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  1. Back in 2017 when I was stationed overseas there was this strip club that owned a Taxi company that advertised the strip club and had a radio station named after it, its not that uncommon to hear about such establishments on the radio or see them in person. Nudity isn't as taboo outside of the states, old politicians who are afraid of seeing ankles are the ones that made it feel/seem wrong.
  3. I read this thread and while I do not know any of the involved parties, it raised a question to me about what is the staff team doing to protect players from being targeted/bullied off platform when it can affect things on platform. The logic that just because it happens on a unofficial platform means it should not effect them here is really going against the idea of trying to keep a stable safe community. My suggestion is basic in that, if you have legitimate proof of somebody doing some fucked up shit then make a report and lets boot the fucker from the community but otherwise bullying or ha
  4. Lowkey this thread is getting off topic from the main point of the thread.
  5. Yes, it has to go away along with the underage players. GTA itself deals with mature themes as does the server aside from sexual stuff and it should honestly be we don't allow any mature topics and allow underage players or we allow mature topics and ban underage players or just go away with both.
  6. Or ban sexual rp and people under 18? The issue is sexual rp is just one mature piece of roleplay that happens, you have torture murder and a long list of other offensive stuff that occurs as well that people under 18 should not be subject to.
  7. Honestly best way to do this is to ban underage players and create a disclaimer like adult content has about being 18 or older, as trying to get ID from every active player would be a logistical nightmare tbh.
  8. Based tbh. However it still does not address my point where Rule 19 as it stands does not clarify itself properly and makes it so characters can make gross sexual comments at adult characters
  9. I think a general discussion or change to Rule 19 is in need of being made. Recently it has come to my attention as it has to others about the issue of teenage gang characters. This has been happening really recently where a character, who is under the age of 18 walks up and begins making comments in a sexual harrassment type of nature and this is generally disgusting to have to see or deal with. My next issue is this which I have taken from a player report recently made where when these characters are denied or do actions that would provoke a response, they often get upset when
  10. Why did you call Alex Borroni out?
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