one that caused a rather debate on the chamber’s floor. I believe that there are some wording choices that need to be adjusted. I also believe that there is some vagueness that needs to be cleared regarding the physical assets of a deceased. I mean, between the two Caucuses we can come to an agreement to get it passed. Valeria Andreeva: Well. Through the marriage act bill, the Republicans introduced an amendment to repeal the death penalty act. How do you personally feel about the entire endeavor and what's your stance on it? Gabriella Beltran: That is a great question, as you are aware I was one of the Democrats that had voted for abolishing the death penalty. When it comes to that particular act I guess I am bi-partisan to the fullest. I can see both positives and negatives from both parties. It was a difficult decision, I never want to see a crime punished by death, but I also believe there are some crimes that are unforgivable. I guess that would be my stance, a hung jury so to speak. Valeria Andreeva: As you said, some crimes are unforgivable. Do you feel like the punishment for those aforementioned crimes is just, in that case, with the absence of the death penalty? Gabriella Beltran: In my opinion, life imprisonment with no chance of parole would be much worse than the death penalty. Valeria Andreeva: Fair point, Miss Beltran. Moving on, let's talk about poverty. I've come to learn that you're very passionate about poverty-struck societies. I've concluded a lot of investigations revolving around it and I have my speculations. What's the importance of tackling crime to help communities stricken by poverty, given the connections between poverty and crime? Considering poverty is one of the leading forces when it comes to violence and crimes. Gabriella Beltran: I agree that tackling crime is the first way of helping those poverty-stricken areas. I feel like increasing punishments for crimes, making the earlier crimes more of an impact, is something that makes a statement. Not to mention looking to increase employment opportunities, give the people a positive to focus on. Working hard to rebuild the economy, being proactive in the youth, giving jobs. Helping is what we need to do. Valeria Andreeva: Many of the people living in those poverty-stricken neighborhoods are homeless, specifically young people. And we all know how deadly and cold the streets can be. The increase of employment opportunities would surely benefit the cause, but do you feel like it would somehow encourage those homeless people to seize these opportunities? Many of them likely won’t be given the chance. Gabriella Beltran: I have some things at work to help motivate the homeless to feel confident in seizing the opportunities. Offering a resumes seminar, or working with the local university to open their facilities for a warm shower to help jump start those days. Nothing is in stone or in writing, like I said these are future things I want to accomplish. Valeria Andreeva: I came to learn about a-- [Valeria checks one of the papers on the table.] --Hanukkiah resolution. Is that your most recent movement? Gabriella Beltran: That is a resolution I am working on, I have already submitted a resolution to observe Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha as state-wide observed holidays. That one is still pending a committee hearing. Valeria Andreeva: To conclude this interview, is there anything you'd like to add, Miss Beltran? Gabriella Beltran: I just want to conclude with that I am very appreciative of the opportunity to help San Andreas in any way that I can. I look forward to learning and growing. Thank you, Valeria. Valeria Andreeva: Thank you for being with us tonight. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  8. Evening News - October 19th, 2021 BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - On October 19th 2021, Brianna Campbell conducted the evening news. This is a recording of the broadcast. Brianna Campbell in the studio Brianna Campbell: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the evening news on LSNN. I'm Brianna Campbell. Brianna Campbell: Local News. The Court of Appeal has delivered the verdict in the appeal for the case of the State versus Police Officer Vincenzo B. Brianna Campbell: In his verdict, Judge Knight stated: "B. was blocking a road for a law enforcement purpose", and thus acting in his best capacity using force lawfully. As such, the Superior Court judgment was overruled, as so Judge Knight, "a lawful use of force can not result in Neglect of Duty and Discharging a Firearm in Public under the necessity clause." Brianna Campbell: B. is a free man following this and expected to return to his duties as Police Officer soon. Brianna Campbell: On further news regarding the case, Cyril Regas, acting attorney for B. and District Attorney Melanie Cromwell officially filed their own appeals regarding Judge Marshall's controversial verdict of sentencing them for Contempt of Court- LSNN reported. Brianna Campbell: More on these topics on our Court Observer show later this week. Brianna Campbell: After the shooting at Fantasia Hall on sunday with one dead and three suspects deceased, the other shooting victims are reportedly on the way to recovery. Brianna Campbell: The rumored shutdown of the event hall apparently was turned down, securing the Halloween Party to take place in time on the 31st. Preparations are on their way, with Fantasia staying closed this week regardless. Brianna Campbell: As for the weather, tonight we currently have 64 degrees in downtown with a clear sky and no rain in sight. Brianna Campbell: This was Brianna Campbell with the evening news for LSNN, thank you for watching and have a good night, ladies and gentlemen. