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  1. Username: SethAndrews Comment: thank you for your kind word, however I would never have a mistress mostly because I want my daughter and daughter in-law to see that society still respects women and also I am openly gay, thank you kindly though this was very funny to read!
  2. Don't even get me started on response time for car accidents.
  3. “Wah wah wah, my pixel criminal is better then your pixel criminal” To stay on topic, one thing that my character has taught me and that reconfirms normal socitial biases is that people tend to base there entire assumption of people based on quick two minute interactions
  4. At the same time, I have seen multiple instances (times when I have gotten killed before too) where I took the time to put depth into the situation, roleplaying my characters fear and emotions in the siotuation and trying to comply only to get shot for them assuming its to ooc stall. The issue is 95% of the people doing these muggings don't care about roleplay but obtaining script assets, and the rules currently back them in this endevour despite it being against the spirit of the rules
  5. Illegal RP'ers mostly already don't roleplay this properly. Most people aren't going to catch life in prison over a robbery, let alone be able to kill a person, yet they will gladly blow somebodies head off in public over 200 bucks I can't wait for the replies here to be one off scenarios or "bro i live in chicago,LA,baltimore bro this happens daily bro on god on my mom"
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