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  1. Username: Rhy RhyComment: I never knew places like this were a thing! I busted my nails up as a kid and always thought they would be fine; however, I found out just how beautiful they could be with the help of Black Rose!Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. that’s reasonable. I guess I had the wrong thought process on it lol. This can be closed I guess bc tbh even I don’t agree with it now
  3. I posted this on my phone but this is what I ment, you can make them Public to the person without identifying the character trying to kill then, obv after the CK has been done. The point I was trying to make is that the person should be able to see the evidence used for the CK app to rebuff it
  4. Yes but by the same logic it would be unfair for CKs to be overturned with a appeal. If people metagame knowing of a CK app they can easily be punished
  5. Pretty simple, allow for CK apps to be public. If the person applying for the CK app can explain why they have good reason to do so, the other party should be able to rebuff this and avoid the need for CK appeals in the first place
  6. Just roleplwy wearing cat ears, you don’t need a clothing item
  7. Post Crusader Kings contrent here! Personally I have been able to sink way way too many hours into this game
  8. I'm not asking for like a server rule, I'm all for M characters still going out and about, I just want icly them tp be punished if caught.
  9. Its the point that people roleplay children but none of the downsides of being a child. You aren't a adult, you are a child and therefore do not have the freedoms of a adult.
  10. Pretty simple, enforce a curfew for minor characters past a certain time, realisticly children would not be roaming the streets all hours of the night without curfew or any sort of consequences.
  11. Highlight of my career getting them CKed
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