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  9. Evening News - October 18th, 2021 BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - On October 18th 2021, Brianna Campbell conducted the evening news. This is a recording of the broadcast. Brianna Campbell in the studio Brianna Campbell: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the evening news on LSNN. I'm Brianna Campbell. Brianna Campbell: Local news. A tragic shooting overshadowed yesterday's one year anniversary party of the popular society hub Fantasia Event Hall. According to witnesses, shots were fired in front of the crowded establishment at approximately ten-twenty four. [VIDEO: A very blurry video recorded with a phone is shown, displaying a blonde man in a jogging suit, being fired upon several times from a short distance. Other men, supposed security guards, return fire. After two more men get shot, the recorder seeks cover.] Brianna Campbell: The initial shooting caused one death at the scene, with two more men being transported to Pillbox Medical by the Fire Department. According to witnesses, the initial fight started inside the building, with the shooting in front being alleged "retaliation" for this. Brianna Campbell: The police confirmed three suspects to be shot on the run, rumors speak of Fantasia Hall being shut down for the foreseeable future as it is not the first such incident at the establishment- LSNN reported. Brianna Campbell: Whether a shooting in front of a nightclub will actually leads to its closure is doubtable, however. Brianna Campbell: "I used to pride myself running the safest establishment in the city", so a seemingly devastated Lizzy Summers, Fantasia's Manager, told LSNN, while also thanking the authorities for their quick and decisive action. Brianna Campbell: Fantasia's owner, Dante Ricci, had the following to say- "Violence isn’t something new in Los Santos... But right now… I don’t think I’ve ever seen it get as bad as it is now. I mean, hell, Lizzy and I had guns pointed at us when we were out in the middle of the water on our boat. Frankly, I'm embarrassed for my city." Brianna Campbell: Moving on to politics. The State treasurer's office publish the September spending report the other week. Almost twenty six million dollars have been distributed. [A pie chart shows how it's split up, as well as the exact total amount: 25,599,593;- $] Brianna Campbell: The Lion's share of which went to the Courts and the Port Authority. Particularly the former's performance has been heavily criticized from various sides the past months, reaching from the petition to make DA Melanie Cromwell resign up to the controversy about excluding the public from the court. Brianna Campbell: Education with a total of zero point three percent spending makes a sad last in the city's budget. Brianna Campbell: As for the weather, tonight it is sunny and clear with currently sixty five degrees in downtown. No rain is expected. Brianna Campbell: This was Brianna Campbell with the evening news for LSNN, thank you for watching and have a good night, ladies and gentlemen. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  10. Former gang member says: "Hunger is the biggest killer out there." BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Los Santos, SA - Gang violence is something that Los Santos is fairly familiar with. It’s not a recent and sudden problem that we only now just face, but a reoccurring one. It has been a part of urban life for years, offering an aggressive definition and identity to those seeking a place to belong in the chaos of large metropolitan areas. Gang violence is a deeply rooted problem that’s vastly spread across the many impoverished communities that reside in Los Santos. This problem not only significantly affects and concerns the youth involved, but has adverse effects tainting the community: abnormal levels of substance abuse, active and primarily organized crimes, gun battles, and psychological abuse. With gang violence come side effects, such as gender-based violence. I studied the crime scene of Los Santos, dwelled into the past records and spoke to people who’ve been in the city for long enough to provide me with adequate feedback and valuable insight. In my investigation, I explore the intricate connection between the struggle for superiority amidst gangs, the marginalized young people in them, the gender-based violence, and the ideology behind the gangs. With the absence of opportunities, and sometimes the lack of motivation from young people, many turn to the crime scene: a path that many are willing to walk, often lured in by the false promises of easy wealth and the subordination of others. With the lack of socio-economic opportunities, cultural and recreational facilities, jobs, other economic opportunities and networking, people turn to gang life. Gangs rely of violence to dominate and reign over other gangs that are seen as potential rivals, all in order to maintain their positions as “superior” men in these loose communities. Let’s dwell into the origin of gangs. Historically, gangs formed in the local urban residential areas, who are notoriously known for underdevelopment, abnormally high levels of poverty, and minimum law presence - or complete lack, thereof. The city is the field, and every region in it is a garden - both taken care of by the city’s government and law. The social communities that form in the areas are the seeds that are planted - some gardens bloom peacefully whilst being taken care of very carefully, whilst others get infested by thorns, or poison ivy - namely, gangs. My investigation highlights that high levels of violence are the only method of proving a member’s “worth” and “masculinity” - the last one being a trait that’s a separate topic. The link that I highlight is that the young boys who have yet to mature, in the face of marginalisation and complete social exclusion, firmly believe that the only alternative to prove themselves in their community as “real” men is through violence. Indulging in illegal pursuit is also the easiest and most convenient method to gain wealth - not always successful. After my broad search for people involved or no longer involved in gangs, I came across a man who was willing to share his story with me after a long process of convincing him. A man that is now retired and wishes to forget the grim past that follows him. Under complete anonymity, I’ll share our conversation. I’ll be referring to myself as VA, and using the initials AN for the other. VA: So, when did you come to Los Santos? Or were you born here? AN: Born in the state. Came to Los Santos years ago. Joined my second gang here. VA: What’s the motive behind joining a gang? Were you forced, was it spontaneous or was it a last resort? AN: Last resort. Either that or hoping to grab food from the dumpsters before the trucks throw ‘em away. Life forced me. Been part of a few gangs here. Can’t tell you names or anything. VA: So, what’s it like to be in a gang? What are the pros and cons, delicately put? If there are any, that is. AN: Hah. You become a man and your skin gets thick. You get money, most of the time. Hunger is the biggest killer out there, lady. You don’t have many options to battle it when you live on the streets. Bad thing is, you never make it out of that life, or rarely make it out alive. You know too much. VA: What were your gangs like? Did they have any women in them? AN: Naw. Most of ‘em didn’t. Ain't nobody want extra baggage to carry around, and women ain’t built for that life. All gangs do the same shit. Robberies, contrabands, selling drugs and shi’, gang wars. You know the drill. You know, women were used as revenge when it came to gang wars. You’d shoot or kidnap someone’s gal’ to get their attention and to get some power over ‘em.” VA: So, women weren’t in the gangs you were in, but they were used as weapons and caught in the crossfire? AN: Could say, yeah. If weapons and guns don’t turn the tide in a gang’s favor in a war, having a woman who sleeps with a member of the enemy gang sure did. Been there, done it. Otherwise, women ain’t good for anything else in gangs but ransoms. Imagine this. You’s a gang member. How do we get your attention and hurt you? We break you by touchin’ your girl, daughter, wife, whatever. VA: So how does a gang member prove himself? AN: By showing you is a real man. By dominating others and showing them you ain’t a joke. You feel like a real man when your gang’s powerful and known in all the hoods of the city. Really hard for a young man to do it. VA: So it’s about power and hierarchy. Displaying these so-called powers on the streets to intimidate others and be the “alpha”. AN: Somethin’ like that. And controlling hoods and areas of the city. There’s territories. Sellin’ drugs and trespassing in ours meant war. All you think about is the end goal and all the money, power, and control. Can’t be weak and chicken out once you’re in it either. You’s just gonna get shot and dumped somewhere where you’ll never get found. Gangs members are hitmen. VA: What about insights? How do you learn what the other gangs are up to? AN: You don’t. Sometimes, when you’re lucky, your gang’s prostitutes get you some info they learn. VA: So gangs have pimps and own prostitutes? AN: Yeah. Women are mostly weapons that cause some wars. VA: Let’s look into the broader picture of the crime scene. The mafia. AN: I ain’t looking at any of that. VA: Were the crimes you and your gang committed organized? AN: Always. Never sloppy n’ messy. Except for the people that got robbed. Never planned, just made sure the moment’s right, nobody ever snitched when they got caught by the pigs either. VA: Pigs? AN: Cops, lady. VA: Do you feel like they monitored the areas where gangs were usually about? The hoods. AN: They did, yeah. Just not good at it. The conversation concludes here. The speaker did not wish to indulge further, nor to share other exclusive information with me - although, this is enough as it is and only highlights my investigation. The conducted interview introduces similar, if not even more broad elaborations on how violent and grim of a picture gangs truly are. Poverty is a harsh teacher that forces the human mind to work in questionable ways and adapt to chaos. Femininity and weakness are eliminated from gangs at first notice - women are but mere tools and weapons they use, although more valuable than they’d like to admit. Gender-based violence is another highlight. Women cannot be involved in gangs due to the weakness they’re stereotyped with, but they’re in the midst of two clashing storms. It leads me to a previous article of mine - a woman’s beauty causes and solves wars. Yet, they’re seen as weak and incapable. During my conversations with other people that I’ve contacted to contribute to my research, even the anonymous speaker identified the norms of being masculine, powerful, and violent as the defining factors of being “on the top” and the key to survival on the streets. Gangs are all about power and hierarchy, a whole separate lifestyle - one, that teaches the members how to assert their manhood. In the end, we call it toxic masculinity. After the interview, I spoke to various young people I encountered on the streets of Los Santos - all unemployed. They ranged from 20 to 27 years old. I asked them how they felt about the unemployment and how they felt about the urban places in the city and what are the motives behind joining gangs, from their perspectives. Their answers varied, but in the end, they all concluded the same - poverty and hunger are the leading motives, especially powerful ones when accompanied by the lack of motivation for self-improvement. The thought of easy money tempts everyone, but some cannot resist the devil’s temptation and are willing to go far and beyond for it. Gangs “emasculate” men and only then, they callous their skin, whilst constructing and helping them practice that masculinity by promoting violence and usage of drug substances. The impact from it reflects on Los Santos on a daily basis. Robberies, violent shootouts, and drug contrabands occur every day. Their activities are even depicted on FaceBrowser, by an association called Hood Tapez - on their platform, they deliver news from the “hood”. Recently, they published video footage of several men consuming substances, but the highlight of the video is that a homeless man is made to participate. The moral of this video proves a highlighted point - poverty allows the mind to operate in unorthodox ways. The men in the video have already been “emasculated” by the hood. They’ve adapted to the chaotic lifestyle. They’ve toughened up. The video depicts them indulging in forbidden substances as they are making another person participat - which on its own, is atrocious. "Downtown #MMB members make a homeless man smoke a perc 30! Thoughts? Let us know in the comments!" Can anything be done about them? Likely not. The gangs are a matrix - and if a matrix is to be destroyed, its core must be removed. And in this case, the core is poverty. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  11. Online prostitution: Are pimps thriving? BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Los Santos, SA - Prostitution exists in many shapes and forms, and as of recent, the most convenient way to pursue such services is through the internet. With the ample opportunities provided by the internet, the prostitution industry has branched out. Today's pimps are avoiding police detection by using hidden addresses, underground websites, and even the popular Facebrowser website. Nowadays, technology has reshaped the contours of prostitution, with a high percentage of its sales now occurring online. Just like shopping, you go online and browse through these agencies' platforms. You scroll through the pictures, find the perfect candidate, click a button to message and the deal is sealed. Romantic? Perhaps not. But it sure is efficient and convenient. These services are much more convenient for men to buy sex from, but they leave the women in equal danger than they normally would on the streets - if not more, given the fact that malicious Johns are harder to track over the internet. The advertisements are deceptive, at first, hiding the solicitation under the auspices of a date, massage, or paid company, for example. In their promotions, the pimps are often disingenuous, but apparent and evident. Most of them use the platform that Facebrowser provides; it's free, fast, reliable, and allegedly safe, judging by the abundance of escort companies that advertise daily, somehow avoiding the attention of Los Santos' authorities. Two of the many escorting agencies that operate through Facebrowser (Source: Facebrowser) As depicted in the images, it's quite palpable what sort of services these agencies provide. After a glance, one can quickly speculate it. Many of the pictures of women that are posted on these profiles have their faces included in, or partially - which brings us to question whether the authorities of Los Santos are even moderating and hunting this industry. After all, sex work, to this day, is illegal in the state of San Andreas. Dwelling further, one of the advertisements that sought to attract potential future workers is deemed quite alarming. In the context of the advertisement's phrasing, the word 'young' is underlined for the sake of casting the importance on it. In an orthodox spectrum and a normal reality, the words 'young' and 'escort' don't belong together, in any context. It is utterly appalling and revolting to even consider, not to mention to even endorse young women to prostitute. After dwelling into the matter further, I searched for people who have pursued the wares the online market of prostitution provides for its buyers and they gave me their insight, after guaranteeing their anonymity. I will be referring to myself as VA, and I'll be labeling the anonymous speaker as AN in the following interviews. VA: You told me you often enjoy the services from both forms of prostitution. The one online and the one you find on the streets. What's the difference? AN: Very different. Y'know. Street prostitutes are cheap and the experience is come and go. Those pretty escort girls you find online hit different, though. They're real expensive, but most of the time, it's worth it. You pay for their company and a good night, not only for the s*x. No difference in the last thing, though - you do what you want, so long as you pay for it. VA: So it's more of an exclusive service. What about the women there? Are they more mature, or young? AN: Both, I think? The ones I've been with have been of legal age on the younger side. VA: Is there someone accompanying those girls? You know, just like the ones from the streets - their pimps are around the corners and watching them. AN: Sometimes, yeah. It's the same, always someone around the corner or escorting them to the place. VA: Have you ever faced any legal consequences after purchasing a woman's time from the internet? You know prostitution is illegal in the state. AN: Nah, not with the ones from the agencies. No one can tell. As insinuated by the brief interview, it's proven that this form of prostitution is far more 'safe' than the one we're accustomed to on the streets. These agencies hide behind a veil of legitimacy, whilst selling out women. That, by itself, proves the initial point that pimps are thriving beneath the surface of the iceberg that is the internet. After all, we only see the shape of the iceberg that is above the water. One can only ponder what swims beneath. VA: Do you find any difference between the girls you can meet through the internet and the ones you can get from the streets? AN: Definitely. Ones from the streets are the ones you can do just about anything, no limits. It's the same with the ones from the internet, but there's /some/ etiquette. VA: Etiquette? Can you be more objective? AN: Well, uh. Ones from the internet are more.. refined. They're more classy. Gotta treat them properly. You still pay, though. So anything goes. VA: Do you feel like the girls on the internet are younger and if yes, how young would you say? AN: Younger, for sure. They're not raggedy like the ones from the streets. I can't speak in numbers, but definitely way younger. VA: Legal, you think? AN: I hope so. Age isn't something of importance when hiring the company of a youthful woman from the internet. If she's there, she has to be legal, right? What an absurd notion. It's absurd that this industry operates so freely. The internet is very lucrative and thus, benefits a higher profit for the pimps. With all of this taken in mind, one's curiosity arises about the legal consequences that these agencies should be facing, but they're not. Would targeting prostitution change anything? Perhaps not. Prostitution is like a cockroach - it always survives and comes back, no matter how efficient the termination is. The girls working in this industry aren't safe just because they work 'indoors'. They aren't. Safe are the predators and hustlers that are meeting with them with the same intentions, with the difference that they look like normal people who attend medical school and have formal ties. And of course, especially safe under the protection of the internet, which seems poorly moderated as it is. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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